Goliath Chronicles : CONDUITS

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* This takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story.* Julia Sampson, one of the very few survivors of the Manchester Global Massacre, is investigating a story that she believes will resurrect her career. Field Marshall Dante Silvano is the only person who can make this dream a reality and she is willing to do anything to gain his cooperation.

Submitted: June 14, 2015

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Submitted: June 14, 2015




Goliath Chronicles




Written by :


Gene Robert Pridgen II



( 26 years after the Merovingian Address )



It’s a beautiful sunny day in Washington D.C and President Quentin Gilliam has just gotten done delivering his State Of The Union. News reporters, both foreign and domestic, have used this opportunity to interview government and military officials. Julia Sampson, a now well-known writer and internet blogger, has targeted Field Marshall Dante Silvano for her line of questioning.  If her sources are correct, she could be on the verge of uncovering the biggest American conspiracy since the Watergate scandal. Being aware of Julia’s pursuit, Dante, along with his assistant, Lieutenant General Riley Carmichael, head for the private exit. Riley informs Dante of his daily schedule on the way to their private helicopter.


“ Excellent answers to the press today Marshal, you made sure not to mention anything that could be taken out of context. All the practice interviews we had to go trough with that public relations agent are starting to pay off. Now that we’ve gotten trough that final wave of reporters, we can head back to the pentagon and meet with the Brigadier General to gain updates on our Middle Eastern operations. Of course, that’s only after you sign off on all these appeals for more support in the surrounding countries. “


Dante responds.


“ How many times do I have to say no to these guys. The Army Of Murders has threatened to invade the United States with in the next few months. We need a majority of our soldiers here on American soil. “


Riley responds.


“ Yea but some of our Generals are saying that the threat is simply a bluff to weaken our global military presence. In the long term, this lack of foreign support will make it easier for the Army Of Murders to simply invade Africa or the United Kingdom. “


Dante responds.


“ My decision is final, please don’t bring up those appeals again. From now on just mail a prewritten denial letter. “


Riley responds.


“ Yes sir. “


Dante responds.


“ Oh and have you dealt with that other problem, you know, the journalist Julia Sampson. “


Riley responds.


“ Yes sir, I made sure to instruct building security to keep all civilians 200 feet away from the private exit. If anyone not belonging to the chain of command enters inside that 200 foot anti-personnel zone they will be arrested immediately. Theres no way she will be able to get close enough to ask you anything. “


Dante responds.


“ Excellent, make sure the pilot on the chopper keeps the damn thing steady this time and also keep – “


A sound coming from the room behind Dante steals his attention and he stops to investigate it. After leaning in and no longer hearing anything he looks back over to Riley. With a confused face, Riley responds.


“ Something wrong sir ? “


In absence of any sounds and nothing conclusive to base his paranoia on, Dante continues walking down the hallway.  Riley walks over to the rooms door himself to double check. With a sigh of relief, Riley follows Dante. Only 10 seconds after Riley walks away from the door, it bursts open and two people fall to the floor. Reacting on pure instinct, Riley steps in front of Dante with his gun drawn. The two intruders quickly rise to a standing position with there hands up. Aiming his weapon at both of them simultaneously Riley demands their identification.


“ Who are you !? Where did you come from ! Let me see some I.D !!!”


The female intruder responds.


“ Please ! Please !!! Allow me to explain, I’m Julia Sampson and this is my cameraman Floydd Wesker. Were investigating claims of a government conspiracy and we had a meeting scheduled with Field Marshall Dante Silvano. “


Riley stares at Julia for a while before responding.


“ Oh Wow !? Ms. Sampson I didn’t recognize you at all. Did you dye your hair black ? “


Julia responds.


“ Yea it was the only way those White House Security goons wouldn’t hassle me. I had a feeling that Silvano mite put out an informal A.P.B on me to shield himself from my presence. “


Julia looks over Riley and directly into Dante’s eye’s before continuing.


