Goliath (Part 2)

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- Continued from the previous installment ( Page #1) Goliath -

Its easy to blame others for our problems, especially God. A majority of us think that if God was out of the picture, and we as human beings were truly in control, things would be better. Well, that opportunity has finally been given.

Submitted: May 03, 2015

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Submitted: May 03, 2015



“ These were taken on Veterans day at a community center in New York. Richards grandfather was in the Vietnam War and he organized a gathering of all the war vets in the city. Richard is an Iraq war vet himself so he understood the importance of showing respect for those who risked everything to fight for their country. I was invited to go when his wife decided being around a bunch of old people wasn’t as exciting as going shopping in France. We took these pictures during the event. The largest photograph is a shot of Richard, Richards grandfather, me, and all the veterans who came. The other two are pictures of Richard and his Grandfather and Richard and me. “


Elizabeth looks over the pictures while doing her best to keep her composer. If what she saw in Helena’s closet wasn’t a hallucination brought on by the rancid smell of the apartment, this situation wasn’t going to end well. Could Helena Singer be working for Manchester Global ? The question repeated its self over and over again in Elizabeth’s head. She feels Helena’s eyes upon her so she cracks an insincere smile to lighten the mood and hide her dread. After going through them a few times Elizabeth looks back up at Helena and regains her courage to speak.



“ You mind if I take a few snapshots of these with my phone ?”


Helena responds.


“ If you must go ahead, but please don’t post them on anyone of those numerous social media sites. My family’s has been through enough and I’ve worked tirelessly to hide my affiliation with Richard after the massacre.” 


Elizabeth nods her head and responds.


“ Of course, as I said before this conversation is completely confidential and I will do my best to make sure you don’t receive any public blowback.”


As she takes the snapshots Elizabeth keeps that insincere smile on her face. Its so corny she’s surprised Helena hasn’t seen trough it yet. Ounce the last pictured has been achieved, she hands the pictures back to Helena. Elizabeth turns the recorder back on and prepares to continue the interview. Right before she utters a word she hears the front door open and a voice shriek with youthful excitement. 


“ MOM WE’RE HOME !!!!!!!!!!! “


Sounds of footsteps running trough the apartment filled the room. Elizabeth could tell it was Helena kids and they were desperately looking for their mother. Helena ends the debacle by shrieking back at them.




Laughter thunders through the halls as the children close in on the dining room. The racket is so chaotic Elizabeth has no idea what’s about to happen and braces herself.  The first to burst trough the door was a tall dark skinned girl in a pink blouse, dark blue jeans, and white and pink Nikes. The second to come trough the door pushing the first and gasping for air was a light skinned girl in sky blue overalls, a white blouse, and construction boots. The last of the 3 children to enter the room was a short dark skinned boy wearing a prep school uniform and black nikes with a white swoosh.  The tall dark skinned girl wearing the pink blouse is the first to speak.


“ Sup ma, watchu doin in here talking to this pasty ass white woman ?”  


Elizabeth is stunned by the statement and looks at the tall dark skinned girl with a abnormal expression. Helena snaps at her child.




Yalonda turns around to walk to the kitchen before responding.


“ Whateva bitch” 


Helena gets up from her seat before responding.




Both Yalonda and Palutina run to the kitchen in fear of their mothers wrath.  Only Cleophus remains. Unlike his sisters, Cleophus appears to be timid, and obedient. He stands at door and waits for his mothers permission to leave. Helena looks down at Cleophus and talks to him with the kindest voice she could muster.


“ Its ok Cleophus go eat with your sisters, I’m sorry about raising my voice I know I scared you, but I do it because I love you, all of you. OK ? ”


Cleophus slowly nods his head before looking at Elizabeth.  The two lock eyes. Elizabeth recognizes something familiar about the boys appearance. There’s a dead silence for a few seconds. Helena becomes uncomfortable with the silence and makes her disposition clear.  


“ Cleophus !, don’t make me repeat myself…….”


With a sense of urgency, Cleophus turns around and sprints to the kitchen. Elizabeth watches the child disappear down the hallway. She turns back to Helena who’s already looking at her too.  Elizabeth knows what she saw both in the closet and in the face of that boy. Helena knows she knows. In hopes of avoiding the inevitable line of questioning Helena quickly changes the subject. 


“ So,……… I was told I would be compensated for my consent to this interview. Did your employers give you set a amount and is their anything I have to sign ? “  


Elizabeth reproduces that fake smile and pulls her laptop out her shoulder bag. As she starts up her computer, hundreds of scenarios pass trough her head. Mostly about how all the information she has gathered and witnessed connects to each other. Could Cleophus be? Could Helena be a pawn of? Is the entire Singer family on the take? Have I put myself in more danger then I can handle ? Is their any probability for a positive outcome in this situation? Her thoughts became so chaotic she truly believed she was going mad. Ounce her mac book jacks Helena’s neighbors Wi-Fi she uploads the data she needed to satisfy Helena’s concerns. Elizabeth turns the computer in Helena’s direction and explains everything she needs to know.  


“ The people who hired me don’t have a name. However every time they contacted me they’d send me a image of a tombstone, so I’ve decided to refer to them as Geist. It made sense at the time to call this group Giest or, as it roughly translates to in English, “Ghost” because of my German heritage and their digital calling card.  I don’t quite understand the particulars of their organization but I do know they have a lot of money and a passion for the truth. “


Helena watches her bank records scroll up the screen and her eyes widen. Elizabeth continues as soon as all the zero’s are present.


