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Its so easy to blame others for our problems, especially God. A majority of us think that if God was out of the picture, and we as human beings were truly in control, things would be better. Well, that opportunity has finally been given.

Submitted: May 03, 2015

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Submitted: May 03, 2015







A short story




Gene Robert Pridgen II  









“ Devils Don’t Come From Hell Beneath Us.

No, They Come From The Sky………. “  



- Lex Luthor
















































“ This is Julia Sampson of FOX News reporting live from the Manchester Global building in New York City. Our news team has been on the scene for the last 6 hours covering the actions of a makeshift angry mob, that has been harassing anyone who has dared to enter the M.G building. My team’s cameraman has captured everything from the mobs destruction of property to M.G employees being assaulted with red paint. According to a response from one of the members of the mob, the red paint they use is suppose to represent the innocent blood that has been spilled in the name of “progress” for the Manchester Global Conglomerate.  In a more recent development a unidentified black male has pushed and shoved his way trough the mob and is now standing on a bench under the Nemesis statue. Nemesis has been M.G’s icon since its creation in 1990 and has appeared on every logo, ad, commercial, souvenir, and transportation vehicle. The Nemesis statue its self is the corporation’s crowning achievement, being made of 24k Gold and having 400k diamond eyes. The huge spike in M.G profits is considered by most to be attributed to the utilization of Alpha energy. Even though Alpha energy has, theoretically, limitless capabilities, Manchester Global was the first to successfully incorporate it into its products.  “


The cameraman filming Julia points frantically, alerting her to a member of the mob approaching from behind.


 “Wow, it looks like another soldier in the fight against capitalism has come to make a statement. Sir, what is your name? “


Julia points the mic at the mob member and he replies.


“ First of all you dumb bitch, don’t call us a angry mob. It makes it sound like we’re a group of uneducated savages. Our just-cause has a name. We are Domestic Paradise, a worldwide organization dedicated to liberating the weak and punishing the rich and corrupted. This mob, as you call it, is a result of the persecution and injustice of the privileged over a extremely long period of time. Domestic Paradise has tried everything in its power to legally gain the attention of Manchester Global. We’ve called, e-mailed, messaged them on facebook, messaged them on twitter, and we’ve even politely requested a meeting in person but, obviously, to no avail. Now we must take more drastic measures to further our cause and avenge the numerous lives lost due M.G’s quest for power.”


Julia looks the middle aged Asian male up and down then redirects the mic at herself before responding.


“While I understand your frustration and why you do what you do, I will still have to ask you to not call me a bitch again. If not for my respect as a woman, do it for the millions of families at home who expect us have a clean broadcast.”


Julia pauses for a moment until she receives a submissive nod from the middle aged Asian man who insulted her, then continues.


“As far as your organization, Domestic Paradise, can you breakdown what you hope to accomplish today aside from destruction and terror. Oh, and can you also explain who you are personally, as well as your position in the organization. ”


Julia points the mic back in the Asian mans direction.


“ Certainly my name is Jeffrey Chan my position in Domestic Paradise is called recruiter, my responsibilities include – - -


Chan’s response is cut short by several consecutive loud noises.



After opening her eyes and checking to see if she had been hit, Julia looks around for the shooter.  Chan, and her news team members, remain face down on the pavement with their hands over their heads stricken with fear. Following the direction of the sound, Julia’s stare ends up on the man standing on the bench. The rest of mob makes the same discovery. With 100 % confidence that the shots where fired to end the chaos and gain everyone’s undivided attention, Julia grabs her team members camera and zooms in on the star of the show.  The man on the bench lowers his gun, clears his throat, and finally speaks. 


“ Ladies and Gentlemen, or more accurately looters and hooligans, I’ve grown tired of waiting for you to bring your barbarity to a end. So , as you’ve heard and now seen, I’ve taken matters into my own hands. I’m sure a majority of you know who I am because as soon as I revealed myself by standing on this bench your rants and violence focused on me instead of this entire city block. However I’m also sure a majority of you don’t know who I am because you don’t read and your easily manipulated by false prophets like Jeffrey Chan. So for that fact in particular allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Richard Merovingian and I am the C.E.O of Manchester Glob- - - “


A roar of boo’s from the mob interrupts Richard’s speech. Showing an expression of disdain and impatience Richard aims the gun in the air again and fires 3 shots.


The crowd screams and scatters for a bit before falling silent and giving Richard their full attention ounce more. With his gun still smoking Richard lowers it and prepares to speak for a second time.


“  I understand your anger and your need to articulate it trough disrespect, Thanatos being siad, I will not tolerate it. Especially while I’m speaking. I’ve currently fired 8 warning shots into the air and according to company policy, since I have level 5 clearance on this property, I’m with in my rights to shoot anyone of you dead. So it would be with in your best interest to shut the fuck up !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “  


Richard’s exclamation echo’s trough the area as he looks over the crowd. He pauses for a moment to admire the terror he’s created before continuing.


