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Submitted: April 21, 2016

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Submitted: April 21, 2016



I absolutely love basketball! It’s my favorite sport of all. Basketball is the one time where I get to be free and comfortable about what I am doing. I get to show some of my talent in basketball.  I love my team, we all all have been playing together, for forever! We have played on tournament teams, and at school. I’m a starter on the basketball team. Everyday we work so hard, we all want a starting position next year on the team. Next year we get to play with the 8th graders that are going into 9th grade. I’m on tournament team with some of the 8th graders and some of us 7th graders. We started this team so that we could all get used to playing together. Because we would have to play together next year.

Some of things I love about it are, how we all work together as a team. I also like how we split the court into two sections. One side for the more advanced player and one side for the players who have great potential, but need some help to get there. I like that but then again I don’t. I just feel like it’s not really fair to those people because they seem to think that our side is the “good” side, and theirs is the “bad” side. That's not true though we are all capable of being great basketball players. I really like how we work in partners, it helps us practice working together. Some other good things are, that we have such amazing coach who push us. Because they know how capable we are of being amazing basketball players.

Ok, now here are the things that I don’t like as much about school basketball. I don’t like how much drama there is, we are all girls and you know girls with their drama. If some girls are fighting then decide they don’t want to work as a team with that person. So they chunk the ball at them or don’t give them the ball, Just stupid stuff like that. Another thing is, when someone is working very hard and they aren’t trying it makes the whole team look lazy. Then we get a “Speech” or we get to run! Here is some advice, don’t ever partner with someone who doesn’t really care or doesn’t try very hard. Because when your coach comes around looking at you passing the ball or shooting, and she sees you partner just lob a pass to you or not run full speed. She will think you both are lazy because you act and work together as a partner. I never made that mistake again.


Ok, so I think I’ve let my heart out and told you the pro’s and con’s about being on a sports team. I’m more than sure some other kids have experienced these exact thing too. I’m tell you, school is a “work”. Just be prepared for the worst when being on a middle school sports team!


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