The Ransom

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This book tells the story of a 15 years old Puerto Rican, Iraqi girl who has recently moved to new york city from Canada with here family and she is kidnapped and held for ransom by her fathers business associate Mr. Evans, who has a large debt to pay to Greek gangster, Thanisis.This story shows her troubles as she is kept in an unfamiliar place and the extent she goes to, to break free.

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



I just stood there under the cover of night, all alone on the roof top, looking down at his lifeless body below. I stood there in awe and disbelief of my own actions. I wanted to look away but I just couldn’t. “ I cant believe I pushed him off the roof, I really pushed him”, that’s all I could say to my self, “ he deserved it” was  the only other thing I could think as I tried to ease the newly formed guilt that was consuming me from the inside out. It almost felt as if time had completely stopped and I was the only human being on earth that had any intimation of what just happened. .  I heard police sirens, I ran as if I knew they were coming after me. I ran to the door on the roof and darted down the rigid and unkempt steps of the project building. I ran until everything around me looked familiar again. My heart sank when I saw all the missing person posters around me, they read, “Rebecca Amjad Sahar, 15 yrs old, female, Puerto Rican and Iraqi, brown eyes, long, wavy/curly, black hair, missing since 14, September, last seen at Brooklyn high school.” I frantically searched for yesterdays news paper. It was dated  19 October, “ I’ve been missing for over a month.”  I couldn’t believe it. I wondered how my parents and my brothers were, I hope they have not missed me to much. I know the most logical thing to do would be to go home, but I just couldn’t. I’m to scared, “life will never be the same”, I whispered “never”. I suddenly felt tired as my adrenaline rush was over, I sat on the stoop of a brown stone building near by and I thought about how it all began. It was September 3, and my first day of school in a new high school. My family and I had just moved for Canada  last week, we weren’t even fully unpacked yet. America, especially New York, seemed so different, yet so familiar from where I grew up in Canada, when I lived in Canada I loved to go to the city with my dad, and see all the lights, but in New York city, everything was so fast, it seemed like everyone had some where to go and they couldn’t be late. My mom was not much of a city girl, she live in a small town in puerto rico and then moved to another small town when she came to Canada, on the first day of school my dad drove me.
“ so are you nervous about your first day in a new school, I mean seeing new people and having new classes?” my father asked as he got on the Washington bridge.
“ I don’t know, I just cant imagine life anywhere else but Canada.”
“ I know but insha’allah, you will get used to life here in new york.”
“yah dad I sure hope so”. I said as my dad pulled up to the entrance of the school.
 I gave my father a hug, and took a deep breath as I reluctantly steps out of the car.
The day went rather smoothly, and I even met some really cool people. I tried to hide as a boy from my Spanish class came towards me.
 “ hey, aren’t you in my Spanish class?” he asked me as we reached the campus of the school”
“yah, I am” I said nervously, as I tried to think of something else to say, but just couldn’t.