“ Geist is aware of your financial situation. The F.B.I has confiscated your estate, your vehicles, and  your wardrobe. They’ve also put you on a blacklist which prevents you from getting hired by anyone, despite your more then impressive resume. Aside from a modest fixed income, for the sake of your children, the government has declined to give you any assistance. In light of this Giest is prepared to give a substantial pay day in the amount of 1 million dollars. For submitting to the interview $ 500,000 has already been deposited into a dummy account. The remaining 500,000 is , for all intent and purposes, hush money which will be given to you via various anonymous deposits into separate dummy accounts over the next 10 years. The pass codes to enter the dummy accounts will be emailed to you shortly. Now, as you may have already realized, if you accept this money you must also accept the terms that come with it. Those terms being, never discussing this meeting with anyone, keeping a low profile, and only using the pay off for the bare necessities. “


Helena is still overwhelmed by the amount of money she’s looking at and its indistinct if she was paying attention to anything Elizabeth has said. As a professional Elizabeth must confirm , without reasonable doubt, that Helena accepts these terms.


“ MS.SINGER, Are We Clear ? ……….. “  


Helena snaps out of her astonished condition and nods her head. After obtaining the acknowledgement her employers required, Elizabeth closes her Mac book and stuffs it back into her bag. While she gathers the rest of her possessions and prepares to leave, Helena responds. 


“ Thank You……… Thank You so much Elizabeth… You were quite literally my last hope. I got so many letters from debt collectors that I had to change my address twice. I was in a really dark place mentally, and I saw myself as a plague on my kids. Just 5 days before you messaged me I actually thought about…….. If you hadn’t come along,… I don’t know what I would have done…….” 


A tear drops from Helena’s eye and she quickly wipes it away with shame.  Elizabeth feels herself about to cry too, but she has to keep her composer. If she shows weakness, even ounce, her targets will learn how to manipulate her. Elizabeth turns away from Helena to give her time to pull herself together. Ounce the sniffles cease she puts the strap of her bag over her shoulder and turns back in Helena’s direction to respond.


“ You don’t have to thank me, this is my job. I make a living doing this and your just a client. I have a few more questions to ask, but since we’re no longer alone in the house I’ll save them for another time. Remember what I said about only spending the money on the essentials and keeping a low profile. Geist will always be watching you and if you renit on the agreement there will be consequences. I suggest coming up with a budget now because I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times some one has received a pay-day of this magnitude and still gone broke again. Please use this money to build a new life, if not in America somewhere else. Do what ever it takes to guarantee that your children never suffer like this again. “


Helena tries her best to control her emotions but feels herself about to cry again. Elizabeth smiles, sincerely this time, and begins to show herself to the front door. She makes it about four steps before a spine tingling scream is heard coming from the kitchen. With the reflexes of a tiger Helena’s motherly instincts kick in immediately and she runs to the aid of her kids. Elizabeth, still shook’n by the shriek, eventually follows close behind. Both women arrive at the kitchen around the same time, Helena obviously arriving slightly earlier, and they witness all three children staring at the small T.V on the dinner table. Helena knows it was Cleophus who screamed and after making sure there was no clear and present danger, she grabbed her son and demanded he explain himself.


“ CLEOPHUS !!!! CLEOPHUS !!!!!!! what the FUCK !? Why did you YELL like that !!!!! You scared me to DEATH ! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU !!!!???? “


Cleophus doesn’t respond, he just continues looking at the T.V screen with a blank emotionless stare. Helena looks down at his hands and their quivering viciously. She never saw her son like this before and their has no app reason for what he did. Helena turns to Yolanda with accusing eyes and interrogates her with extreme prejudice.




Yolanda runs out the kitchen and into another room. She slams the door behind her to demonstrate her fury. Helena continues her assault.






Elizabeth realizes the source of the turmoil and she points in its direction before alerting Helena to the problem.


“ OH MY GOD…….. “ 


Helena turns her attention to the T.V and notices a news story about a body recovered in New York City. She finds the remote and uses it to turn up the volume. What Helena hears on this program changes her life forever.


“ That’s right Mike, for those of you just joining us, we have confirmed that Richard Merovingian, the man responsible for the Domestic Paradise Massacre, has been found dead in a Central Park. “




  • 12 Years Later –



 A presentation to the officials of the Newark, NJ Police Department is being made by rookie detective Khefka Walker. Khefka is trying desperately to gain the approval and funding for a specialized task force to take down, who he claims to be, the most powerful criminal organization in the world. Among its attendants are Commissioner Joshua Decklend, Assistant Commissioner Flanders Hues, Deputy Commissioner Norman Gilliam, Inspector Aiden Fowler, Colonel Gerald Exe, Deputy Inspector Carl O’malley, Captain Herasio Tolbar,  Lieutenant Islam Walker, and Sergeant Blake Kimbly. Khefka is late to the presentation and the law enforcement officials talk amongst them selves before his arrival. For a while its wild exchange of opinions on the content of the presentation but soon the alpha males take control and their views split the group into sections. Joshua, being the most charismatic, is the first to get everyone in the presentation room to focus on him.


“ Fellas , Lets just get this out of the way now. Despite minor differences in our assumptions about this so-called “Urgent Matter” we can all agree on one thing. Rookie Detective, and im stressing the rookie detail of his title, Khefka Walker is FUCKING NUTS ! “


The room erupts in laughter. Norman Gilliam, feeling confident in his shared hatred of foreigners, siphons the rooms energy and expresses his own observation of Khefka. 


“ Yea, yea and plus he’s a Fuckin Rag Head ! “ 


The laughter in the room slowly dies down until Norman is the only one enjoying the racist comment. Everyone stares at Norman with disgust. After wiping the tears from his eyes he finally notices how the situation has shifted outside his favor. Islam, obviously rising to protect his brothers honor, is the first to address Normans cruelty.


