Goliath (Part 3)

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- Continued from the previous installment Goliath (Part 2) -

(12 years after the Merovingian Address )

Its easy to blame others for our problems, especially God. A majority of us think that if God was out of the picture, and we as human beings were truly in control, things would be better. Well, that opportunity has finally been given.

Submitted: September 22, 2015

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Submitted: September 22, 2015



Khefka’s eyes widen and then he tilts his head down and exhales air threw his nose in defeat. Uncle Eddie, unlike Grandma Hazar Walker , was’nt actually apart of the family. Uncle Eddie was the name of Excella’s imaginary friend. Excella has been having long play dates and even longer late night conversations with Uncle Eddie. Khefka would even catch his daughter leaving food for him at the dinner table. Since their mother, Balqis Walker, died both Sophine and Excella have been having a hard time dealing with the loss. Sophine ultimately decided to move in with her mothers family. It hurt when she left but Khefka understood that it somehow made her feel closer to her mother in her passing. Excella, however, developed a imaginary friend. Its started slowly, only appearing after Excella visited Balqis’s grave, but soon having fun with Uncle Eddie was a daily occurrence. Khefka could tell that the imaginary friend completely took the place of Excella’s mom. According to the therapist, that Khefka tricked his daughter into seeing by telling her he was a talent agent, Excella will abandon her imaginary friend ounce she finds the strength to live with out the love of her mother. Uncle Eddie was simply a psychological manifestation of her mother’s constant love and affection, more or less just a stand in until Excella is ready to, truly, move on. The therapist specifically told Khefka to humor the imaginary friend for the time being but not too much as it will make it harder for her to become independent. Honestly the whole situation annoyed Khefka, he wanted his daughther to grow up and accept that her mother was’nt coming back, but he had to be patient and he decides to acknowledge his daughters request.


“ Fine,………….. but this is’nt gonna happen all the time so enjoy it while you can.”


Excella responds.


“ Thanks daddy, and this isn’t for my enjoyment. I’m aware, as well as Uncle Eddie, that you don’t like us hangin out and talking to each other. He’s been begging me to get you to have a, as he calls it, “Man to Man” conversation with him. Uncle Eddie feels that ounce you’ve heard what he has to say you’ll respect the relationship we have or, at the very least, tolerate it. “


Khefka laughs and responds.


“ Did you just say a “ Man to Man Coversation” ?. With Uncle Eddie ? Excella you always find a way to brighten my day. Also hella props to the homie Eddie for being real enough to officially ask for my permission to talk to my daughter. “


Excella responds.


“ Your condolence is appreciated but your sarcasm isn’t. If you give your permission or not, Uncle Eddie is always gonna be apart of my life. You need to learn to accept that. Quite frankly Uncle Eddie see’s you as rude and he really wanted to hurt you at first because of your disrespect. But I persuaded him not to because gentlemen don’t behave in such a manner and as your daughter I didn’t want to see you end up in a hospital. “


Khefka’s laughter dimmed down to a chuckle. He had never heard his daughter speak to him in such a way. It was as if someone had coached her on how to go about this situation in particular.  It had to be her female intuition or maybe something she saw on T.V or online. Maybe, like the therapist fore-warned, this was a reaction to Khefka’s blunt denial of Uncle Eddie’s existence. There’s no way she could actually be having conversations with her imaginary friend. The thought alone caused Khefka to laugh some more and he calms himself down before responding.


“ Okay baby girl, im sorry. No more disrespect. Please apologize to Uncle Eddie for me and let him know I’d be happy to chat wit em. Where he at ? “


Excella responds.


“ You can apologize to him yourself, he’s sitting right next to me. “ 


Excella gets off the bed and walks to the guest room door. She turns back to her father before responding.


“ Since this is a man to man, I’ll leave you two alone. Daddy be respectful. “


Excella then turns to the vacant spot on the bed before continuing.


“Uncle Eddie stay calm and remember No Violence. If you do anything to my Dad I’ll never forgive you”.



