IDP (Inter-dimensional police)

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An Action packed story that follows Prince; a young man who finds out his entire life has been nothing but a front to prepair him for his true calling... Policing the multivers

Prince, Steve, and Shadow are three friends who find out shortly after graduating high school that there seeming normal life’s are anything but. It turns out they were destined for greatness long before they even realized it in the IDP (Inter-dimensional Police). A highly skilled, highly motivated police force who's soul purpose is to rid our dimension, and the surrounding ones too, of all threats non domestic. With werewolves vampires and anything else that makes your teeth grind this story is sure to throw you through a loop or two. Stay tuned this is just the 1st of a 10 book serious following these characters.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



Chapter one:

The D List

"We did it." Shadow said with a grin from ear to ear. "Just think" he added. "No more home work." "Not like you did it anyway" I interrupted, making sure to drown any delusions of grandeur he might have had. "True" he replied "But at least we don't have to wake up early for class anymore. We can sleep in. I heard a rumor that it's against the law for any collage class to start before 12pm because it might cause the hung over collage students to go crazy and blow up the school." "You wish. At least then you'll make it to school before it's over. You talk like you came to class anyway." I reminded him. "You're right.... now that I think about it I guess nothing's going to change after all huh." He said as he smiled and rapped his arm around my neck. "Whatever yo have you seen Steve?" Steven was my other best friend. Me, Steve, and Shadow have been best friends for as long as I could remember. Mine and Steve's dad have worked together at this high level FBI type agency for the last 30 years; so we always met up at family pick nicks, outings, and birthday parties. Pretty much any excuse adults had to get together and drink they brought us along. By the time we were five we were like brothers…. inseparable. That was around the time we met Shadow. Shadow was a child of the state. His mother and father also work for the company but they were loners. Never came to the outings, celebrated birth days by them self's and didn't drink. On Shadows 5th birth day a group of terrorist found their address in a directory or something and paid his family a visit. They killed everyone; his mom, dad, two brothers and sister. Everyone was killed, but Shadow. It didn't take more than a week for someone else in the company to adopt him. A rich bill gates type guy who designed computer sort wear. I'm not sure if my dad was friends with Shadow's parents or if he just felt sorry for him cause from that day on it was like he was a part of our family. He picked him up for sleepovers, play dates and all other occasions too. And the trio was created.

"The last time I saw Steve he was trying to get into some freshman's pants using his cap and gown as a conversation starter. I swear if that man's dick fell of tomorrow he would have no reason for living." Shadow answered in a low voice. "Oh I beg to differ my good man." A voice came from behind us. "I would too it would just change from getting women first to getting them second.... first id have to get a new dick. And for the record I wasn't trying to get in her pants I did get in her pants that's the difference between me and you douche bags." It was Steven. Although he wasn’t the best looking guy in the world Steven had a way with women…. Me and Shadow never understood it but there was no ignoring it. "Whatever pimp in training." Shadow said taking off his cap and gown. "All I know is when we get to the desert this year I'm finding some girl to bone a.s.a.p." "Desert?" I asked with a confused look on my face. I'm not sure if I remembered before or after I asked the question but either way from the look on their faces I should have kept it to myself. "Shit." I mumbled "Man, don't act like you forgot.... wait a second you did forget..... Are you ok? I mean are you sick or something?" Steven asked as he checks my temperature. I know for most people that question would have seemed like a joke but considering that I'm the kind of person who plans out there whole month just because thinking is what I did, it was for real. "My bad dude I haven't been myself lately. I mean I don't know what's up with me. I've been finding it harder and harder to concentrate on certain things but on others I can see it from step one to a thousand. Besides you know my dad probably noticed that my stuff wasn't packed and did it all for me." As we hopped in my jeep and headed for home I couldn't help but wonder how I could have forgotten. For the last 6 years every summer my dad has taken us to this secluded area some were in Nevada just outside of Arizona. He thought we needed to get back to our roots and live off the land. We did hand to hand combat, weapons training, and conditioning.... now that I think about it I should have asked why we needed to know this stuff but I never did.

