WRIGHTEOUS - Chapter 0: Ivan Blue

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This new series focuses on how the world reacts to a unspeakable tragedy, orchestrated by an assailant known only as UNCLE EDDIE. It takes place roughly 30 years after my original short story Goliath, and will be told from the perspectives of different members of the infamous Wrighteous Family.

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016





A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 







Portland, Oregon


28 Years After the Merovingian Address



After swallowing the last two HYPER pills he had in his stash, Ivan runs himself a bath. About five minutes go by and the effects of the drug still aren’t kicking in. With overwhelming disappointment, Ivan starts talking to himself.


“ Figures, rite when I need it, even my favorite guilty pleasure let’s me down. Story of my life I guess…….. “


 Ivan turns off the water ounce the tub is filled to his liking. He then removes his bathrobe and relaxes for a bit in the warm liquid. To most, the temperature of the water would be too hot. But Ivan liked it like that, it numbed his nerves and made it easier for him to get lost in his own mind. His fondest memories of his time with Stephon, along with the worst, raced threw his head. Ivan appreciates them all, He stretches his arms and back as many times as he needs to, before getting his phone off the counter behind the tub. His Good-bye letter was already prewritten in the “Notes” section of his phone. He sends a mass email to all his social media accounts simultaneously. Now that the hard part was over, Ivan grabs the razor blade sitting on the side of the tub and cuts his wrists. The sensation is painful yet accelerating; he feels a rush like never before. The blood spews from his wrists at relative speeds, but not as fast as he believed it would. The movies convinced Ivan that blood should be shooting everywhere right now, like a garden hoes with a hole in it.  Regardless, he still succeeded in his efforts, his strength left him faster and faster. His body began to quiver and eventually it looked like he was bathing in a pool of Hawaiian Punch. Ivan leaned back and let out a sigh of relief, while staring at the ceiling. His phone was raging with re-tweets, text messages and phone calls. It didn’t matter now, Ivan no longer had the energy to move let alone answer his phone, and even if he did he wouldn’t. This was the end, and he wanted it that way.  


(Sometime passes)


Ivan opens his eyes feeling like he’s awoken from a long slumber and looks around. Wherever he was, it wasn’t his house. An accurate description of the setting escapes him. He gets out of the tub, which was completely empty, and searches the area for a towel. There were none to be found. Ivan chuckles before talking to himself again.


“ Well it looks like those pills are kicking in. “


Ivan comes to a stunning conclusion before continuing.


“ FUCK !? Did I hallucinate offing myself too !? DID I PASS OUT BEFORE OR AFTER I SENT THOSE EMAILS !!!!!? FUCK !!!!!! Please don’t let some wanna-be hero find me passed out butt naked in the bathroom ! There’s nothing more embarrassing then being so stupid YOU CANT EVEN KILL YOURSELF PROPERLY !!!!!!! “


Ivan hears a voice behind him.


“ You need not worry Mr. Blue, at this point your death is assured. “


Ivan quickly turns around to see what could only be described as a dog of some sort. He couldn’t specify the breed, a mutt was most likely the best description he could come up with. Plus it was pretty dark where ever he was. Ivan ultimately assumed the dog was a just a product of his drug-fueled imagination. Thinking having a conversation with the dog would help him wake up, we walks toward it before responding.


“ Im sorry, who are you and where the fuck am I ? “


The dog responds.


“ Where you are is irrelevant, you should be more worried about where you going. As far as who I am, well………… that’s a bit more complicated. “


Ivan responds.


“ Do you have a name ? What should I call you ? “

The dog responds.


“ What is it with your kind and names. I’ve met so many people, especially men, who are fucking obsessed with names. And don’t even get me started on how they feel about their own names. The way they boast it is so disgusting, its like watching them suck their own dicks. Do those things make you feel special, or significant? I’ve always seen them as superficial. “


Ivan responds.


“ My kind ? And Come on, I gotta call you something. Unless your cool with me calling  you “ Snoop Dogg” ? “


The dog irrupts in laughter. Ivan had never seen any other dog in his lifetime that could open its mouth that wide. After calming itself down, the dog responds.


“ Whew ! I haven’t laughed like that in ages. “ Snoop Dogg “ How inventive. “


Ivan responds as he gets even closer to the dog.


“ So Snoop Dogg, then ? “


The Dog responds.


