So Crazy in Love.

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Written in 2008, this is about a girl whom is head over heels with her new boyfriend. Her mother finally gets to meet him, but events make an unexpected turn.

Submitted: April 16, 2010

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Submitted: April 16, 2010



Sarah slammed the front door on a warm spring day, with a smile lighting up her face. “Wow, was today perfect or what, mom?” She asked.
Judy was filling her cup of ice with a pitcher of red juice while she asked her daughter, “Why don’t you tell me about it?”
“I think I am in love. Look,” she said as she fluttered her hand towards her chest to show off a gold necklace flourished with a sparkling pink gem, “at what Ashton got me today.”
Judy looked at her daughter’s new necklace. “It is beautiful, honey. When do I get to meet him? It has been three months already!”
Sarah blushed and answered. “He’s shy, mom. However, you are right. I want my two favorite people to meet. I’ll talk to him about coming tomorrow night, but only if you promise to make your famous lasagna.”
“Okay. Now go upstairs and do your homework and relax. Unless, of course, you want to help me around the house,” Judy advised her daughter.
“Homework it is,” said fifteen-year-old Sarah, treading up to her room. She was an only child, who was spoiled relentlessly by her mother. She always had new clothes, regular pedicures, and a flexible allowance for various hobbies she wanted to pick up. Sarah was not as sociable as her peers, though she did have a handful of friends. Ashton appears to be Sarah’s first boyfriend, and so Judy was very apprehensive to make his acquaintance.
While Sarah was finishing up a project about cell division, her mother yelled from the kitchen, “Sarah Ashleigh Prescott, get down here now!”
Sarah came pounding down the stairs, her brown ponytail bobbing, wondering what could be wrong.
“Yes, mom?” Sarah asked, and saw that her classmate, Denise, and her mother were visiting. Sarah never talked to Denise, simply because the two girls lived in two very separate worlds.
“Denise said she is missing a necklace her grandmother gave her, and from this photo,” Judy slid a portrait of Denise closer to her daughter, “it looks very similar to your new necklace.”
“Denise already tried accusing me of stealing her necklace, but I didn’t! I’m sorry Ashton and her grandmother have the same jeweler, but maybe she should look a little harder at where she last left it,” Sarah protested. The look on her face showed a hint of frustration, and possible tears.
“You,” Denise started, “are a liar, Sarah. I saw you watching me when I put that necklace in my locker! After volleyball, it was missing!”
“Denise, I don’t need to steal. I am well taken care of. Plus, how would I know your combination?” Sarah asked her, thinking she was jealous to not have someone as cute and wonderful as Ashton.
“Look, I’m sorry, Denise and Sharlee, but I don’t think my daughter stole this necklace. It is merely coincidence but she was so excited when her boyfriend gave it to her.” Judy was starting to get a headache, wishing the two would leave.
“Darling, maybe it fell into your back-pack, or behind your dresser,” Sharlee told her daughter,
Denise scowled, saying, “Whatever. Keep it, Sarah. At least I don’t talk to walls.” She turned fast, and left angrily.
Sharlee muttered several apologies as she stalked after her daughter.
When Judy was sure they were out of hearing range, she told her daughter, “I sure don’t hope that little girl is your friend. She was awfully rude. Also, to accuse you in such a bad way! Watch out for Ashton, because that girl looked a little green with envy.”
“She is not my friend, mother. We just have a few classes together.” Sarah toyed with the necklace as she answered her mother. “Now, I’m going to call Ashton to see if he will have dinner with us, tomorrow.”
As Sarah turned away from her mother, and towards the stairs, Judy put on a smile and said, “Good idea!”
While Judy was rummaging in the refrigerator, deciding what to cook for dinner, the phone rang. “Hello?” She answered.
On the other line was Anne, one of Sarah’s friends. “Hi, Mrs. Prescott, can I speak to Sarah? She didn’t answer her cell phone.”
“I’m sorry, Anne, but I believe Sarah is talking to Ashton right now. Did you want to leave a message?” Judy asked nicely.
“No, that’s okay. But, have you met this mysterious and awesome Ashton, yet?” Anne asked, sounding a bit unsure of her words.
Judy was puzzled. Everyone knew everyone in Middle Ville, and best friends should know everything about each other. “No, honey, but I heard he’s really sweet. I have to start cooking dinner. Tell your mom I said hi.”
“Bye,” said Anne, with a click to follow.