As we pulled up to my house we realized that not only was my dad's truck not packed and ready to go but it wasn't even in the drive way. "Damn dog looks like you pops forgot about the trip too." Steve said unbuckling his seat belt "yea right." Shadow replied. "You know his dad still remembers what he ate for lunch on his first day of the 1st grade. That man doesn't miss a beat." As we walked through the door of the house I noticed that my dad hadn't been home in hours. "Hey prince there's a note for you on the kitchen counter," Shadow yelled as he started to read, "I regret to inform u that some urgent business came up at work so the format to the trip has changed. You are to take the jeep and the 900 bucks I left on the table and proceed to the cabin. Continue training and I will join you in a few weeks if not complete the training and come back home at the end of summer." As I looked up I noticed that shadows face had turned pale. "Wait a sec.... Are you telling me that your dad gave us permission to go half way across the world unsupervised?" This is the point when we expected some smart yet welled placed remark from shadow but it didn't come. He just let his face turn into a smile and said "Let's do it."

Now from where we lived in Miami to the cabin takes about 4 to 5 days depending on how fast we wanted to get there. You would think that a road trip like that would be a party with three teens like us but obviously you have never tried to do it with Shadow. "Steve, pull my finger." Shadow said as he rolled up his window. "No. Whatever you do don't pull his fucking finger." "Fine he doesn't have to pull my finger. I'll have all the fun I want as soon as we reach Vegas." Shadow said pulling a bundle of money out of his pocket. "What the hell are you talking about were not going to Vegas." I reminded him not like I didn't know where he was going with this but it wasn't going to happen. "Come on prince. Are you going to tell me that you would rather go to some cabin in the middle of no were and do military drills with your old man then go to the city of lights with these 10,000 bucks I got here?" I pulled the car off the road and stop making sure it was sharp and without warning. "Look I was told to go to the cabin and that's what I'm doing money or no money, and if you don't like it you can get out and walk." "Calm down, relax. Just hear me out ok. You know that Vegas is on my D list. It's the last place I have to cross off. And have you forgotten that you and Steve also happen to only have one place left and its right next to Vegas... the Grand Canyon. We are days away from filling our lifelong dream and you're going to strip that away from us. Come on man for once in your life be a man and make a decision on your own."

His argument bothered me. Not cause he was disagreeing with me but because he was right. Here we are right next to the last two places on our D list and we have never been able to go. The D list or destination list is something we came up with about 10 years ago. We used to site in our tree house and talk about all the cool places and beautiful sights all around the world. So we made a list each of us picked 20 places that we had to see no if ands or buts about it. We even sealed it with a contract. The most honored and accepted contract that kids our age new about.... the spit shake. For some reason my dad had no problem with us going to any of the places on our list's except for two the grand canyon and Vegas. But my dad wasn't here. This time I was going to make my own mind up, be my own man. "Steve you're in this too. What do you think?" I asked turning so I could look at his face. "Well I have to admit the call of Vegas booty is stronger, but I know you prince I wouldn't want you to break a promise or freak out on me in the middle of the Grand Canyon. Everything you do has to fit this perfect plane." He was right. My entire life has been nothing but one big plane. No room for mistakes cause there wasn't room for spontaneity, which normally meant that there was no room for fun. Not this time. Not now I'm going to be a man and make my own path. Well it's settled.....we're going to Vegas. First we hit the Grand Canyon for the weekend. We'll spend a week in Vegas, and be to the cabin by next week end. Shadow if you get arrested I'm not bailing your ass out of jail, and Steve if some guy tries to kill you for sleeping with his wife you're on your own. Does everyone understand me?" "Yes sir" They both screamed saluting me in a military manner. "We wouldn't have it any other way." Steve said. "Look out Vegas your worst nightmare is coming to town..... times three."

Chapter 2

The unexpected

It was about 10:00pm when we arrived at the Grand Canyon. As we stepped out of the jeep I grabbed a tour guide off of a un manned news stand and walked back over to the guys. "Ok here is the plan; since we've obviously missed the tours for today we can crash at the hotel up the street and be back first thing in the morning." I said pointing the way out on the map. "Nope wrong answer Doogie Howser." Shadow said snatching the map from me. "Were going down there right now." "And where do you suggest we find a tour guide at 10:00 at night?" Steve asked turning around in a circle to show we were alone. "Tour guide... we don't need no stinking tour guide. We got a walking G.P.S with built in memory right here I trust Prince’s judgment over any stinking tour guide. Besides I'm not losing an entire day in Vegas because these jerks want to sleep. We'll be fine. We can walk around a little; see the sites then hit the road." "Cool with me." Steve said "Prince?" "Let's do it."