“your Rebecca right?”
“um….. yah”
“Cool, im leonidas.”
“well nice to meet you leonidas” I said as my father honked the car horn, indicating that I go to the car.
“Well I better go my dad is waiting for me.”
“okay, then I guess I’ll see you soon?”
I quickly walked to the car, and I couldn’t stop smiling.
“ So, Rebecca, who’s your new friend?”
“ Dad, its no one, just a guy from my Spanish class”, I said as I looked away trying to hide my smile from my father.
“ Oh, okay, good that’s one less boy I’d have to beat up” my dad implied as he looked at me smiling, yet meaning what he said.
The rest of the drive home was pretty silent. I was just taking in all the beauty and diversity of our new city. When we got to our house I ran to the door, and up the carpeted stairs inside my home.
“hey mom” I said
“hey sweet heart como estas, how was your day at school ?” my mother said with her heavy Spanish accent.
“school was good, you know……. a typical day”.
“knock knock” my mother and I were interrupted by a knock at the door. My mother walked quickly  to see who is was.
“who is it” mother said to the man said at the door.
“ Hi this is Mr. Evans, im  Mr. Sahars Co- worker, is he available”
“Yes” my mother said, “would you like to come in?”
“ yes that is very kind of you”
He seemed like a nice man, he was tall, with dark hair like my own, almond shaped brown eyes and he spoke Arabic like my father. My father then walked in rather professionally as he greeted the man.
  “Salaam sayyed.Evans, kaifa haluk?”
“ana bakhiar, shukran, wa ant?”
that’s all I could clearly understand from their conversation. I went to my room and sat on my bed thinking about tomorrow, for some weird reason school started today on a Friday so we have tomorrow off. Unfortunantly, my father wont be with us because he has to work. I then remembered that I had to ask my father a question, so I went to the living room where my father and Mr. Evans were.
“Hey dad-..” I said, but my dad wasn’t there
“Your father went to get something,”
“So how old are you?”
“ oh, im 15”
“oh, I thought you were older, but I guess 15 is old enough”
now the seemingly nice man all of a sudden seemed very weird as he stared at me with a licentious look in his eyes.
“Alright, I found the papers” my dad said as he came into the living room.
“Great, now lets get to work” Mr. Evans  then became the man I met at the door again, nice and polite.  I then went to the kitchen to see if my mother was there
“hey mom”
“hi que pasa?
“what do you think about dads new co-worker?”
“I think he seems nice”
“why do you ask?”
“ I don’t know, I just think he seems a little suspicious, that’s all”
“ pero, why you think that?”
“I don’t know I just do”

“Well its getting late, I better get going” I heard Mr. Evans  say from the living room
“okay, we’ll finish this up tomorrow” my father replied
Then me, my mother, and my father all walked to the door to see Mr. Evans out the house(for some reason we all go to the door to day good bye when some one leaves our home).
“adios, buenas noches” my mother said
“Tosbeho ‘ala khayr”, my father said
“ma’assalama”, he then winked  at me swiftly so my father wouldn’t see, as he left the house. My parents shut the door after he left.

“Alright, amjad you should go to sleep now, its rather late”
“okay dad, layla sayiid”
“layla sayid amjad”
“que suenes con los angelicos”
“Buenas noches mom”

My father usually only calls me by my middle name, amjad, except when im intouble than he says my full, name Rebecca Amjad Sahar. I then walked to my bedroom, said a quick prayer, and went to sleep.
“beep, beep beep”
I was then awoken by my obnoxiously loud alarm clock. Its seems like my parents had already woke up.
“good morning, your dad already left and I’m going to take Levi and Ahmed to the park, you want to come with us?”
“not really, can I stay home?
“sure, si, if you want, just come and lock the door behind me and your brothers”

