The Unwanted

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Based on a vivid dream I had, it is about a world in which the society outcasts unwanted people, so that there may be a positive social revolution. Two girls escape and are determined to find some part of the world where they will be accepted. Then, they have an unlucky encounter. . .

Submitted: April 16, 2010

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Submitted: April 16, 2010



The street is quiet, empty except for the overgrown trees lining the way. All of the shops in the area seemed to be closed down, with their windows blacked out and the paint peeling off the building. Kim and I heard a cat meow, which had startled us. We hurry down the street, unsure of where we were headed, crouched down and close to the buildings. We were silent except for our shallow breath, and we hurried to nowhere and hoping we would not get caught.
We were unwanted. For no reason ever defined to us, we were taken against our will and thrown into a nondescript building, with other people. I never knew Kim before our detainment; we became acquainted since we were bunkmates in the large room where all the women slept. There were, of course, males in the building as well, but the sleeping quarters were separated by gender. We bonded quite well throughout our months of detainment. It turns out that we had a lot in common: both straight-A students, coming from middle class families, and enjoyed the same type of music.
All of us were kept clothed in nondescript cotton clothes, somewhat like a nurse’s scrubs uniform. We were fed, although the food was hardly edible. None of the staff would tell us why we were there, although they allowed the televisions to broadcast the news. Apparently, there was a social revolution taking place without us. About a month after the building had been filled, people had started disappearing or worse yet, breaking down. There were many instances when the staff would have to drag someone into solitary confinement, whether they were having a violent fit, or were acting a bit addlebrained. There were a few people whom had seemed to lost their entire personality and maybe even their rational thought. There were several occasions I have witnessed others piss themselves, and simply sit in their filth until one of us complained. All of the “normal” detainees would take about the peculiar behavior of some of our peers. Folks stayed hopeful, telling us that those whom have disappeared had escaped, or better yet, been allowed back into society. Some believed that there was some sort of conspiracy, or that since we were useless in this new society, we had become lab rats of a sort. Kim and I felt that was the truth, and we did not want to end up as such disposable people. We constantly kept our eyes open for exits, although we never could find any, except for those doors behind the staff’s station, which we could never get past.
“Fuck,” Kim whispers as she pulls me towards the entryway of an empty shop, just barely hiding us from the cop car that cruised past. We waited several minutes bfore continuing on.
We hurried at an even faster pace while holding hands. Eventually, we had reached a residential area. All of the houses were neglected with weeds as tall as my waist, and some of the doors were held onto the frame by a single hinge. Their windows were broken, and the paint was peeling. “These must have been homes of other unwanted people,” I whisper, holding onto Kim’s hand tighter.
“Let’s stay in the weeds. It will be harder to see us,” she tells me. We move into the weeds, crouching as low as we could. Although the snakes and scorpions would be out since it was night, it was still a more comforting thought than being discovered by anyone hwo could send us back to the place we escaped from.
Daylight was creeping up on us as we were almost to the edge of the forsaken neighborhood. Kim was leading me through a fate, which lead to the back yard of one of the houses. Miraculously, there was an old car which screamed to be restored. She tried one of the door handles to find it was unlocked. We clambered into the backseat, and Kim shut the door and locked it. We found a few old jackets lying in the passenger seat up front, so we covered our bodies with them the best that we could, to elude possible lurkers. The car was dusty, and the leather seats were cracking from neglect, which made the seat a scratchy bed. “It’s better than nothing, my dear,” Kim tells me, “Pray no one discovers us while we sleep.”
“No, pray we make it to some part of the world where we will be wanted,” I reply. With Kim sleeping on the bench, and me on the floor, we sleep for as long as we could manage, which is less than we needed.
I wake near noon, with the sun high in the sky. I haven’t seen it in five months, and I don’t miss it at all. It’s stifling hot in the car. I’m afraid that if we don’t get caught, we’ll become baked in the car before evening. “Kimmy,” I whisper, guessing she would be awake,too.
“I’m thinking the same thing, dear. We’ve got to move out of the sun,” she says intuitively.
“What about the house? Why didn’t we sleep in there?” I ask.
“I was afraid they could randomly check the houses, especially if they saw us in the windows. I mean, they aren’t smart enough to check a car,” she replied.
“We need to take the risk. I mean, it should be about summertime,” I tell her.
She nods and peeks out of the window, rising slowly. She looks all around; all I can see if her head turning to the right, behind, forward, and to the left. She then unlocks the door and slowly opens it with minimal creaking. “You first,” she says.
