Taming the Bad Girl

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Boys aren't the only ones who can be bad. Meet Jade Mavericks , eighteen years old, Juvenile Queen and well known player of Santa Fe High School. Tall, slim and sassy, she is 50% seductive and 50% pure evil. Some say she is a temptress, others say she is your worst nightmare.
Meet Lucas Stark, Jade's new enemy. In and out of foster care since he was five, he finds himself in the household of none other than Jade Mavericks, herself. Soon, he finds himself falling for the Juvenile Queen. Perhaps she's falling for him, as well. Will someone finally be able to tame this wild beast? Or will fate step in and end it all?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Everyone loves a good bad boy and good girl story. You know, the stories with the bad boys, usually cocky, rude, hot and schools player. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

It was early Monday morning and Jade wasn't fully awake as she sat in the cafeteria, staring down at what was supposedly food on her plat... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The first thing Jade did when she got home was go to the fridge. Her mother followed her and stood in the archway, arms folded across her... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The front door slammed shut with so much force that the windows in the foyer shook as the Juvenile Queen entered the house. It took no mo... Read Chapter