Goliath Chronicles : THE NIGHTMARE CREW

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* This takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story.* A wrathful crime boss unleashes his goons on the city of Newark, New Jersey. Destruction of property, rape, and murder are now happening in broad day light. However this decision may have sealed the crime bosses doom, for he has awaken the sleeping beast.

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



Goliath Chronicles




Written by :


Gene Robert Pridgen II



( 26 years after the Merovingian Address ) 




Desean Bowers, leader of an increasingly powerful crime syndicate called the Nightmare Crew, organizes a sit-down with his captains, lieutenants, and most trusted soldiers. Various sources he has on his payroll in Newark, New Jersey, the syndicate’s birthplace, have informed him of an unacceptable phenomenon. A team of community leaders have convinced a majority of the city’s business owners to boycott their protection taxes. This has enraged Desean to no end, nearly driving him mad, and he plans to punish the citizens of Newark for their insolence. The scariest thing about Desean’s personality is when he’s truly angry he doesn’t scream or yell or destroy furniture, he becomes calm and quiet. The high-ranking members of his organization noticed this instantly when he gave them their orders. Desean wanted them to take their individual outfits and initiate, what are now referred to notoriously as, Reapings. The Reapings would continue until all debts were paid to the Nightmare Crew. Hurley White, Desean’s recently promoted Lieutenant, Is taking his outfit to downtown Newark to rob a bank. The banks owner, Keith Bellamy, owes Desean the most amount of taxes. So by hitting him first Hurley hopes to make a name for himself. As his friend, Gary Truman, drives the getaway car ,Hurley breaks down the outfits mission.


“ iight ‘ fellas so you already know the deal, we goin in there to REEK FUCKIN HAVIC !!!! Pop anyone who looks like they might try something, Desean wants bodys on the fuckin floor, so its whatever ! Security guards, bank workers, janitors, the mail man, civilians, niggas, bitches, lil kids, all them mother fuckas are fair game !!!!!!! I want the detectives who come to the scene of this robbery to shit themselves when they see what the fuck we just did !!!! If you got fuckin questions ask em now, cuase if you fuck this shit up you not makin it home !!!!!!!!! “


Clarence Booker, the shooter sitting in the front passenger seat, responds.


“ Can we kill them, with out having a excuse? Like just because we feel like hearing them scream in misery. “


Hurley lifts his eyebrow and laughs before responding.


“ Antwan was right, use’s a crazy nigga for real. Yea that’s cool. Do you homie. “


Clarence responds.


“ Bet.”  


Hurley responds.


“ Yo this nigga is cold as ice. I thought that whiteboy Francesca Maserati was the only person in our crew who could pull off that Ted Bundy shit. Real talk I’d chose you over him any day. “


Hurley looks over to Walle Hart, sitting in the left passenger seat, before continuing.


“ How bout you bruh, you good to go !? I don’t wanna see no pussy shit today ! “


Walle takes a extra long pull from the joint he was smoking and adjusts the AK-47 sitting in his lap before responding.


“ Come on nigga, you cant be serious. You know I does this. “


Walle takes another quick pull of the joint before passing it to Hurley. After inhaling the weed smoke Hurley holds it in for a while to maximize the effect. He could taste that it was laced with something, most likely pcp. As he exhales the smoke, he tuns to pass it back to Walle. During this motion he hesitates. To Hurley’s surprise Walle had disappeared and in his place was red winged creature. The creature smiled at him, flaring its large sharp white teeth, before responding.


“ You good my boy ? “


The creatures voice was strong and mighty and its goat like eyes stared at him with great concentration. Hurley observed the creature’s body and it appeared to be rotting like a corpse from mid torso downward. Hurley hands the creature the joint and it grabs it with its razor sharp claws. The creature takes a long pull from the joint and exhales the smoke before continuing.


“ Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nigga, this dat fire…………… That shit that burns slow………… By the time it hits you ……… your already fucked……. “


Hurley stares at the creature for a little while longer before finally remembering he had to blink. After a few exaggerated blinks the creature had vanished and Walle was back in his seat. Hurley slowly turns to look out the window on his right side. As he stares out the window in a daze, Hurley begins to replay what just happened. Gary pulls up behind the bank to rendezvous with the other half of Hurley’s outfit. The remaining four members, Eason Rivers, Quincy Moore, Talil Sully, and Rony Victors are already waiting for them outside their 2011 Honda Accord. After parking their car and unloading their equipment all, of Hurleys men greet each and start strapping on their bulletproof vests. Walle starts a conversation with Talil while there loading their side arms. 