We walk around for about 30 minutes before I noticed that we weren't just walking in circles. I had a destination. Something in the middle of the canyon was calling me and the guys noticed it too. "See I told you I trust his instincts more than any tour guide. He's walking around this place like he's been here a million times. You know exactly where were going don't you?" Shadow said slapping Steven's arm to show he was right. The funny thing is he was. I knew where I was going, exactly where we needed to be and I was going to get there. "What the hell?" Steven said confused as he pointed to a cave deep in the canyon wall. "That's not supposed to be there or at least it's not on any tour map I've ever seen" "I am sorry my friends, but you have come to the wrong place at the wrong time." A voice called out from a cliff up above. "I'm not sure how you found this place but I am sure that I cannot let you leave." As the man stepped out of the shadows, we got a good look at him. He was a small scrawny man with pale skin and a very innocent domineer. I couldn't tell what he wore because of the darkness but I could tell he was wearing a cloak wrapped around his shoulders. "Who the fuck are you?" Shadow asked in a load serious voice. "That's not important. What is important is that you understand that you just drew your last breath."

As the mysterious stranger said these words he leaped 50 feet high and froze in mid jump. Without warning he dove at us at an incredible speed opening his cloak and letting it spread in the wind. As the man got closer and closer I realized that the object I thought was a cloak was actually wings. Long, black, feathered wings. I wanted to ask him to stop; to explain to him that this was all a misunderstanding. But even if I could muster up the courage to say something before my almost certain death id bet it wouldn't do any good. This guy had a look of determination in his eyes. He was going to kill us and there was nothing we could do about it. "Stop Charles." A familiar voice called out from inside the cave. It was a voice that when I heard it it brought an ease to my speeding heart but also sent my brain into over drive. "Dad?" I asked slowly. That word must have been more powerful then I could have imagined because the winged man stopped and stared blankly at me. "Dad? Head Captain… did this child call you dad?" Charles asked in a scared and unsure voice. "Yes." He replied. "Charles meet my son Prince and his two friends Shadow and Steven. There the new I. D. P agents I told you were coming tonight." As the stranger dropped to the ground he re-rapped his wings around his body and dropped down to one knee. "My apologies Sir. I knew not who you were." "Yea you better be sorry. I was about to mess you up boy." I think as soon as Shadow said it the reality of his comment hit him like a load of nickels. He immediately cut the sentence there and looked away. My guess is he remembered that he was talking to a man who just a few minutes ago made him shit his pants (not literally but you know what I mean) and a man that has been making him shit himself all his life. (That one is literal because there was this one time in the fourth grade that we promised not to ever talk about.) "Calm down shadow." My dad said in a reassuring voice come with me and I'll explain everything."

We followed him into the cave my head was pounding. I had a million questions that were forming and a million possible answers. Why did that guy call him Head Captain? Why did he have wings? Did my dad have wings? Where were we going and why couldn't he tell me now? I went through every possible scenario and answer in my mind but there was a reason I hadn't asked him yet. Even though I was boiling with questions that needed answer id also realized a percentage; a ratio of sorts. If I started asking a million questions there's a chance that my dad might not think I was ready to hear what ever this was he had to tell me. I was not going to let that happen. I could hold in any questions till he thought it was time to tell me. I just hope he makes it soon before I explode. "I know Prince." My father said as we walked down the long dimly lit hallway. "You have questions, a lot of them and I promise as soon as we get you some were safe I will answer all of them." How did he do that? How did he know what I was thinking? Was that his power? Could he read minds? If so I should be careful what I think..... Yea right like I can control anything in my mind right now.

