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a dragon who can't fly

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




WEDNESDAY12th September 1276

Hi, my name is Maccus and I am a dragon. Today was my first day at school. In the dragon world school is nothing like it is in the human world. We learn to fight and we learn how to fly. I’d been waiting to learn how to fly since my brother Hadras went to school and came back being able to fly. It turns out that school isn’t that good.  I just couldn’t seem to get my feet off the ground. Mum and Dad say that I’ll soon learn how and that I’ll become as good as Hadras. I don’t think I will, he learnt to fly on his first day. My day started with a lesson on how to control my fire. At least I can actually do something because  I can now breathe fire when I want to rather than when I sneeze. Next was flying, that was a nightmare! At first I started flapping my wings gently but I wasn’t moving so I started flapping wildly. The teacher told me that I could have hurt someone and told me to sit out for the rest of the lesson. Apart from me there was only one other dragon who couldn’t fly. His name was Charkel. He is my only friend and he also happens to be smaller than the rest of us. Most of the bigger dragons bully him. After school Charkel invited me to his den to play. At least I had a good time there, Charkel has an awesome den. School isn’t as good as I thought it was but I’m glad I met Charkel.  

FRIDAY 14th September 1276

Today we went on a school trip to the beach. Unfortunately it was a very stormy and me and Charkel had to walk while the rest flew. We were meant to learn how to swim but no way was I going to get that I was getting in that water. The rain thundered down on to the rocks loudly, as if someone was hammering on them. Everyone was yawning because the rain had been going on all night. I don’t see why they didn’t just cancel the trip. When we finally got to the beach the waves were roaring loudly, each one filling most of the beach. Only a thin slither remained dry. When the first wave touched me I felt coldness rushing through my body. I stood there watching everyone else shivering. When the teacher told us to get in everyone automatically stepped back into the rocks. Eventually some of the braver ones stepped forwards into the sea. Soon more and more started joining them. I and Charkel were only ones left standing shivering out of the water. One of the bigger dragons splashed me and Charkel. The water was so cold I nearly turned into an iceberg. I tried breathing fire but I was just too cold to use it. After about an hour we started heading back. By the time we got back it was home time so I said good bye to Charkel and headed off home.

SUNDAY 16th September 1276

Today I went to Charkel’s den for the day. Whenever we meet after school or on weekends we go to his den because it is so much bigger. We normally try jumping off ledges trying to fly. So far we had never managed. The best thing about Charkel’s den is that it goes so deep underground. After a while of jumping off ledges we gave up trying so we decided to go to the beach since it was sunny. At first I didn’t like the idea because of my last experience but in the end I agreed. The beach was a lot bigger than last time and the waves weren’t as big. I walked slowly towards the sea and when the first water touched me instead of feeling cold I felt warm. Me and Charkel played with a seaweed ball for a while and then we played in the sea. Unfortunately when we were playing in the sea Hadras and some of his friends came along. I knew that they would easily take over the beach so I told Charkel that we sh0uld leave. On the way back we noticed some dragons in our class flying and having fun. Back at the den me and Charkel were playing with some stones he collected. After tea my parents came to pick me up. So I headed off home and into my part of the den.

 TUSDAY 18th September 1276

Today there was another flying lesson. Me and Charkel were really worried since everyone else knew how to fly and we didn’t. When the flying lesson started we were told we were learning how to do tricks in the air. Me and Charkel jumped up in surprise, we were now even more worried. Luckily the teacher told us that we would be having a separate lesson on how to fly. Our teacher was a quite old looking female dragon. She told us that she would be teaching us until we caught up with the rest of the class and she also told us that the rest of the class were doing flying all day so we would be to. I was really hoping that I caught on pretty quickly. At first she told us how to flap our wings properly which helped because I no longer landed flat on my face whenever I jumped off a ledge. Then she told us to try to put all our strength into our wings. I tried and I managed to get a metre off the ground. Then she took us to some high up ledges so we could jump off them trying to fly. At first I was worried about if we couldn’t fly but then she told me that there was deep water below so I wouldn’t die. I and flapped my wings how she said and I was flying. It felt so cool to be in the air. I turned around and saw Charkel chasing after me, we were both so happy.

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