My secret Life turned around

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it is based off of Pretty Little Liars but I changed the names

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011




Adie sat starting at the TV waiting for the news to come on with her three best friends waiting for anything new.

“Why would Alisa run away any way she was popular?” Tori asked trying not to sound as sad as she really was, Adie moved around a little shaking the whole couch.

“Maybe she did this so she could become more popular.” Lana said sitting back down on the couch next to Adie.

“Or she did it because of what happened last summer with Sophia.”

“Sophia is in rehab in California. Shh it’s back on.” Ema said turning up the volume, then dropping the remote on the floor.

“It has been 24hours since the last sight of Alisa; she was 17 years old and went to Greenville high school.” Said the news lady, while she was talking a picture of their friend appeared on the screen, the last picture of her that had been taken, the four girls had one in their rooms. “The police are searching the woods by her house, around the school, and her four friend’s houses Adie, Tori, Ema, and Lana. Alisa was last spotted by these four girls and not seen since school got out yesterday.” When the Lady said their names a picture of all five of them appeared on the screen. Adie turned the TV off and looked at the three girls sitting on her couch. Trying not to cry she finally said, “It’s my fault she ran away.”

“If anything it’s all of our faults not just yours.” Lana said standing up.

“Why would she run away next year is senor year and we have prom and everything?” Tori said standing with her. That’s when Adie’s phone rang she took it out and it was her boyfriend Ethan who was already out of college and is looking for a job. “Hold on I need to take this.” She said standing up and walking over to the foyer

“Ohh is it your love bird?” Ema said looking at everyone else smiling, they had just found about Ethan after Adie dated him for two years.

“Shut up.” She said walking away from her friends and outside, “Hey honey how are you?” she said shutting the door and walking down the sidewalk

“I am good have you found your friend yet?” he said worryingly.

“No, and I am really sad, I really need to see you.” She said kicking a rock; she looked over at the pool, hot tub and barn. Last night they all wanted to sleep in the barn which is now a loft but Alisa ran away instead.

“I know I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“Can I come over tonight?” she asked trying not to be to loud which is pointless the only ones who were home with her were her friends. Her parents both worked no stop.

“You read my mind around six you can eat with me we have something to celebrate anyway, see you then.”

“I love you, Ethan.”

“I love you too, Adie.” She hung up and jumped up and down, wait something to celebrate, she stopped jumping and ran into her house just then her phone buzzed. She looked down and it was an unknown number. She opened it up and the text said “I know what’s going on with you two, but even better I know how to get your friend back. –L”  She walked through her front door hoping the text was from Lana but if it was from her why would she not tell the rest of them if she really knew how to get Alisa back.

“So what’s going on with the two love birds?” asked Lana who was now sitting on the couch again.

“We are eating dinner because there is something to celebrate but I don’t know what it is so I can’t tell you that. Did any of you get text from someone?”

“No why?” asked Ema looking at the others.

“I guess it’s nothing wait never mind this is huge someone knows how to get Alisa back but it was from someone I don’t know.” Adie sat down on the love seat across from the three of them.

“What did it say?” asked Tori and Lana at the same time.

 “It said I know what is going on with you two, and I know how to get your friend back. -L” Adie said afraid of what they might say.

“OH my gosh!” the three of them said all looking at her.

“What should I do?” she asked shaking her hands up and down.

“Wait to see if you get any more text and if you do forward us the message.” Lana said checking her phone for any new text.

At that moment all of the girl’s phones but Adie’s buzzed and all of them got the same text. “If you want your friend back let’s keep this between the five of us. –L”

“What do they say?” Adie asked.

“If you want your friend back let’s keep this between the five of us. –L” Ema said scared. Adie’s clock charmed letting the four of them know it was five and it was time for all of them to get home. They all got up and left leaving Adie by herself in her huge house. She wasted no time and ran up the wood stairs to take a quick shower before she goes to Ethan’s house.






Just celebrate

“Well hello honey.” Ethan said kissing Adie on the cheek as she walked into his apartment. She closed the door and smiled.

“Hello, it smells great in here.” she said kissing him back. She set her bag down on the floor and followed Ethan to the kitchen to see what he was cooking.

“So dinner is almost ready then we can eat and just hang out.” He said handing her a glass of wine.

“Ok well I rented a movie so we can watch that later.” She said making air quotes around watch and taking the glass from him. The timer went off on the oven and he walked over and got the food out and set it on the table. “So what are we celebrating?” she said wrapping her hands around his neck.

“Well I was going to tell you after we ate so we could talk about it more.”

“Oh, well then let’s start so I can find out.” She said taking her hands off of his chest and they both sat down.

“I’m sorry about your friend, what was her name?” Ethan said dishing some food out for her.

“Alisa and its ok I guess.”

“Were you two close or just friends?” Ethan said as Adie took a drink of her wine.

“We were close but sometimes things didn’t work out. She would take the secrets she knew and no one else did to make us mad or just for the heck of it.” She said setting down her glass.

“Was I one of your secrets?” He said taking a drink of his wine.

“Until a couple of days ago, yes. My four best friends know. Do any of your friends know?” she said hoping they did so maybe they would be L but wait how would they know all of their phone numbers.

“No, should I tell them?”

“No, I only told them because they thought I was ditching them for some other group of friends.”

“Oh I see, you ditch your best friends to hang out with your secret boyfriend.”

“Ethan!” she said flinging chicken at him.

“Oh is that how you want it to be?” he said flinging corn at her.

“No, I like you being my secret boyfriend and I like being your secret girlfriend.” This time she put the chicken in the mouth and he ate some corn instead of flinging it at her.