“ But he evidently under estimated my unyielding pursuit for the truth. “


After spitting on the ground Dante responds.


“ General Carmichael. “


Riley responds.


“ Yes sir. “


Dante responds.


“ Arrest these two immediately. “


Riley looks back at Dante before responding.


“ But sir…….”


Dante responds.


“ That’s an order soldier. “


Riley reluctantly responds.


“ Yes sir. Ms. Sampson, Mr. Wesker , please face the wall and drop to your knee’s.  “


Floydd turns to Julia and she calmly nods her head. Both of them then act on Rileys command and they're handcuffed. After Riley checks to make sure the cuffs are locked and tight Julia responds.


“ So, General Carmichael, are you related to former President Hailey Carmichael ?


Riley responds.


“ Yes Ma’am, she’s my aunt on my fathers side of the family. “


Julia responds.


“ I can tell, like you she was humble, respectful, and obedient. She never cut corners when it came to the law and always put the people first. You yourself showed me all of those qualities when you followed Dante’s orders. Even though it was against your believes you knew as a General in the United States military you had to abide by the Chain Of Command. In addition while you were cuffing us you adjusted the cuff links based on how much pain they caused. You made them tight but not skin chaffing tight. Thank You for that. “  


Riley smiles but is too awestruck to respond. No one has ever said anything kinder to him in his entire life. Getting frustrated Dante walks over to Julia, violently bumping shoulders with Riley in the process, and explains his opinion on her statement.


“ Your empty words of flattery may work on the General Ms. Sampson but you wouldn’t dare try that bullshit on me. You know better don’t you ? “


Julia responds.


“ Certainly Field Marshal Silvano, I would never insult you with such flattery. I mean you have no outstanding qualities at all, aside from the fact that you’re a sexist, womanizing, man-child. At the same time those quality’s made you perfect for reaching the top military grade in this currently fucked up country. Plus that “ Im A Creep” mustache growing above your upper lip makes me scared to say the wrong thing while I’m in this position.  “


Riley laughs to himself while trying his best not to let Dante notice. Floydd unfortunately didn’t have enough self-discipline to do the same and lets out a few high pitched giggles. Dante takes a deep breathe to calm himself before responding.


“ Your vile tongue is impressive however it wont save you from your punishment. “


Dante pulls out his I-phone before continuing.


“ I’m currently activating a beacon on my phone which will alert the U.S Secret Service to our location. When they arrive you will be publicly and shameful dragged out the White House and treated like a terrorist. Your career will end in disgrace. “


Julia responds.


“ I would reframe from doing that if I were you. “


Dante responds.


“ Because………? “


Julia responds.


“ Because, the fans watching my live stream wouldn’t like it very much. “


Dante responds.


“ What are you talking about, your fat fuck of a camera man still has his equipment in his backpack. “


Julia responds.


“ Come now Silvano, someone around advanced warfare on a daily basis should be aware of how far technology has come. There are miniature camera’s attached to our ID badges that, along with streaming video, also record sound in high definition. This entire situation is being broadcasted in real time to millions of viewer’s world wide. “


Dante responds.


“ Your bluffing. “


Julia responds.


“ If you don’t believe me just check it on your phone. You can see it on my blog. “


Dante raises his eyebrow with a smirk before opening google on his phone. He searches for Julia’s blog, and it is in fact streaming live. The only reason why Silvano isn’t seen on the stream, at the moment ,is because Julia is facing the wall. But Julia also had on the badge when she was facing Dante and Riley prior to being arrested. Those 30 seconds of footage with Dante on the stream was all the viewers needed to see to know the vlog was real. With his smirk gone and his involvement in the conversation compromised, Dante quickly thinks of a way to escape further incriminating himself.  He responds after putting away his phone.


“ I’ll admit you caught me off guard this time, however you’ll have to tell your loyal fans your signing off , like now. “


Julia responds.


