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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl and a group of survivors are forced to fight for their lives when a mass murder claims the lives of everyone in the world.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Taylor goes to babysit her mother's friends children. Nothing could have prepared her for the nightmare that she's left with. Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Taylor and Ginger attempt to find a new place of safety; Taylor tries to save a girl who is on her death bed. Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Taylor leads Mack and Ginger to the sports complex; Taylor finds out about Mack's haunting past Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Taylor and the Survivors are caught in another series of bombings; Ralson finds his sister Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Taylor and Ginger split from the rest of the Survivors; The two get caught in more bombings Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Ralson and Taylor fight; Taylor goes off on her own and faces deadly consequences Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Taylor tries to make Ralson leader while she heals; The Survivors take in a prisoner Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Taylor leads the Survivors back to safety; Ralson tries to work things out with Taylor; Derek leads The Others to them Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Taylor tries to get over Gingers death; Jagger admits to a horrible secret Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Ralson and Taylor fight; Ralson turns Arson against Taylor Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Taylor tries to get over her grief Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Jagger warns the Survivors of Coden's plans; Taylor and Ralson discuss the upcoming battle Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Ralson admits his feelings to Taylor; Taylor deals with dreams of Ginger Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Taylor wakes to find herself in the care of a stranger; Taylor learns bad news about Ralson Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Arson blames Taylor for Ralson's death Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Taylor is visited in her sleep by a little girl; Arson takes charge of the Survivors Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Taylor faces reality; The Survivors are visited by an old friend Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Taylor wakes to find an old friend, who has bad plans Read Chapter

Chapter 19

My helpless voice carries throughout the burning building. The flames test the strength of my ropes and my will to live. Testing not only... Read Chapter