“Well I am glad you feel that way because until you’re eighteen it has to be that way.”

“It isn’t far, I hope you know that, I can only see you when we are alone and that is not for very long either.”

“Well just wait for the surprise.”

“Will I like this Surprise?” she said putting her napkin on her plate.

“I don’t know.” He said doing the same as she did. Adie stood up taking her plate and his plate to the sink. “Why don’t we clean later?” He said wrapping his arms around her waist she set down the plates in the sink.

She turned around “Ok, what are we celebrating?” he picked her up and carried her to the couch and they sat down in each other’s arms.

“I got a job!” He said almost shouting.

“That is amazing.” She said turning around and smiling then he leaned in and kissed her. She pulled away quickly “Where did you get a job?”

“Well I don’t start until August and I will see you every day.”

“You’re a teacher, Ethan.” Adie started to smile but that smile disappeared and went into a frown “Wait…”

“Wait what?” he said running his fingers through her hair.

 “If you end up being my teacher that won’t help at all I can’t date my teacher we could get in serious trouble.”

“Adie, calm down I won’t be your teacher.”

“How do you know that?”

“I am a freshman teacher, you are a senior.”

“What do you teach?”

“Math but, I would teach anything as long as I get to see you every day.”

“Well I still can’t date a teacher; we could still get in trouble. We have to have rules you can’t come up and talk to me, or tell me you love me in front of anyone.”

“I know I am just happy I get to see you every day.” He said kissing her again but this time neither of them let go, until Adie’s phone went off.

“Sorry but it might be about Alisa.” She said pulling away then getting up and walking over to where her bag laid. “1+1=2, Adie + Ethan = domed. –L” she turned off her phone and put it back in her bag. “What the heck!” Adie said.

“Who is it honey?” Ethan asked.

“It’s just junk; Ethan was I the first to know about the job?”

“Ya, why?” he said walking over picking her up again.

“Just wondering.” They went back over the couch and turned on the movie that Adie had rented from the red box.

“Are you really going to watch this movie?” Ethan asked looking down at her, she was cradled in his arms and no one could hurt her.

“No, I picked out a random movie I was thinking of doing something else.” Ethan smiled knew what Adie had in mind she turned around and he pressed his lips against hers and suddenly she realized how different her life would be when school started again in the fall, getting to see her boyfriend everyday like the rest of her friends, and finally this year she will be turning eighteen which to Adie only meant one thing she could go out with Ethan for the first time in the two years they had been dating.












Sudden Surprise

“Adie where are you we called you last night and we are all meeting for coffee if you would just pick up your phone, please!!” Ema said leaving this message on Adie’s phone multiple times. “She won’t pick up.” She said looking at Tori and Lana who already had their coffee and muffin from the shop.

“She said yesterday before we left she was going to Ethan’s apartment for dinner and they were celebrating something but she didn’t know what. Is he L?” Tori sated taking a drink of her coffee and setting it down because it was too cold to hold.

“If he is then how would he know how to Alisa back and does he even know her?” Ema said steeling some of Lana’s muffin.

“It couldn’t be him, Adie’s text said that they knew what was going on between them and no duh he knows.” Lana said.

“Only Alisa knew other than us.” Ema said watching as a car passed.

Ema’s phone rang and she picked it up “Adie where are you?”

“I am at Ethan’s sorry I feel asleep on his couch last night. Did any of you guys get any texts from L?”

“I didn’t hold on I will ask the others.” Ema took the phone off her ear “Did any of you get a text from L?” they both shook their heads. “No did you?” she asked putting the phone to her ear again.

“Yes, it was strange and you would only get it if I told you the whole story, I will be there soon. Can you order me my usual and wait until I get there?”

“Ya see you soon.” Ema hung up her phone and placed it on the table, then stood up and went inside to order her friends drink.  Within five minutes Adie was there.

“Sorry time got away from me; Ethan didn’t want me to go. He told me I was acting weird.” She said sitting down and taking a drink of her coffee.

“What did the text say?” Tori asked.

“It said 1+1=2 and Adie + Ethan = domed.”

“What the heck does that mean?” Ema asked.

“Ethan got a job as a math teacher, at Greenville High school.”

“That’s great!” Lana yelled.

“No it’s not that means they really can’t date now.” Tori said

“Oh, never mind, sorry.” Lana said sadly.

“No it’s good, I mean we get to see each other more and he won’t be my teacher.”

“Why?” the three of them asked at the same time.

“He will be teaching freshmen math not senior, hopefully.”

“Adie, honey!” yelled someone, Adie turned around and saw Ethan running her way.

“Hold that thought.” She said holding up her finger.

“Oh, now we get to see them together, not just hear about it.” Ema said and Adie shot her a look while she stood up and walked toward him.

“What are you doing here?” Adie said softly.

“Adie, I forgot to ask you before you left if you wanted to come over again.” He said softly as well.

“Ok, I will but I need to run home before I come over, and I will come around the same time, ok.”

“Ok I love you.” He said kissing her forehead.

“I love you too.” She said wrapping her hands around his neck to give him a hug. “Tonight then.” She whispered in his ear and let go and ran back to her friends smiling.

“If he is your teacher are you still going to call him Ethan?” Lana asked.

“Ya and he is not going to be my teacher!” Adie said sitting down still smiling she turned around but he was gone.

All of a sudden someone was standing behind Tori. “Guess who?” Lucas Tori’s boyfriend said covering her eyes.

“Hey, honey.”

“So I was thinking we would go catch a movie tonight, and maybe get some dinner.”

“Sounds good to me, meet me at my house six thirty.”

