Forced Sin

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When love turns to hatred.

Submitted: October 18, 2013

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Submitted: October 18, 2013



Blood dripped from the pointed end of the knife, as he held it in his right hand and walked across the hall. Each drop of blood splashed on the floor leaving behind traces of hatred that was transformed from love. At the corner of the hall, lied the corpse of his wife. The air outside the house was ignorant of his sin, why he committed this crime?

Let us ask TIME, the master...look...look upon the clock that hangs on the wall right above the couple's wedding photo. Let the clock's longhand turn 10 minutes back, let us all see what had happened.

* * *


It was mid-day, but the sun was nowhere to be found. The sky was filled with foggy clouds, it was raining. She was sitting on the couch wearing a posh black dress and around her neck, a glittering necklace with a diamond pendant.
She was "busy" cutting a red apple with her favourite knife. Her face glowed with an arrogance.

A car drove in through the main gates. It slowed down and stopped on the porch. As Ron opened the car's door, a feeling of distress gleamed in Ann's eyes.

(Ron opened the main door and with anger streaming through his veins, he closed the door with a bang!)

He walked forward towards Ann, in slow steps. With pain in his words and grief in his breath, he said:

Ron: What's going on?

(Ann pretended that she never even saw him)

(In a louder voice)
Ron: I'm asking YOU!

(With contempt in every word)
Ann: Yes, Ron..What's your problem now?

Ron: My friends saw you with some guy named Richard last night, at the bar.

(With an expression of unconcern)
Ann: So?

Ron: Don't you love me anymore?

Ann: Frankly...I did..But, then I met this other guy (She chuckled)

(With a look of disbelief)
Ron: What happened to you? You were never like this. I even wrote this house to your name when you had asked me to.

(Now, she kept the knife and the apple on the table and crossed her legs. Playing with her fingers, with her finger tips touching the couch's hand one by one, she said:)
Ann: Exactly!
Now if you may leave, I can move on with a new life.

(Like a flash back, Ron could see memories of those days soon after their wedding. All he thought about, was her love, how much she had faked it, but how much he loved her truly.)

His mind was now blank, now his heart controlled him, he grabbed the knife from the table. With fear, she stood up,
Ann: Ron....NO!!!

He caught her by her hair, she screamed for help. She tried to push him away but the strength of vengeance had risen from within him.

With a monstrous yell, he looked into her eyes and glanced at the memory of seeing her for the time, and plunged the knife right into her heart that cheated him. Again and again, he stabbed her, blood gushed out as she cried with immense pain.

* * *

He cried with anguish as he held out the bloody knife in his hand and gazed at his wife's corpse.

* * *

He reached for his cell phone, blood spread through the space between the phone's keypad. 

He dialled 100,
(Woman at the other end) : "Police Control room"

Ron: I...

* * *

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