one tear

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dont try this at home or anywher else

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013



everyday that i lay wiv you

all i see is lies

wats stopping me from punching

the living day lights out of you

huh?! tell me

im scared of those lies

but its those lies that keeps me bound to your side

waiting for you to tell me

for the day that u’ll tell me the thrut

spit it out

lyk u’ve had enuf its killing you

even if it’ll hurt me

its better now

than to keep it from me for so long

that the lies are lost in the dark

so it takes you with it

your lost too


one nyt you told me some of your lies

dirty lil secret

i almost wanted you to shut up - to stop

but thats wat i wanted isint the thrut

never knew the thrut would hurt this bad

like someone took a nbig sharp needle stick it n srap it

where you just had surgery on that hasnt had the chance to heal


n that is not the worst part

the worst part is that u promised me

u’ll never do it again

oh no wait! u didnt

u didnt promise me u wont do it again

so u kept on doin it

diffrent things

making mistakes

that opened up old scars and new ones that u made


a tear

everynyt i lay wiv one eye open

coz i lay there in bed wiv a monster

not knowing wat the outcome would be

a tear

everynyt i shed a tear

everynyt  for two whole years

add it up

a tear = a puddle in a month

a tear = a lake in 2 years


so tell me:

wat is stopping me from waking up in the middle of the nyt

wiv blood in my hands

to find out i’ve stabbed u

countless of tyms

without a single tear in my eye coz u’ve taking em’ all

n handing myself to the police

wiv no remorse on my face

sayin “take him, his urs now”


oh wait i have already done that


poor him

i loved him

loved him so

see what his turned me into

next tym he’ll learn how to love me

the way he should

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