The Last Farewell

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When it becomes time for an old couple to join eachother once more, the old man who has waited for his wife patiently speaks to his dying wife as she begins to join him in the afterlife. He holds though the regret that when he did live, he forgot what was most important to him.

Submitted: July 03, 2013

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Submitted: July 03, 2013



The last farewell written by Desteny Nunez I lay here by your side breathing in and out just the way you do. I've left my imprint on your cold bed sheets but they melt away like every memory created here. I wish you could feel me my love. I touch your intangible silhouette while you dream impatiently of things not meant to be. When we lived we lived. Roses bloomed bright red while you fell from further heights than any star could dream. I rest my hand on your shoulder and i can see now the tear sliding down your cheek you hid so flawlessly from me all these vacantly lived years. I held you up to the moon and beyond but when i left i forgot you still had the fall before you. I promised you before god and all his friends that i would never leave you in your time of need, that i would hold you while you swam in a sea of misery. I let you drown while i drifted away beyond the skyline. Now i see what i could never see, but today is yesterdays tomorrow and it is much too late. If one kiss could seal the fate of a fallen man, i wish it to be yours. I watch you while you sleep and wonder how beauty could be created so effortlessly by this unseen man i've fallen upon my knees and prayed to. In my own dreams we dance together without time's intrusion. I hold you close and you dance like flower petals carried by gentle breezes. I told you i loved you in a million ways but never in the one way that mattered most. I left you with a bitter taste on your lips and an empty house we called a home. Years passed the way they always promised they'd do and i watched your face draw lines in its shadows. You and i stared deep into each others eyes all the while and faced the coming of cold winters. I watched my soul grow tired and my body followed soon. You sat their just the way i do now, with a pain in your heart that echoes deep past the wells of life. You looked into my eyes and i said farewell to you. My, how those tears on your lips looked like morning dew drops. You cried and cried but the world never stopped. It moved forward and took you along with it. Every day you woke the same way, as if the only place time stood still is where we spent the majority of our lives. I wasn't a perfect man, i forgot to tell you what you needed to hear. I forgot that you and i were more than what we were. You were my last friend. I left you alone when you didn't really need to be, when god blessed us with time i took it for granted. I lived by your side and i lived with no regret but one : i never told you that i still loved you like i did then. I extend my aged hand to yours while the darkness of the walls creep closer. You're not alone, you were never alone. I have waited patiently while you loved for us what i alone could no longer physically love ;A life built on dreams of love and happiness. Tell me do you hear the same bells that swung so sweetly when i first promised you that i would join you forever? Forever continues past this and i have waited by your side, unseen by you. I watched you grow older than i and i wept with you when i couldn't offer you the solace i used to. Moments can be years and years can be moments to us now. I'll hold you like i once did but this time without wasting one second of all eternity. You'll forever dance the dance of fallen leaves in mountains. when you close your eyes you'll feel no fear because i'll be the one to hold your hand past this life and into the next. We can live without sorrow , hunger, or fear. A place created just for you and i alone where we'll never be forced to say good bye. Go on, rest your eyes and let this world fade behind us like night does for morning my love.

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