“ God Dammit ! Why did you have to be here, your such a fucking racist asshole !!! Your always corrupting the unity of this department with your ignorant ideals and selective justice. I know it was you who let those four Aryan Brotherhood members go during their arrest. Hell, it was probably you who convinced them to blow up that church in Harlem. Your aware that 14 people were killed in that explosion right ! The only reason why your not locked up in a dungeon somewhere getting doggystyled by some serial killer is because of your father. Everyone's so afraid of the Gilliam family, even with Andrew’s disappearance, they won’t touch you. But I’m not afraid of you Norman, your just a spoil brat !!!!! And Let me explain something to you, If you ever disrespect my brother like that again no one in this room will be able to protect you from me ! “


Norman is stuck in a state of fright, but he masks it with that snotty smirk he always has on his face when hes up to something. Everyone is still glaring at him even in the wake of Islam’s threat. Its no secret that Norman is despised by a large sum of law enforcement and he is simply tolerated because of his families power. But this is the first time some one has told this to him in person and with great passion. Norman is consumed with shame, grief, and anger but as a man he was taught to never show his emotions. So instead of simply apologizing and remaining quiet for the rest of the conference he decides to be more of an asshole.


“ Uh-Oh homie my bad, let me sit down before you pop a cap in my ass. I don’t want no problems OG triple OG I was just jokin ya dig ? Nah Mean ? “


All the officials either sigh or shake their head’s in disapproval of Norman’s actions. He’s no longer just embarrassing him self now, he’s embarrassing the entire white race. Norman just sits there with that stupid look on his face. Islam tries his best to stay angry but he couldn’t help but chuckle at how pathetic Norman just made himself look right now. With an intense ambition to end this uncomfortably awkward situation, Joshua retakes control of the room ounce more.


“ Anyways back to what I was saying. Khefka can be a bit over the top with his presentations but as a fellow officer we should all show him the respect he deserves. Rather if you believe what he says are facts, propaganda, or just insane theory’s we all have a responsibility to hear him out. I’ve known Khecka since he was kid, and if he’s this disturbed by something there has to an aspect of it that we haven’t seen yet. So please my brothers of the badge listen to what he has to say. ESPECIALLY YOU NORMAN.”


Norman rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. Ounce Joshua establishes that he’s said everything he’s had to say Aiden Fowler see’s his chance and steps in.


“ In addition to what Mr. Decklend has said if anyone has any issues with this presentation please come to me first before gossiping with anyone. That includes fears, suggestions, believes, and disapproval.  You can reach me via e-mail, my office number, or on my personal cell. As you all know I recently received my Doctrine in Psychology so I can professionally discuss concerns with both staff and armed perso - - “


Fowler is interrupted by the loud bang of the presentation room doors opening. Khefka Walker enters the room with destructive speed. His papers and collected data spilling out of his bag and dispersing all over the room like confetti. He makes his way to the presenter’s kiosk in the front of the attendants and hooks up his laptop. With out taking the time to gather his information off the floor and straighten his hair he addresses the officials.


“ Hello everyone, thank you for showing up.”


His audience stares at him, eyebrows raised. Khefka looks terrible. His suit is wrinkle and covered in stains. He’s sweating fiercely. His shoes are un-shined and scuffed beyond belief. His glasses are crooked and foggy. He smells as if he hasn’t showered in days. Most noticeable of all these atrocities is his beard, which has grown thick and untamed. Khefka loads his presentation on his laptop and its displayed on the huge screen behind him. Then he reaches into his bag and pulls out a bottle of water. Ounce he takes as large of gulp of the water as possible, he places the bottle down and begins his presentation.  


“ I understand you’ve be waiting longer then you’ve had to, so I wont waste anytime and cut right to the chase. THE END OF DAYS IS UPON US. If we don’t act now there will be no hope for the future of humanity. From my personal analysis three omens will precede the end of days; The Evolution of Crime, The Rise of an Unstoppable Political Force, and The Reduction of Natural Resources. The first omen, I’m afraid, has already begun and is no longer capable of being prevented. The nine criminals currently shown on the screen need no introduction but in the spirit of being methodical I’ll identify them anyway. Starting from the top left we have Guile Moore; leader of VULTURE, a international pirate operation, Christopher Pierce; leader of the HAMMERHEADS, the most authoritative gun pipeline in the world, Kessandra Sanchez; the boss of the Las Plagas, the current supreme drug cartel in Mexico, Chen Wang; the highest ranking dragonhead of the Chinese triad, Yosef Bomubisi; general of the TOWE TOWE GANG, a ruthless rebel militia in Africa, Luecus Billy-Bob Hickey; leader of the white supremacist organization called the Ayran Brotherhood, Asahara Nobunaga; Boss of the THE HOUNDS the current supreme Yakuza family in Japan, Theodore McDougall; one of the five , but definitely most popular, I.R.A generals, Hassan Jafaar;  leader of  GOLEM, the current supreme ISIS battalion, Feodorovna Khan; the most feared mob boss in all of Russia, and finally Micheal Sforza, mafia boss of the Five Italian Families in the United States. In terms of illegal means these 10 degenerates rule the world. Anyone who has opposed them has died regardless of their intentions. Their confidence in their impervious status isn’t as farfetched as we would like to believe. But worse still is what I’ve uncovered through further study of their alleged crimes. “


Khekfa takes a moment to load the various crime scene photo’s on to the screen then continues.


“ Here are the top 20 cold cases of the last 3 years. They include bizarre accidents, arson, suicides, execution style killings, torture, rape, theft, assassinations, hi-jackings, cyber-terrorism, and food supply contamination. The link that connects all these crimes are there ties to the fore-mentioned 10 kingpins and their totally out of the ordinary nature. Detectives, forensic scientists, and coroners still can't explain how these crimes where committed. I however have come up with a theory that makes the impossible possible and will mark a new age of organized crime. At the core of this theory is the revolutionary energy referred to as ALPHA.  We’ve all seen what Alpha can do, its potential is nearly limitless. In fact its become so accepted that crime syndicates have begun stealing and reselling it to the highest bidder. Now if my theory is correct, someone somewhere has found away to use alpha to enhance not just particle weaponry, but human ability.


Khefka takes a moment to remove a majority of the various images and focus on a specific string of murders. He continues ounce the images are neatly present on the screen.