Excella exits the room. Khefka cant believe how far Excella is taking this. He noticed how she looked slightly upward when talking to Uncle Eddie. Judging from the height of the bed and the angle in which his daughter looked up, Uncle Eddie must be enormously tall. At least between 7 to 8 ft. He could be a basketball player. Khefka was a fanatical Oregon Ducks fan and he would always watch their basketball games with his daughters. Excella didn’t understand the game all to well, which was surprising because her sister mastered the fundamentals instantly, but she loved how exciting it was and how much effort the players put into scoring a basket. It would be so cool if Uncle Eddie turned out to be a power forward for the ducks. Khefka would have to ask Excella later, for now he had to participate in this charade. He could hear her breathing faintly on the other side of the door , she was definitely listening. Khefka couldn’t escape this scenario by pretending he had the convo, so with that in mind he finally swallows his pride and talks to his 7 year old daughters imaginary friend. 


“ Hey, Uncle Eddie how ya doin……… Since this is the first time were meeting officially, allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Khefka Syed Danish Rayyan Walker I’m a detective currently working cold cases for the Irvington, New Jersey Police Department. I am however hoping to get transferred to the Newark, New Jersey Police Department since I was born there and a majority of my family still lives in that city. In addition, between you and me, a former classmate of mine has become big-time in Newark and I think it only makes since that I be the one to take him down. I knew him as Desean Bowers, but all the stick up kids and goons out there call him “NIGHTMARE”. His organization has flown under the radar of the F.B.I thus far but a few of his lieutenants have caught their attention. According to intel he has about 9 lieutenants but the one everyone fears the most is a former street enforcer named “Jaws”. No one knows his real name or what he looks like because he always wears a mask when he’s about to kill someone. All we’ve learned so far is that he’s a middle school dropout with no remorse for the innocent bystanders eliminated during his hits. In addition, for whatever the reason, he hums the Jaws theme song when he’s stalking someone. I even heard stories about him biting his victims post mortem. Pretty bonkers huh ? I have no idea what happened to that kid but had to be f-ed up.”


Khefka pauses for a moment to give Uncle Eddie a opportunity to respond and participate in the conversation. Hopefully, Khefka thought, this would reinforce to his daughter that he is taking this request seriously. Hell, if he waits to respond long enough Excella mite think he can hear what Uncle Eddie is saying too. Khefka continues after waiting , what he believed to be the appropriate amount of time.  


“ So that’s my life, well that and taking care of my duaghters. I’m just a average detective with great ambitions. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so ambitious though, so calamities like today would never happened. You should have heard them laughing at me. I’m gonna hear that laughter forever. Every time I crawl into bed to sleep or close my eyes in general it’ll be their waiting for me. I just gotta have faith that my superiors won’t gossip about it. Some of their kids go to school with Sophine and Excella. I can handle the reticule it comes with the job, but my daughters are still young and innocent. Constant teasing at school could turn them into ……. I don’t even wanna think about it. But I remember how hard it was for me and my brother at school. Being muslim back then, and even more so today, wasn’t easy. When I was getting jumped in the street, while being called every racial slur in the book, the only thing that stopped me from quitting my education was my father. Nabhan Danish Walker wasn’t perfect but he made sure, above all things, that his sons weren’t gonna grow up stupid. If Islam or me gave him lip about going to school he would beat the shit out of us. Eventually we learned that our father could hurt us worse then those bitch ass niggas in class and we made sure they knew that our violence, accumulated from years of thrashings, could conquer theirs. That’s why it’s my job now as a father to protect my daughters anyway I can. That’s why I gotta arrest Nightmare so I can redeem my reputation and spare Sophine and Excella the anguish I went trough. “ 


Khefka stares at the empty spot on the bed. At this point he almost expects some one to stay something. He arches his back , stretches his arms, and yawns before continuing.