So I locked the door as they left. I usually never get to stay home alone but when I get the chance I take it. I went to my lap top to turn on some music as I did my hair in the bathroom.
“knock, knock” I heard some one at the door, I quickly ran to the door
“Who is it?”
“Its Mr. Evans, can you open the door please”
“okay” I open the door, which was kinda stupid knowing that he practically a stranger.
“I just have to get something I left yesterday”
“Is my dad at work with you?”
“I wouldn’t know, I’m not going to work today”
“oh, why didn’t you come to get what you had to get later when my dad is home”
“because the next thing I came to get, your father would not give up so easily”,
“and what’s that”, I said nervously as I back away slowly. Worried that I knew what he was gonna say next.
“you” he said.
I tried to run away but he caught me by the collar of my shirt. He pulled me down to the floor, he pinned my arms to the floor as he injected a needle in the side of my neck, everything suddenly became blurry, until I couldn’t see anything at all.
I woke up in a dark room, with my arms and legs bound, I wondered what time was it, and where I was. As my eyes began to adjust to the darkness, I could see the door, it seemed that it had a pad lock on it. I felt helpless and alone. I knew that if I screamed for help ,no one would here me, so I just sat there, silently in my fear. Then I heard someone talking
“I, know, but I told you I will get you your money”  he paused as the person on the other line was speaking.
“Wallahi, by the end of the month you will have all the money…..just trust me I have a way, trust me.”
 the chain at the door started to clank as  someone was opening the door, Mr. Evans came in. He had another one of those needles, he twisted my head  to the side and put the needle to my neck, everything was dark again. Everyday for a week, when I woke up, he would inject me with another needle, but the forth day was different, he came Into the room with a plate of food, he rested the plated on the cold floor and  locked the door from the inside. He picked up the plate and walked towards me, he then unbounded my hands,
“Don’t try anything stupid, because if I  die we both die, so hurry up, and eat fast”
“why , why me, what did I ever do to you?” I asked in a quivering tone
“Maybe pretty little girls like you, shouldn’t be so quick to open the door to men they just met the day before” he looked at me with cold apathetic eyes, and I quickly looked away.
 I ate quickly, then he took the plate, bounded my hands again injected me with another needle, as everything became dark again. When I woke up he was gone, I looked down and I noticed my pants were unbuttoned and on inside out, there was blood all over them, I grew angry and confused and, hurt, I knew what he did to me, “He’s not gonna get away with this”, I told my self. I laid there, motionless, that’s all I could do, I had lost all hope.
After that, I started to lose track of time, and the days the were passing by.
He came into the room again, I started to cry.
“Please, let me go, I have never done anything to you, please.”
“Its not that easy, so stop crying” he said in a low insidious tone, he began to move closer towards me, then His phone began to ring, he picked it up.
“Change of plans Evans, Thanasis needs the money soon.” I heard the man on the other line say in the midst of the heavy silence in the room.

“what?! I haven’t even sent the ransom to the girls parents yet”
“Then you better do so fast, Thanasis is growing more impatient every moment he doesn’t have his money”

The man on the other line hang up. An enraged Mr. Evans struck the wall in anger, then he turned to me. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt lifted me up against the wall, and began to hit me, he wouldn’t stop, I tried to set my hands free to defend myself, but the rigid rope was too tight around my wrists, he kept on beating me, as I lay on the floor, defenseless. blood and tears mixed as blood ran down my face, then he stopped, and through me to the floor, I lay there, barely conscious. He took a picture of me with his phone, and sent it to my father. Then Mr. Evans called him from the cheap track phone.
“ If you want your daughter alive, bring five hundred thousand dollars to locker 38 in Grand Central station by 12:00 pm, other wise she’s dead” Mr. Evans said in a low, mysterious tone, so that my father would not recognize his voice.
“Fine I’ll bring the money, anything you want, as long as she‘s safe” my father replied with a fearful tone.
“Remember be there or she’s dead, if I get the money, she will be at Stanley’s storage facility, in unit 72, by 4:00.”

Then he hung up. He took off the backing of the outdated cell phone, removed the sim card, and then he stepped on it, so the calls could not be tracked. He looked at me, with a blank stare, and he left the room. Exhausted from the brutal beating, I laid my head on the frigid, bloody floor, and I rested. The next day, I was awoken by a rough shove to my shoulder.

“Wake up, your dad came through, with the money,  guess your going home” he said with peremptory inflection.

I rose up and I was filled with hope, I was finally going to be free again. Then Mr. Evans phone suddenly rang.

“Did you get the money?” asked the man on the other line
“yah, I’m getting ready to send the girl back to her parents,”
“Eh, not so fast, how much you got from her old man?”
“ five hundred grand, that’s how much he wanted right?”
“yah that’s how much he wanted, but now he wanted more, since this time around was so easy ,100 grand more shouldn’t be to difficult to get, do this and your in the clear.”

The time had come and gone when I was supposed to be in the storage room, Mr. Evans called my father

“There’s been a change of plans….”
“No, where the hell is my daughter, I want to know now”
“bring me 100 grand more and you’ll have her back home”
“But I don’t have that kind of money, especially that I just gave you 500 grand”
“Look, I don’t care how you get the money, just have it ready by 12:00 midnight”
“that’s to soon”
“I don’t know what to tell you but get it fast because your daughters life is not the only life on the line.”
“ let me talk to her please” my father begged
“fine but make it quick”
Mr. Evans placed the phone to my ear.
“Dad, I miss you, I just want to let you know I’m alive still and I’m safe”
“Good, me, your brothers, and your mother love you very much and we are gonna get you out of there”
“that’s enough” Mr. Evans said as he took the Phone.
“just have the money or daddy’s little girl wont be alive for long, I’ll send you some re assurance soon, if you thought the last pic I sent you was bad, wait to you see this one.”