“ The remaining crime scene photo’s you see are all filed under the same cold case. Starting about two years ago on January 14th 2027 police all over the country were finding corpses fried so badly they couldn’t be identified, even with their teeth.  I’m using the term “Fried” purposely because I don’t want you to confuse the condition of the bodies your seeing with being burned. After several observations, and a series of trial and error, crimes scene investigators determined that there is only one force capable of causing this much damage to the human body. That force being, believe it or not, a lightning bolt. When I started investigating these murders six months ago I was skeptical myself, but the specialized analysis of the bodies is undeniable. I also considered the possibility that the victims were simply struck by lightning, as did the other detectives who went mad trying to solve these cases. However there was one detail to these cases that nullified this convenient solution, which was the trajectory of the lightning current. In almost every report of someone being stuck or killed by lightning the bolt comes down from the sky and hits its victim. But in theses cases the lightning bolt hits its victim horizontally as if it was being thrown or manipulated in some manner. The detective who had this cold case before me, Brian Jennings, was the first of his predecessors to actually suggest ALPHA as a possible cause for these strange deaths. Jennings shook down every crook he could find until one them revealed that he was connect to a firearms raid on Manchester Global.  This snitch, excuse me, informant told him that about a week ago they stole a container of Manchester Global 772 High Voltage Electric Current Rifles. The 772 H.V.E.C.R , street name God Killers,  is a experimental weapon created by Manchester Global Research and Development. The rifle uses a built in siphoning module to turn the ALPHA around the user into enormously potent electrons, which then can be blasted at a target like a bolt of lightning. “


Khefka takes a moment to upload the design specifications and beauty shots of the 772 H.V.E.C.R. He also uploads a video of someone using the rifle. Ounce the video is done Khefka continues.



“ Unfortunately this solution was also nullified by the fact that none of the guns could be used thanks to Manchester Globals killswitch protocol. This protocol allows Manchester Global to deactivate any weapon they’ve manufactured ounce its outside of the facilities territory. So as these rifles where stolen they were instantly inoperable. With this fact in mind their no longer any realistic solutions to this case.  Jennings labeled the case cold and move on. He gave it to me because he knew I loved a challenge and that I had a habit of, as he calls it, ‘thinking outside the box”. Quite a few months of relentless investigation went by and I still didn’t get anywhere. I considered giving up. Nevertheless the situation I got myself into reminded me of well-known quote which states “ Ounce you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”. So I started looking up older cases with similar means of implementation. Finally, yesterday morning, I stubbed upon a high profile F.B.I case. A unsub , or unknown suspect, in Kentucky is believed to be responsible for the serial murders of 51 female victims. The F.B.I has decided to refer to this unsub as the “Shock Therapist” because of the various electric machines he uses to torture and kill his prey. From their expert behavior analysis of the victims, method of killing, and his calling card, which is carving a upside down crucifix on the forhead of his victims, they have determined that the unsub is a white male, between the ages of 18 and 22 and most likely connected to some kind of minority hate group – “


In the middle of presentation Khefka notices a hand risen in the audience. He points to the hand and the official begins to speak.


“ How did the F.B.I know the unsub was connected to a minority hate group? “ 


Khefka responds.


“ Excellent question Assistant Commissioner Hues, and easy to answer, its because all 51 victims of the Shock Therapist were either Black or Latino. “


Everyone in the audience looked at their comrades in incredulity. Some officials started messaging their heads as a way of cooping with the malice of this case. Ounce the shock had settled down Khefka continued.


“ Allow me to elaborate. During the Shock Therapist investigation the F.B.I obtained a profile on all the religious groups in the state of Kentucky. They focused on the groups that had reputation for punishing, who they thought to be, the wicked. Eventually they narrowed it down to a religious, pro-white, cult called Severe. Basing a majority of their teachings on scriptures from the bible, particularly the book of Revelation, and being 100 percent anti-minority, Severe quickly became the all the rage underground religious sec in Kentucky. At first glance this cult just looked like a bunch of red necks complaining about meaningless prejudice bullshit. Sadly Severe was actually much more threatening and underestimating them lead to the loss of many lives. One of their most infamous rituals was the Purification Of The Damned Ceremony.  Like the name suggests it’s a ceremony in which they purify the damned, but the lunacy comes in when they decide who is damned and how they go about purifying them. In almost every ceremony the damned is usually a racial minority and they purified them through torture, rape, and death. They complete the ritual by carving a crucifix into the forehead of their victims and then dumping the body in a public area. The leaders of this cult weren’t hard to spot, they were in fact proud of their accomplishments. The most notorious of these leaders was a former minister named Grovner O’Doyle. Grovner was singled out as both the creator of the cult and its Purification Of The Damned Ceremony. The general consensus among the F.B.I was if they could arrest Grovner, and separate him from Severe, the cult would destroy itself trying to elect a new leader.  This idea evolved into a strike plan called “ Operation Snake Killer”, its name deriving from the belief that by cutting off the head of the snake , or capturing Grovner, the body would die as well. On June 3rd 2019, Operation Snake Killer was launched by the F.B.I. They cornered the loyalists of the cult in there self proclaimed Church Of Enlightenment. The disloyal bystanders who tried to desert the cause or escape during the operation were either killed by Severe or in the crossfire between the opposing sides. Severe wasn’t going down with out a fight and the remaining members would burn in hell before surrendering their leader. A two day long shootout began between Severe and the F.B.I strike team. In spite of its intentions Operation Snake Killer was a complete failure, resulting in 11 civilian casualties, 15 hostile casualties, six strike team casualties, and the death of the main target; Grovner O’Doyle. If anything Operation Snake Killer just strengthened Severes conviction and made them more antagonistic to outsiders. The only positive outcome, and this is a stretch, was a reduction in the cults numbers because the public was finally able to witness how evil Severe truly was. “


Khefka pause for a moment to take a drink a water. He continues ounce he finishes the bottle and takes a deep breath.


