Missing In No Action

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Just a little thing I wrote...

Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



There once lived
A young little girl
Who was trying
To raise money for the world

She went door to door
Only ending up seeing only the door
But she kept going
More and more

At one point
The girl was lost
Found in the middle of the town
The ground covered in frost

The little girl
Looked around, crying
Screaming for help
Only to end up sobbing

Then a little light appeared
Growing larger and larger
Becoming a fairie
With the ultimate answer

"Darling, you eyes are red
You try too hard
Helping people other than yourself
And not even noticing that you're in your backyard."

The little girl turned
To see her little red house
Her tears stopped
And wiped her little nose on her blouse

The little girl
Who I shall not name
Was never lost again
And stayed away from that very shame

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