He, hung up the phone, and he began to hit me again, I  to tried to loosen my hand restraints. Then he stopped and went out the door to get something, he locked the door behind him. I finally got my hands free, and I then loosened the rope that bounded my feet. When he came back in I acted like I was still tied up, he had a large metal pole in his hand. Then he put the pole down to lock the door.

“Hopefully you’ll pass out before the pain gets too unbearable”, he said as he locked the door.
As his back was turned I lunged towards him, I grabbed the pole and firmly hit him over the head. I ran through the door, and went to the front door of the house. I looked back fearfully as I tried to open the locks on the door, I could hear him getting up, I felt as if all the blood had rushed away from my face. “I cant open it, I cant”. My hands began to shake and my vision became blurry as I  viciously  attempted to undo the locks on the door. He was out the room, and I saw him running towards me, I held my breath and tried to focus the best I could “ got it” I said as I unlocked the door just in time before he was able to pull me back into the apartment, Still in pain from the beating, I did the best I could to run up the stairs, and he ran after me. As I was running up the stairs he grabbed my leg, he began to pull me down.

“Please Mr. Evans, let go” I said, but he was determined to get me back into the house. I kicked him and I was able to brake free. Mr. Evans grew more irate. I ran all the way up to the roof door, I pushed it open and I hid behind the large water tank on the roof top.

“Rebecca” he yelled.
“Rebecca, where are you”.
“When I find you, your dead”.

My heart began to beat more rapidly as I could here him coming closer.

“Rebecca, there’re only so many placed to hide on this roof top”
His voice got louder, he was getting closer. It felt as if I was paralyzed, my fear had made me immobile.

“gotcha!” I heard him say, he then pulled me by my hair from the side of the fan and dragged me to the edge of the roof top.
“What do you think your doing, trying to run away like that, your life isn’t the only life on the line.”
“so I guess I was gonna die either way, either being beaten to death by you when my father couldn’t come up with the money, or by plummeting down 25 stories to my death at your hand.”
He began to lift me off the floor as  he attempted to throw me off the roof. At that moment I really felt that it was the end, but then I thought to my self, “I can’t give up.” I punched him in the stomach, and he loosened his grip on me, he leaned over the border of the roof top, and that’s when it happened. With all my might, I pushed him of the roof, He glanced at me helplessly as he plummeted 25 stories to his death.

“Its over, alhamdulillah, its over” I said as I let out a sigh of relief. I ran down the steps and that’s how it happened. I wont look back, and now I’m here, on the stoop of a brown stone.
“Alright, I guess its time to go home.” I walked quickly, as I tried to reach my home before the sun rose.
“I’m finally back home”, I knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” I heard my mom say. I felt the tears building up in my eyes.
“Its me mom im home”
My mom swung open the door.
“ay dios mio, gracias senior, te extrane mucho, estamos muy contentos de tenerte de vuelta, chicos vienen aqui, Rebecca esta aqua,” mom said along with a bunch of other stuff in Spanish.
My dad and brothers rushed out, they all rushed out and hugged me, I was overwhelmed by joy, but then I thought about what happened on the roof top.
“dad, it was Mr. Evans, he kidnapped me”
my dad was angry.
“What?! I gonna kill him!”
Tears began to poor out from my eyes.
“He’s already dead, I pushed him off the roof, if I didn’t do it he would’ve killed me.”
“I understand, lets just all forget about this, no one has to know, some things should be left forgotten.” My dad said.
And that’s what happened, we vowed to never talk about it again.

“Some things are better left buried and forgotten.”- Lauren Oliver

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