“Ok see you then.” He bent down and kissed her lips and it mad Adie smiled because of what happened last night. He walked away and Tori’s phone buzzed

“One new message.” She said looking at her three friends.

“Step one to getting your friend back,

  1. Ditch your boyfriend.

-L” she said reading it out loud.

“Tori we all want Alisa back but you are not ditching Lucas.” Adie said as her phone rang. “One new message.” She said looking at her three friends then down at her phone. “Want your friend back, do what I say and no one will get hurt! And that goes for all of you! –L”

“L knows we are together. So L is here!” Lana said almost dropping her drink.














Adie’s Losing More Than Her Friend

“Ethan,” Adie said walking into his apartment “Sorry I am late.”

“It is ok, come on in I didn’t order the food because I wanted to see what sounded good to you.” She shut the door and looked around for Ethan.

“That’s fine.” She said walking in the rest of the way and setting her bag down on the table that she didn’t think was there yesterday. Ethan came out of the bedroom with a blue button down shirt and a pair of jeans.

“You look nice.” He said Adie looking down at her knee length dress; well it once was knee length, strapless black dress with high heels.

“I am sorry, do you want me to go home and change?” she said pointing to the door.

“No, you look perfect.” He said looking at her from head to toe.

“Ok, well then.” She walked over and sat down on the couch and smiled at him. He came over and sat next to her picking her up and placing her on his lap and he leaned in and kissed her. A minute later Adie got a text message.

“Call me.” Adie read out loud and looked who it was from it was from Tori. “Ethan I am sorry but I really need to call my friend real quick, you can order pizza or whatever you want, it won’t long I swear.” She said standing up and kissing the top of his head.

“Ok, I will, stay beautiful.”

“Always, I am going in the bedroom if you don’t mind.”

“No go right on in.” Adie was already in the room with the door shut.

“Pick up Pick up.” Adie said waiting for her friend to get on the phone.

“Adie, I am so glad you called, I don’t want us to get hurt but I don’t want to miss my date.”

“Do whatever you want. I don’t care what you do as long as you are happy.”

“Where are you at?” Tori asked turning down her music.

“Ethan’s.” She said sitting on his bed which made a creaking sound.

“Are you alone?”

“If you mean alone, he is not around me.”

“Oh, where are you? Are you in his room?”

“That is not for you to know.”

“Ok well I think I am starting to feel really bad I mean like sick bad.”

“Well I will call Lucas and tell him you threw up all over the place after he left ok.”


“No big deal.” Adie hung up the phone and called Lucas.

“Hey Lucas, it’s me Adie,” she said talking to the answering machine “I am calling to tell you that Tori got sick after you left and can’t make it tonight.” She hung up the phone just when Ethan came in his room and jumped on the bed right to where Adie was laying.

“Hey sweet thing, pizza will be here in twenty minutes can you wait that long?” he asked taking his hand in hers.

“As long as I am with you, of course I can.”

Adie took her shoes off and rolled over until her and Ethan were right next to each other and he rolled over so their stomachs were touching.

“Ethan, I think this is a bad idea.” She said trying to get him off of her.

“Are you sure?” He said rolling off of her.

“Ya, I guess.” But as soon as he rolled off she rolled on to him.

“Well I thought you didn’t want this to happen.” He said running his hands threw her hair and kissing her forehead.

“I lied.” She said smiling and he kissed her lips. The twenty minutes went by fast and suddenly Ethan was out from under Adie and was out the door and back with the pizza in less than five minutes. “I am back; you hungry?”

“Starving, why didn’t you feed me again?” She said joking around; she sat up and pulled her hair in a pony tall with the head band she left on her wrist. “Smells great, I hope we have enough!”

“No lie; I could eat a horse right now.” They sat on his bed eating every last bit of pizza until all that was left was the box. “So what should we do now?” He said smiling and lying back down.

“Whatever you want to do.” She said lying next to him. They both sat thinking of what to do staring at the ceiling fan waiting for the other one to say something.

“Adie, I want to tell you something.” He said rolling to his side and she rolled to her side so they were facing each other the bed creaked as they did.

“What do you want to say?”

“I love you so much and I want you to know as soon as you turn eighteen I want to purpose to you. Adie I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Even if you are way younger than I am, I don’t care I see what is on the inside. You know they say don’t judge a book by its cover. When I first met you I thought you were amazing.”

“Ethan, I love you too. I want to spend the rest of my life with you too. I saw you I thought it would never happen between us I mean I am seventeen years old and I was fifteen years old when we first met and I loved you the second I saw I just didn’t think you felt the same way.” She smiled knowing this was the day she had always waited for the day she would get purposed to but she never thought she would be in high school still. She kissed his lips and he pulled away and ran out of his bedroom and came back with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Maybe but I promise I will get drunk too.”

“You know you could get in serious trouble for letting me drink, I am under age.”

“Well nobody knows you here well maybe your friends no one else.” He said smiling and handing her a glass. He was wrong L knew I was here L knew everything.

“Adie wake up!” Ethan said staring at the clock.

“What time is it?” Said realizing she had spent the night again.

“Nine thirty, do you have to be somewhere?”

“I was going to meet up with my friends again, we have a lot of things going on right now.” He kissed her forehead and then she smiled and rolled out of bed.

She looked on the night stand and there laid her phone. Seven missed calls all from Lana, Ema, and Tori.

“Adie It’s me, Tori give me a call when you the chance too. Love you.”

“Adie it’s me, Ema listen I need to talk; call me as soon as you get this.”

“It’s me Lana, come to my house. L is really scaring me.”

“Adie it’s me Tori again I don’t think I did the right thing last night.”