“ At the same time being ambitious has its perks. It gives me a inhuman level of commitment to find the truth and punish the wicked. It also widens my view of smilingly straightforward cases. Take the so-called Devils Speech and Domestic Paradise massacre that happed over ten years ago. If you ask anyone what happened that day they’ll say Richard Merovingian just went crazy and killed a bunch of people. NYPD detectives seldom even bring up the incident because it makes them remember the biggest failure of their lifes. The number of police officials in the NYPD who lost their jobs that day for incompetence, and the rest who commited suicide, was ridiculous. No one could have predicted something like that would occur. The news networks lost there minds, some believing Richard was on some new type of drug and others broadcasting blind conspiracy theories with no credible evidence supporting them. It was a dark time to be a New York resident, no one could trust each other and the media for damn sure didn’t help the situation. It was one of the most shocking American tragedies since 9/11. Unlike a terrorist bombing though, Its devastation wasn’t measured by its body count or its anti-corporate target, but by the psychological damage it inflicted on the upper, middle, and lower classes. However despite popular believe I cant condemn, the now late, Manchester Global C.E.O to simple madness. The tragedy took place right around my senior year of high school and for a time I trusted everything the news told me. It wasn’t until I joined the Marines that my morals regarding right and wrong became… vague. We were doing a tour in Syria. For some reason the U.S government believed an ISIS Commander named Parwez Faaiq Taafeef was using a village in that country for refuge. The codename used for Parwez amongst the Marines was “ The White Queen”. Our captain at the time, Ruckus Ford, was a obsessive chess player and he had a hard time pronouncing those long Muslim names, so he gave all the terrorists we were hunting chess piece codenames.  About half way trough the tour we arrived at a humble village called Za’lem and started interrogating the villagers, as we did at every other village. Surprisingly Za’lem was completely cooperative with our initiatives, they essentially allowed us to set up camp within the village limits. The majority of Za’lem occupants were against the ISIS army due to the ISIS generals uses of excessive violence to gain obedience and recruits. My battalion stayed in the village for about two weeks and we learned that the White Queen had passed trough the village but was obviously no longer there. We also learned that the Manchester Global Research and Development wing entered the village a few months ago to provide medical aid for the inhabitants. M.G.R.D explained that they were simply trying to help an impoverished people get first class treatment and supplies for their illnesses. Of course anyone with half a brain could tell this was just a public relations stunt to gain Manchester Global some good press concerning foreign affairs. The fact that they were using mercenaries like the Python Security Force as protection should have been evidence enough. At any rate one of the M.G.R.D doctors named Ghaazi Xobeen , who was also born and raised in Za’lem,  informed us that he knew of a hidden ISIS training site just 60 miles north of the village in the Syrian desert. Ghaazi explained there was a good chance that the White Queen could be there. Some of the other military officials were skeptical, but Captain Ford ,being swayed by the kindness of the Za’lem village, took his 63rd battalion to investigated the site. About 5 days into the campaign we located the site. The ISIS soldiers hit us with everything they had but in the end we annihilated them, suffering only 8 marine casualties. Regrettably the White Queen was informed of our mission just an hour before its launch and he disappeared trough one of the many desert tunnel systems. Despite the loss of our target we gained invaluable information on future ISIS operations and strategies, so the mission was a overall success. Everyone in the 63rd battalion felt pretty good about themselves. “


Khefka arches back in chair and puts his hands over his head before continuing.