“ Anyway, as I was saying, my job as C.E.O has been fulfilling. I’ve traveled around the world and even to space. My various checking accounts currently hold a total of $ 980,675,032. I own nine of the most expensive cars ever built. I also own a private jet and runway in every state in the country. My mansion literary floats in the air so I can look down on everyone else. I’ve had celebrities and politicians fight like dogs just for a chance to meet me personally. I have four ex- wives, all model status and half my age.  I have over 20 children each one a scholar at their major and field. In terms of sex, my body count sits at 4,780. I also want to officially announce that I enjoy the intimate company of both women and men. The main reason why I’ve been able to keep this incredible reality hidden is thanks to my own personal team of assassins that hunt down and kill anyone who gets too close to the truth. I feel absolutely no remorse for these assassinations what so ever. A violation of my privacy is an unforgivable offense and the offenders will receive no mercy from me. Aside from the money, power, and fame I’ve been able to over see the creation of products beyond your wildest imaginations.  Manchester Global has risen from a humble think tank of like-minded individuals to a worldwide tyrant. The discovery responsible for our success is no secret; the masses refer to it as Alpha. While our corporation wasn’t the first to attempt to utilize this new energy source, we certainly were the first to accomplish the task. Our research department found several different methods of converting Alpha to power.  We’ve applied Alpha to just about everything we develop including our electronics and weaponry. As you can imagine our popularity with the military grew tremendously and the number of government contracts we received became the highest in the country. In fact M.G has been granted exclusive rights to develop all American military weaponry, pretty much putting all competition out of business. Some of our most famous inventions include the active camouflage suit, the anti-gravity axel, the juggernaut exo-skeleton, the spider boots, the anti-projectile shield, and the anti-personnel shield. Each weapon channels Alpha and manipulates it to give the user a super human advantage during combat. However, our ultimate creation is the perfect combination of all six of these applications called the Alpha Suit.  The Alpha Suit is only given to most elite soldiers in our countries armed forces, essentially turning each one of them into a one-man army. Costing the buyer seven million dollars per unit M.G has thrive solely on the distribution of this product alone. In addition the United States of America has become even stronger on the battlefield and made all the other countries of the world cower in their presence. “


Richard feels a surge of excitement flow trough his body as he finishes that last sentence. His pride has finally consumed him so completely that he doesn’t even realize the sinister smile he’s making. After several seconds he snaps out of it, coughs into his fist, and continues his speech. 


“ Of course no great achievement is made with out an even greater sacrifice. The trial and error for gaining control over Alpha took the lives of 67 of our top scientists. The development of the Alpha Suits themselves permanently injured 134 soldiers and killed 25 during combat. The most horrific tragedy brought about by Manchester Global’s ambitions is the infamous Newport High School Massacre in Brooklyn, New York. The incident occurred on August 12th 2015 when a disturbed student named Henry Calhoone stole a prototype Alpha Suit from one our distribution vehicles in the area. He then proceeded to use the suits power to kill 44 of his classmates and 12 members of the schools faculty. It takes 3 hours before the Alpha Suit reaches its limit and New York Police Department officers corner him in the west wing of the school. In a final act of rebellion Henry activates the suits self-destruct mechanism, charges at the police barricade, and kills himself and nine other officers in the explosion. The overall estimate of deaths connected to the utilization of Alpha by Manchester Global is estimated be any where in the range of 360 to 477 in total. Believe me when I say this, while M.G pities the casualties of bringing our vision to life we also accept it as a necessary evil that couldn’t be avoided. Anyone who denies this truth is a lair, a hypocrite, or a fool. No great human endeavor has ever been conquered with out the suffering of others. ---  “


Suddenly a shriek from a lone perpetrator emerges from the crowd.




Richard looks around the mob to find the source of the outburst. Eventually the frontline of the mob is pushed aside by a portly Asian man with glasses and well-groomed hair. He recognizes the man instantly. It was Jeffrey Chan.  Richard watches as Jeffrey fights desperately to catch his breath before locking eyes with him and making the last rude rant of his wasted life.


“ I think I and everyone else here has had enough of your blasphemous monologing.”


Jeffrey turns around and looks back at the crowd.


“ Im I rite comrades !!!!!?”


The crowd roars with support for Jeffrey. Feeling the combined power of his small army Jeffery gets cocky and starts walking closer to Richard. Stopping just before there is 5 feet of space between them, Jeffery locks eyes with Richard yet again and continues his rant.


“ My name is Jeffery Chan and the group of furious citizens behind me are Domestic Paradise. To make things clear, we’re tired of your shit ! Corporations like Manchester Global are modern day Leviathans, consuming the souls of the weak and innocent to make superfluous products that only the financial upper class have access to. You bring up tragedies like the Newport High School massacre as if their statistical outcomes that couldn’t be avoided to get what you wanted. People like you forget about the family, friends, and loved ones who suffer everyday because of your cruelty. Do you even consider the number of suicides that occur because of the pain of losing someone you cared for more than anything in the world was too much to handle. To be honest I think so-called businessmen like you get off on how much control you have over the life’s of others. Your weaponry overseas in countries like Pakistan and Africa kills a countless number of innocent bystanders. Children screaming in agony, severed heads placed on a pole, bodies stacked high enough to reach heaven. All these horrors are your fault Merovingian! Your fault for pushing human consumption and innovation pass the point of no return. With the utilization of Alpha we are no longer just made in Gods image, we have been given the ability to become Gods ourselves. This violates the purpose of our creation and we will be punished for it. That’s why Domestic Paradise must stop you, not just for our personal believes and grievances but for the sake of the entire human race. Failure is not an option for us because failure means the end of all things. The rich and privileged look at us like radicals and lunatics because their lifestyle blinds them to reality. They spent their endless income on things they do need to drown out the fact that their empires were built on lies and the suffering of others. They’re so infatuated with themselves that they can’t see the storm on the horizon. They can't see the golem slowly building itself up, sharpening its weapon, and marching towards their homeland.  Believe me when I tell you this Mr. Merovingian their will be a reaping, and when it happens no one will be safe. It wont matter how much money you have or how strong you build your domes, you’ll suffer just like the rest of us !!!!!!! “  


