Goliath Chronicles : FATHER BELLAMY

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* This story takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story * A priest has gianed worldwide fame after a successful exorcism on a billionaires son. Following this success he's become the most famous celebrity since Michael Jordan. His recent public appearance on a german talk show is rumored to be the highest viewed television broadcast of all time.

Submitted: August 11, 2015

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Submitted: August 11, 2015



Goliath Chronicles




Written by :


Gene Robert Pridgen II



( 26 years after the Merovingian Address ) 



A live interview with Father Linden Bellamy is being held at the Kronos building in Frankfort, Germany. Since Manchester Global bought out the buildings most viewed cable network, Holloway Broadcasting; Kronos has tried to increase its American fan base. They have achieved moderate success in this effort by airing shows, movies, and cartoons that would appeal more to Americans. The interview tonight with Father Bellamy, hosted by Vlad Kennedy on his personal talk show Insomniac, is being conducted for that reason alone. Father Bellamy was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, and he spent most of his childhood in the ghetto. It wasn’t until his father, Jasper Bellamy, clawed his way to the top of stock market investments on Wall Street, that he finally got a taste of the good life. After graduating from Princeton University with his Masters in Business, Father Bellamy turned down several seven-figure income positions at large corporations to join the church and become a priest. It was at this stage in his life that he realized his gift for demonic exorcism. Over his 25-year career Father Bellamy has performed more that 1000 exorcisms and sent more than 3000 demons and evil spirits back to the depths of the inferno. His most recent exorcism on Fabian Everhart, son of celebrated philanthropist and media mogul Till Everhart, gained him international fame. The interview started airing at around 2 am eastern standard time and about a hour in, Vlad starts asking Father Bellamy more direct questions.


“ Thanks again for coming to the show Father. I’ve read so many times about how you hate talking about yourself, so I’m glad you made an exception for us tonight. But now I’d like to get your opinion on a universally shared paranoia amongst a majority of dedicated Christians. Do you believe there has been a recent upsurge of demonic possessions, and if you do, why do you think its happening? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ There is and always will be evil in this world. The “ Recent Upsurge “ your referring too isn’t recent at all. People are simply becoming more aware of what’s going on around them on a daily basis and its scaring them. “


Vlad responds.


“ That being said, you can’t deny that you’ve exorcised more malevolent spirits during these last five years then you almost have during your entire career as a exorcist. Please Father, provide us with your theory on the matter. “


Father Bellamy hesitates to respond so Vlad quickly fills the void.


“ Unlike those other priests who are greedy and have a agenda I know from experience that you always speak the truth. Our viewers in the crowd and watching from home or via their mobile devices need to know why this is happening. “


After a long pause and staring off into the distance Father Bellamy responds.


“ ………………………………………………………… I keep having this dream………………… “ 


Feeling like he missed something that was said Vlad responds.


“ Im sorry what…… ? “


Father Bellamy continues staring off into the distance with his eyes wide open. Both Vlad and the crowd are confused by this action but still wait patiently for his response. About 3 minutes pass and Vlad looks at his boss, who’s standing behind the cameraman. Vlad's Boss gives him the signal to further demand Father Bellamy to say something. Vlad nods his head before continuing.


“ Father are your ok ? You were saying something about a dream. “


The crowd still remains silent, as if emulating the characteristics of an obedient dog waiting for its master to tell it what to do. Father Bellamy takes a deep breath and rubs his forehead before continuing.


“ Sometimes its better to not know things. People think they want to know the truth until they learn the truth. Then they spent the rest of their life’s wishing they had remained ignorant. If I share this information with you, all of you, there’s no going back. Your eyes will be open and you will no longer be able to hide behind the veil of this false paradise that his been constructed for the weak of mind. “


Vlad responds.


“ Well I gotta tell you Father I’m tired of being ignorant. But of course I can only speak for my self, so lets hear what the crowd has to say about it. “


Vlad turns to the crowd before continuing.




The crowd roars in approval. Vlad looks back at Father Bellamy before responding.


“ Now you officially have no excuse, good or bad everyone has made their choice. “


Father Bellamy looks at the crowd and adjusts his posture in his chair before responding.