“ Ha ! your in no position to be making commands. The fans have just as much of a rite to see how much of a corrupt bastorde you are as we do. “


Dante responds.


“ Oh you will turn off those cameras and hand them to General Carmichael. Because if you don’t you’ll never learn the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to know. “


Julia turns back to Dante with an inquisitive look on her face. Noticing her reaction Dante continues.


“ Yes…… that question, the one everyone has ridiculed you for. The question that costed you your marriage. The question that keeps you up at night. All I require in exchange for this information is your camera and your associate’s camera. “


Julia hesitates to respond. Dante applies more pressure on her to accept his offer.


“ Its eithier that or I call in the secret service. I may have gotten myself into a lot of trouble already, but its nothing I cant handle. There’s a huge possibility I mite even lose my position in the military. Nevertheless, that’s nothing compared to what will happen to you, trespassing in the White House isn’t taken lightly. Our fates are intertwined. You have two options available to you Sampson, Option A : you give me the camera’s and take it on faith that I will keep my word and tell you what you want to know, or Option B : I call in the secret service and ruin all our lives. Its up to you. “  


Floydd responds.


“ Don’t do it Julie “


There’s a brief moment of silence. Finally after shaking her head Julia responds.


“ Fine,………. Option A it is…….. “


Dante responds.


“ I knew you we’re a smart woman, if not a tad bit excessively tenacious.  General Riley, confiscate their cameras and equipment. “


Riley responds.


“ Yes sir. “


Riley removes Julia’s and Floydd’s ID Badges and luggage. Ounce everything has been taken Julia responds.


“ You mind un-cuffing us too ? “


Dante responds.


“ Yes I do mind, our agreement didn’t include un-cuffing you. Honestly you should be thankful I didn’t fuck you over, but I am curious to hear how far your personal investigation has gotten. More importantly now that this isn’t live I can deny anything I’ve said, not that anyone would believe you anyway. So go ahead and ask your question, I’ve got places to go and people to see. “


Julia stands up and faces Dante before responding.


‘’ Conduits………… do they exist ? “  


Dante responds.


“ Wow, you even know what we call them. I wonder if its possible for anything to be kept classified these days. Before I give an official answer, why don’t you tell me what you know about them. “


Julia responds.


“ I know just about same as any anti-government extremist. They’re human beings born with some unknown genetic anomaly that allows them to control the Alpha energy around them. Since Alpha is everywhere; in the air, water, sky, ground, bacteria, plants, and even organic organisms like insects, fish, animals and people; someone who can bend this energy to there will is a force to be reckoned with.  Some Conduits have actually developed techniques for using Alpha that, prior to eyewitness reports, were only seen in comic books. My investigation started about 12 years ago, and I was just as skeptical as any young reporter would be. Propaganda newspapers were printing stories about teenagers getting so angry at their parents that they caused earthquakes and others about college students levitating in the air after having sex. Soon calls were being made to the paper I worked for about similar events, some going as far as claiming they saw a man shoot lightning out of his hands. It got so out of control that my boss at the time pretty much forced me to look into it since I was, in his opinion, the best reporter he had available. So like a good worker bee, I did my job. I read hundreds upon thousands of conspiracy theory blogs, visited states all across the country, and learned everything I could about Alpha and its innovative capabilities. After about a year of investigating I came to the conclusion that Conduits were about as real as Big Foot or the modern day Illuminati, their existence was created and maintained by assumptions and group hysteria. I gave up on the pursuit subsequently………. “


Julia slowly balls her hand into a fist and starts breathing heavily. Riley and Floydd notice her disarray and politely wait for her to continue. Dante however becomes annoyed and responds.


“ Pull yourself together woman, I know that’s not the end of your story. If it was you wouldn’t be here. “ 


Julia calms herself before responding.


