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This new series focuses on how the world reacts to a unspeakable tragedy, orchestrated by an assailant known only as UNCLE EDDIE. It takes place roughly 30 years after my original short story Goliath, and will be told from the perspectives of different members of the infamous Wrighteous Family.

Submitted: April 14, 2016

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Submitted: April 14, 2016





A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 






Washington D.C


30 Years After The Merovingian Address



Elliot enters the campus parking lot with his remaining luggage. His plans for spending spring break with his girlfriend, Fiona Spellmen, seem to be on schedule.  Fiona recently moved out of her parents house and got her own place. This was the only excuse Elliot needed to cancel his previous plans with his friends to go see her. Now they could fuck and not worry about Poppa Spellmen breaking down the bedroom door and spoiling the mode. As soon as Elliot slams his trunk and gets into the drivers seat of his brand new convertible, he calls Fiona. It rings twice before she picks up.


“ Hey Babe. “


Elliot responds.


“ Sup, been thinkin about you all day. “


Fiona responds.


“ Shit, you better had. “


Elliot responds.


“ Whoa !? I don’t think your Ivy League father would like you using langue like that. “


Fiona responds.


“ Man, Fuck Him and Fuck You, I say what I want. “


They both laugh before Elliot responds.


“ You buggin bruh, anyway I’m on my way to --- “


An incoming call on Elliots phone interrupts the conversation, he checks to see who it is and “Juliana Wrighteous” is displayed in bold letters. Elliot puts the phone back to his ear before continuing.


“ Hold up bae, gimme a second. “


Elliot puts Fiona on hold and picks up the incoming call.


“ Hey Mom, how are you ? How’s everything ? “


Juliana responds.


“ I’m good Elli, running a few errand’s. Thanks for asking. How about you ? How’s the new car ? “


Elliot responds.


“ Its GREAT ! Tell Dad I said I Love It !!! “


Juliana responds.


“ I’m glad you like the car hun, but it wasn’t from your father, it was from me. “


Elliot responds.


“ ………………………….. Oh….. Um…. Thanks “


Juliana responds.


“ … Yeah I just thought since it hasn’t been too good between us for a while, I’d do something nice for you. “


Elliot hesitates to respond so Juliana continues.


“ Maybe, if you have time, we could meet for lun—“


Elliot responds and cuts off his mother.


“ I’d like to Mom but I’m super busy this week so……… “


Juliana responds.


“ Oh ok, its fine I know your getting older now so hangin with your mother isn’t cool anymore. Just do me a favor and don’t forget about your brothers birthday next month. “


Elliot responds.


“ Damn ol Fish Face is getting another year older ? Is he still livin with you guys ? “


Juliana responds.


“ Please don’t call him that, you know Napoleon hates that name and yes he is still living with us. “


Elliot responds.


“ REALLY !? What is he like 30 now ? Don’t you think its time you politely ask him to leave ? Even my girlfriend has her own place and she’s only 18. “


Juliana responds.


“ Stop picking on your brother Elli. I’ll agree he still has a lot of……… personal issues to deal with but that’s why he needs us. To support him. “


Elliot responds.


“ Ma the NIGGA’s grown, HE HAS TO GO ! “


Juliana responds.


“ What did you just say ? “


Elliot responds.


“ Up !? sorry mom I got another call coming in ! Talk to you soon bye ! “


Elliot ends the call with his mother and takes Fiona off hold.


“ Waddup doe. “


Fiona responds.


“ That took forever, Who the fuck were you talking too !? “


Elliot responds.


“ The Bitch called me again. “


Fiona laughs before responding. 


“ Uh-oh, I know you was mad as hell. You still got her government name saved in your phone instead of just ‘Mom’ “


Elliot responds.


“ Yup, I don’t even know why she’s tryin to reconcile and shit. It should be clear to her by now that if don’t get a sincere apology, I’m not fuckin with her no more.  Askin me out to dinner and shit, get the fuck outta here. “


Fiona responds.


“ Maybe she wants to apologize at dinner. “


Elliot responds.