The crowd surges in support for Jeffery yet again. Yelling, screaming, chants, prayers, clapping, and banging can be heard all trough the city, drawing a even larger crowd to the source of the noise. It’s become obvious that Jeffrey Chan has gained control of the mob. If something was’nt done soon the mass number of Domestic Paradise would rush Manchester Global and destroy everything in their path. Something had to be done to break their spirits and make each individual member focus more on self preservation instead of unity. Richard knew what he had to do. With out a second thought he aims his gun at Jeffery’s face and pulls the trigger. The front section of the mob surrounding Jeffrey flee’s like roaches in the light. Jeffrey’s entire body turns furiously to the left from the impact of the bullet before falling to the ground.  Richard looks down at Jeffery feeling superior. The mob looks up at Richard feeling terrified. After a period of silence, that seemed to go on forever, a nameless patron of the mob attempts to run to Jeffrey’s aid. Richard makes the appropriate response to this action. Three more shots from Richards gun hit the pavement in front of Jeffreys body. The mob member who was running towards Jeffrey gets the message and quickly retreats back into the crowd. Richard jumps off the bench and walks towards Jeffrey. As he walks closer the crowd steps back to maintain a safe distance. Now standing above his slain foe Richard expresses his disposition.


“ I told you not to interrupt me again.” 


The mob is completely silent. A few faint sounds of crying can heard from separate sections of the crowd. Richard looks back down at Jeffrey noticing he’s still alive. Jeffery’s eyes roll back as he try’s desperately to breath. Richard unloads the empty clip from his gun and reloads a new one. Then he reaches inside his trench coat to retrieve the extra large butcher knife he’d been waiting for an excuse to use all day. As he cuts into Jeffreys throat, and bloody splatters on his Louis Vuitton suit, he looks at the crowd and finishes his speech.  


“ In conclusion I will skip over the extended record of my companies exploits and simply get to the part that actually matters. We the  1 % are declaring war on the remaining 99.  This declaration is literal in meaning. Let the decapitation of Jeffrey Chan be a demonstration of how serious we are about this war. For too long the rich have been hated, beaten, raped, lied about, taken advantage of, stolen from, burned, shamed, and killed. That stops now ! People all over the world look at the rich like were the perfect example of gaining the world and losing our souls. It’s a known fact that the vast majority believe us to be spoiled, corrupt, secretive, and with out redemption. While I can assure you there are members of the 1 % who you should fear, most of us are just people who are tired of being the prey instead of the predator. Unfortunately due to our financial prowess we are doomed to be the forsaken.  So after centuries of ridicule we have finally decided to isolate ourselves completely from the outside world. A achievement touched on briefly by Mr. Chan, before I had to put him in his place. From years of research and planning we’ve broken this initiative into four separate stages. Stage 1 Forming a Collective. We’ve decided to call our collective The 3rd Council and we have obtained control of just about all forms of law enforcement, military forces, and politics. Stage 2 Creating a Self-sustaining Food and Water Supply. Thanks to Alpha that was easily obtainable. Stage 3 creating a Self-Sustaining Energy Source. Again, with the utilization of Alpha that didn’t take much effort. Stage 4 creating our own Private Protection.  Using a specialized selection system and advanced training our military consultants have formed the PYTHON Security Force.  Python’s sole purpose will be providing the eternal safety of the 1 % and the eradication of the Peasant Threat. “


Blood splatters on Richards face as he saws trough the last piece of Jeffrey’s neck tendons. Jeffrey’s head was now completely detached from his body. Richard grabs the hair of the severed head and lifts it up as he rises from the ground. He turns around slowly one time to make sure everyone in the crowd sees the head before continuing his speech.


“ Just like Jeffrey you all will die. Some quick, others like this. Of course people like me wont be doing all it ourselves. That’s why we created Python, and I believe a demonstration of the horrific future the un-wealthy will face is in order. Still holding Jeffery’s head, Richard holsters his gun and snaps his fingers with his left hand. Just then, like something out of a campfire tale, soldiers start appearing all around the crowd. Some of them were behind Richard, others from the windows of Manchester Global, and more from the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. In an instant, what started out as a stand against the corrupted, turns into a death trap. The crowd was surrounded. Several members of the right side of the mob panicked and made a run for it. With a nod from Richard the soldier’s closest to the deserters open fire.


When the smoke clears all the deserters lie dead on the ground. A majority of the mob, too scared to follow the deserter’s, stare at the bodies of their former comrades. It can easily be seen that they were almost completely torn apart by the onslaught of bullets. Richard hands Jeffrey’s severed head over to one of his soldiers, turns back to the crowd, and continues finalizing his speech.


“ Allow me to introduce the Python Security Force. What you have just witnessed wasn’t magic, it was result of years of Alpha utilization. All the soldiers here, currently aiming a limitless variety of high powered rifles at you,  are wearing Manchester Global Alpha Suits. The power of these suits makes them the ultimate weapon. The soldiers of P.S.F are heartless, merciless, focused, and best of all completely loyal to the 3rd Council. They will never surrender and they will never stop killing. That fact alone is why I know we will succeed with the execution of the last stage. Stage 5 is Complete Isolation from the remaining 99 %.  The 3rd Council will accomplish this by creating citywide domes to house the rich and an eviction process to remove the less fortunate from the domes radius. The consequences faced by anyone who resists this initiative should be obvious by now. We plan to have the domes up and running with in 16 years. The territory with in the domes will be our kingdom and thanks to Alpha technology, which we will keep to ourselves since it seems the poor don’t appreciate it properly, it will be a everlasting Kingdom. However, with out our assistance, life outside the dome will be hell on earth. We estimate that most of the population will die from starvation and neglect rather quickly. The rest will become rabid, and in their desperation to survive end up killing each other.  No aid will be given to the outsiders until complete surrender to the new world order has been made. We, the 3rd Council, want the remaining 99 % to kneel before us and beg for our mercy like a dog.” 