“ That good feeling, however, quickly departed when we returned to Za’lem. Our battalion was stopped at a man made perimeter 20 miles outside of the village by the P.S.F. Captain Ford demanded answers immediately and after being given the run around for almost the entire day someone finally started talking. According to their story one of the M.G.R.D doctors working within Za’lem had released a experimental biological weapon called “Loki” or, as it was referred to by M.G.R.D scientists, Red Fever or Agent 12. Loki was designed using an artificial combination of several other viruses and thus the effects it has on the human body are repugnant. Like all bio-weapons the main purpose of its creation was mass destruction and there are 5 stages before the victim dies in misery. The first stage is a incredible pain that instantly grips the entire body, the second stage are tremors that are so fierce that eventually the victim wont be able to move, the third stage is the hue of the nails turning black, the fourth stage is a fit of blind rage, and the final stage is abnormal fever and the hue of the skin turning red. The bio-weapon got the nickname Loki because during all autopsies, most likely due to some type of nano-technology, the pathogen was able to imitate different viruses or infections. Almost as if it was aware of itself and it was purposely trying to deceive who ever was looking for it. Loki kills its victims within 30 mins, so all the villagers in Za’lem were dead within a few hours at best. The death toll was rumored to be around 600, but because Manchester Global ordered the P.S.F to fire bomb the village to avoid further contamination no one knows for sure. Nevertheless the man responsible for the disaster is undisputed, It was M.G.R.D Doctor Ghaazi Xobeen. For a while, just like they did Richard in the aftermath of the Domestic Paradise Masscre, everyone thought Doctor Xobeen had just went crazy from the constant stress of working abroad. This assumption was ultimately debunked when evidence came to light that Manchester Global had developed Loki by using Syrian civilians as test subjects. Manchester Global had actually planned to release Loki on a grand scale and then, since the pathogen can imitate other viruses, wait and see if anyone could find out what it was. When this evidence was brought to the U.S Government the M.G.R.D wing was shut down for over half a decade awaiting further investigation. It was only re-opened just last year on the nonnegotiable condition that it followed strict government guidelines regarding its practices. So, as fanciful as it a may sound, it could be argued that Doctor Xobeen released the bio-weapon because he was trying bring its existence to light and prevent a greater number of Syrian deaths. In his mind the fall of Za’lem was a necessary sacrifice to save the majority. Furthermore, it you wanted to play devils advocate, you could say Ghaazi Xobeen was a hero. Now I personally wouldn’t call him anything more than a smart man with cold logic, but as a soldier, and thus faced with making tough decisions on a daily basis,  I could understand his objective to purge the few and save the many. Furthermore if you apply this scenario to Richard Merovengians case, one could also argue that he sacrificed the members of Domestic Paradise to expose something insidious going on within Manchester Global, and as a result, saving the majority. “


Khefka massages his temple with his hands before continuing.


“ The problem im having is figuring out what he was trying to expose. Judging from the spectacle he made, in the most famous city on earth no doubt, it has to be….. colossal. Manchestor Global has a rep for being connected to horrendous atrocities.  Most of my cold cases, especially the Shock Therapist case, lead back to their staff and technology. Alpha has brought about a new age of science and thus the boundaries of human creation have been surpassed. This secret, ounce revealed, could change the wor---. “  


Khefka stops mid-sentence to realize he was no longer sitting and his fist was risen the in air. He looks over at the empty spot on the bed and laughs to himself. Apparently the he got caught up in passion of his conjecture and forgot there wasn’t anyone in the room. Khefka, still full of adrenaline, returns to his seat. Bending his head slightly he peers under the door Excella left trough. A shadow moves anxiously with the energy of a child. Khefka could tell his daughter was still there listening. He made a mental note to congratulate her dedication, its been over an hour since he started talking to Uncle Eddie. Anyone else her age would have drifted off to do something else by now. He returns his gaze to the empty spot on the bed before continuing.


“ Sorry about that buddy, as you can see I love to hear my self talk. Why don’t you tell me whatchu been up to with my daughter ? She speaks highly of you so it has to be amazing. “


Khefka starts looking around the room as he pretends to give Uncle Eddie enough time to respond.  As he does this something catches his eye under Excella’s pillow. He focuses on it and it turns out to be a piece of copy paper with something written on it in cursive. He leans in and the first word that he read properly was “ Bacteria”. Just reading that word alone makes Khefka curious to find out what else is written on the paper. He gets off of his chair, walks over to the bed, reaches over the empty spot that Uncle Eddie is suppose to occupy, and pulls the paper from under the pillow. Now, in plain view, Khefka can properly assess what’s on the paper. At first glance it looks like some kind of bar graph with individual slots that stack on top of one another as they rise to the top.  But Khefka is baffled when he reads what’s written in the rising slots. Starting from the bottom the words Bacteria, Insects, Fish, Animals, Humans, Conduits, Originals and God are displayed in some form of hierarchy. With out thinking Khefka responds to what he has seen.


“ This is my daughters hand writing.” 


Khefka looks under the door again and the shadows are still there. He wants Excella to know he is disturbed by what he has just found but he a also doesn’t want to shatter her fantasy. So instead he takes his concerns out on Uncle Eddie.