“ So did you get the disguises bruh bruh ? “


Talil responds.


“ Most def, take a look fam. “


Talil opens a large container sitting in the back seat and pulls out one of eight church gowns he bought online. He displays it to the entire outfit with great confidence, but is quickly discouraged when he sees the condescending looks on all their faces. After throwing up his hands in frustration Walle responds.


“ Nigga what the fuck is this !!? First you drive here in that old ass car, then you buy us dresses to wear to a fuckin robbery !? Are you retarded nigga, cuase its ok if you are, just don’t lie about it. “


Talil responds.


“ Nah bruh like, I wanted get us Nun disguises but fuckin Ben Aflec beat us to that in “The Town”. So I got us Priest disguises instead, look I even got that jeweler in New York to make us authentic gold crucifixes. The crucifixes look just like the ones the Wrighteous family wears during their sunday service inside the domes. Now when the police watch us robbing the place on the security tapes they’ll think the Wrighteous family had something to do with it. This is our first gig as a unit, so its hella importantly that we have a unique signature to our group. Niggas on the news will call us the Holy Apostles or the Broad St. Priests or sumthin like dat. “


Walle responds.  


“ …………………………….. This muh fucka really think we in a movie, My boy you know we could walk in there and all be killed. I don’t think you takin this shit seriously. We tryin do a job and you tryin get us on the news. Nigga the whole point or wearing a disguise is to not get caught !!!!!!! Dammit I knew we shoulda left this pussy-boy at home !!!! “  


Walle grabs Talil by the shirt collar and lifts him off his feet. Hurley, now recovered from his previous condition, breaks up the confrontation before responding.


“ Chill Walle, Chill !!!  Its too late to switch shit up, lets just throw this shit on and put in work. iight ! “


Walle takes a deep breath before responding.


“ iight bet, my bad boss, its just this bitch ass nigga gets under my skin sometimes. “


Hurley passes the gowns out to every one and they all put them on over their bullet proof vests. He then digs deeper and finds the masks Talil was also responsible for buying. Hurley takes a moment to look at the masks and notices there basically just burgundy potatoe shacks with holes cut in them. He shakes his head before passing them out as well. After putting on his mask, Walle responds.


“ This nigga got us out here lookin like the Cobra Commander from G.I Joe. “


Talil responds.


“ My bad fellas, I couldn’t buy the masks online or in stores cause the government is watching shit like that exclusively. We’d get caught for sure if they tracked down my purchase history. Plus this material is state of the art, it uses microfibers that adjust to the atmosphere and the wearers skull frame to create a custom fit. “


Walle responds.


“ Wateva nigga. “


Hurley responds.


“ Get your head in the game homies. Its time to remind these ungrateful niggas why you don’t fuck with the Nightmare Crew ! “  


Hurley and his men run around the bank and come in trough the front door knocking over a elderly woman in the process. While Talil, Gary, Eason and Hurley fire there guns in the air and give orders to the terrified civilians, Clarence helps the elderly woman to her feet. With her glasses broken the elderly woman struggles to indentify her helper before responding.


“ Thank you for assistance young man….. “


The elderly woman squints and manages to see the gold crucifix Clarence is wearing. She smiles before responding.


“ Oh My !? Or should I say Father “


Clarence responds.


“ Whats your name ma’am ? “


The elderly woman responds.


“ Its Ruth Father, Ruth Hennessey. “


Clarence responds.


“ It was nice to meet you Ruth. Now if you would be so kind as to hold this for me. “


Clarence places the end of his glock on Ruths chest and fires five consecutive shots into her. Blood splatters everywhere including into his eyes. In a panic Clarence fires several shots randomly hitting two civilians in the face and stomach, and Talil in the leg. Some of the remaining civilians try to make a run for the door. Hurley orders Gary and Eason to shot them down and they do so accordingly. During the chaos in the main lobby, Walle and Quincy secure as much cash as possible while Rony binds Keith to a chair using duck tape and zip ties.  Ounce all the bags are filled, Walle and Quincy run to the cars using the back exit. Rony drags Keith to the main lobby and stops his chair right in front of Hurley.  After checking to make sure he still had a few rounds left in his magazine Hurley starts a conversation with Keith.


“ Mr. Bellamy, it looks like your having a bad day. Niggas getting shot up in yo bank and shit. Damn if there was only something you could do to make all this stop. “


Kieth responds.