The crowd stands in awe from the bold audacity of what Richard just said. While the significant details of the first 2/3’s of his speech had some, if not all, the members of Domestic Paradise perplexed, the last line of his speech made everything clear.  For a while no one says a word. The silence is eventually broken by another well-dressed man approaching Richard from inside Manchester Global. He whispers something into Richards ear and then returns back into the building. Richard adjusts his tie, puts on the shades he also had hidden in his trench coat, and makes one last statement.


“ Its seems I’ve finished what I had to say just on time. You would think someone like me would have the right to just say “ fuck it” and do what I want. Ironically enough, the more power you obtain the more you have to say ‘’Yes” to work. Proud volunteers of the Domestic Paradise makeshift militia I respect your courage and hope you will understand when I order my men to kill you all. Remember we are at war and you have stubbed on to enemy turf. May what ever God you believe in give you the peace in the next life that the 1 % took from you in this one.”





  • 5 Weeks Later –




A meeting is being held at Manchester Global by its highest ranking members. In attendance are Andrew Gilliam, Terrance Marks, Bob Hennessey, Giovanni Nino, Rachel Queen, Florida Anderson, Julius Olec, Xavier Cruz, William Shaw, Ocyrus Lamonte, Mao Chen, and Serenity Chain. The atmosphere of the room is heavy as they debate the future of the company in the absence of their former C.E.O Richard Merovingian. In a effort to quiet the constant rabbleling between his peers Ocyrus Lamonte slams his hand on the table and explains his plan.


 “ Manchester Global Elite please, we’re a team we rose to the positions we’re in now trough precise execution and efficient compromise. Let us not allow the catastrophe of recent events to blind us with anger. We are literally the most powerful human beings on earth and yet we’re bickering like school children over meaningless disagreements.  If we hope to replace , if not surpass, the brilliance that was Richard Merovingian we have to work together. Our competitors smell blood in the water and are using Richards disappearance as a opportunity to steal our shareholders, investors, and stock options. If we don’t resolve this soon Manchester Global will fall and everything we worked for will be picked apart and taken by the highest bidder. So if you don’t mind I think I’ll explain my idea to escape this tragedy. The first obvious course of action is to resurrect faith with our premium investors, especially Bradley Knox. For years the Knox family has made sure our weapons development department has stayed on top. In fact, I predict ounce we get them to return to us the others will follow with great haste. Unfortunately I haven’t locked down a specific method to get Bradley back, which is one of the big reasons why I called this meeting.  Remember this is an open discussion so if anyone has anything that comes to mind please feel free to share it with the room. “


Ocyrus looks around at his colleagues waiting for a response. He can tell from looking at their faces that they all pretty much had the same idea but were too afraid to share it. The solution to all their problems was so obvious, a monkey could have come up with it. However, that solution came with an irredeemable cost and Ocyrus prayed that someone would suggested a less logically, but efficient, strategy. The boardroom fell silent for almost 5 minutes with everyone waiting for his or her associate to have the heartless courage to say what had to be said. Finally some one did, the youngest member of the group Andrew Gilliam took it upon himself to do the unthinkable. Everyone watches as he stands from his seat and makes his claim.  


“ Getting Bradley Knox to return to Manchester Global is simple, we just have to demonstrate our loyalty to him. Which means cleaning up our own messes and ushering in a new regime. The first step to doing that is killing Richard Merovingian. “


The boardroom is again thrown into a frenzy as everyone pretends that they were against what Gilliam had the balls to say. A majority of members of meeting demanded he be thrown out or arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. This was just for show of course, the board was terrified of Richard’s Python Security Force and wouldn’t agree to betray him incase the plan should fail. In order to gain their support Gilliam had to convince them that assassinating the king of assassins was even possible. Ocyrus makes this notion clear by attacking Gilliam’s statement.


“ You cant be serious!? Do you even understand what you just said? I mean forget the fact that Richard took us out the gutter and trained us to be the wolves of the business world, but he also protects us. He’s literally like our big brother. Do you know how many times rival companies tried to set us up of even kidnap our friends and family? Do you remember that Richard was to the one that made sure that didn’t happen if any means necessary? He’s our guardian, our gatekeeper, and our leader. He’s the fucking reason we put that big ass statue of Nemesis outside the building. It’s a warning. Anyone who fucks with Manchester Global will be hunted down relentlessly and dragged to hell by Richard Merovingian himself. I’ve actually seen officials from competing franchises piss themselves when witnessing the statue for the first time. It was almost as if the statues gaze made them second-guess any scheme they had before walking into the building. Now that’s true power, Richard has become more than just a man, he is vengeance, he is death and we owe him our souls. “


Everyone in the room nods at the end of Ocyrus’s counter argument accept Gilliam.  He is certain that this plan can succeed. After several seconds pass and all the board members look back at Gilliam he realizes that this is his last chance to win them over. His is adrenaline racing and he tries his best to relax himself so his intentions don’t seem personal. After adjusting his tie so its looser around his neck, he reassures the board that the impossible can be achieved.