“ At last we reach hall mark of my presentation. I’ll now explain why everyone here had to sit trough such a tedious embellishment. I want to re-launch Operation Snake Killer. My target for this operation is one of the eight sons of Grovnor O’Doyle, and who I suspect to be the new leader of Severe, the Shock Therapist, and the perpetrator of all these bizarre electric relate murders, Regus O’Dyle. “


Khecka takes a moment to upload mug shots and rap sheets of Regus O’doyle before continuing.


“ Regus O’Doyle is the youngest of the eight Grovner Children. Of those 8 children their were 5 boys ; Regus, Bentley, Atkins, James Jones, and Wayman, and 3 girls; Pursey, Bambinadi, and Sookieboo. Regus and Wayman were the only two children to be conceived with Grovners wife Zola O’Doyle, the rest were products of infidelity. The life of Regus O’Doyle changes based on who tells the story, but what we have certified are the tales of him being beaten like a dog and sexual abused on a daily basis. “


Khefka takes a moment to move Regus O’Doyles mugs shots to side , but still keeps them on screen, and maximizes his hospital records before continuing.


“ Here are Regus O’Doyles hospital records sent to us by Evangelist Capital, a well known, but recently shutdown, public aid facility in Kentucky. According to his records not only was Regus born there but visited the hospital frequently for bruises, scars, and broken bones from December 25th 2010 til April 12th 2016. There are actually reports that can only be described as “ Cohesive Anal Irritation” but given the nature of this type of abuse I shouldn’t have to elaborate of the cause of this diagnosis. This information, combined with the origin stories gathered during the Shock Therapist investigation, provided everything the F.B.I needed to create a profile of Regus O’Doyle. It is the belief of the F.B.I , and me, that Regus O’Doyle was the product of Grovner raping his wife. Most likely in a drunken frenzy. Grovenor had been accussed of raping several other women but those accusers eithier changed their story or ended up dead. Grovner was a violent alchoholic before he joined the church. Those years before he found religion was hell on the O’Doyle family. Grovner was no stranger to beating his children, but Regus got it the worst. Grovner accused him of being a mistake, and just another mouth to feed with money he didn’t have. Every time Grovner looked at Regus it was a reminder of him raping his wife and that made him self conscious and angry. Since he worked as a Hunter there were times during the year when he simply made no money. This made Grovner depressed and he often turned to drinking to null the pains of poverty. He was also extremely desperate for money during the dry seasons of hunting. Grovner hustled meth and robbed pedestrians to make extra cash until a friend of his turned him on to a more lucrative and depraved business opportunity; Child Pornography. At this point Wayman had already joined the Ayran Brotherhood and moved out the house, but Regus was still young and helpless. Grovner made a fortune turning his son into a human dumpster for the sickest men in the world. Nothing was off limits ; Oral, Anal, Torture, if the costumer could afford it they could do it to Regus. His mother, Zola, mite have been ignorant to the abuse at first but as soon as the money started rolling in she willingly turned a blind eye. With 3 years in the business, Grovner had six children working for him, including his son who had been promoted to recruiting and training other kids. Eventually Grovners income was so vast he sought other ventures outside of the world of pornography. Severe was simply one of those ventures. Although he didn’t come up with the idea alone, part of it, at least 50 %, was thanks to the unique contributions of Locke Fowler.”


Khefka notices some of the officials in the audience take a slight glance at Aiden. Others try their best not to. By the look on Aidens face Khefka can tell he’s ashamed of his lineage. Khefka takes a moment to load an image of Locke Fowler before continuing.


“ Locke Fowler was a world famous psychologist at the time. Despite this, not even his closes colleagues and associates knew he was born and raised in Kentucky. Locke and Grovner go way back, they were inseparable hunting partners. They had a brief falling out when Grovner started excessively drinking but ounce he started making money Locke returned to his old friend. Locke helped Grovner to create Sever in order to increase his power and get out of the child pornography business. He personally saw child pornography as distasteful.  Using his advance skills in psychological manipulation Locke turned the ignorant bigots scattered throughout the state into a united holy army. Severs one purpose was to make Kentucky the first all white state. He even helped Grovner conquer his addiction to alcohol so he would be better focused to lead. When the first Operation Snake Killer launched, and mistakenly eliminated Grovner, Locke took over briefly and rallied the remaining members into a underground retreat. “


Khefka takes a moment to enlarge Regus O’Doyles mug shot and Locke Fowlers picture next to one another before continuing.


“ With Grovner O’Doyle dead Sever needed a new leader. Locke couldn’t think of a better heir than Grovners youngest son Regus. Spending three years in charge of those children, during the peak of his fathers pornography ring, turned Regus into a hardened boss. He feared nothing and demanded obedience. Despite being only 12 years old Locke took him under his wing and forged him into a full-fledged sociopath. Regus spent hours upon hours a day studying Lockes psychological techniques to improve his ability to control the people around him. By the age of 15 he had become so feared in Kentucky even politicians bent to his will. Severs new leader had the potential to make the late Grovener O’Doyles dream of an all white Kentucky a reality.” 


Khefka notices another hand risen in the audience and gives that person the signal to speak.


“ This , rather extended, chronological history of one of our countries worst cults is informative, but I don’t see how it explains the bizarre murders you previously mentioned. It especially doesn’t explain how this creep Regus is behind it all. “


Khefka responds.


“ Please be patient with me Colonel Exe I was just getting to that. If you didn’t know this already from reading the reports in the paper during his arrest, Locke Fowler was an intense sadist. So much so that his obsession with causing pain to others started to erode into his professional life as a psychologist. In order to satisfy this malicious fetish and keep his job he created a new type of electro shock therapy called the Fowler Method. This procedure used at mental institutions across the country because it was incredibly effective at skewing the behavior of the most erratic inmates. The Fowler Method also made the use of Lobotomies archaic. However the success of this procedure was short lived since one of the orderlies working along side Locke exposed his private journals. Again I won’t go into detail because of how explicit these entries were but I assure you theses journals were enough to bring him in for questioning. After his arrest Locke revealed to the interrogating detectives that  his legacy, being the Fowler Method, would continue because he had an apprentice. I declare with complete confidence thatthe apprentice he was refering to was Regus O’Doyle. Using the Fowler Method, Regus resurrected Severs Purification Of The Damned Ceremony and took it to new levels of destruction. By the age of 20 he already was responsible for the death of 31 civilians. This body count would only increase when he decided to take his talents for murder on the road.”