“ ……………………….. I keep having this dream, sometimes twice a week, sometimes five times a week, but always ounce a week. In the dream I’m in a dark room with one window, at least I think it’s a window, what ever it is it’s the only source of illumination in the room. Every thing else is pitch black. I’m restricted to a chair with chains made of gold and diamonds. Someone’s standing in front of me, I can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. All I know is I want who ever it is to turn back and acknowledge my suffering, if only for a moment. But the figure, just slightly illuminated by the light, continues to look forward never back. I scream at the figure pleading for mercy but to no avail. This goes on for a while until I here a voice behind me saying it will help me. I turn back to see who it is but my head can turn but so far. The voice continues to tell me that it requires something from me in return. As it’s explaining the conditions of its assistance, the light behind me changes color. I can’t quite remember what color it is, however it does make me feel one single emotion, SHAME. I look back in front of me and who ever was there is gone now. Slowly a foul stench feels the room and I hear what sounds like a cart rolling towards me. The voice behind me, closer now then before, tells me that this is all it requires. If I do this I have its aid and all the aid of those who work beneath it. A lunch cart is presented in front of me, complete with expensive and professionally polished silverware. A glass of liquid sits on the right side of the plate and the plate is covered with a round shield. When I start to consider the voices offer, the chains around my arms and hands disappear. I then, with my heart racing, grasp the handle of the shield, and as I’m about to uncover the plate I wake up. “  


Silence fills the room again. Vlad, perplexed by Father Bellamy’s dream, takes a moment to recover before responding.


“ ….. Um I don’t understand, ummmmmmm did you……………….. Im sorry im having a hard time understanding your dream, could you elaborate or give a more conclusive explanation ? “


Father Bellamy looks over at Vlad before responding.


“ What if I told you God is gone and he’s never coming back. “


Vlad chuckles before responding.


“ HUH !? What are you talking about ? So your saying there’s NO GOD ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ No, I’m not saying there’s no God, I’m saying he’s abandon us. We’re all alone now. “


Vlad looks at the crowd before responding.


“ At any rate I’m sure the atheists will be glad to here that ! “


Laughter fills the room and the tension finally eases for a bit. It appears Vlad’s technique has succeeded if only for a short time. But soon the laughter dilutes and Vlad continues.


“ Seriously though Father, you can’t honestly believe we’re living in a world with out God. You’re a Priest, believing in God is one of your strongest commitments. “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ This calamity hasn’t swayed me from my commitment, in fact it’s my belief in God that makes me aware that he’s no longer with us. “


Vlad responds.


“ Why do you think God abandoned us ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ If you really have to ask that you’re apart of the problem. “ 


Vlad responds.


“ I’m not saying I belief you. But to your credit I have noticed horrible occurrences  taking place, more often than not, in just about every country in the world. The Army Of Murderers declaration of war on the United States has gone viral online, life outside the G – Spheres has become similar to the Wild West, and there are these people with abilities called Conduits that we have to worry about to. You yourself lost your own brother during the one of many Reapings in Newark, New Jersey. ( My condolences by the way. ) How is all this a product of God abandoning us ? “


Father Bellamy takes a few relaxing breathes before responding.


“ What if I told you that there was a civil war in hell. That upon Gods exit, Lucifer became depressed and lazy. He no longer had an adversary to motivate him to be a sufficient ruler, and soon after his kingdom fell into chaos.  To make things worse his apprentice, realizing his master was feeble, led a rebellion to take control. When the last sword was drawn, Lucifer’s loyalists littered the ground and Lucifer’s apprentice became the new Morning Star. “


Vlad responds.


“ That’s a very interesting story, but you still have’nt answered my question. “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ That’s because you didn’t allow me to finish. In there defeat, Lucifer and his remaining legion fled to earth and used a forbidden spell to separate their mind, body, and spirit. The spell made them harder to find, even by other demons. Lucifer’s Apprentice, despite winning the war, had no intentions of letting his former master live. He sent his own legion to find and kill any and every one connected to Lucifer. Now the conflict that plagued hell has come to earth and The Army Of Murderers, the social turmoil, these so-called Conduits, and even Alpha, are all merely byproducts of the impending final battle. “


Vlad responds.