Judy decided to make some skillet fish fillets, with corn and some boxed pasta. She pushed a button on her radio to fill the kitchen with music to keep company with while she cooked.
When she was finished, she walked up to her daughter’s room to hear her giggling. She knocked on the door. “Yes, mom?” Sarah called from within.
“Dinner is ready,” Judy let her know.
“Oh,” said Sarah. “I’ll be down in two minutes. Just let me say good bye.”
Sarah bounded down the stairs to a dinner plate already made for her. “So, Ashton said he will definitely be here tomorrow.” She happily took a bite of her fish.
Between bites, Judy and Sarah chatted. Judy wanted to know about Ashton, who seemed almost invisible to everyone but her own daughter.
The two women had a normal, peaceful night together. Sarah stacked the dishes in the washer, to go upstairs and take a shower. Judy closed herself in her private office, allowing her to think about her dear dead husband, and check on her emails.
When she walked upstairs, ready for bed, she passed her daughter’s room to hear her moaning softly. She knocked on the door, but never got a reply. She knew there was no way her daughter would betray her by sneaking someone in, and no way would they have got past her office with her keen ears. Judy figured her daughter must be having some vivid dreams.
The smell of sweet tomatoes and garlic wafted through the house, with dinner almost cooked. Judy placed the nice dinner wear out, and was proud of her daughter experiencing her first relationship.
Sarah came downstairs in a pretty yellow blouse and jeans. She was looking a little nervous, and she excitedly told her mom, “He should be here any minute now.”
Jusy smiled and her daughter jumped a little, exclaiming, “Ashton’s here!”
Judy raised an eyebrow, calling to her daughter, “I didn’t hear the doorbell.”
Sarah opened the door. “Ashton!” Judy heard her daughter’s muffled voice talking to her boyfriend as she was taking the lasagna out.
Her daughter came into the kitchen with a huge smile pasted across her face. “Where is Ashton? Is he shy?” Judy asked.
“No, mom,” Sarah said with a laugh. “He’s right in front of you. Or do you need glasses?”
“Sarah, I only see you. Now stop fooling around,” Judy told her daughter.
“Mom,” Sarah whined, “Stop acting ignorant. Please don’t embarrass me in front of Ashton!”
“There is no one there,” Judy said, now concerned about her daughter.
Sarah started crying. “I though you were happy for me! Now you are trying to ruin the best thing in my life. I love Ashton, now stop pretending you cannot see him!”
Judy backed slowly to the phone, now realizing the severity of what was happening. “Sarah, calm down, please.” She picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1, with her daughter screaming in the background. “My daughter is having a schizophrenic breakdown and she may turn violent. Please send some help over, ASAP.” She recited her address over her daughter’s screaming and crying and hung up the phone.
“Why are you being a bitch?” Sarah yelled. She started clawing at her body. She was creating cuts which she was bleeding from.
“Sarah, Sarah,” Judy tried to get her daughter to calm down. She thought about attempting to tackle her daughter down, but they were almost the same size, and she figured it would do no good.
Judy kept her distance from Sarah, and instead of adding fire to the flames she started praying to God. She prayed that Sarah would calm down and that help would shortly arrive. Soon enough, two police officers came in through the front door. Sarah was still screaming and crying. She had pulled out locks of her hair and scratched herself all over.
“Ma’am, please calm down,” said one caramel colored man, walking slowly over to Sarah.
She looked at him and yelled, “Why won’t you accept our love?” She made her hand shaped like a gun, her two littlest fingers tucked into her palm, and her thumb sticking straight up. “Get any closer, and I will shoot myself,” threatened Sarah.
Just then, the caramel colored policeman and his blonde-haired partner grabbed hold of Sarah, and cuffed her. She continued crying loudly and writhed on the floor she fell on, but the darker partner held onto her.
The blonde policeman went up to Judy. His nametag offered a name. Officer Golding asked, “Are you okay, ma’am?”
“Yes, I am,” Judy said. “I am so sorry for this, but will you be able to escort her to a hospital? One where they can diagnose and treat mental disabilities?”
“Yes, ma’am, we can help you with that. If you want, you can follow behind us on the drive there,” responded Officer Golding.
Judy’s face was streaked with mascara. She nodded her head, saying, “I would like that.”

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