Khefka takes a moment to re-maximize images of the cold case murders. 


“ Sever was expanding greatly due to the members faith in Regus. He had shown in a very brief period of time that his depravity could conquer nations. But like all enterprises Sever needed money to truly become a force to be reckoned with. To ensure a steady a lucrative income stream, Regus became a hitman. With so many methods of murder taught to him over the years this wasn’t a hard business to get into. However I also believe, after several rounds of experimentation, that he was trying to improve the Fowler Method and make it more efficient in terms of terminating victims. This objective lead Regus to make the biggest mistake of his life.”


Khefka takes a moment to enlarge a photograph.


“ On March 3rd 2028 a scientist name Edmond Ameritus was kidnapped right in front of his children in a park in Queens, New York. Three months later he was found strung up in a tree in Idaho. Just five days after this violent incident, all those bizarre murders involving the horizontal lightning bolt and the bodies burned to ash started. “


Khefka stops for a moment to observe his audience to see if his analysis is getting through to the officials. He’s disappointed to witness a majority of them scratching their head or even falling asleep. His over attention to detail has made them lose intrest so he makes haste to getting to the point.


“ If you haven’t figured it out yet, even though I pretty much spoon fed you the answer, Edmond Ameritus was responsible for helping Regus improve the Fowler Method. Ameritus was a excellent professor at Howard University but he was better known for being a high ranking Manchester Global weapons developer. He was actually the lone scientist who created the module for the Manchester Global 772 High Voltage Electric Current Rifles. Regus kidnapped Ameritus, tortured him, and probably threatened his family to gain his submission. This improved adaptation of the Fowler Method, which I will now unofficial call the Ameritus Method, turned Regus O’Doyle into a, literal, human weapon. Regus used the Ameritus Method to become one of the most feared assassins in the world. His benefactors in the black market refer to him as the RED DRAGON because of his red hair, short temper, and unquenchable bloodlust. Of course this miraculous achievement was a double edged sword as it condemned Regus to spend the rest of his life on the run. Manchester Global is a conglomerate known for many things but definitely not its compassion or mercy and upon learning of this kidnapping they began a manhunt to find the architect. My sources tell me there is bounty out on Regus O’Doyle's in the amount of 20 million dollars. “


Khefka notices yet another hand risen in the audience and he gives the official the signal to speak.


“ How exactly is Regus killing his victims ? I know you said something about the America Method or something but could you explain, as simply as possible, what that is ? “  


Khefka responds.


“ I think your referring to the “Ameritus” Method Captian Tolbar and I honestly have yet to discover how Regus is doing this exactly, I only have theory’s. Which is why arresting him is so important. By bringing Regus to justice we will cripple Severe’s income stream and solve hundreds of cold cases. I’m not just talking about the ash pile murders, but all the unsolvable murders all over the country. If the other crime lords some how learned the Ameritus Method and experimented with it on their goons who knows what the results could be. The world will have to believe that the unfeasible is feasible because it will be right there before their eyes. This could be the greatest discovery of the 21st century !!!! It could be --- “  


Khefka is interrupted by a powerful voice emerging from the audience.


“ Alright Khefka I think you’ve had enough fun telling stories for one day. I gotta say, this presentation has to be one of your most epic. Both in its length and is sincerity. When I looked at you I could tell you were actually serious about all this hoopla. The use of real F.B.I cases, and profiles, added to the stories realism. However when you started talking about this whole Ameritus Method or whatever, you lost me completely. I mean when you cut out all the speculative crime reports and “what If “ scenarios what your basically saying is my city is under attack by Super Villians. Unless my interpretation is invalid and I missed judged you. Kheka Walker do you honestly think that Newark, New Jersey and possible the rest of the country is under attack by Super Villians ? “ 


Silence grips the room. Khefka is dumbfounded by the boldness of Decklends words. He stares into the crowd seeing judgmental expressions. Even his brother has that “ This Nigga Cant be Serous “ face on. Khefka takes a moment to calm himself, so his emotions won’t interfere with his statement, then responds.


“ Yes sir, I do.” 


Decklend snickers at first but then erupts into full blown laughter. All the other officials follow soon there after. The laughter is unyielding, and pitiless. Khefka can feel what remained of his self respect slow drifting away. It was certified by the majorities reaction. He was a loser. But not just a loser, he was insane loser. No one would ever take him seriously for the rest of his natural life. Khefka looked down at the ground in defeat. 





  • 3 Hours Later –



Islam Walker is driving his brother Khefka home from the police station. After being humiliated in front of the entire chain of command, Khefka hasn’t said a word or looked up from the ground. The mood in the car is tense and depressing. The brothers have been driving for 15 mins and neither one has spoken. Khefka isn’t speaking because he feels his career is over. Islam isn’t speaking because he’s scared that his brother will react irrationally if he says something wrong.  Another 10 mins go by and finally the silence gets to Islam and he blurts out the first thing that pops in his head.


“ We’ll at least they didn’t carry you away in a straitjacket !”


Khefka’s expression doesn’t shift at all and he continues to look down. Islam intended the sarcastic statement to at least make his brother punch him in the face. In the past when Islam fought his brother they’d laugh about it and make up almost immediately. Even when people would make fun of them for being Muslim, Khefka would always turn that oppression and intolerance into fuel to over achieve. Regarding this situation specifically Islam had underestimated how deeply Khefka’s pride was pierced during the presentation and he try’s again.