“ What’s this crap I just found under my daughters pillow !? Excella is only 9 years old she shouldn’t be anywhere near this kind of speculation. Not only is it blasphemous to our religion but its just creepy. If her teachers caught her doing this in class, or even worse her fellow students, she would be branded a weirdo for life. The school guidance counselor would probably have here sent to some quack who would then question my parenting and have her removed from my custody. Is this what you’ve been up to with her !? Is this why she finds you so fascinating and adores you so much !? Is this your idea of fun !!!? “


Khefka pauses for a moment to give Uncle Eddie and chance to respond before continuing.


“ Well let me explain something to you Uncle Eddie, you and my daughter are done ! I cant have you poisoning her mind with this Blasphomy ! She’s my little girl and I have to protect her from any and everything that will endanger her well-being. Now I’m gonna let you think about what I said while I talk to my daughter in private.”  


Khefka turns from the bed and starts walking towards the hallway door. He raised his voice so loud during his onslaught on Uncle Eddie that his lungs ached. This however was necessary, in his mind, to scare Excella straight. He wanted her to know from jump-street that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated. Excella may have claimed to never end her relationship with Uncle Eddie, but this at least will make her aware of how complicated having an imaginary friend can be. These complications mite overwhelm her so much that she’ll give up on having imaginary friends all together. This wishful thinking pleased Khefka so much he started smiling. Being only inches away from the door he freezes when he hears someone from behind him say –





Khefka’s hair stands up, his body quivers, and his adrenaline races again. He can’t believe what he just heard. Maybe it was the neighbors arguing again. Khefka’s apartment had thin walls and when people argued or talked to loud next door he could hear their voices. “ It couldn’t have been, nah I’m obviously just tired ” Khefka thinks to himself. Regardless of his rational hypothesis, he was still scared out of his mind and it took a while for him to gain the courage to look back. Finally after taking a deep breath he steady’s his posture and turns around towards the bed. There was no one there. With a sigh of relief Khefka walks towards the chair in front of the bed and then further to wall to listen for the neighbors arguing. There was only silence. Ounce his suspicions were quelled he walks back towards the hallway door. Then it hits him. It starts from his right arm, which was connected to the hand holding Excella’s blasphemous writing, and moves up in the direction of his chest. With the intensity of a martial artists grip, it squeezed one of the most vital organs in his body. Only one term ran trough Khefka’s head while suffering this experience “ Heart-Attack”. Collapsing to the ground and clenching his chest was the only reaction he could make as he tried urgently to reach the rooms exit. Khefka didn’t want his daughter to see him like this, but, as death without her assistance seemed inevitable, he used all his strength to call out to her.


“ Excel….. Exce……………… Ex…… Excell………………….. llaaaaa………………………. “


The cataclysm in his heart has derived him of his ounce mighty voice. Khefka could feel the sweat run down his face like rivers of water. He looks under the door and Excella’s shadow was still there. She may not know what’s going on now exactly, which is why she hasn’t entered the room, but Khefka believed if he thrashed enough he could let her know something’s wrong. With what little power he had left he banged his hands and feet against the floor as if throwing a tantrum. It’s wasn’t much but even a complete idiot , upon hearing such chaos, would investigate the sound. Khefka looked under the door again and the shadow was no longer their. He couldn’t believe it, his own daughter had forsaken him. Its possible that she might have thought it was a game, or maybe she got distracted by something. In the end none of that mattered, with out her help Khefka knew he was dead. Still clenching his chest in agony he reaches into his suit jacket pocket and pulls out a photo of Sophine, Excella, his wife and himself. It was one of their only remaining photo’s together before the final phase of Balqis’s illness kept her bed ridden. After kissing the photo, with a tear dropping from his eye, Khefka utters what he believes will be his last words.