“ Eat a dick asshole !!!! Look at you, you’re a fuckin embarrassment to your race !!!! “


Hurley automatically shoots Keith in the knee upon hearing that statement. Keith goes into a fit of agony thrashing like a wild pig. Hurley grabs him by the hair before responding.


“ I don’t think I heard you too well the first time, can you say that again ?. “


Keith responds.


“ OH FUCK !!!!! IM SORRY PLEASE I”LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT JUST GET ME TO A HOSTPITAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK IT WENT THROUGH THE BONE !!!!!!! FUCK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “


Hurley responds.


“ Dope. “


Hurley turns to Rony before continuing.


“ Bring it out homie. “


Rony reaches into his backpack and pulls out a laptop. Rony hands it to Hurley who places it in front of Keith. Hurley adjusts the laptop, and opens the hacking program before giving his commands.


“ Enter your bank ID and password, then clear a transfer from your checking and savings account to the anonymous user you see on the screen. The hacking program should do the rest. “


Keith looks up to Hurley with puppy dog eyes before responding.


“ How much do you want……….. ? “


Hurley doesn’t respond to Keith’s question using his voice but instead does so with a sinister gaze. Keith gets the point and enters his information on the computer before continuing.


“ Rite, so all of it then. “


Ounce the transfer is complete, Hurley closes the laptop and hands it back to Rony. Rony places the laptop back in his bag and straps the bag around his shoulder. Hurley acknowledges Keith’s cooperation as Rony returns to the getaway car.


“ You see how easy that was, now if had just done that ounce a week like you were suppose to, none of this would have been necessary. In fact your weekly taxes would have been significantly less then the amount you just paid. “


Keith responds.


“ I made a mistake. Those idealists, Foreman and Lunge, filled my head with bullshit and I got confused. But I’m better now, please tell Mr. Bowers that –“


Keith stops speaking when he is shrouded with what he believed to be water. Completely drenched in the fluid, he turns to his side to see one of Hurley’s henchmen holding a blank can. The can didn’t indentify exactly what Keith was dosed with, but the smell perpetuated by the substance was undeniable. It was gasoline.  Keith new what was about to happen and he plead for his life.


“ DON’T DO IT DO YOU FUCKIN DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T YOU ANIMALS UNDRERSTAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A FAMILY, A WIFE, THREE KIDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “


Hurley ignites a lighter and raises it above Keith before responding.


“ Fuck you and your bitch ass family nigga “


Hurley drops the lighter and Keith bursts into flames. His screams are so over zealous that even Hurley, a harden criminal use to hearing the suffering of others, had to cover his ears. Everyone in the bank helplessly watches as Keith melts like a marshmallow. Hurley and his remaining henchmen all retreat back to their getaway cars as the buildings sprinkler systems turn on. All except for Talil who’s leg wound makes his exit out of the building a slow one. When Talil finally makes it outside, his comrades are nowhere to be found. The only thing waiting for him in the banks parking lot was a mob of police officers.






Bob Hennessey is watching a news program about The Reapings still continuing all over the city of Newark. Despite being several days old, the bank heist conducted by a gang, the news is officially calling the Higher Authority Militia, is the number 1 story. Bob listens closely as the news anchor repeats the same information he explained the previous day on the robbery.


“ The Higher Authority Militia is still at large, Newark residents should be on the look out for any suspicions activity from their fellow citizens. Things like buying a expensive car, a new home, going on a shopping spree, or any other form of overspending could be a sign that the individual was connected to the heist. Local police are urging its citizens to support the capture of these outlaws who are responsible for the death of 22 innocents. “ 


Bob turns off the T.V and heads to his bedroom. He passes a service card for his wife’s funeral, which happened just yesterday, on the way there. He sits on the bed and turns to the picture of his wife laying on the counter. After holding in his emotions for as long as he could, Bob finally breaks down and sobs quietly to himself. The sobs continue until he eventually relaxes and wipes the tears from his face. Bob's phone rings and he notices his son, Pual Hennessey, is calling him. Bob sends the call to voice mail and retrieves a box from under his bed. Using a specialized key, he unlocks the box revealing a recently polished Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum. Bob wraps is old, wrinkled fingers around the gun metal and spins it in his hand a few times to test the weight. At long last he felt like a killer again. While ignoring the red winged creature staring at him from the corner of his room, Bob pulls his navy bucket hat over his eyes, holsters his magnum under his suit jacket, and exits his condo.







© Copyright 2019 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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