“ Well I aint afraid of no statue and neither should any of you. It ought to have been apparent to all of us that Richard was becoming senile towards the end. He hardly slept and was always angry. There we’re several occasions this year alone where he randomly attacked our clients in fits of rage. One of my sources close to Richard, reported that he started seeing a therapist. He would confess to this therapist that he suffered an endless series of nightmares. Actually, though you may believe me or not, I was told by the same source that Richard couldn’t sleep with the lights off anymore because he was convinced that something was watching him in the darkness. This icon that we’re suppose to both fear and respect was simply a paranoid madman. I believe its best that we put him out of his misery and I can assure the success of this objective. “


Gilliam pauses for a min to see if the expressions of a majority of the board shifted in his favor. 7 out of the 11 members couldn’t hide the smirks and grins on their faces. They were curious, if not excited, to hear Gilliam’s plot. Gilliam saw his opportunity and went for it.


“ Over these last 5 years I have been slowly turning the Python Security Force against Richard. I’ve used various techniques to do this but at this point a large portion of the P.S.F work for me. With this many soldiers under my influence there is nowhere Richard can hide and no army that can defend him. All I have to do is give the “ok” and he’s dead. So there’s no longer a reason for this board to pretend to value his life or fear his vengeance. If anything I have become the new incentive for that statue to continue standing outside our building.  I will become the new and improved protector of this board. “


Gilliam raises up his hand and balls it into a fist as he finishes that last sentence. He appears strong and powerful to his fellow board members. Ocyrus can tell just from that brief tenacious display of courage that Gilliam has what it takes to form a new regime at Manchester Global. This shift in power could either be a godsend or a recipe for disaster. Something about this abrupt change unnerved Ocyrus. He felt an irresistible urge to speak his mind and question why a kid like Andrew Gilliam should take the place of a legend like Richard Merovingian. Thus, despite his better judgment, he expressed his concern.


“ Excuse me Andrew, while I admire your spirit, what makes you think that you can fill our leaders shoes. I’m honestly still trying to force myself to believe that you single handedly infiltrated Richards personal life and stole the will of his Python unit. Although this entire state of affairs may be our fault, the boards I mean, for giving you so many responsibilities and privileges due to your extraordinary talent. I watched you gradually become more and more vicious in silence. You’re a monster Andrew, a monster we created. That’s why I’m about to --- “ 


Gilliam sporadically jumps from his seat in rage and interrupts Ocyrus.


“ What your about to do Ocyrus is shut your mouth before I run across this room and rip out your eyes with my bare hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “  


Ocyrus back pedals so fast he almost falls over his office chiar. He’d never seen such a manifestation of insanity in real life. Some of the board members screamed others shivered like scared children. A glob of split spills down Gilliam’s neck as he stares directly into Ocyrus’s eyes like a wild dog about to attack its prey. The squad of Python soldiers that run into the room was evidence that his voice could be heard all throughout the floor the meeting was on. Gilliam throws his hand back towards the soldiers in stopping motion to let them know he’s fine and to wait for further order’s. Most of the soldier’s retreat back outside the room while two stay inside, watching the board members, just incase.  Gilliam, still looking directly at Ocyrus, continues his refutation.



“ I was suppose to deliver that speech! I was suppose, ….. no I was choosen by the 3rd Council to tell those nobodies that the rich were taking over the Fucking World !!! That speech wasn’t planned to be delivered until after the final stages of the domes development 12 years from now ! But out of Fucking nowhere this psychopath Richard Merovingian just decides to do it in front of a bunch of Fuckin hippies!!! Cant you believe the nerve of this Asshole!? CNN, and just about every other news network, is calling it “ THE MEROVIGIAN ADRESS”. Can you fuckin believe it ? Richard didn’t even write the damn thing, I Fucking did. Their calling Richard, Fucking Richard from accounting, The Most Dangerous Criminal Of Our Generation. This man, who use to take our lunch orders and pay off our mistresses so they wouldn’t go to the cops, will be remembered as a Fucking Super-Villain. Because of my speech Richard Merovingian will be the person our grandchildren read about in their history books. He’ll have a spot right next to Vlad the Impailer and Adolf Hitler. Well let me tell you something, Richard Merovingian isn’t Hitler. He’s a stupid NIGGER BASTORDE !!!!! I personally designed that speech to mark the beginning of the end for this currently fucked up society. No more will the rich have to walk among the poor and feel sorry when we don’t heal their wounds or solve their problems. The domes will be our salvation ! Richard will die. Its already been approved by the council. I only wish that I could be there when it happens and whisper “I did this to you” in his ear. Nevertheless, the council insists that it look like a robbery or some kind or a revenge killing by the populace for making that speech and annihilating so many innocent people.  We're literally still finding body parts from the victims of that bloodbath in the crevices of our lobby.  I obviously couldn’t wait for your permission to set these events in motion and I can understand if there is a slight resentment towards me for that. But, as a courtesy, let me warn you now, keep any negative opinions of the death of Richard Merovingian to yourself. I’d hate to see anymore of my colleagues meet a similar fate. This is good for all of us…….. Richard has brought nothing but pain and dread to this company in his final days. The only thing he can do for us now is be the sacrifice to bring back Bradley Knox. If I can be completely truthful I think were doing him a favor. “


The Manchester Global Board tries there best to accept what has just been told to them when a knock is heard at the door. The Python soldiers open the door revealing an extremely tall white woman in a Nuns dress and a jewel covered gold crucifix around her neck. The soldiers salute her as she walks towards Gilliam and continues around the entire table. After she feels she has gotten a good look at everyone at the table she looks at Gilliam and walks back towards him. She doesn’t seem angry , if anything shes grinning, but there’s something off-putting about it. The nuns grin makes everyone on the board feel uneasy. After suffering her gaze for as long as he could manage, Gilliam finally finds the courage to address her.  