“It’s Lana, L keeps leaving me text and emails and I don’t know what he is talking about.”

“It’s me Tori, Lucas called me last night and he broke up with me.”

“It’s Ema, Adie when you get this please call me!” they all sounded scared, worried and sad.

“Ethan I need to leave.” She said grabbing her phone and kissing him.

“Ok, can you call me later?”

“Of course I will, I love you.” She said practically running out of his room

“I love you too.” He sat up in his bed but Adie was already gone and he heard the front door slam.

“Hey, Tori meet me at the coffee house, soon.”

“Hey, Ema, I am meeting Tori at the coffee house come too.”

She said leaving a message on their cell phones.

“Hello, is this Lana?” Adie said then realizing it was her.

“Adie I am so glad you called.”

“Listen I don’t know what L wants but I am trying to meet Ema and Tori at the coffee house will you come too.”

“Ya, Ema and Tori are at my house.”

“I just called their cell phones and no one answered.”

“They are still sleeping, and their phones died.”

“Oh, sorry I didn’t get to my phone last night.”

“It’s ok what were you two doing anyway?”

“Nothing we ate pizza and talked.”

“Sure you did. I will wake them up and we will be there soon.”

“Ok, I am going home to change, I am in a dress and well ya; not your typically coffee outfit.” She said looking down at her dress.

“No not really, see you soon.”

“Ok.” And they both hung up. Then Adie’s cell phone rang and it was Ethan. She got in her car and said “Hey honey.”

“Hey, you forgot your bag at my house.”

“Oh ya I forgot, I am right outside I will just come up and get it.”

“I will bring it down.”

“Ok.” And she hung up her phone and there he was by her car. “That was fast.”

“I knew you didn’t leave.”

“Thanks, love you.” She said taking the bag from him and he gave her a kiss.

“Well I will let you go.”

“Ok, talk to you later.” Adie said shutting the door. He waved goodbye and Adie drove away.






Notes to You

“Lana, Tori, and Ema I am right over here!” Adie yelled sitting down her coffee.

“Hey, Adie, sorry we took so long.” Tori said sitting down.

“Your fine I just got here.” Adie said pulling something out of her bag and a piece of paper fell out and landed on the ground next to her.

“Here Adie you dropped this.” Lana said bending down and giving it to her.

“What is that?” Ema said sitting down.

“I don’t remember seeing it in here yesterday.” She said unfolding it. “Oh my gosh!”

“Is it from L?” Tori asked.

“No, it’s from…..from Alisa.” Adie said looking up from the paper with a worried look on her face.

“Well read it out loud.” Ema said, Lana sat down and Adie began

“Dear friends,

I am writing this to tell you, I ran away for my own reasons things I could not live with and if you were me you couldn’t either. I loved all of you and I didn’t run away because of you. If you told me any secrets they are still very safe with me, and I hope my secrets are safe with you. Until the day I die I need you to keep my secrets to yourself but once I am dead, please tell each other. None of my secrets were the same.

Love, Alisa”

Adie took in a deep breath and then let it out.

“Is that all?” Tori asked.

“Ya, so there are secrets?” She said looking at the paper again.

“I know one.” Lana said fooling with her thumbs.

“Me too.” Ema said.

“We all have one.” Tori said staring at Adie.

“We can’t share them yet, you heard what she said.” Adie said.

“She could be dead for all we know.” Lana said looking like she had more to say but then closed her mouth.

“If she is still alive and we share, she can come back and ruin our lives. She knows ours too! We know one secret is about. Alisa made us all promise never to tell anyone what happened that day.” Adie said as her phone buzzed. It was from her mom, she read the text five times before she read it out loud “They found her!” Adie said almost mouthing it to her friends trying to fight the tears.

Then all of their phones buzzed all saying the same things.

About a minute of silence Adie’s phone buzzed again this time from L.

“So they found her, doesn’t mean it’s over for me!” Her jaw dropped trying to decide if she should scream or cry.

“Adie what’s wrong?” Lana asked, but Adie’s eyes started to get blurry and all she could do was stare at the text as if it would go away if she did it long enough.

“We know one thing!” Adie finally said through her tears.

“What’s that?” Ema said just looking at her.

“L was not Alisa!” Adie said looking at her friends mouths drop just like hers did.

“What do you mean L was not Alisa?” Tori asked

“So they found her, doesn’t mean it’s over for me.”

“They just said they found her, not that she was dead.” Lana said trying to make herself feel better.

Just then Adie’s phone rang. “It’s my mom!” She said standing up and walking away. “Hey, Mom how are you?”

“I am good, did you get my text?”

“Ya sorry, I am out and well we were talking about it.”

“No, I am sorry.”

“Where did they find her?”

“In the woods behind her house, her dogs found her.” Adie stopped and switched her phone to the other ear.

“Oh, was she dead?”

“Honey listen, they said they found a knife and a bottle of pills lying next to her. Just taking the pills would have killed her.” Adie started to cry, why would she do this?

“Oh,” but that was all Adie could say, trying to make it sound like she wasn’t crying she finished “Mom, I got to go.”

“Adie, are you ok?”

“I am fine, just I have so many questions that well can’t be answered and it’s been hard.”

“I am sorry, if you want to talk anytime just say so.” Adie cried harder.

“Love you mom.”  And she hung up the phone and walked back to her friends who were all talking silently.

“What did she say?” asked Lana.

“They found her in her woods behind her house, well her dogs did.”

“She was dead wasn’t she?” Tori asked sitting up straight.

“My mom said they found a knife and a bottle of pills by her. She also said she would have died just from the pills.” She went into tears and put her head in her hands.