“ Man fuck that, I want an apology before we go out, like some soap opera shit. I want her to throw her self at my feet, crying her eyes out, and begging me to forgive her. “


Fiona responds.


“ Bae that’s a little much, remember she’s still your mom. I’m sure what ever she did it wasn’t to purposefully hurt you. “


Elliot responds.


“ You don’t know here like I do, she’s the cruelest woman you’ll ever meet. Especially if you’re in the way of something she wants. There was this one time whe – “


Another incoming call interrupts Elliot, he checks to see who it is and “ Bartholomew Wrighteous” is displayed in bold letters. Elliot puts his phone back to his ear before continuing. 


“ My bad bae I gotta put chu on hold one more time, it seems like the whole family wants to fuck with me today. “


Fiona responds.


“ Its cool, its probably better if you just call me when your outside the house. I cant wait to see you, I’ve been waiting all semester for our……. “


Fiona seductively moans before continuing.


“ Quality time together. “


Elliot responds.


“ WERD !? ME TOO !!! “


Elliot takes a moment to calm himself down and adjust himself in his seat before responding.


“I mean werd me too, Im on my way bae. See you soon.“


Elliot ends the call with Fiona and answers the incoming call from Bartholomew.


“ Hello ? “


Bartholomew responds.


“ Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, waddup lil bruh “


Elliot responds.


“ Bart, Bart ! Dammit are you high again!? You promised you would stop doin HYPER before you ever called anyone in the family again. You better hope Dad doesn’t find out about this. “


Bartholomew responds.


“ Relax bruh bruh, I kicked that Hyper shit. Now I’m on dat chronic rehabilitation program. Everything I smoke comes directly from mother earth. “


Elliot responds.


“ Oh so your not doing Hyper but your still high ? You just traded in one addiction for another. Great. Whatchu want Nigga ? “


Bartholomew responds.


“ I need a ride. “


Elliot responds.


“ Yeah you out on that. I’m bout to get some pussy so you bout to be one stranded ass muhfucka. “


Bartholomew responds.


“ Damn………. So you just gonna fade your big brother like that. After everything I did for you. Protecting you from getting jumped in high school, takin the blame for you havin a stash of coke in Dads house, stealin for you my nigga ? Wow that’s some cold shit. Its all good lil bruh I gotchu. “


Elliot exhales in flustration before responding.


“ Where you at Bart ? “


Bartholomew responds.


“ My Nigga, I’m on the eastside, not to far away from where you dropped me off last time. Imma be waitin by the gas station. “


Elliot responds.


“ Bet. “


Elliot gets off the main road and heads to his brothers location. Its takes him roughly 15 minutes to make it there even after using two shortcuts to bypass traffic. Bartholomew notices Elliot pulling up from the back of the gas station and runs to the passenger seat of the convertible. The strong stench of marijuana hit Elliot’s nose like a basketball to the face as Bartholomew enters the car. Shaking his head at the sight of his brother, Elliot questions where they were going next.


“ iight Bart I’m here so tell me where you need a ride to so I can drop you off and get on with my life. “


Bartholomew light’s a cigarette, before responding.


“ No doubt, No doubt I appreciate the ride too. Real talk. Just take me to the rec center down town and we good bruh. How you been though, how’s mom and dad and everyone else. “


Elliot responds as he pulls out the gas station.


“ Everyone’s straight. “  


Bartholomew responds.


“ That’s wassup, you mind if I fuck with your radio a lil bit. “


Elliot responds.


“ That’s fine just make sure you turn it back to what I was listening too before you get out. “


The drive to the rec center was a lot smoother then either of the brothers thought it would be. Bartholomew listened to the radio and enjoyed his cigarette, while Elliot simply focused on the G.P.S. It was a quiet yet pleasant trip. About half a mile from their destination Bartholomew gets a phone call and he quickly answers it.


“ Yo waddup, im almost at the rec center where you at ? “


Theres a long pause and Elliot notices Bartholomew’s expression change from the corner of his eye. Bartholomew responds after frantically changing the radio station.