“ Man you was talking some crazy shit to the captain. If I was me you brought that bull shit to I woulda committed you to some kinda institution. On some real shit I woulda fucked you up first for wastin my time, then I woulda thrown you in the looney bin. “Super Villians” Khefka ? Really ?  Wait til mom here’s about this. You lucky Decklend let you keep your job and investigate those cold cases for another few months. You honestly didn’t deserve dat you fuckin psycho ! “


Khecka is still looking down when Islam finishes his second attempt. The silence that Islam was trying so hard to relinquish returns immediately. Islams concern for his brother only increases, as he gets closer to dropping him off. He had to be sure that if he left Khefka alone that he wouldn’t do something drastic. Islam spent several minutes thinking of what he could say to his brother that was so insidious it would trigger his natural instinct to rebel and dominate. A stoplight comes up and Islam takes advantage of the extra time to, possibly, save his brother from himself.  


“ Bruh if you kill yourself please leave me your Bimmer in your suicide note. It was the only thing our dead beat dad left us in his will and you got it cause you were older. I’ve hated you for it ever since, you got so much pussy cause of dat whip. You fucked Alice in 11th grade, Tiffany, Jennifer, Georgia, Patricia, and Lola in the 12th grade and like a billion others in college. You knew I had a crush on Tiffany and you fucked her anyway ! Bitch ass nigga. But now since you gonna wash your mouth out with buck shot when you get home I forgive you. As long as you hook me up with that Bimmer of course. Also leave me the number to that light skinned chick you bagged at Footlocker last week. She had the waggle bruh. Oh and don’t worry about your daughters either, my side chick Dayna is great wit kids. Ex-strippers like her get a bad rap but they good peoples when you get to know em. She’ll teach Sophine and Excella everything she knows. “


There’s a slight pause and then Khefka abruptly raises his head and looks at Islam. Khefka’s expression could only be described as “ Pissed Off”. Islam can feel the intensity of Khefka’s eye’s upon him. Although usually a levelheaded guy, Khefka would become a monster when it came to protecting his children. Islam feared his plan had worked too well and braced himself for the right cross that was about to shatter his nose. After leaning in closer to his brother, Khefka responds. 




The two brothers look at one another. Each one prepared for the other to strike. But, as Islam predicted, they just ended up laughing and making up. Islam obviously explaining that he was just kidding about the whole sucide note and Ex stripper parenting. Khefka was aware the whole time what Islam was trying to do but admits that when he brought his daughters into the mix he got a little heated. The brothers have a back to back conversation for the rest of the ride . It isn’t as in depth as it was prior to Khefka’s presentation but it enough for Islam to be sure that he wont find his brother sitting in the bath tub with his wrists cut anytime soon. Islam pulls up outside of Khefka’s apartment. As Khefka unlocks his seat belt to get out Islam brings up one last thing.


“ Khefka before you dip take this with you.”


Islam texts Khefka a police sketch which roughly looks like scarecrow, from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, wearing a top hat. Khefka observes the sketch for a second and then responds.


“ Did’nt I tell you stop sending me pictures of your girlfriend ? “


Both brothers laugh again and Islam responds.


“ Eat a dick nigga”


Khefka responds.


“ But on some real shit who is this ? “


Islam responds


“ Damn homie workin these cold cases has completely disconnected you from the world. I can understand not reading the paper or watching the news, but don’t you at least go on youtube ? “


Khefka shrugs his shoulders. Islam sighs and responds.


“ This was the sketch made based on a eye witness description of who the news is calling the “ Sack Man”. He’s some nut-case who goes around dressed like a witch and kidnaps kids.  According to the rumors hes already taken 14 victims.”


Khefka looks at the picture again then responds.


“ You cant be serious right ? This has to be some kind of prank. How could some one dressed like this walk around at night and be noticed by no one ? You’d think he’d be in the papers by now for just generally being a creep.”


Islam responds.


“ We don’t know how he’s avoiding surveillance but we know he does exist. Five families, who never met each other and who arrived almost months apart, all described him in exactly the same way, down to the unique way he breathes when he’s standing above his victims. We also have a piece of cloth rip off his mask when being fought by one of the fathers of the victims. The cloth had a DNA sample on it and when scanned into the criminal database it was a matched for a pedophile named Evan Clark.  “  


Khefka responds.


“ Evan Clark ? “


Islam responds.


“ Yea he was just another spoiled rich kid who decided it was ok to expose him self to the kids he was monitoring at a Christian summer camp. He would lure them into his private office with money, treats, toys, and videogames and make them watch child pornography. There were also reports that he was trying to teach them how to pleasure him orally. Some of the kids were so traumatized that they simple lost their ability to communicate with words or speech. But since this douche bags father , Rudy Clark, was so goddamn rich he was able to pay off the families and get them to sign gag orders. Evan Clark escaped 30 counts of indecent exposure to a minor and 12 counts of child molestation with four weeks probation and house arrest. “

Khefka responds.


“ Fuck….. You really think this guy is the one committing all these kidnappings ? I studied criminal psychology for a few years and usually criminals like Evan Clark don’t jump from indecent exposure to kidnapping and possibly murder in such a short period of time. “


Islam responds


“ Most of the guys at the precinct think it’s a open and shut case, their working on getting a search warrant for his penthouse in New York now. We’ve also considered the fact that he mite have hired a accomplice. Some of the children who saw the “Sack Man” prior to his infiltration of their homes described his movements like he was apart of a S.W.A.T team. So were current checking the criminal database for anyone close to the Clark family with advanced military or special operations training. It could be 2 of these weirdoes’ working together like in that Wes Craven movie Scream. “ 


Khefka responds.


“ And your sure it’s a guy ? “


Islam responds.


“ Well unless it’s a 6ft 2 woman with a adams apple and a voice deeper than Darth Vader, I think its safe to assume so. I know your busy trying to save the world and all, I just thought I should bring this to your attention since you have two daughters. “


Khefka laughs and responds.