Suddenly the whole table was crying and each of their phones buzzed. They all read it out loud.

“Looks like you got her back; I never said I would give her to you alive. –L”

“If L killed Alisa, was it just a setup, did she not take the pills?” Ema said just staring at the others who were all staring at their phones still in shock.

“We will never know.” Tori said putting her phone down.

“I have to go, call you later.” Adie said standing up and walking to her car. She dialed Ethan’s number hoping he would pick up.

“Adie hey is something wrong?”

“Ethan, they found my friend, dead in her back yard.”

“Adie, I am so sorry.” He could tell she had been crying and she began to cry harder. “Do you want to hang out? Where are you do you want me to come and get you?”

“I am at the coffee house and no to picking me up; I will be there in a few minutes, if you don’t mind?”

“No come over whenever you want.” She hung up the phone without even saying anything else. She drove trying to think about everything at once and she missed one stop sign, the stop sign that could have saved her life.

“Adie, its Ethan are you coming?”

“Ethan,” she barely could say, “Help!” she cried what was she thinking.

“Don’t worry I am coming.” He didn’t hang up because he knew if he did he would never get her back.

“Ethan.” She kept saying. Minutes passed and she heard sirens and she heard Ethan’s voice but outside her car. Finally she was in Ethan’s arms and safe, she didn’t think of L or even the fact her best friend just died. She thought of the fact that she was safe, in her boyfriend’s arms away from harm, and she felt like L could not hurt her; or was it L who hit her. But suddenly everything began to fade away and her brain first took her to the night when Alisa ran away then to the library where she first met Ethan. She remembered the shock that ran through her fingers as she touched. The memories started to fade away and suddenly she was in the hospital bed, surrounded by her friends, her mom and of course Ethan.

“Adie, Oh my gosh you’re ok!” Lana said backing away from her then walking back to her bed side.

“I was so worried!” Tori said taking Adie’s hand in hers. Her mom said nothing but she kissed her head.

“Do you remember anything?” Ema asked looking at Ethan, who said he drove by and didn’t know who it was but he wanted to stay to see if she was ok.

“No, I didn’t see the stop sign or the person who hit me.” She said putting her free hand on her head and sitting up a little.

“I am going to call her grandparents; I will be back in a little bit.” Her Mom said walking away. Ethan made sure her Mom was gone and stood up.

“Adie, I should have picked you up!” He said kissing her head and moving her hair out of her face.

“Ethan, don’t blame yourself, it’s my fault!”

“Ethan when did you show up, did she call you?” Tori asked looking up from her friend at Ethan who stood on the opposite side of the bed.

“I called her, and she somehow answered her phone and I drove to the coffee house because that is where I last talked to her.”

“So you found her? Were there any other cars by hers?” Ema asked trying to put everything together.

“I found her and no which I thought was weird, she would have not been in a wreck if there weren’t any other cars.” Ethan said taking her hand off her head, “Adie, I am going to go before your mom comes back, I love you.”

“I love you too.” She said taking his hand in hers. He bent down to kiss her and he whispered, “I will be back later after your mom leaves.” And he walked away with that.

“I think L hit me!” Adie said hearing the door shut.

“I have to agree, who else would have hit you and drove away?” Lana said.

“This has gotten too far.” Ema said.

“Well we can’t go to the police.” Tori said sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t know what to do; I mean seriously what are we going to do. We can’t track L down by ourselves.” Adie said sitting up a little more.

“You aren’t be doing anything for a while Adie.” Ema said sitting down too.

“Well we can’t just let L hurt us more. He already is trying to make us mad, we don’t even know if L killed Alisa. We are just assuming that.” Lana said sitting also.

Just then all of their phones buzzed. “What the heck!” Adie yelled. “If you weren’t so stubborn, you wouldn’t be in this situation right now.”

“Mine doesn’t say that!” Tori said. “It says, would you rather be with your boyfriend, wait never mind.”

“Wow mine doesn’t say anything about that!” Lana said standing up. “Mine says, hospital food is so nasty, would you rather be at school.”

“Mine says what Lana’s says.” Ema said looking at Adie who sat staring at her phone.

“L goes to our school that is our hint!” Tori said jumping up.

“Well thanks I could have figured that out.” Lana said sitting back down.

“No defense Tori but I think L is Lucas.” Adie said.

“Oh really because I think Ethan your boyfriend is L.”

“Who else knows you too broke up?”

“You guys and Lucas, but he could have told anyone and Ethan could have listened to your voice mail.”

“Well he didn’t and why would Ethan hit me?”

“Because he knows that if you trust him he can get closer to him and then he will kill you just like Ailsa.”

“Yes my boyfriend is going to kill me, He loves me!” she yelled just when her mom walked back into her room. “Oh, hi mom, how are you?”

“Adie, I want to know how you are.”

“Mom, I am fine.”

“Ok, well if you don’t mind, I am going to leave.”

“That’s fine with me.” Adie said looking at Tori.

“Well I love you honey!” her mom said kissing her head, “I will be back tomorrow.”

“Ok see you then, I love you too.” Her mom walked away again leaving the girls in complete silence until they heard the door shut.

“Tori you just can’t blame Ethan, and Adie you can’t just blame Lucas, and none of us need to be fighting!” Lana said standing up and crossing her arms.

“I am not blaming him but I am just saying I think it is him!” Adie said yelling.

“Adie you shouldn’t be yelling that can’t be good for you.” Ema said putting her hand on Adie’s head.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think L is a stranger, Lucas, is a friend of all of us. Ethan, you guys haven’t even talked to him before today, here.” Adie said taking Ema’s hand off her head.