“ Slow down, Mr. Blue, that’s far enough. If you get any closer you mite see what I really look like, Believe me neither of us wants that. If a name is that important to you, call me THE RAIN MAN. “


Ivan responds.


“ The Rain Man ? …………….Wow…….. a dog named the fuckin Rain Man. “


Ivan rubs his fore head before continuing.


“ I gotta stop doing Hyper……… “


The Rain Man responds.


“ If  its any consolation I didn’t choose the name, it was given to me by a few of my, ………. dedicated supporters. More importantly, do you really still think this is a “trip” brought on by the drugs ? “ 


Ivan responds.


“ I mean what else could it be ? I may be high, but I’m not so out of it that I would actually consider that a talking dog exists in the real world. “


The Rain Man responds.


“ So then I’ll have to convince you then………..  “


The Rain Man chuckles before continuing.


“ Saying I won’t enjoy this part of our exchange would be polite, but I’ve never been an advocate of dishonesty. Mr.Blue please be a sport and pick up the hammer next to you. “


Ivan looks to his left to find the hammer before he responds.


“ ………. How did you do that ?............. I know for a fact that this hammer wasn’t here two seconds ago. Are yo-- “


Ivan slaps himself in the head a few more times before continuing.


“ Get a hold of yourself Ivan, remember it’s a dream, just a fucked up dream. Of course things can appear out of nowhere. “


Ivan picks up the hammer before continuing.


“ Ok, what now ? “


The Rain Man responds.


“ Bash your hand with it. “


Ivan laughs before responding.


“ Why would I do that ?”


The Rain Man responds.


“ Because if this is a dream, like you say it is, you wont feel anything. But if isn’t you will. In either case, this is the only way to know for sure Mr. Blue. “


Ivan responds.


“ Fine, what ever it takes to get this over with. All I ask in return is that you don’t call me Mr.Blue anymore. That’s my husband’s name. “


Ivan lifts the hammer above his head and hits his hand with all his might. The force of the impact brings him to his knees and he instantly cries out in agony. The Rain Man starts laughing again. Ivan begins rolling on the floor while holding his hand before continuing.


“ WHAT THE FUCK !!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “


The Rain Man responds.


“ Good I’m glad we’ve established this is all real. Now I can explain why I’ve come to you. “


The Rain Man gets in a sitting position before continuing.


“ Ivan, I’ve been watching you. I’ve been watching you for quite some time. My experience tells me that you would be a big help in the pursuit of my goals. Your part would appear small to most, but don’t let their opinions discourage you from completing my request. Your role is much more substantial then they’ll ever know. Sometime in the future a child will be born, believe me you’ll know which one, and when that child is born I want you to watch over him until he or she turns 18.  “


Ivan viciously shakes and then cradles his hand before responding.


“ This is all happening so fast, What kid ? When will he be born ? Why do I gotta take care of him ? How can I feel pain if I’m dead !? How can I take care of someone if I’m dead !? “


The Rain Man responds.


“ Like I said, when the child is born you’ll know and you wont have to worry about ‘being dead” for too much longer. “


Ivan responds.


“……… Am I in hell ? “


The Rain Man responds.


“ No Ivan your not in Hell, not yet at least. “


Ivan responds.


“ But I did kill myself, and I did it for a reason. What gives you the right to take that away from me ? “


The Rain Man responds.


“ Because beings like me, with true power, don’t have to ask permission to do things like this. “


Ivan responds.


“ Its not fair……. I already sent out all those………. Please don’t send me back………… “


The Rain Man responds.


“ Sorry Ivan, I’ve made my decision, ounce the child has turned 18 you can do what you want to yourself. But for now you belong to me. In the mean time I’ve provided you with something that should make your new life, less depressing. “


Ivan responds.


“ I don’t want anything from you. “


The Rain Man responds.


“ Trust me, when you find out what it is, your attitude towards it will change. It’ll be in your right hand when you wake up. “


Ivan responds.


“ What chu mean wake…………………………………………………… “


Ivan slowly falls to the ground and his breathing becomes inconsistent. The Rain Man turns to walk away but before he disappears into the darkness he looks back at Ivan and continues.


“ Oh and I have one final request. “


Ivan responds as his eyes get heavy.


“ Yea and what’s that Asshole ? “


A very human-like grin appears on The Rain Mans face before responding.





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