I slowly crawl out of the car, on hands and knees, and creep to the house with Kim following suit. I reach the back door which once was a large glass sliding door, although now the glass has been shattered. I rise to my feet and carefully jump over the shards.
“Try to stay away from the windows,” Kim warns me.
“I know,” I whisper to her. I’m shocked by what I see in the house. It’s exactly how its former occupants had left it, with coffee mugs on the counter and stale bowls of cereal on the kitchen table. Pictures crookedly hung on the wall. Tears start welling up in my eyes. This whole family was unwanted, whereas I was the only unwanted one in my family. I wonder, do they ever miss me? Then again, it wasn’t their choice. The government had this weird system which chose me.
“Don’t cry,” Kim pleads as she hugs me. I kiss her on the cheek.
“Let’s go upstairs,” I suggest to her. I’m hoping there are intact clothes, so we blend in a little more. I was pretty sure that our uniforms gave us away.
“Wait,” she tells me, “There might be food in the cupboards.” She opens the doors slowly. Cans of chef Boyardee and Cambell’s soup greeted us. She open another door to find Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, Cheetos, cookies, and anything else to make a deprived stomach happy. We grab a few items, and before we go up the stairs, I open drawers until I find the utensils. I pick up the knives, feeling the blades and testing them on the cupboard doors. I find that they are fairly new unused, therefore being sharp. I give one to Kim, and take another for myself. “Better to be somewhat protected than not at all,” I say.
We creep up the stairs, looking through bedroom doors. One room was painted blue, with toys scattered across the floor. Another was white, witha few posters. I guessed it was a room meant for a daughter. We walk in and put our food onto the bed. Kim opens the closet and discovers that I was right. We both pick out outfits to wear. Tee shirts and shorts for Kim and a denim skirt for me. I figured it didn’t look like we were fugitives any longer, now that we were dressed like normal civilians once again. We sit on the bed and gobble up our delicious findings. We are tired afterwards, so we snuggle under the covers of the bed. Kim is holding tight to me as we fall asleep.
Kim wakes me up as the room is darkening. I glance out the window. The sky is a deep blue and violet color, meaning it was our chance to continue on. We scrimmage throughout the house and find two bags. We stow away our knives, and pack up with food and some medicine we found in the bathroom.
We continue our journey by heading the same way we were the day before. We reach a bridge, which had no coverage for us. We crouch low, running as fast as we can to reach the other side. Immediately, there is an obvious change in scenery. The trees are large, and there is trimmed grass lining the road.
“What if someone sees us?” I ask, nervous as hell.
“Don’t worry. We deserve to be here,” Kim tells me, “Plus, we’re dress like normal humans again!”
After walking for an hour, tall brick walls begin to surround us. “Must be residential,” I say. We keep walking, until Kim stops me.
“Look, she says, “There’s a party. It’s a perfect time to take a car. They’ll all be either too drunk or too distracted. Then we can really be on our way out of here.”
“I don’t know, Kim. It seems risky,” I say, with worry emanating throughout my entire body.
“Please, trust me on this one. It’s a perfect plan. They are all inside, anyways.”Kim looks at me, with sad eyes. I feel really bad about what we are about to do, but allow her to convince me, anyways. We creep up next to a fancy European car; unfortunately it was the least obvious car of the bunch. The people in that house had some money. Kim tries the door handle. Somehow, it was unlocked. “Maybe theft is down now that all of us unwanted are gone?” she guesses. “Get in the back seat, love. I’ll have this thing running in two minutes.”
I climb in, enjoying the soft leather seats. I am scanning the road up and down, in case anyone comes our way. I notice a man outside of the house, having a cigarette. I duck down, “Kim, there’s a guy out front,” I whisper softly, afraid he would somehow hear us.
“Don’t worry, I’ve almost got this baby figured out,” she tells me.
I am sweating with nervousness. “Just stop fiddling with it. What if something happens to bring about his attention? Like a spark of electricity before you’ve got the wires complete?”
“Don’t worry. Any electricity, we’ll be out of here.” She says boldly.
I’m so nervous that I have to keep my eyes closed. I’m afraid to see what will happen next, unless Kim is able to hotwire the car and get us going. I hear a knock on the glass. We’re going to be lab rats until we die.
I get up slowly, so it seems that the knock could have woken me up. Kim opens the door while somehow keeping cool. “Yes?” she asks. It’s the guy from outside the party house. He knows we’re trying to steal the car.
“What are you two up to?” He asks us. He’s of a moderate build, tall, which a slightly grown out beard. He’s a brunette with soft facial features. He’s wearing a lavender shirt. Maybe he’ll just let us skedaddle along.
“Well,” Kim starts, “Our cousin is in that house over there, using their restroom. We were just headed over to a party and we live further in the neighborhood. She’s actually good friends with your neighbors; you’ve probably seen her around.”