“You have a point there.” Lana said sitting down again.

“I’m sorry Tori for yelling but, it is my opinion.” Adie said looking at Tori who was shaking her head from side to side.

“I know you have facts to back it up but I can have an opinion too.” Tori said.

“Guys this is stupid, instead of yelling about who L is and try to figure it out other than Ethan and Lucas who else would know everything about Alisa her secrets, and ours.” Lana said.

“Bradley!” Adie yelled again, and Ema shot her a look because she was yelling again. Bradley was Alisa’s ex-boyfriend who she broke up with just about a week before she ran away.

“Why would Bradley do that?” Tori asked.

“Why wouldn’t Bradley do that?” Lana said.

“She broke her heart so he broke hers.” Ema said, “He all knew us, Alisa made us hang out with him and his friends. He had all of our numbers and he knew all of Alisa’s secrets and who knows what she told him.”

“We can never be so sure.” Tori said hoping it was Ethan.

“Tori, I love you in all but give up the idea that it is Ethan because it is not him!” Adie yelled again and as she did Ethan walked in.

“Adie, stop yelling!” Ema yelled. Just then Adie got a text message.

“Yelling isn’t so good when you’re in a hospital might wake your dead friend. You are next. –L” reading it in her head.

“This has gone too far!” Adie said looking at Ema. “Ethan honey can you go get me some flowers or balloons from the gift shop?”

“Whatever you want I will be back soon love you.” He said walking away again.

“What did it say?” Ema said looking to see if Ethan was gone.

“Yelling isn’t so good when you’re in the hospital might wake your dead friend. You are next. –L”

“We have to go to the police that is a threat!” Tori said.

“They can’t do anything, what are we going to say our friend was just murdered and we are getting death threats from an unidentified person? What sounds weird about that?” Lana said.

“I think everything does!” Ema said.

“Well we need to do something.” Adie said, making sure she wasn’t yelling.

“When do you get out of here?” Tori asked.

“I don’t know I haven’t been conscious when a doctor or nurses were in here.” Adie said just as one walked in.

“Looks like you are doing fine.” She said “How do you feel?”

“Just fine, did I break anything?”

“Your arm is about all which as you can see in wrapped up.”

“Ya, so when do I get out of here?” Adie asked when Ethan walked in.

“Today if you would like, you can leave right now.”

“Ok sounds good.” Adie sat up a little more and the nurse helped her up and to the bathroom to change. Adie came out and left with her friends.

“Well Adie do you want me to take you home?” Ema said looking at the rest of their friends.

“I can take her home.” Ethan said, putting his arm around her waist.

“I will go with Ethan so you guys can go do whatever.” She said and Tori gave her a look.

“Alright whatever you want to do, call me later.” Lana said walking away.

“I will thanks for coming.” Adie said looking at Tori like she did to her.

“No problem.” They all said walking in the opposite direction as them.

 Adie got in Ethan’s car and he helped her buckle up and he stole a kiss from her after he did. “Is something wrong?” Ethan asked starting the car.

“It’s nothing, I need to call my mom and tell her I am not at the hospital anymore.” She called her mom and left a message on her cell phone and before she knew it she was outside of Ethan’s apartment.

“Do you want to go to my house or your house?” He asked putting the car in park.

“I guess your house, no one is at my house, I would be by myself.” He leaned over and he kissed her. She pulled away and got out of the car. What if Ethan was L, she could get killed right now. “I need to make a call, if you want to head up, I will be up in a few minutes.”

“Ok, be careful.” He walked away from her and into the apartment.

“Ema, I am so glad you picked up, what if Ethan is L?”

“He is not, are you at his house?”

“Ya, but not in it yet, what if he tries to kill me?”

“He won’t like we all said, he just met us today.”

“Ok well I have to go.”

“Bye, call if you need anything else.”

“Ok, talk to you later.” Adie hung up the phone and walked into his apartment.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t take too long.” Ethan said grasping Adie in his arms as she walked in the front door. “I love you so much.” He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on his bed and got on top of her.

“I love you too.” She said and he kissed her lips before she could say anything else. She pulled away.

“What is wrong?” Ethan asked rolling over.

“Nothing, it’s just a lot has been going on, a lot to take in that’s all.” She kissed him and she rolled on top of him.


She woke up the next morning cast still on her left arm, but she was under Ethan not on top. “Ethan, what happened last night?”

“Do you not remember any of it?”

“No, I don’t, I mean I remember being on top of you not you on top of me.”

“Well then, if you want to be on top.” He rolled over, and then she realized what she didn’t remember. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, clothes in her hands, and slammed the door shut.













 Friends forever

“Adie, I am so glad I ran into you!” Tori yelled.

“Ya, me too.” Adie said walking toward her friend; she hadn’t spoken to them since last week at the hospital.

“Why didn’t you call me back?” Tori asked looking her right in the eyes.

“I am sorry but a lot has been going on.” Adie said, “You ready for tomorrow?” she said trying to change the subject.

“Kind of, what did Ethan do to you?”

“What makes you think he did something to me? I am fine!” she said yelling.

“I don’t know every time someone walks by you stare at them, until they are gone, you haven’t called us in the past week and the last time I saw you was at the hospital; when you went home with him.”

“He didn’t do anything.” She said holding back the tears. Lana and Ema soon walked up and gave their friend a hug but she pulled away.

“Adie what is wrong with you?” Ema asked looking at Tori, “What did you say to her?”

“She was acting weird with me too. I asked her what Ethan did to her and she won’t tell me anything.” Lana looked at Adie, grasped her hand and pulled her to her car.

