late nyts, early morning

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two friends dat grew even closer as best friends over the fone thru late nyt fone calls as best of friends.



We use to talk from morin thats how u say it “morin” do you remember then we talk again late @ nyt, do u remeber i miss dat.

i know by nw ur smiling wiv that grin stuck on ur face lyk u just saw a girl u lyked but u cnt get her lol! “ ur nt serious” dats wat u’ll be thinkin by nw.

late nyts early morning up till late chatting shit that wudnt make sense to others but only to us

late nyts’ early morning thats how our frienship started.but then we tooked tym off,those were the dayz.

stories we’ll be telling our kids n their kids wen were old. those kinds they put in films.

our chatting history is so rare n special that it shud have its own true movie story called “late nyts,early morning”.


Tell me something, how did we end up enjoying something most people describe as “LONG TINZ”

we say its the “BOOM TINZ” helped to talk to someone everyday for a change. even if we were in two different cities @ the tym wen dis act of creativeness started,while without seeing each other it was wat most people call “SICK”.people dont do dat on a normal day.

anoda chapter to our lives shockingly surprising it was fun, its lyk talking to someone you dont really know n havnt seen but trust them enuf to tell them some of ur secrets.

“ i myt nt know u bt i knoe i can tell u coz u’ll never find me so i can trust u i have alot of love for the world n nw u know it”.


While i came back from reality u spend many of nyts together with me in my ears all those late nyts even wen the world was ment to end, so as if when god asks u were u were when the world ends u can say wiv me talking in my ears n me whispering gossip in ur brian laughing out loud repeating things we’ve said over n over again becoz its a good thought, reminder of the fun tyms i call it “the recordings of our lives in our minds”

just press play to remember.

thanks for sharing ur laughter n my thoughts. i nearly almost wanted to say my emotions but aliens dont do emotions we do mental shufff.

remember the funny, crazy, stupid alien things we used to talk bout lol! till early in the mornin you’ll always have to force me to say gudnyt/gudmornin coz i enjoyed it soo much n u had to go to skool that same day n i had to force u to sleep coz u’ll always go on social network before u can sleep lol!.

then the repetition would go on and on till someone stopped it/us. we were practically inseparable through the phone and otherwise. Late nyts n early morning thats the start of our brand new friendship, thats were we became best of frirnds thru the fone somehow.



We both have issues in our lives dat we needed to talk about n we wanted someone to listen to it, so we decided that each of us wud do d trick bt with a lil twist. we wud create a person within us , we wud play a role in becoming someone else, so we wud be each others therapist. we originally planned 3 sessions @least because thats how it is normally n for most of my problems to be understood it would take alot of tym.

we ended up doin only one session for about more than 2hrs or so....... it was wat i called “interesting” we didnt get to finish all the sessions but from wat i know that one session did help, i neva opend up as much to a person than a real/fake therapist b4.

you were a good listener i must admit n i hope i was too, its good someone listening to ur story n nt judging just advicing for a change isnit.”goog tyms”.


We started knowing new people, started growing ingrown wings, started practising how to use them without each others help felt good for a moment,then i dont know bout u but for me i started seeing a change in us, in our relationship that was beginning to cause friction.

you was busy alot, it became alil awkward because we grew out of things to talk’ bout in the late nyts early in the morning. sad isint how all good things outgrows its goodness n becomes almost nothing but bittersweet memories.

that was the tym wen lovers becomes passers by, friends almost become enemies, memories nearly lost but neva forgotten. new friends took the role that we both shared in each others minds +a bad thing but can never replace the goodness that was us. our past, this is the tym we say “ those were the days” in almost relief.

it used to annoy me wen people never stoped mentioning me without saying something bout you n the same goes to you as well. so it has become US instead of u or me but we still have our own lives still.

people think we’re 2gether thats the good thing of our friendship but also bad coz if we have someone it creates tension/friction which we both love.


Strange became something different

old became new n new again

but we got to admit, without all these things goin on in our lives it would be boring, nothing much to talk bout.

so the good thing is without the bad there wudnt be the good.

without good there wudnt be this.

without you there wudnt be me n vise versa, there wudnt be the unstoppable us “me & u”=............

i won’t ask u to forgive me for wat i did coz i dont call it regret i call it life experience. wen we become old, if one of us is alive or both if god allows.we’ll share wat we have now to people below us. the moment we shared something new to each other lyk our first tattoo, carnival....

we’ll look back n say “good tyms” with smiles on our faces.


My message to best friends: Stay Strong and Overcome all obstacles.XXX


Submitted: May 19, 2013

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