The Little Lonely Boy

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Based on a nightmare I had a few days ago.
When I woke up I had the feeling that I didn't want to get back to sleep.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011




"Who the hell is this kid?" 
"What the fuck? How did he get here?" 
My friend and I were looking at this little boy who had been following us around for a while.
He had his arms on his chest, and his back was bent, kind of like an old person. 
He was shivering a little bit, I think he was scared. His expression showed like he wanted something. 
There was something really weird about him though. Why is he grey coloured? It felt like I was watching an old movie.
"What do you want, kid?" I finally asked him. 
His eyes opened wide by suprise. I guess he wasn't expecting us to talk to him. 
"Will you be friends?" he said. My friend and I looked at eachother. What the hell is going on?
My friend burst out laughing. "Well, Imma leave him to you. I've gotta go. See ya at school!"
She waved goodbye and walked away. What a friend. Leaving me alone with this creepy-ass boy. 
"Are you going to be my friend?" the boy looked at me with his puppy eyes. 
Suddenly I felt a chill down my spine. Something was wrong. The whole situation was wrong. 
His eyes started to get blurry. There was no light, no reflection... no pupils. 
My breathing doubled and so did my hearts beating. The sky turned grey. Everything turned grey. 
I realized I was scared. I looked at the little boy while he slowly reached his arms closer to mine. 
"My mommy will be proud of me..." 
I took a few steps back. No, no, no... I kept thinking. If I do this something bad will happen. He's not normal. 
While I was walking away from him he reached his hands even more closer to mine. He even started walking towards me. 
His walking didn't seem human. They weren't human. It was really slow, like I was watching something in slow motion. 
It looked like he was floating across the ground. I was so scared my breathing got jumpy. 
"We are going to be friends" The boys clothes started to disapear like ashes, that floated away with the wind. 
Underneath he was just bones covered in something that looked like bandages, really worn out, grey, dirty, bandages.
The skin on his face started also to turn into ashes, I didn't want to see what horror lied behind that.
So before I knew it I started to run. I wasn't thinking, I just had to get away from that monster. 
But still, as I was running I could see his silhouette in the corner of my eye. He was walking, but somehow 
his movements synchronized with mine, even though I was running. Slowly and smoothly, but yet very swift. 
"Thank you for being my friend" I heard his voice echoing.
I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted fall to my knees hoping it'd be over. 
But all I could think of was running. 
My house. 
I could see it. I fiercely digged through my pockets after my keys. 
As I got closer to the door I reached my keys to the door lock. 
"Are you scared?" I heard his voice right behind me. 
I opened the door, ran inside the house. I yelped desperately. 
I closed my eyes and slammed the door. I checked if it was locked. 
It was. 
I slowly slid down the door to my knees. I burst out in tears. 
I couldn't decide if I was crying if I was sad or happy, scared or safe. 
Who knows if he's still waiting for me outside the door. 
I'm definitely not going to school tomorrow.

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