“ Damn, that’s some theory. The most creative one I’ve ever heard actually, and believe me I’ve heard quite a few.  It also provides an explanation for why there have been so many demonic possessions lately. In addition you keep mentioning “ Lucifer’s Apprentice “. Who is that in particular? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ I had conversations with that demon many times during my exorcisms. He often appears in the victims of possession to taunt me or ask me why I’m trying to stop the inevitable. At one point he went as far a suggesting we work together to take down Lucifer. But in all these exchanges he was careful to never tell me his real name. “


Vlad responds.


“ That makes sense, although I have heard that sometimes demons will use other names or titles to hide their real one. Did this apprentice have one of those. “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Yes, he called himself THE RAIN MAN “


Vlad responds.


“ The Rain Man ? That’s a bit nonchalant isn’t it ? I thought a demon of his power would call himself something more threatening like The Destroyer or The Night Bringer. “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ That’s a general fallacy shared by constant viewers of Hollywood films and T.V Shows. Demons normally always choose the most vague or non-threatening name they can think of to avoid intimidating their targets. At least in the beginning. Another fallacy shared by the masses is that signs of possession will be obvious. Films like The Exorcist or Paranormal Activity would convince you to believe that when a demon enters your body you take on the uniqueness of a crazed animal. But in all of my experiences as an exorcist I have only seen maybe a dozen of these types of cases. “


Vlad responds.


“ Then there’s no way to tell if some one is possessed or not ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Yes there is, but the method relies heavily on the vigilance and honesty of the one being possessed. Demonic possession usually starts out innocent enough. The demon will take on the guise of a helpful companion, whispering invaluable advice and ideas into its targets ear. They will also provide their targets with unique abilities to help them conquer obstacles. Now this assistance will be minimal compared to their fully unleashed power, but it will be enough to get their targets addicted to their presence. Ounce their target is addicted, they will reveal who they really are and ask their targets; “ DO YOU ACCEPT ME ? ”. If the target responds yes a full possession will take place and the demon will be able to manifest itself in the target whenever it wants. “  


Vlad takes a quick glance at the crowd before responding.


“ ………. Is it possible that the people here in this crowd or watching at home could be possessed and not know it ? Or better yet are aware of their situation now, but just don’t care ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Yes I’m sure that’s possible….. “


Each member of the crowd looks at one another in a suspicious manner. Vlad wipes the sweat from his forehead before responding.


“ How many people in the world do you think are possessed ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Our experts, and by experts I mean consultants of the church, believe out of the seven billion people living on Earth, about one billion are possessed. Some of the possessed contain the remnants of Lucifer’s loyalists and the rest are soldiers and commanders in The Rain Mans Royal Legion.  “


Vlad reponds.


“ I don’t even wanna think about what’s going to happen when these two factions clash. “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ The end war between Lucifer and The Rain Man will with out a doubt be devastating, but it’s only the foundation of the events leading to our ruin. What people fail to comprehend is that every time Alpha is used, rather it be trough technology or Conduits, it sends out a signal like radar. Now that the signal has been released it won’t be long before…. THEY return….. “ 


Vlad crosses his fingers and leans in closer before responding.


“ THEY ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ The universe has a way of balancing itself. When God abandoned us it left a gap in the grand design. If you believe in God you should already know he had a plan, and everything that happen on earth, no matter how tragic and despicable, was apart of that plan and occurred according to his will. So now that he’s gone there is no plan and everything is being thrown into chaos, all across galaxy and beyond. So this is why there is a new devil and sooner still there will be a new God. “


Vlad, getting scared and growing impatient, responds.


“ Father all this extra information is fine but tell us, who are “ THEY “ ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Earlier today you were telling me about a series of news articles you came across. I brushed them off as unimportant and chose not to listen. So to reconcile my rudeness, why don’t you bring them to my attention again. “


Vlad responds.