“ What the fuck did you just say !? Nah it has to be a hoax !!!!!!! FUCK IT JUST TELL  WALLE AND CLARENCE I’LL MEET UP WITH THEM LATER, THERES TOO MUCH HEAT TO DO THIS SHIT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU BETTER NOT BE FUCKIN WIT ME MY NIGGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“


Bartholomew abruptly ends the call while still trying desperately to the tune the radio. Now extremely concerned Elliot responds to Bartholomew’s behavior.


“ Yo ! YO !!!!!? Da Fuck are you doing !!!!!? Your gonna break my shit. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU !? WHO WERE YOU TALKING TO !!!? WHAT DID THEY SAY !!!!!!?? “


Bartholomew ignores his brother and continues tuning the radio. Now enraged Elliot grabs Bartholomew by the shirt collar before continuing.  


“ AYE !!!! Calm the fuck down and tell me who the fuck you were talking to and what the fuck they told you !!!!!! “


Bartholomew starts breathing heavy like he’s having a panic attack. Elliot continues while still holding up Bartholomew’s shirt collar.


“ I heard you say Walle and Clarence when you were on the phone. Weren’t those the guys who sold you HYPER back in the day ? “


Bartholomew looks away from Elliot while still breathing heavily. Elliot continues soon there after.


“ Bart you better start talkin or so help me God – “


Bartholomew responds.


“ I’ll tell you everything just help me change the radio to 1090 FM. Please, doing this is more important then I can ever possibly explain. “


Elliot can see the sincerity in his brother’s eyes. He releases Bartholomew from his grip and adjusts the radio to 1090 FM. There’s static at first but with a little tweaking the radio hosts voice is heard with clarity.


“ – that makes the 8th source to confirm this report so far. Its with a heavy heart I must inform all the listeners of this program today, that their has been a terrorist attack on the White House. The number of casualties is still under speculation but what has been confirmed is that The President Of The United States Of America is one of them. Please stand by for more updates on this truly sad day in our country’s history. “


Both Elliot and Bartholomew lean back in their seats. There’s silence for several seconds before Bartholomew responds to the report.


“ Elliot lets go we gotta get underground now. There’s no telling how people will react to this information, there may be riots. “


Elliot responds after being shaken by this brother a few times.


“ I cant belive it, what about – “


An ear-shattering explosion is heard coming from the skies. Bartholomew and Elliot look up to see what appears to be a shooting star coming down and crashing into one of the buildings in the inner city.  Following the direction of the smoke trail leads them to a larger aircraft sporting the flag of Iraq. Bartholomew runs to his brother before responding.




Elliot responds while pulling his hair in disbelief.


“ AN IRAQI WARSHIP IN AMERICAN AIR SPACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “


Crowds of people start running into the streets in a panic, and stare at the disaster unfolding before them. Others run straight for their cars and race away. Bartholomew starts pulling his brother towards him before responding.




As Elliot follows the direction the warship, is traveling he has a terrifying realization. He pushes his brother off of him, gets back into his car and drives back towards the city. Elliot can see Bartholomew waving at him to stop and running after his car from his rear view mirror. The streets were a mad house, Elliot witnessed adults fighting like school children over escape routes, people trampling over one another, and the police being completely overwhelmed by the situation. The warship started firing its high-powered machine guns into the streets and buildings and its missiles into tunnel entrances and bridges. Elliot weaved in between pedestrians and twisted metal as best he could. His phone starts ringing and when he sees “ Juliana Wrighteous” displayed on the screen he quickly ignores it. Unfortunately he doesn’t look back up in time, to avoid hitting a police officer that jumped in his way out of nowhere. Elliot violently stops and checks from inside his car if the victim of his need for speed was ok. The officer wasn’t moving. Taking a few deep breathes and looking in all directions to see if anyone saw what he did, Elliot drives around the body and continues up the street. He finally makes it to his girlfriends apartment and parks his car about a block away. Cautiously getting out of his vehicle, Elliot starts walking towards the apartment before dropping to his knees in disbelief. With a tear streaming down his face, he starts repeating to himself.




Elliot continues repeating those words as he watches his girlfriends apartment burn to the ground.






© Copyright 2018 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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