“Adie, look at me,” she said shutting the door. “Did Ethan, hurt you?”

“No, I don’t know, I don’t remember anything. I woke up and he was on top of me and I was I was…” she said tears started to poor out of her tired eyes. 

“You were what? Adie just tell me!” she said taking her hands in hers.

“I didn’t have any clothes on.” Adie said crying harder. Lana didn’t know what to say, so she wrapped her arms around her weeping friend and cried too. So much had been going on tomorrow was their friends memorial, L would not leave them alone, and now this.

“I am so sorry, Adie. Can I do anything?” Lana said wiping her own tears then her friends.

“No one can do anything now; I should have gone home with you.” She said putting her head in hands.

“You didn’t know what was coming!”

“I guess I am glad, he could have killed me!”

“If Ethan loves you that much, he won’t kill you. I am sure he did it because he loves you.”

“I love him too, he probably wants to break up with me, and I ran away after I went into his bathroom.”

“Well, you should go see him, or at least call him.”

“Can you drive me there? I can’t drive I don’t have a car.”

“Sure, but I have to take, Ema with me if you don’t mind?”

“No, not at all.” Ema got in the car without saying anything. Lana drove to Ethan’s apartment and stopped by the front door.

“Do you want me to wait, or come back and get you?”

“You don’t need to wait, if I need you I will call you, he can take me to my house. I try to call you tonight, but if I don’t I will see you both tomorrow.”

“Ok sounds good.” Adie shut the door and walked over to his apartment door.

She knocked and he came to the door in his Pajama pants and Greenville University shirt. “Ethan can I come in, we need to talk?”

“Ya come on in.” He gestured her forward and she sat on the couch. He came and sat next to her.

“Ethan, I do love you, a lot. I ran away because, I was in shock. I didn’t want it to happen like that at all.” She smiled and reached for his hand and she laid her cast free one on his.

“I hope you know I did it because I love you. Sometimes I forget how young you really are, and I get carried away. Please take me back.”

“Of course I will I just needed time to think. I think that is 24/7 I haven’t slept since that night.”

“Well neither have I, do you want to sleep here for a little while.” She stood up and gave him a hug and he lifted her up and carried her to the bed and they both lay down and went into a deep sleep.

“Adie, wake up, your phone keeps going off.” Ethan said then he kissed her forehead and her eyes flew open.

“Sorry.” She looked at the clock as she reached for her phone, it was five am. The funeral was at nine she had plenty of time. “I have something today can you drive me home later, in an hour maybe?”

“Ya that is fine. Might I ask what you are doing?”

“It’s Alisa’s funeral.” She said looking at the window.

“Oh, I am sorry.”

“No it’s fine; I mean you have the right to know where I am.”

“I love you, I can’t wait until school starts in a month and I get to see all the time.”

“I love you too,” she said kissing him and she pulled away, “I can’t wait either.”

She looked down at her phone that said she had two new messages. She opened them up and read in her head.

“So today is the day, looks like you will tell your secrets. –L” the next said

“Don’t plan on looking for me today; why would I show up to the person I killed funeral. –L”
















True Secrets

Adie walked in to find Lana, Tori, and Ema all sitting in the front row with a spot by Lana which meant Adie would there. After all Lana would want to know how things went last night with him.

“Hey, guys.” Adie said sitting by Lana.

“Hey, what happened last night?” Lana asked looking at Adie who look a lot better than the day before.

“Well I walked in and told him I was sorry for running away and that I did love him. He said he forgets how young I am sometimes and he only did it because he loved me.” She paused, “Then I told him how I hadn’t slept since that night and he said the same thing. All we really did was sleep and I felt so safe wrapped in his arms again, like nothing could hurt me.”

“I am glad; I didn’t tell them what happened.” She said looking at Tori and Ema.

“I will tell them later, we need to talk about those secrets. I got two texts from L this morning.”

“I did too.” Ema said

“So did I.” Tori said butting in. Then they all stopped should they all be discussing the person who murdered Alisa right in front of her body. Adie looked up at the casket and shivered at the sight of her friend. Soon they were outside and in the grave yard burring there friend. They all cried as they watched them cover her up. Adie took Ema and Lana’s hand and Lana and Ema each took Tori’s. There they stood in the middle of the grave yard in a circle crying.

“Everything will be ok!” Tori said closing her eyes and the rest of them doing the same. They left the ceremony not long after that. They all drove to the coffee house. 

“So what did your text say?” Lana asked them.

“They said something about the secrets then about how L was not going to be there.” Adie said sitting down

“That’s what mine said.” Tori said watching the other shake their heads in agreement. “Adie isn’t that your phone ringing.” And sure enough it was.

“Who is it?” Ema asked.

“Ethan, I will be right back.” Adie got up and walked down the street a little, “Hey honey, how are you?”

“I am good; I can’t stop thinking of you.”

“Neither can I, I miss you like crazy.”

“I love you, do you want to come over tonight. I can cook something or we can order in.”

“Sounds good whatever you want to do. Listen I have to go, I will get someone to drop me off at my house then I will walk to the corner and you can pick me up. I will call you when I get home.”

“Are you sure? I can pick you up.”

“No, I want to go home and clean up and change out of my outfit.”

“Ok wear something cute.”

“I will and you too.”

“Love you!” he said  

“Love you too.” She said and she hung up the phone and walked back over to her friends.

“Everything ok between you two, Adie?” Tori asked watching Adie sit down.

 “Ya listen, I was acting weird yesterday, because he did something I wasn’t ready for, and that made me lose a lot of sleep.”