As the hall way started to narrow and the light started to show. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Picture a cross between the Death Star from star wars and combine it with the technology from I Robot. It was incredible. "This is I. D. P. Headquarters." My dad said stopping in the entrance to the fortress. "Ok dad I'm sorry, I can't hold it back anymore. You said you would explain when you got us some were safe. From the look of this place id say were pretty safe here. Let's start off with this I. D. P. stuff." The dad I know would have looked at me in a way that would have scared me into not wanting to know the answer anymore, but he didn't. He just smiled and starting to explain. "I. D. P. stands for Interdimensional Police. It's an agency that was created about 200 years ago by a group of travelers that were passing through our dimension." "Wait passing through dimensions? How do you pass through a dimension?" Steven asked looking confused. "What you know about science isn't entirely true. Scientist believe that there are eight universe's co existing in a balance, it's more like eight thousand. Every dimension is home to its own creature and beings. Take the travelers for example." "Travelers? Where were they from England or something?" Shadow asked. "No a lot further than that." My dad answered. "Germany?" He said in a scared yet sarcastic way. "The same old Shadow. No not Germany but there is a little universe along the outside of the galaxy were the entire population looks strikingly a lot like David Hasselhoff. The travelers were a group of beings that came from different dimensions all around the multiversity. After coming to our corner of the galaxy they decided it would be the perfect place to launch their plane. A police force that would travel from galaxy to galaxy protecting the creatures that inhabit it and maintaining balance. On every world in every dimension a few lucky souls are chosen to carry out this task. Be warned the villains and bad guy you all have seen on cops are nothing compared to what you will face as I. D. P agents, But if you accept the challenge it will change your life forever." "O.k… Let's say that I buy this.... what does it mean we will be fighting terrorist and ninjas?" Steve asked doing Kung foo hand movements. "More like vampires and werewolves. You know if you guys let me finish explaining this will go a lot faster. You see the movies that you watch on TV that talk about all these creatures that you have been led to believe don't exist are carefully planned mixtures of the truth and fiction. Most of them were created by Caster's; beings that work for the agency. There job is to make everyone believe that creatures on these movie's are fictional. That way anyone who claims to have had an encounter with them and tries to go public would be seen as a lunatic and immediately disclaimed." "How do you expect us to fight vampires and werewolves? Were just regular kids. We can't read minds like you or have wings like Mr. Friendly over there. I don't think you've thought this plan out very much." I said in a soft yet firm voice. Even though this version of my father was nicer then the man I'm used to I wasn't going to push my luck. "Not yet anyway. That is what I was going to explain next. Follow me."

As we walked with my father to a room secluded from the rest of the station I noticed that everyone was watching us. Not like you would watch the new kid in school but like you would watch a new breed of animal walking in front of you. "Why..." I began to ask but was cut off before I could get the question out. "You're my son and in case you haven't noticed I'm sort of a big deal here. So everyone has high expectations from you Prince. That's why there watching you like that... well that and they might not ever get a chance to see again depending on what happens after you leave this room. Like I told you a select group of people are chosen, but I haven't told you how. Weaver's. Weavers are creature's that can read the destiny of someone just from hearing there name. Now before you get in to your logical mumbo jumbo about how you don't believe in destiny Prince let me explain. Because of free will a person's destiny can't be pre determined... but every time you make a decision whether it's as big as moving to a new city, or changing brands of tooth paste; it changes the path that you're life is headed. Every time you make a positive decision that is good or with good intentions it is marked on that path. If your path is more good than bad and you fit certain blood lines you will be accepted." "So why do they think they will never see us again? It should already be known by these weaver's if we will be accepted or not so what are they worried about?" I asked. "That's a good question." He said stopping in front of a door in the middle of an empty hallway. “About six months ago someone started taking weavers. They started to vanish in the most bizarre ways and without notice or explanation. Someone in the agency is betraying it. We have to hire new agents and put them on this case that's the only way we can know they can be trusted. That's why you three are being activated. Behind this door is a choice. You will come face to face with the light. It is an ancient being that gives power or death depending on the person who chooses to touch it. If your path is positive then it will give you abilities matching your personalities and life styles. If your path is negative; it will kill you instantly. If anyone is having second thoughts now would be the time to turn away because once I open this door....there is no going back." I looked at my friends expecting for once to see something close to an emotion on their face. Something to let me know they were going through the same thing's in their mind that I was in mine, but that’s not what I saw. On Shadow's face I saw excitement, joy, I can see his thought’s now.... This kicks ass. On the other hand on Steven’s face saw empowerment, a sense of well being, I'm sure his thoughts were..... This is my duty I must protect my world. Me on the other hand I didn't know how I felt or what to think. All I knew was if I turned this down I would regret it every day for the rest of my life. So my answer was yes.

