can you help me

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can you help me

Submitted: May 29, 2013

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Submitted: May 29, 2013



i dont know myself anymore

always overthinking

taking it out on people dat cares the most y?

pushing all my loved ones away

i only got a few

but not cherishing them enuf

if u ask me y i dont hang on to people, i think i’ll say because i’m scared

their gonna leave me and break my heart

so before they do

i’ll do it first n leave them

like that it would only hurt a little

by the river side i breath

walk away i think- alot

but have to learn how to control my thoughts its messing up with me

physically, mentally its unhealthy

slowly deing but no one can hear my scream/shout

my cry for help

shouting with no words coming out

no one to tell, no one to talk to

ok i admit it, i need help

if i tell you u would laf n think im not serious but i wish

i wish i wasnt serious but i am

people have tried but they failed

one tried n lasted the longest but now slowly fading away-my fault

so i stand here alone fighting my battles

not one but many

#stand here alone scared,scared of if i think too much what i’m gonna do to myself

whether im gonna have to listen to my inner voice

which i refuse to

i lock up, block them away b4 they get so close y?

i know i’ll hurt them somehow

my mind always plays trick on me- somehow

my mind always wins

y cant i just open up for christ sake its killing me inside

i need help

but no one can help me dats the problem only i but it would take tym

they try but if it works it only last for a short period of time y?

im scared i actually gonna hurt myself its just the matter of how and when?

and wud there be anyone there to save me in tym or wud  die alone the same way i was born

only you can help me


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