“Ok, well I don’t want to know the rest.” Ema said putting down her drink.

“So what was your guys’ secret?” Adie asked.

“I will go first.” Lana said sitting up straight. “Alisa’s parents hit her if she did something wrong and they would leave marks and sometimes she would show them to me and cry. She knew everyone’s story and reason why she got hit.”

“Holy cow, I would have never thought!” Ema said looking like she was going to cry.

“I’ll go next.” Tori said crossing her legs, “Alisa used to eat a ton of food then go and puke it up later and I told her to stop but then she would yell at me and tell me she did this so she could feel skinny.”

“I will go next if you don’t mind Ema?” Adie said looking at her fingers.

“Go on ahead.” Ema said looking like she still was going to cry.

“Alisa told me one night when we were at my house that she wasn’t sure if she liked guys, of course she acted like it but she wasn’t sure if she did. She also told me that when she would make fun of someone she would punish herself for it by cutting herself.” Adie said her eyes filling with tears. “I told her it was wrong and all she would say was it was her choice not mine, it was her life.”

Ema took in a big gulp of air and then let it all come out. “I guess it’s my turn.” She said trying not to cry. “Alisa would come to my house some days after school and say how much she hated life, and how much she wanted it to be over. She said she dreamed at night that she would take medicine and she would die shortly after she took it. She said she always dreamed of running away, she said she would miss us but she said she would go no matter who she missed. She told me her plain when life would get to hard, she said she would run away and leave her old life and end it with that.” Ema’s eyes filled up with tears. “I knew when she left we would never see her again. I knew she would kill herself because after she dumped Bradley she came to my house and told me it was time for her plain to become life. I didn’t think she would do it I mean Ailsa was always joking around with us.”

Everyone’s mouthed dropped and tears all ran down their faces.

“Hey, honey.” Ethan came up from behind Adie and kissed the top of her head.

“Ethan, you scared me.” she said wiping her tears and standing up.

“Is something wrong?” he asked hugging her.

“It’s nothing, I am glad you’re here.” she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I love you!” he said smiling and kissing her head again.

“Ahhhhh.” The three of them said simultaneously.

“Come here.” Adie said taking Ethan’s hand and walking away.

“What’s really wrong?”

“Nothing is really wrong, it’s a long story and well it’s about my friend. I thought I told you not to pick me up.”

“Oh, you don’t need to tell me, I just couldn’t wait. Are you ok?”

“Ya, I am fine, just scared and sad.”

“Why scared?”

“Ethan, I said it’s a long story.” She said hugging him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. “Not here!” she whispered in his ear.

“Ok, well call me when you are done.” He said letting go.

“See you later.” She walked back to her seat and sat back down.

“What was that about?” Tori asked taking a sip of her coffee.

“Nothing, it really is nothing.” She said assuring them that everything was fine.

Ema sat staring into space and when she came to she yelled “I got it!”

“You got what?!” Lana yelled almost jumping out of her seat.

“Why Alisa ran away.”

“Why?” Tori asked putting her coffee down.

“You guys remember what went on the night she left Adie’s house?”

“Ya, it was only a month ago.” Adie said looking over her shoulder to see if Ethan was still there he wasn’t.

“Alisa was trying to get us to play man hunt.” Tori said.

“I didn’t want to play because I hurt my foot earlier that week running.” Lana said looking down at her foot as if she could remember the pain she was in.

“I didn’t want to play because I was tired and it would involve my neighbors and my neighbors didn’t like me anyway. They still don’t.” Adie said waiting for Tori to say something.

“I just didn’t want to play.” Tori and Ema said at the same time.

“Adie you got mad didn’t you?” Lana asked.

“Ya, because I rented a movie then she said it was a lame movie and we needed to grow up.” Adie said.

“Earlier that week she said she wanted to see it, she was mad because we didn’t want to play man hunt.” Ema said.

“I said I didn’t give a care, and put the movie in.” Adie said trying to remember.

“Someone turned off the lights and we heard a door slam.” Tori said jumping into the story.

“She wanted us to find her, because she wanted to play man hunt, but she had other plans she wanted to run farther than the bounders to make it harder.” Adie said. “By the time I got the lights back on she was nowhere to be seen.”

“L caught up with her and killed her leaving fake evidence to make it look like she committed suicide.” Lana continued.

“I can’t believe it was right in front of our faces the entire time.” Ema said. Adie phone soon started to buzz then everyone else’s.

“What is this supposed to mean?” Adie said staring at her phone.

“I don’t know.” Lana said looking at the rest of them.

“What the heck!” Ema said looking at Tori.

“I can’t believe it.” Tori said.

Then they all read it out loud.

“So you found it all out, if you tell well just remember I know your secrets too. –L”








Hiding From the Truth

“Come on in!” Ethan yelled after Adie knocked on the door.

“Hey honey where are you?” Adie said walking in and shutting the door.

“I am in here.” he yelled it was coming from his room.

“Ok, I am going to sit on the couch.” She said sitting her bag on the table and walking over to the couch. “It smells really good in here!” she said propping her feet up on the table.

“Thank you.” He said coming of his room with a green polo and a pair of jeans.

“You look so handsome.” She said looking down at her short jean skirt and tank top.

“Well you look beautiful!” He said sitting down next to her and kissing her.

“I missed you today, even though I spent the night and saw you this morning.”

“Me too, somehow you end up at my house every morning.”

“Well that has to end when school starts.”

“Ya, no lie. I can’t have a student in my house at night even if you’re not in my class.”

“Ya, we could get in serious trouble.” She said smiling and then she fell back on the couch, Ethan lay next to her f

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