“ Sister Florence, what brings you to our humble gathering? ……………” 


It’s become unmistakable to the board that Gilliam was frightened of this woman. Ocyrus observed her up and down. She had to be at least 6ft 10 inches tall. She was also extremely old, maybe late 60’s or early 70’s.  Gilliam called her Sister Florence so he had to know her. The more troubling reality is if someone like Gilliam is frightened of her what is she truly capable of? Sister Florence puts her hand on Gilliams shoulder before responding.


“ I’m glad you asked old friend. That was an implausible tirade you went on just now. I heard you from the elevator before I even got to this floor. I especially enjoyed your use of the N-word. It takes tremendous boldness to say it that loud and self-righteously, even more so when you have a African American board member in the same room. “


Sister Florence pauses for a moment and looks unswervingly at Florida Anderson.  Florida is startled by this act. Sister Florence bows slightly before talking again.



“ My deepest apologies Mrs. Anderson, Gilliam can be a handful sometimes but he has the best intentions at heart. “


Sister Florence tightens her grip around Gilliam’s shoulder.  Gilliam reacts to the pressure by shivering and then bowing his head in the same manner as Sister Florence. Gilliam knows what he has to do and he does it before he is further humiliated. He looks at Florida and expresses his regret.


“ I to am sorry Mrs. Anderson, it won’t happen again. Please forgive me…..”


For a moment all Florida can do is stare at these two titans of intimidation. She is also aware that if she doesn’t make a decision, the right decision, the pair would become offended. With both Sister Florece and Gilliam bowing there heads while looking at her, Florida nods letting them know they are forgiven. Both Sister Florence and Gilliam rise back to a normal standing position. Sister Florence then pushes down on Gilliams shoulder to let him know to be seated like the rest of the board. As Gilliam slowly lowers to his chair Sister Florence talks to everyone else at the meeting.  


“ I also hope the rest of your can forgive Gilliam’s outburst as well and know that if he should ever attempt it for a second time he will be severely punished. The punishment will be public and it will be painful. You see by hard work and intricate connections Gilliam, along with myself, have risen to a higher plain of authority. Thanks to this new position in the social order we have become, for lack of a better word, untouchable. This perk is iron clad when dealing with anyone outside of this spectacularly exclusive association. Although, to Gilliams credit, I have seen him kill numerous victims with out our help and, more or less, take pleasure in the chore. I guarantee though, that the reason he is throwing temper tantrums and showing off his command over the P.S.F now is because he knows we will protect him. This position, however, comes with rules and regulations that cannot be negotiated or ignored. One of them is ideal manners. Our leader is almost obsessively compulsive when it comes to enforcing the rules and if had he saw or even heard what Gilliam had done here today the resulting consequence would be biblical.  Luckily for Gilliam it has come to my attention that he has been stressed these last few weeks due to Merovingian’s speech. Or better yet Merovingian’s narration of his speech. So because of this unpredictable event and Gilliam’s short temper I have chosen to give him a lighter charge. Andrew Gilliam henceforth will be sentenced to four years of Behavior Modification and Psychological Reassessment. “


Upon hearing the sentence Gilliam looks up at Sister Florence with a expression of shock and panic. Sister Florence does not look back down at him and instead continues to look at the members of the board. Suddenly three P.S.F soldiers enter the room and seize Gilliam. While violently struggling to break free of the soldiers grasp Gilliam pleads for an explanation from Sister Florence.


“ Wait !, Wait !!!!!!! this sentence is unnecessary !!! Why is this happening !? I’ve already apologized ! Don’t do this Sister ! I wont survive four years of that kind of torture !!!! – Let go of me you worthless goons !!!!!! Haven’t I paid you enough to treat me with a little more respect !!!!!! – I’ll do anything just don’t do this ! I’m begging you in the name of God don’t --- “


One of the soldiers seizing Gilliam hits him in the back of the head with their rifle before he can finish whimpering. With Gilliam out cold the soldiers easily bind and drag him out of the room. Sister Florence pauses for a moment to enjoy the silence. Ounce she gains her fill she continues. 


“If the members of the board don’t mind I’ll be overseeing the remainder of this meeting. First we will discuss , briefly, the construction of the domes. I’ve been brought up to speed on a majority of what you have planned. The biggest problem I have is with the plans name. Constantly calling it “ the domes” makes it sound crude. We need to give it a title worthy of its remarkable importance to our future. “


Sister Florence stops for a moment and looks around the room before asking the board. 

“ Any ideas ? “


Every member of the meeting looks around at each other hoping someone else would speak first. No one wanted to endanger their lives because they could’nt come up with a cool name. The tension in the room was so strong that board members could feel it weighing then down like a stone on their backs. Just then, out of the blue, a sound of some one clearing their throat is heard.


“ CAuh-hmmmm”


All the board members including Sister Florence search for the source of the sound and their eyes land on a beautiful Native American woman. She was sitting right next to Ocyrus and had kept quiet the whole meeting. Ounce she's sure everyone is desperate to hear what ever her proposal is, the Native American woman speaks.  


