im a muderer

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i murdered someone special, becoz im fightin against him to make me stop, try to change but its too late. the person in me nw has eaten/taken over the person i used to be.

Submitted: May 20, 2013

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Submitted: May 20, 2013




yes, you heard me ryt

i said i am a murderer

i killed myself for you

so i died

im nt me anymore

im wat you want me to be

ur puppet

you mold me into ur perfect lady

still miss perfect

still isnt good enuf 4 u

you aint gonna be satisfied

till change cant change me anymore then wat?

you’ll dump me lyk a rotten forgotten old garbage bag?

when i said im a murderer

i murdered someone special dat im sori about

n in order for her to come back alive

i have to murder him from my mind/life

lock him out from my mind n never remember the password

even if he knocks n knocks n bangs on the door to my heart

but it was already locked way b4 he realized

nobody knows, how it feels to be trapped by urself-ur past

heart raising- for wat reason?!

pumping vains - for wat reason?!

wash the blood from my hands

body needs to be dry cleaned

to me it became a war

to get away from the stranger in me that i never recognised

n to become who i really am,ME

yes, you heard me ryt

i said im a murderer

killed myself for you, killed someone special

so i died- inside

im nt me anymore

im who you want me to be

running away from you

when really im running away from myself

he is in me

he is me

i am in him

one person

two wars

fighting the war of the unknown

fighting a loosin battle

fighting to save my life

want it to end

but its never gonna end

created a perfect stranger in myself

me + me= him

him is in me

but who is  he?

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