Chapter Three:

Our First Assignment

"Alright." My father said as he turned the knob. "Meet the light." As we walk into the empty room I couldn't help but notice that there was no light. Not a lamp or bulb to be seen; actually not a piece of furniture at all. Instead there was a box sitting on the floor and nothing else. No colors on the walls, no decorations, nothing but the box. "When I open this box each of you will put your hands inside and say your names. After that if you survive then we can take it from there. Just a friendly warning.....even if it doesn't kill you there is a chance that it will change your appearance. Case in point the wings it gave Charles outside. Just know that if it happens then it's what destiny has drawn out for you. The consequence of your choice.... Ready?" "Ready." We all screamed looking at the box on the floor. As my dad opened the box all I felt was a warm sensation all over my body. It was amazing. I had never felt anything like it or even close to it in all of my life. I spoke my name… and suddenly everything changed. The warm, loving, wonderful sensation that I felt at first turned into a burning fiery feeling deep down in my body. It was excruciating. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. I looked to the left of me to try and give Shadow a sign that I thought something was wrong but he was already flat on the grown. I turned to the right only to see that Steven was in the same position on the other side. What was going on? Was this normal? It couldn't be. Does this mean my path is negative or... or... or was this just the end?

I must have passed out because the next thing I remember I was waking up in a room filled with food. As far as my eye's can see there was food. "I'm glad you're awake." A voice said from the corner of the room. A man walked out into the open. He was an older guy with a long grey and black beard that was split in the middle. As he walked closer to me I could also see that he had a triquatra around his neck and a bottle of José Que'vos Tequila in his hand. As he took a swig of the bottle he started to speak again. "My name is Pops. And I am an evaporator. We work directly with your commanding officers to give you and your team your missions. Consider this my official greeting the next time we meet you and your friends will have work to do." "My friends... I almost forgot.” I said as I looked to the left and right of me. “Where is Steven and Shadow?” I asked looking back at where the man once stood but he was gone. No door closing or noise at all he was there and now he wasn't. I didn't know what to make of pops, and I didn't really know what was going on anymore but what I did know was that I was hungry; really hungry. I got out of bed and started to eat. They had everything there from lobster tail to BBQ ribs and I ate it all. After eating none stop for about an hour I heard the door to my room open. "You greedy bastared. The least you could have done was wait until you knew if we were alive or dead before stuffing your face." It was Shadow and Steve. Although I was happy to see them I couldn't stop eating. They must have understood cause without any further words they sat next to me and started to eat too. It took us all about another for hours to finish the food that was around the room but we did and when it was done we were finally content. "What the fuck was that?" Steven asked. "I’ve never eaten that much in my life. I didn't even know my stomach could hold that much." "Hey." Shadow said "Wouldn't it be messed up if this was our power; to eat. That would fucking suck... I mean Steven would be happy cause then he could never fill up when he's eating pussy. All night fish buffet." "Yea well at least I get pussy to eat you 18 year old virgin." "Boy's please." My father's voice came in before him as he walked through the door.

"That's no way for agents to act. I had the staff whip you up some treats for when you woke up. Most of the time the transformation leaves you pretty hungry. How are you guys feeling?" "Fine" Me and Shadow replied. "Horney." Steven shouted looking confused. "I'm sorry…. did I just say that out loud?" "Yea." I answered "but don't worry I'm sure there's somebody a couple of towns over that might not have heard you." "O.k. guys it's time for your first assignment. Normally I wouldn’t be telling you this; you would have an evaporator deliver it to you, but since this situation is such a delicate one all the orders for this case comes from me and you report to no one other than me are we clear?" "Crystal" We replied. "Great. We believe that the traitor I spoke about earlier is in our mist in this very station. We also believe that he is trying to win over as many agents as he can for some sort of hostel take over. Your jobs will be to mingle with the other agents who are here, learn the layout, the extent of your powers, and report anything to me. I'm sure that the traitor can't help but go after fresh new recruits such as you three." "Yea about that powers thing Mr. Head Captain." Shadow interrupted. "How exactly are we supposed to know what they are or what we can do? I would hate to be taking a crap, fart, and blow up the toilet." "That is where I come in." A young woman walked up to us and joined the conversation. "My name is Krystal and I’ll be in charge of drawing out and teaching you to utilize your powers."