“ Goodlooks bruh, anything else I should know about ? Did you arrest any of our regulars.”


Islam responds.


“ A few got thrown in the Kyrpt today. Hyperion Sniper got caught leading those Domestic Paradise crazies on another crusade against Manchester Global. He was arrested along with 15 other civilians trying to sneak into the corporations Research and Development facility via the sewer system. Luther Knox wasn’t pleased, he actually insisted we beat the intruders into a coma. “


Khefka responds.


“ Wait, hold up, you mean Luther Orinthol Knox the Fifth ? Son of Bradley Knox ? What is that kid like 17 years old, and your telling me he’s the C.E.O of Manchester Global now !? Da Fuck !!!!? “


Islam responds.


“ Well to be technical he is’nt the official C.E.O, that position currently and publicly belongs to Ocyrus Lamonte but anyone who’s been inside the corporation and observed the way it operates can tell Luther Knox, a.k.a Louie the Fifth, runs the show. The homie actually tried to pay us 50,000 each to beat these tree huggers to death in front of him, so he could , in his own words, “ Watch them Suffer”.  


Khefka responds.


“ Fuck…….”


Islam responds.


“ Werd, but yea like after lookin the shit up Hyperion turns out to be the black sheep of the Sniper family.  Bruh if you look back Bradley Knox and Ulysses Sniper were tight business partners and actually still maintain a mutual relationship today. Hyperion was suppose to be the one to continue that relationship, as head of the Ulysses record company Cognito, but for whatever the reason one day he just up and joins Domestic Paradise. I didn’t make any sense. His wife and kids said it was like he was possessed. Soon afterword his father disowned him and the position as C.E.O was given to Napoleon Sniper, Hyperion’s younger brother. Its been four years since that decision was made and Hyperion has getting arrested at least ounce every other week. He’s been locked up so many times the other regulars refer to him as “Old Man Sniper”. They even have a permenant place for him to sit in the cyrpt and no one else is allowed to sit there but him. Its like his throne of something, if anyone dares sit in that spot the other regulars would fuck them up. “


Khefka responds.


“ Looks like things never change down there, I’m glad I got moved to cold cases now. “ 


Islam laughs and responds.


“ Whatever nigga, you know you was mad as hell when the cap assigned you to cold cases. I actually had to take you out and get you high so wouldn’t kill him. You had the whole thing planned out to, you was like “ Imma sneak into that nigga car on my lunch break and blow his brains out when he sits in the drivers seat.” Crazy Bastorde. “ 


Both brothers laugh and Islam continues.


“ Anyways imma let you go, I know you got shit to do today and im bout to go get some ass myself.” 


Khefka responds.  


“ Fuck outta here you bout to go jerk off “.


Islam responds.


“ Yea iight just stay off instagram today cause you might catch me and ya bitch maccin at Quajohns house lata”. 


Khefka responds.


“ Nigga if you can pull that off you can have her, and I appreciate the info on the Sack Man. I’ll make sure to keep my eyes open. “


Islam responds.


“ You already know, be safe.”  


The brothers dap it up and go their separate ways. Khefka enters his house and heads for the living room. After taking off his sports coat and laying his laptop on the couch he calls for his daughter.


“ Excella ! , Excella where you at baby girl ? ”  


Excella does’nt respond. Khefka listens closely for where his daughter might be. Excella loves to play hide and seek and sometimes goes exploring in different parts of the house. This habit of hers combined with the fact that the baby sitter decided to leave 10 mins early, like a cunt, means Khefka is gonna have to hunt his daughter down. Usually Khefka can locate Excella by listening for the sound of her footsteps running through the halls or her high pitch snickering as she trys to conceal her presence in the closet. Its takes a while but after patiently remaining still Khefka hers Excella’s voice coming from the upstairs guest room. As Khefka ascends the stairs his daughters voice gets louder and easier to understand. Excella is talking to someone, but Khefka is sure that the babysitter left her alone in the house. Khefka opens the door to the guest room and ,just as he thought, his daughter was sitting by herself on the bed. He looks at his Excella and Excella looks right back at him. Her expression is judgmental almost as if Khefka had rudely interrupted a important conversation.  Khefka walks around the room, checking the closets and dressers and even under the piles of junk in the corner. There was no one to be found. Ounce Khefka completed his search he pulls a chair up in front of his daughter, sits down and demands a explanation.


“ Excella, why didn’t you answer me ? You had me worried I thought something happened to you. Why do you keep doing this ? “


Excella crosses her arms and turns away from her father before responding.


“ Like you care, you let the babysitter leave early and she left me alone in the house all by myself. “


Khefka response.


“ Excella You Know I Would Never Do That On Purpose !!! I was worried sick when Jasmine said she had a family emergency and had to go before I got back home ! Something could have happen to you ! I had to clock out of work 4 hours early ! My shift manager is gonna have my badge tomorrow if I don’t come up with a good reason why I left so abruptly !!! Don’t you – “


Khefka pauses when he notices how loud his voice has gotten and how scared his daughter looks. He continues after giving his daughter a hug.


“ Im sorry baby girl I didn’t mean to yell, daddy just had a long day. I know how much it frightens you when I raise my voice. When it comes to protecting you and your sister sometimes I just lose it. Let me make it up to you, what can I do to make this right ? ; The babysitter leaving early, me yelling and scaring you, everything. “


Excella, still embarrassed by her father, smiles so hard she hurts her cheeks. “ I got him” she thinks to herself. Khefka is unaware of the smile since he was facing the wall during the hug, and Excella hides the smile when he lets go to look back at her.  Like an award-winning actress she makes as serious of a expression as possible while keeping her voice timid, humble, and submissive.


“ I want you to take me to cheerleading practice today instead of Grandma Hazar.”


Khefka responds.


“ Yes honey ofcourse, anything else ?”.


Excella responses.


“ Yes,…………….. I want you to…………….. Well since you said anything………… I want you to finally talk to Uncle Eddie.” 



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