“ Ala…. Alla……. Allah… Makba……. Allah Makba………. ALLAH Makba……… ALLAH MAKBA……. ALLAH MAKBA”


With that closing statement Khefka closes his eyes and awaits the reaper. About 5 mins go by, then 8, then 10. Finally Khefka reopens his eyes and realizes that the pain in his chest is gone. The shock of surviving a heart attack doesn’t compel him for long as he quickly gets up and leaves the room in search of his daughter. Upon entering the hallway he looks in both directions and decides to head down stairs. Khefka looks in the family room, the kitchen, the pantry, the computer room, the basement, and even his private study but Excella was no were to be found. If she was playing hide and seek again Khefka was not in the mood. The frustration of finding his daughter combined with the after effects of his grave misfortune made Khefka disorientated and he rested on the living room couch. He try’s his best to relax his mind. In middle of doing this he hears the front door open and hops off the couch to see who it is. The first person to enter is the baby sitter Jasmine and not far behind her , carrying a McDonalds Happy Meal, is Excella. Khefka is struck with a combination of relieve and fury. He nearly runs over the baby sitter to get to his daughter and after hugging her with all his might he flips out on both of them.


“ Excella where the fuck did you go ! I’m getting to old for this ! I’ve told you time and time again you cant just come and go whenever you please !!! I thought some one kidnapped you ! You know there’s an actual prowler going around abducting kids in a fuckin sack now right !? At any moment without constant parental protection that could be you Excella !!! And im cant believe you just took my daughter with out telling me !  What the Fuck !!!!!!!!!! “


Jasmine responds.


“ I’m sorry Mr.Walker I just thought, I was just trying too – “


Excella interrupts Jasmine and reponds.


“ I’m sorry daddy it was my idea, you and Uncle Eddie were taking you long talking I got bored and went downstairs to watch T.V. That’s when the baby sitter came back to apologize for leaving early and I told her not to bother you because you were having a important conversation. I also told her that I was hungry because I didn’t each lunch today, so she took me to Mcdonalds. So you see daddy I was with an adult the whole time, everything is ok. “


Khefka responds.


“ First of all Excella, Jasmine is not a adult, she’s only 17 years old, secondly it wouldn’t matter if she was, you still didn’t tell me you were leaving with her. “


Excella responds.


“ But you were talking to Uncle Eddie Daddy !!! I told you this already he doesn’t like to be disrespected ! And trust me he would find disturbing your Man to Man convo hella disrespectful !!!! “


Jasmine responds.


‘’ Uncle Eddie ? “


Khefka responds.


“ It’s a long story, don’t even get her started. I understand you had good intentions Jasmine but next time please be more diligent and tell me when your taking my daughter to go where ever. Here’s payment for your services and I’ll call you when we need you again. “


Khefka pulls out his wallet and gives the baby sitter $ 45. Jasmine responds after receiving the money.


“ Thanks Mr. Walker and my bad about taking Excella with out telling you. Next time, regardless of what your doing, I’ll make sure to let you know that I’m taking Excella somewhere “.


Khefka nods at Jasmine and watches her walk to her car. As she drives off up the street, he waves and closes the door. Khefka then turns to his daughter and tries to further explain why doing what she did was so dangerous.  


“ Excella I know I can come off as being a jerk or some kind of dictator when I tell you what to do, but It’s because I love you and don’t want anything to happen to you. As much as you and I like Jasimine she’s simply not trained to protect you in a high risk situation. For example if a guy with a knife came at you guys while you were at McDonalds you both could have gotten hurt if not killed. Now, I’m not trying to scare you or make you paranoid to leave the house its just a dangerous world out there and its my responsibility as you father to look out for you. I was so scared when you did’nt come to me when I called you, I thought you……. I thought I would never……“


Khefka turns away from Excella to stop himself from crying. Excella peeks around his body before responding.


“ Daddy…….. ? “


Khefka wipes his hand over face and then turns back around towards Excella.


“ I’m ok baby girl, but please don’t do that again…….”


Excella slowly nods her head, and then looks upstairs at the open guest room door before responding.


“ So how did your conversation with Uncle Eddie go ?”


Khefka removes his hand from his face and puts it over his chest. Just Hearing the name Uncle Eddie alone is enough to make him re-live the horror. What ever happened in that room will forever cause Khefka to question his presumptions of the natural world. He had to change the subject quickly before Excella continued to talk about it.


“ First you wanna tell me why this was under your pillow ?”