“ ……………….. I love the internet Father, I’ve spent 2 / 3 of my young life surfing the web. I’ve read just about every viral news story, urban legend, and creepypasta ever created. Some stories were heart warming , others repulsive, but none of them out of the ordinary. I already know this world is messed up so everything I read seemed normal enough. As a result, when I came across these stories it set off a view alarms in my head. For example there was this woman in Texas whose son was dying of a brain tumor. The woman claimed she went to bed that night and prayed to God for him to make a full recovery, and the next day he was cured. The doctors told her the brain tumor in his head had disappeared, there was no other explanation. I read another story about a man in a wheel chair who went to church everyday. Apparently the man severed his spine during a football game. The only thing he prayed for was the means to play the game he loved so much ounce more. After the second week of praying he could walk, then run, until finally he was practicing with his team better than ever. Like the previous story the doctors had no way to explain how this happened. But the most shocking story I read was about a construction worker who had recently been laid off. He went to the wishing well and prayed to God for a new opportunity. That same evening he got a call from the attorney representing the company who laid him off. The attorney told him he had to come to the corporate office to sign some papers. When the worker questioned why he was being summoned, he was informed that his boss had died during a drug deal gone wrong and it was discovered during the investigation that he was also laying off employees to put extra money in his pocket.  The papers the attorney wanted him to sign were legal documents allowing them to transfer 1.5 million dollars into his back account. And for the record, there’s hundreds of thousands of stories just like these posted online from everywhere. I brought it up earlier because I thought you mite be able to breakdown the legitimacy of these tales. “


Father Bellamy responds subconsciously with out thinking.


“ Christ, their getting closer…… “ 


Vlad responds.


“ So my assumption was correct, there’s more to these stories. Could these lucky individuals be the first of us to pray to the new God ? “


Father Bellamy now aware of the slip up he made responds.


“ Oh they’ve been praying to someone Vlad, believe me, they’ve been praying to someone. “


Vlad responds.


“ Lets say that this someone is the New God, who’s blessings have only brought miracles and instant gratification instead of tragedies and massacres, what then ? What happens if everyone chooses this New God over the old one ? “


Father Bellamy hesitates to respond. Vlad waits patiently for a while to allow Father Bellamy to say something. When its clear he’s at a loss for words, Vlad continues.


“ At the very least can you tell us who “ THEY “ are, without using indistinct descriptions or riddles? “.


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Humans are prideful. We’d like to believe we were Gods crowning achievement, wingless angels with the power to both live our own lives and decided to obey our creator or not. Regrettably it has come to the attention of the church, at least those absent of ignorance and smugness, that this is no longer concrete verity. “


Vlad responds.


“  Are you trying to tell us that God, the first God, the one who abandoned us, created another being before he created us ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Its not that straight forward, you see in the beginning…………………………. ( Shit ! ) “ 


Father Bellamy begins rubbing his left eye viciously. Concerned Vlad responds.


“ Father is everything ok ? “


Father Bellamy responds.


“ Yes, excuse my foul langue, but something flew into my eye………… Now as I was saying ……………………….... “


Before Father Bellamy can speak he starts coughing briskly. Eventually he clenches his throat and his body bends over in misery. Now panicking Vlad goes over to help him.


“ Father Bellamy, FATHER BELLAMY !!!!!!!!! CAN WE GET SOME MEDICAL AID TO THE STAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “


Father Bellamy tries to look up at Vlad and tell him not to worry, but he’s too weak to speak. Upon seeing his face Vlad dashes back in shock. His star guest was now crying tears of blood. Soon a haz-mat team came running onto the scene pushing anyone in their way to the side. Father Bellamy was quickly sealed inside a plastic cocoon and carried out of the area. The process took place so swiftly, Vlad didn’t even have time to ask whom they were or where they were taking him. As Vlad watch the haz-mat team retreat, he saw what looked like a tall elderly nun staring at him from the crowd. One of the haz-mat team members bumps into him, distracting his focus for a second. When Vlad looked back into the crowd to reestablish what he saw, the nun was gone. Seeking guidance he looks to his producer who appears to be calm and satisfied despite the disturbing incident. The producer is talking to a government official, which is Vlad’s best guess since he’s wearing a detailed pin on his suit jacket collar, and cuts the conversation short when he notices Vlad trying to get his attention. He gives Vlad the signal to end the segment, and Vlad does so without inquiry when he sees the crude expression on the government officials face.


“ To all our views, we apologize for this unexpected change of events, we will inform you of Father Bellamy’s condition as soon as we learn anything. Please keep him in your prayers and tune in tomorrow when we interview rap icon Pistol Pete. “


© Copyright 2018 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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