“Move over,” he tells her. She obliges, knowing that she was caught in a lie. He quickly zaps the car on with a quick movement of his hands.
“I know who you ladies are,” he says, “You’re unwanted, aren’t you?”
“No, we’re not,” Kim says.
“Well, you’re unwanted by society. Do you know what that means?” He asks, turning his head towards me.
“I don’t. Why aren’t we wanted by society?” I ask him.
“Well, life has sure been a lot better without you people around,” he replies. “Anyways, you two being unwanted means I can do whatever I’d like to you, and it would not matter. To the country, you are already dead.”
“Please, don’t kill us,” Kim pipes up. I see a tear underneath her eye. Taking care to make sure this man’s eyes were either on the road, or on Kim, I very carefully slid my knife from my purse to my side. I kept it close to my leg, hidden with my hand. The man was driving us to what looked like another zone of abandoned houses. They looked less run down than the houses we had passed when we had escaped the facility, but there was something eerie about the neighborhood.
“Sweetie, give up the fight,” he tells her, “I’ve had the pleasure to rape and kill 26 unwanted girls just like you two. The best part about it is that the law will do nothing about it.”
There are little pink tennis shoes thrown up on an electrical wire. There are several pairs, actually, all throughout the neighborhood. Some women’s shoes are even found amongst the gravel. I realize that this man isn’t the only one who gets his way with the unwanted. But, I will survive. Or at least that’s my plan.
He parks in front of a beige house with a white door. Steps are leading up to the door. “Get out,” he tells both of us. As he is getting out, while carefully placing the knife’s handle in between my skin and underwear, hoping it will stay put until the time I need it. I notice Kim has done the same thing, which strengthens the fact that we were meant to meet. We stand next to the car, afraid to make a move without the man’s command. He comes around the car and grabs both of us by the hair, dragging us to the back of the house. There are stairs leading up the back door, which he has us walk. He opens the door and shoves us both inside.
We stumble in the house. It reeks of sweat and some other pungent odors. He flips on a switch, which turns on the lights in the house. He pushes us towards the front room, which causes me to catch myself wondering why he didn’t use the front door. There’s a mattress placed in the middle of the room, with a comforter. It didn’t look filthy; rather it looked like it had been washed just for the occasion. Was this a trap? Did Kim and I find a way out for the sole purpose to become this man’s trophies?
He looks at us both, choosing me as his first victim. “Take off your shirt,” he orders me. I take it off while he unbuttons his. He throws it at the wall behind him.
“Can’t you please be rational about this? You don’t have to kill us,” I tell him.
“What would be the point, then? I like killing. It makes me feel powerful and strong,” he tells me. “Besides, what do you have to offer?”
“I was studying at a university to become a doctor. I was a pre-med student because I wanted to help people!” I tell him, “Why must you kill me? I am good. I’ll do anything as long as I can keep my life.”
“You are pretty,” he says, “But all of the others were, too. Take that skirt off.”
“No! Let me live!” Iplead.
He grabs me by the waist, “I like it when you ladies scream,” he tells me. “Say my name; Tell me you love me. Say it, say Johnny.”
He tries to pull down my skirt. It gets caught on the knife handle. Just then, he screams; Kim had pulled out his knife and stabbed him the back. “You bitch!” He yells as he throws me down on the floor, and turns his attention to Kim.
I use the time to take my knife out from under my skirt, and stab him in the back. Unlike Kim, I keep going at it, slashing long deep cuts until he turns around. With Kim and I both stabbing at him, he grows weaker in between us and falls on the floor. I hold his chest down with my arms, and gouge out his eyes to ensure that he would be completely powerless against us. Kim is yelling, “You mother fucker!! Die, die die!” I look over at her, and she is crouched with her head close to his crotch. Her hair is covering her face, and all I can see in her hands are two jelly-like mounds with pus oozing out of them. She had castrated him! He was still screaming in pain, writhing on the floor. I was surprised he hadn’t died. I look around and find silver tape near the bed. With the help of Kim to prop him up, we are able to roll the tape around his body constraining him. By that point, his screams had turned into moans. He was losing blood and slowly dying.
I run into the kitchen, and find several bottles of alcohol. “Check his pockets, Kim. I need a match, or something.” She looks, and finds a lighter.
I drench his body in alcohol, feeling no remorse. Igrab his shirt from off the floor and light it with the lighter. “Run, Kim. Go start the car!” She runs out of the house to start the car. I throw the shirt on top of him, which ignites his whole body. I run out of the house as fact as I could. When I am outside I discover that Kim was able to start the car very fast the second time around. I jump in and she takes off, speeding down the road.
We were unwanted, but we had eluded death for the second time. No one was going to stop us; if they tried, we would be ruthless in stopping them first. We were going to fight for our lives, and listen to no one but each other.

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