She was a beautiful woman with long brown hair and a short yet full body. I could tell by the look on his face that Steven was entranced. "O my." He said walking up to her. "And how exactly do you plan to pull it out of us huh? If you're looking for suggestions I have a couple for you." "Really?" Krystal replied. "Well, follow me and you can tell me all about it." We walked with Krystal in to an auditorium.... or maybe that's the wrong word….. It was more like a coliseum; straight out of a gladiator movie with the pillars, sand, and all the trimmings. Standing in the middle were two other women stretching and working out there muscles. As we walked up to them they stopped there worm up and started to smile.

"Prince, Shadow, Steven, I would like you to meet Kati and Page. They are the other two members of my team. "Hi." Shadow said stepping in front of Steve and me. "Hey back off dude I saw them first." Steve snapped stepping back between shadow and the girls. "Hey you called dibs on the Kristy chick don't be greedy." "Yea but I don't even know if she's interested. Until I find out I'm still on the market." "Hold your horns there Mr. Bull. These women are fellow officers yes, but there not in your.... age rang." "Yea." Replied Kati. "I may not look it but I am (as of today) 800 years old." I couldn't believe it. She didn’t have a seasoned boned in her but at the most I would say she was 19. Of course I had to ask to be sure. "How could you be...?" My question was cut off before I got a chance to finish it. Krystal put her hand up to her lips and looked me in the eyes. "Computer... run program jungle." Right after the words left her lips before they even had a chance to eco off the coliseum walls the walls…. were gone. They vanished or sort of morphed into jungle vines and trees with all the effects that a jungle has. "This room that we are in is our training facility." Krystal announced. "It is programmed to simulate any condition, any environment from any planet. While in this room time slows down to an almost dead stop. In the time it would take you to flip a coin outside to see heads or tails, whoever was in this room would have lived here for 20 years." "I see.” I said, as I walked over to a vine and felt it for authenticity. "That's how your 800. You've spent 800 years in this room but in actuality it's only been a few hours outside the room." "This one is smart." Katie announced. "I think I'm going to enjoy this." "Enjoy what?" Shadow asked smiling his usual cynical smile. "I told you we were here to draw out your powers and teach you how to use them efficiently, and that's what we're going to do." Krystal explained as she tight her hair back into a pony tail. "And once again… how do you plan on doing that?" Steve said trying to sound repetitive. "By trying to kill you."

Chapter Four:

What We Have Become

Before I could form a confused look on my face Krystal had burst into flames. Was this the traitor? I thought to myself. Has the entire team gone bad? I didn’t have time to come up with an answer. Krystal raised her hands and the fire around her formed into wings and took the shape of a giant phoenix as she started to hover off the ground. "Separate and contain." She yelled as page vanished in a gust of wind and Katie seemed to melted into the ground "Holy shit" Shadow said as he looked around trying to see were the other girls had gone. My attention was on Krystal. She pushed her hands out in front of her as though propping herself against a wall. And with no words or effect at all formed a fire ball and shot it directly at the three of us. "Move" I yelled pushing Steven with one hand and Shadow with the other. As the fire ball darted towards me and only me since my teammates were already out of harms; way I had nothing but seconds to decide what to do. I’m not sure how to explain what happened next, but as I watch the ball of flame I could see lines everywhere around it. I guess the best way to describe it would be graphs. It was like a geometry problem with numbers that I soon realized were variables of wind speed, velocity, and trajectory. I could deduce within a 99.9% Accuracy exactly where the ball was going to hit. By the speed it was traveling, and the angle from which she shot it, it would hit me center mass in the chest. The ball was around 4 feet in diameter which meant if I could lay my body down flat or at least a few inches from the ground I would be safe and it would pass over me. So that’s what I did. I dropped to my knees and laid back as far as I could watching the fire pass over my body and explode a matter of inches from my head on the ground above. As I hopped up to my feet I noticed the graph was gone. "What the fuck is wrong with you. You could have killed me." I screamed angry and confused. "But I didn't" She replied. Now circling around me; still hovering off the ground. "What happened? Did time slow down for you? Tell me what you saw and felt at that exact moment. "Pissed" I replied. "I get it your mad but you’re smart enough to realize what’s going on here. Now I’m going to ask you again, what did you see and feel?" "Time didn’t slow down, or not in that exact since." I tried to explain. "My thought process sped up. I could see.... this is crazy." "What did you see?" She asked again.