“ About a week later, after submitting my final report to the editor, I was walking to my car in the parking garage. I remember it was especially cold that night but the wind was tranquil and relaxing. I made it to my car and opened the trunk to place my bags. At that exact moment I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, then my body became light and I got dizzy. Initially I thought that I was drugged, I did have a few drinks at the bar prior to coming to work. I had been drugged before, so I knew what to do and I went to pull out my phone and call 911. Just as I was about to put the phone to my ear my entire body went into paralysis. I couldn’t even move my toes……………..……….Then, I heard a voice behind me say “ Nice purse…. “. The voice didn’t sound menacing but I was still scared out of my mind. I could feel someone remove the purse from my shoulder. The pain in my stomach got stronger and I was thrown so far from my car I felt like I was flying. I woke up the next morning in the hospital, apparently one of my co-wokers found me face down in the garage and called me a ambulance. “


Dante responds.


“ So what, you got mugged, welcome to America. “


Julia responds.


“ Yea well who ever mugged me threw me fourth feet from my car without touching me. “


Dantes expression turns from bored too interested. Julia continues after noticing this change in expression.


“ That one night troubled me every single day. I was too terrified to even leave my home. I considered anything and everything a threat. Slowly I began to alienate my self from my friends and family. It wasn’t long before my husband had enough and moved out the house, taking my daughter with him. He got custody because the state issued psychiatrist diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Apparently the doctor believed the trauma from witnessing the Domestic Paradise Massacre in New York had daunting effects, but it was the mugging that unleashed the psychosis. The only thing I had left in this world to cling too was my work. I was obsessed with figuring out exactly what happened that night. After another seven months of  research I came up with a new account of the previously reported strange activity going on trough out the country. My editor nearly died laughing after reading the thing. Since releasing the story in the paper was no longer an option I decided to blog about it. The internet trolling started immediately, a majority of the disapproval was based on how contradictory this new story was compared to the first one I did on the topic. Readers believed I was flip flopping and trying to use my accident as a way to gain sympathy. When my boss found out about the blog he fired me the same day, convinced that it would some how blowback on the company if he didn’t act fast enough. “


Julia exercises her wrist before continuing.


“ With no job, no work, and no family I sank into a deep depression. Doing various drugs, having numerous one night stands, and drinking like I was immune to liver cancer was a daily routine. I felt so empty, and TMZ captured every moment of that dark time in my life. If it wasn’t for the help of a long time friend, I’d probably be in a asylum or dead. But thanks to that friend I gained the courage to go trough the 12 steps and rebuild myself. Although, I know I will never truly be cured until I solve the mystery behind the mugging. So I’ll ask you again Marshal, Do Conduits Exists……. ? “.


Dante smiles and claps before responding.


“ Well I must say, that was deep. It almost makes me feel bad for you. But as per our agreement, and me being, more or less, a man of my word I’ll bring this “dark time” in your life to an end. Yes, Ms. Sampson, Conduits exist. “

Julia feels her heart stop for a second. Both Riley and Floydd stare at Dante like they’ve seen a ghost. Julia calms herself before responding.


“ Thank You for your honesty. But I would imagine the American government isn’t keen on the idea of just letting people like this live with the rest of the population. “


Dante responds.


“ That’s correct, when their existence was brought to our attention, over 50 years ago, we created protocols for dealing with them. All newborn babies would be tested for the abnormal D.N.A strain upon birth. The babies that test positive for the strain would be monitored by an agent, we refer to as a “Handler”, into adulthood. The Handler would record every detail of the child’s activity. If the child develops their ability and the Handler believes it’s a threat, they’ll call in a “Bouncer”. Bouncers are trained to both nullify Conduit abilities and capture them with out causing them too much harm. The captured Conduits are taken to a military black site for rehabilitation. A majority of them are released from the black site reborn, but there are others that are simply beyond saving, and are forced to stay there. “ Freelancers”, who are typically reformed Conduits that hunt their own kind, will also be used every now and then.“


Dante takes out a cigarette, lights it and starts smoking before continuing.