“ We should call it the Gilliam Isolation Project or G.I.P for short. “


Faces of utter surprise, some even with their mouths open, stare back at this tenacious female attendant. Had she gone mad ? , Ocyrus thought.  He looks back at Sister Florence and notices the same creepy smirk she had earlier had reappeared. It seems that Sister Florence liked the new name. Either that or she was happy that she had another excuse to haul someone kicking and screaming out the room. The Native American woman notices the smirk as well and assumes she has permission to continue speaking.


“ Forgive my recklessness, my name is Serenity Chain and I’ve had this suggestion in mind for some time. Unfortunately until the glorious Sister Florence appeared I never had a opportunity to express it. Despite Mr.Gilliam’s many faults, he was a great man and accomplished nearly unachievable tasks at such a young age. We should insure that his name will not be forgotten in his four year absence. “


The board turns their attention almost instantly back to Sister Florence to view her response. Sister Florence’s grin turns in to a full teeth smile before mutating into full blown laughter.


“MWHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“


Her luaghter cuts threw the room like lightning. Everyone is on edge no knowing what to expect. Serenity herself is startled. After she calms herself down Sister Florence makes her decree.


“ I love it !!! I love it !!!! The Gilliam Isolation Project is a excellent name ! I’ll have Manchester Globals top marketing agents and graphic artists design a insignia for the plans new title. G.I.P will be seen across the world and mark my words no one will forget Andrew Gilliam. “ 


Ocyrus, being keen as he is, catches on to what Serenity and Sister Florence were conspiring and decided to throw in his two cents.


“ Splendid resolution Sister Florence. In addition to this enterprise why don’t we just call the domes themselves Gilliam Spheres or “G-Spheres” for short.”


Sister Florence points frantically with enthusiasm at Ocyrus before responding.


“ Yes, Yes !!! G-Spheres we’ll engrave them in large type over every dome. Each G-sphere will have its on numerical code. The lower the code, the more luxurious the G-Sphere will be and the more we'll charge its inhabitants. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!! Its Genius ! Purely Genius ! What’s your name sir? “


Ocyrus clears his throat and responds.




Serenity looks over at Ocyrus with eyes of betrayal. The other attendants of the meeting could tell she was upset that  Ocyrus used her idea as a spring board. Ocyrus himself smiled with confidence. Sister Florence stretched out her arms, as if she was offering something to the group, and congratulates her invaluable partners.


“ Members of the board, I present to you your new bosses, Serenity Chian and Ocyrus Lamonte. Their combined efforts turned a problem into a new, and might I say lucrative, business venture.  From now on whenever you have any questions or concerns, that you feel you cant divulge to any one else, please bring them to either Ms. Chain or Mr. Lamonte. I urge you to be sure that these problems or concerns are practical and require immediate results. The organization I am apart of despises wasting their time and the penalty for doing so will be, with out a doubt, grave. Now we can at last move on to the main reason I have interrupted your usual schedule of events ---“


Sister Florence notices a hand rising in the corner of her eye. She turns slightly to see an older man with well-greased brown hair. As absurd as the thought may be Sister Florence couldn’t help but think that this man looked exactly like John Wayne. She gives this man the signal to speak and he identifies himself.


“ Hello, Sister Florence my name's Bob Hennessey. Hopefully Im not perceived as rude in asking this but…what organization do you represent?



Sister Florence chuckles at how strong Hennessey’s southern accent was. After taking moment to hide her initial reaction she responds.


“ Thank you for asking Mr. Hennessey, I was just getting to that.  As you all remember Richard Merovingian revealed a astonishing amount of information during his speech. So much so that he actually named the organization I represent and take on responsibilities for. I believe he went as far as completing that massacre in our honor. I, Sister Martha Florence , am a member of the 3rd Council. My rank and privileges are irrelevant just know that I have more clout then every official on this board put together. The 3rd Council itself was created for several reasons one them being the anthology and management of ALPHA. To illustrate it better we’re basically like the Gods of Olympus and you all are like the Titans. Though your strength is mighty in the presence of mere mortals, ours is greater and you must kneel before us. “


Sister Florence looks around the room to make sure everyone gets the message and no sign of rebellion remains. After a few gazes from left to right she is convinced that the board understands the circumstances. Sister Florence then claps her hands twice. Soon after two more nuns enter the room along with a young child. All the attendants of the meeting strive desperately to analyze the meaning of this, peering over one another. The child is maybe around the age of nine, male, has warm brown skin, permed hair and wears a blue tailored suit with a black striped tie. He walks in front of the nuns he came in with and stands next to Sister Florence. After she looks down to acknowledge the child with a smile, Sister Florence gives her attention back to the board and continues.  


“ The lot of you seem perplexed by what your seeing, but things will become clear in time. Allow me to introduce the star of the show. He alone will seize control of the P.S.F in Gilliam’s, ……… extended absence. He’s been trained to be dominate, precise, and merciless. The 3rd Council itself recognized his potential and has ever lasting faith that he is the future of the Manchester Global Conglomerate. His name is ABBADON MEROVENGIAN and one day he will rise to rule above all others. “




-7 Months Later-



Elizabeth Yale, a private detective, enters the home of Helena Singer in Newark, New Jersey. The two women agreed to meet for the first time in person following several weeks of chatting online. Elizabeth had been hired by an anonymous party to track down Richard Merovingian. Helena admitted to being one of Richards mistresses, during his rise to fame at Manchester Global and Elizabeth believed interviewing her would help her investigation.  Both women head to the dining room were they sit across from one another. Helena offers Elizabeth some lemonade and she politely turns it down before starting the interview. 