"Math…. I saw geometry that told me were the fire ball was going to hit, algebra that told me how much wind resistance and how fast it would get to me. There was even a grid that placed everything neatly together so I could form the best solution from the information I had." "I see. It seems the light has increased your intelligence. Your mind is like a computer consuming information and processing it at an amazing speed. This is interesting." I noticed by the look on her face that she wanted to learn more; which means I need to learn how to control this and fast. “But when I stood up the grid was gone. It vanished. Why? I mean how do I turn it back on?" I tried to ask the question like I hadn’t caught on to that desire for a good fight I saw in her eyes. "Right now you powers only manifested them self’s out of self preservation. The same was if you noticed someone throw a ball at you or you see a car crash is eminent for you your body will do certain things to try and insure your survival like ducking or raising your arms to block your face. Before we move on to learning how to manifest your powers we have to wait for your team to catch up. I must admit that was the quickest response of powers iv seen since your father. You’re going to be a force to be reckoned with…. And to think I get to test you out…. I can’t wait"

That’s when I realized that Shadow and Steve still weren’t next to me yet and as I looked to the left of me I could see why. Shadow had recovered from the shove I given him only to stand up and see that not only had Kati resurfaced, but there were dirt copies of her surrounding him in a circle. "Shadow! ” I yelled as I tried to run to his aid only to be stopped by a wall of fire that seem to appear from no where. "Just like you… Shadows powers have to show themselves in their own time. Don't worry intense it might be, but dangerous it’s not. Trust me.” "Ok Shadow…. I can see your confused let me see if I can help. I’m a blender." Katie said "You mean like myties and dacories blender?" He replied still trying to keep his since of humor. "Funny, but no… I can blend and merge with any object around me. My molecules become one with there’s and after years of training I can even manipulate molecules that aren’t mine but only after iv had a chance to fuse with them. Get what I’m telling you?" She asked. "I think so.... so what now; a giant, really dirty, orgy?" "No…. now you have to defend yourself." She replied as the group of copies charged and started throwing punches and kicks in every direction at him. He blocked some…. Most he didn’t. Even though we had training in self defense and group combat the number of enemies he faced was too great to block them all. "Concentrate." She yelled. "There’s a way out you just have to see it." As the fury of attacks continued I could see that the battle was taking its toll on Shadow because what started off as every fourth or fifth blow landing turned in to every other blow and before long every blow.

Finally, a kick to the chest sent him dropping to the ground. All the copies stopped. "How long are you going to take this?" She asked. “Are you telling me that you’re such a pussy… that you can’t even handle a women, or better yet, copies of a woman?" "Shut up" Shadow said in a low voice that was filled with pain. "Why? Am I making you mad little baby? Do you want your mommy? How about this I keep whopping your ass for a while, just to show that you tried, and we send you home with a gold star an a A for effort? You don’t belong here. It’s obvious that Prince is the brains of this operation and Steven provides the muscle. Your just a good for nothing waste of perfectly good skin. I don’t know why the light didn’t just kill you off to make the world a better place. Or better yet your mom and dad should have whore protection the night you were conceived since they obviously raised a poor excuse for a man. Maybe your father had a problem knowing what it takes to be a man.... That sounds more like it."

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH!" Shadow yelled taking off and heading towards Katie. "I’ll kill you!" He screamed. The copies formed a wall in front of Katie to stop him from passing. As Shadow got to the wall of dirt formed in to bodies he swung at the first one with all his might. The copy leaned back, and dodges the blow….. but could stop what fallowed. A gust of wind trailed behind his hand that was so strong it sent the copies flying into Katie and sent her flying into a nearby tree. On impact the clones broke apart and re merged them self’s with the ground. Katie lay motionless on the ground in front of the tree, not moving, but making painful grunts as she tried. Shadow wasn't finished. As if he didn’t even noticed what happened he continued his sprint towards her. "Stop. " Krystal yelled moving the wall of fire in-between shadow. "That was a technique to get your powers to show. That’s all. She meant none of what she said. We have read you files and we are interrogation experts. She had to upset you because it seemed the upfront approach wasn’t working. Calm yourself." Even though Shadow stopped seemingly to understand I could still see the emotion in his face. But now it had turned from pure rage to sadness.