Khefka takes the paper he found in the guest room with the blasphemous writing and shows it to Excella. After taking a moment to observe the paper, since a majority of it was crumbled and hard to read, Excella instantly displays an expression of utter shock and snatches it. As she turns to run up the stairs she responds.


“ Daddy what have you done !!!!! You have no idea how bad you just messed up !!!! This was Uncle Eddie’s gift to me and me alone !!!! He said it was a secret and was meant for my eyes only !!!!!! If he saw you take this he would have been furious !!!! I gotta return it before its too late !!!!! “


Khefka watches his daughter run up the stairs at full speed towards the guest room. For the first time since he was a child he was afraid of the boogeyman again. What caused him to have that heart attack dwelled with in that room. Khefka knew he had to stop his daughter from suffering a similar experience. With three large thrusts he caught Excella before she made it to the top of the stairs and dragged her kicking and screaming back down. While trying his best not to get punched in the face he responds.


“ Hey baby girl why don’t you just tell Uncle Eddie you’ll see him later and we’ll spent some quality time together instead. Im thinkin we'll hit the mall first then the bowling alley. How bout it !? “


Still trying her best to break free of her fathers grasp Excella responds.


“ Daddy wait ! Please !!!! You don’t understand !!! If I don’t explain to Uncle Eddie that you made a mistake and return the gift under my pillow he’s gonna be really angry !!!!!! DADDY !!!!!!!!!!!! “


Excella’s appeal falls on deaf ears as Khefka carry’s her like King Kong out the house and into his deceased wife’s Prius.  




- 8 hours Later -


Khefka and Excella have yet to return home and a intruder has entered the house in their absence. Discreetly jimmying the back door lock he makes his way trough the kitchen and into the living room. After checking every room on the lower level he walks upstairs while calling his accomplice on his I-phone. The phone rings three times before someone answers and the intruder explains the situation.


“ Hey Norman we’re good down stairs my intel was correct both those dune coons are still out. From the way Walker was talking, you know the light skinned one with the glasses, not the dark skinned one, he was scared shitless by something. I told you the bug we placed in his phone would pay off, we knew exactly when he would’nt be in the house for an extended period of time. You owe me a beer later.”


The voice on the phone responds.


“ Bootz did you forget everything I told you back at the diner ? Don’t use my fuckin government name over the fuckin phone. Anyone could have jacked the signal and now they know my name ! “


Bootz responds.


“ Sorry Nor- , I mean , Yellow Jacket. It won’t happen again. If it makes you feel better you can say first name “Finnley” over the walkie to get me back. “

Norman responds.


“ Dammit BOOTZ ! now they got both our --- You know what, fuck it. It doesn’t matter anymore. Finnley just make sure to plant that coke in at least two rooms before you leave. Also take that child pornography file on the flash drive I gave you and upload it on his laptop. Don’t make it obvious either, we gotta make it seem like he was trying to hide it on his harddrive.


Finnley responds.


“ No prob Y.J, and sorry again I know how important this is to you and to the cause. Server is gonna promote you to advisor for sure now. Not only will you be putting this over confident Ewok in his place but you’ll also be discrediting anything he says or will say in the future. It was a good thing for us that your boss at the precinct was too closed minded to believe a word of what Habbibi said. It was probably cause a majority of the police departments in the country are so focus on catching foreign insurgents from the Army of Murderers. President Carmichael is anal about bringing those terrorists to justice for trying to kill her husband. You musta been shitten your pants when he brought up Mr. O’doyles name during that presentation.  “  


Norman responds.


“ Yea what ever, just get the job done. “  


Norman abruptly hangs up the phone leaving Finnley alone and insulted. Finnley continues up the stairs and checks the remaining rooms. He plants some of the coke in the bathroom and takes a few seconds to defile the toilet seat with his urine before exiting. Finnley continues back down the hallway and enters the upstairs guest room. The room is pitch black but he swears he can see something obscure shining from the darkness. Squinting his eyes to see what it is and reaching around the doorway to find a switch, Finley says to himself –


“ The fuck is that….. ? ” 


Feeling the switch against his finger he flicks it up. The light reveals an upside-down cross laying on the floor.


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