“ Ok Ms. Singer, for legal reasons, im letting you know now that I will be recording this conversation. Are you ok with that ?” 


Helena hesitates to respond and lifts her eye brow. Elizabeth turns off the recorder and explains herself.


“ Don’t worry if you say anything that mite endanger yourself , your family, or your friends I’ll edit it out of the recording.”


With that guarantee, Helena gives her approval and Elizabeth turns back on the recorder before continuing. 


“ Please, for the record, identify yourself. “


Helena responds.


“ My name is Helena Singer, I’m 25 years old , I live in downtown Newark, New Jersey. I regret to inform any one listening, who has close ties to Richard Merovingian , especially his wife and children, that I have been his mistress for almost seven years. We have dated, had anniversaries, kissed, loved, engaged in sex, and several other forms of intimate activities. Richard has sent me lucrative gifts on all of my birthdays since we met, including a Black 2014 Porsche. Despite being married to another woman I know at the bottom of my heart that Richard truly cared for me. The world may know him as the man who delivered the “Merovingian Address” and killed all those innocent people but I knew the real Richard. That’s why I can never forgive him for what he has done. He didn’t just sabotaged his own legacy, but the legacies of anyone who carries his name.”  


Elizabeth notices how serious Helena got after finishing her introduction. That last statement Helena made about sabotaging legacies angered her as if she had already been effected some how. Elizabeth makes a mental note to come back to that before asking the next question.


“ Thank you for your honesty Ms. Singer and I hope it will continue for the rest of this interview.  According to the information I have gathered so far Richard had a total of 15 mistresses during his tenure at Manchester Global. But he never stayed with one more than 2 years at the most. In your own words can you explain why he continued a affair with you for so long and what personal details did you learn about him throughout this time.”  


Helena responds.


“ Well, let me see. Richard had a motto that he’d say constantly in almost every situation;“ Black is Beautiful”. Don’t get me wrong, Richard loved all races, especially when it came to women. However, no hue of the skin appealed to him more than dark chocolate. He loved his “sista’s” so to speak, and as you can see I’m definitely his type. From what I remember Richards mother was light skinned, promiscuous, and she hated him for looking so much like his father. Richard had to learn at a young age to love himself, because no one else would if he didn’t. When I was younger all the kids in my neighborhood would make fun of me for being so black.  I absolutely wasn’t as strong willed as Richard was and there were days where I wanted to kill myself. In essence we were a perfect match, he was my strength, and I gave him the love his mother never did. Richard stayed with me because we were meant to be together. I would even go as far as saying that if we met before he married his baby momma, I would be his wife. “


Elizabeth responds.


“ Wow, that’s some claim.  Your confidence in the bond you shared with Richard is relentless. Its not your typical affair, I’m starting to believe that what you had with this man was real. May I ask if you have a picture of him ? “


Helena responds. 


“ A picture? You’ve seriously never seen Richard Merovingian before?”


Elizabeth responds.


“ Allow me to elaborate. Yes I have seen Richard before, he’s one of the most infamous men in the world. Even prior to the horrors of the Merovingian Address I knew who he was. Acquiring the position of C.E.O would be amazing anywhere, but doing it at a multi-nation conglomerate like Manchester Global is a miracle. Its especially significant to accomplish this, no offence, as a minority. All the pictures available online are of Richard in business meetings, political events, and TV show appearances. The remaining uploads are YouTube screen shots of him delivering the speech. What I’m asking of you Ms. Singer is a real photo of Richard. I need a photo that captures who he is behind the scenes and outside the spotlight. “



Helena responds.


“ Why are you so anxious to understand Richard? He’s a mass murderer on the run from just about every government agency known to man. Everyone, including the people who sent you, think he’s a psycho. What more is there to learn about him? “


Elizabeth responds.


“ Please…….. Ms.Singer, this would help out so much. “


There’s an awkward moment of silence as the two women are locked in a stare. Finally, with a sigh of defeat, Helena responds.


“ Wait here, let me see what I can find. But can you do me a favor and call me Helena from now on, I’m not that old yet.’’


Elizabeth responds with a huge smile.


“ Thank you Helena, all the victims of this tragedy are in your debt.”  


Helena rises from her chair and heads to the next room. Elizabeth takes the time she has alone to observe her surroundings. She can tell that Helena currently lives in poverty. There’s dusts all over the tables and furniture. The walls are decaying and some parts are even saturated in mold. The air smells like a combination of kitty liter and febreeze. Furthermore, the coffee table in the dining room is the only thing that wasn’t completely filthy. It didn’t take a detective to figure out that Helena had waited till the last 10 minutes before the interview to tidy up.  While looking towards the left corner of the room Elizabeth see’s something that stimulates her curiosity. She gets up and walks in its direction. There’s a shine emerging from the opening in the closet. When she gets close enough the object becomes clear. It appears to be a case. Compared to everything else, this shiny brand new case stuck out immensely. Elizabeth looks behind her to make sure no ones there before pulling back the closet door. After moving aside a few piles of unwashed clothing the case is fully discovered. “M.G.W.D” is engraved in large typescript on the front. Below it in smaller typescript reads "Manchester Global Weapons and Development". Elizabeth puts her hand over her mouth in disbelief. Sounds of foots steps are heard down the hall and Elizabeth runs back to her seat.  Helena reenters the room holding 3 photographs and hands them to Elizabeth before sitting. As Elizabeth looks at the photographs Helena starts explaining them.


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