“ Then there are Conduits who are so destructive we have no choice but to eliminate them without delay. A ranking system is used to classify these threats; A-rank, S-rank, and SS-rank. Bouncers usually become ineffective by A-rank missions, so to deal with Conduits of this caliber we had to resort to alternative means. “


Julia responds.


“ Are you talking about the J—“


Dante interrupts Julia.


“ Careful Ms. Sampson ! Careful ! I know you want to show off your skills at gathering privileged information, but your making it really hard for me not to kill you. “


Dante pulls out his gun and aims it at Julia. Riley responds when he sees the weapon.


“ Sir!? what are you ? “


Dante responds.


“ Quite soldier just focus on watching the two intruders. This conversation has gone far past your armed forces position. “ 


Riley responds.


“ Yes sir. “


Julia responds after taking a few steps back.


“ At least shed some light on this online rumor. A lot of die hard Conduit theory supporters are talking about a specific Conduit in particular. His real name changes based on who tells the story so every one has just started calling him UNCLE EDDIE. He’s considered to be the most powerful Conduit ever, reaching the fabled SSS-rank. He’s so powerful in fact that you guys had to seal him inside of a gigantic chamber called ‘ Gods Coffin”. Is any of this true !? “ 


Dante responds.


“ I think I’ve said enough. Hell, more then enough. Not that it matters because you cant prove it. Now, if you'll to will follow me to the exit. “ 


Julia responds.


“ Yea,………….Ok……………………. but first I have to Thank You again both for myself and for my viewers. “


Remembering what happened earlier and fearing the worst Dante checks Julia’s vlog and sees its still live. Everything Dante just confessed is now public knowledge. After throwing his phone at the wall in pure rage Dante responds.


“ Wait NO !? How’s that possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took all of your equipment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “


With Dantes gun still pointed at her, now shaking due to his distraught state, Julia responds.


“ If you weren’t so busy staring at my tits you mite have noticed.  Look at me Silvano, I mean really look at me, use those so-called professional observation skills. “


Dante scans Julia down and up as slowly as he can, making sure to not miss any detail. Finally he becomes aware of a small red dot in the middle of Julia’s right eye. Dante retreats backwards in disbelief before responding.


“ Your insane !!!!!………  you actually let them……………… “


Julia responds.


“ It was a gift from Manchester Global, instead of hush money, which I denied several times, they granted me one request. In exchange I held back certain details in my tell all book about the massacre. As much as I hated compromising my duties as a reporter, it all seems worth it now.  A miniature camera surgically implanted in my skull and able to see anything trough the iris of my right eye. The doctors warned me there was a high chance of brain damage, impaired perception and even  blindness. Post surgery, despite the 1 in 200 chance of its success, I was warned that I would have periodical hallucinations. I risked everything for this one moment. “


After staring menacingly at Julia and cocking his weapon, Dante responds.


“ I hope your viewers like martyrs ! “

Julia could tell that she was about to be shot, so she quickly spits an object out of her mouth at the floor. When the object hits the ground it bursts into smoke blocking Dante’s vision and covering the hallway in a thick fog. Dante could hear foot steps all around him, running in various directions. Panicking Dante fires two shots randomly into the mist. The shells from his gun echo as they bounce off the pavement. Dante places out his hands and swings his arms trying to feel for the wall.  When he makes contact with wall he places his back against it and calls out for his subordinate.


“ Carmichael ! , Carmichael  where are you !!!!! “ 


Riley doesn’t respond. Dante keeps his back against the wall until the smoke clears. With the hallway fully visible Dante realizes he’s all alone. Julia, Floydd and Riley are no where to be found. Falling to his knees in defeat, he calls in an Evac Team to his location. Prior to the teams arrival Dante contacts his superiors to report his already infamous failure.


“ Yea its me…….. You were right, she’s a legitimate threat. ………….No, Ms. Sampson, along with anyone helping her, require a specialized contingency. I think its time we reactivate the Jackal Program. “ 

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