Then it hit him. He realized what had happened. "Did I?" "Yes you did. Katie, are you alright?" Krystal asked while Katie struggled to get to her feet. "Yea I’m ok...... just re mind me never to piss him off again." "What happened?" Shadow asked looking at his hands and then letting his eyes wonder to where Katie stood now about 8 feet from where she started. "You showed us what we needed to see. Your anger pushed your body to the limit causing youre power to show itself. Even though you didn’t connect with the punch the force from which you through knocked her 8 feet away it looks like." "Actually it wasn’t the force that pushed her back." I interrupted. "When he started running towards her my grid came back. He through the punch with normal force but as it missed a split second after a gust of wind 100 times stronger then what’s breezing by us now pushed her back to the tree. From what I can tell he controlled the wind velocity.... he can control the wind." "I'll be dammed I’m storm." He said as a smile formed on his face. "Maybe.... Krystal answered, but for now all we know, you can manipulate wind. That’s where we will start. It seems your other teammate isn't as fast a learner as you guys are." She said as we all turned our attention to Steve.

I wasn't sure what was happening at first. All I could see was Steven turning from left to right but not as if he was looking at something. His eyes were closed. He was turning as if someone was hitting him over and over again changing cheeks with every blow. "Jesus said turn the other check." Page's voice rang out as the onslaught continued. "What was going on?" I asked myself. I wanted to know…. I needed to. I stared at Steven concentrating trying to see the grid as hard as I could and it worked. The grid reappeared. On the grid I could see that from the way the leaves around Steven's legs were rustling and the way the wind pushed past him that the only logical explanation was that Page was moving at a incredible speed. Passing him and swinging landing a punch for every pass. "It’s not a trick Steven. She's moving really fast around you she's not invisible or invincible." It’s only thanks to the grid that I could tell what happened next. As she came in for another blow she stepped on a twig that stood next to Steve. I didn’t hear the twig snap, but Steve did cause with cat like reflexes, after a glance in that direction, he ducked. Page lost her footing and stumble a few feet before turning around and looking at Steven. I use the term cat like reflexes for a reason. As Steven stood up to recover I noticed that his eyes had changed. You guessed it. They were now cat eyes.

"Ok…. so you have some talent." Page said repositioning herself for another attack let’s see you do that again.” She yelled as she vanished again this time running straight at him. In a display of speed and agility Steve jumped into; mid air flipping forward and over her as she passed below. He opened his hands revealing claws that shot out of nowhere and swiped at her as he landed with perfect balance behind her; waiting for the after math. She stopped and turned to him. "You missed.” she said cracking her neck. "Did I?" He replied as we all watched her shirt rip to shreds revealing a pink pock-a-dotted braw she wore underneath. She quickly put her hands up to block the view, but it was too late. We were all laughing by that point. Steven's claws retracted and his eyes turned back to normal. "Ok" Shadow said "now that one was obvious. Steve's a pussy." "It seems that Stevens DNA has been changed to fit and mimic a cat’s." Krystal said lowering the wall of fire from me and Shadow. "Yea like I said.... he’s a pussy." "Well" Page said as she vanished and reappeared wearing a new shirt. "I knew u guys would be fun but this.... this is nice. For the next 20 years we’ll be training with you and then you will be welcome to leave and get your first assignment. So you guys ready for faze two?" Krystal said as the trio regrouped where they started. "Bring it." Steven said as he drew the claws back out and changed his eyes again and smiling in our direction.


Chapter Five:

Trainings over

"We give up!" Cried the girls from under an igloo of fire that stood as there last defense. "Me, Steven, and Shadow stood high atop three nearby trees executing a well thought out plain to isolate the girls, that had obviously worked. Shadow used gusts of wind to kick up dirt. Making it hard for the girls to see what we were doing. Then Steven jumped from tree to tree, using his agility and claws to knock down chunks of branches. Shadow then used a little finesse, which I didn’t even know he had, to gently hover the pieces in front of me, along with anything else that wasn’t bolted to the ground, so I can use the grid and send them flying at the girls every time they moved. After the barrage of projectiles became too much to try and dodge any more Krystal through up the igloo thinking it would hold us off.... you see how well that worked.... they were helpless. "Ok guys" I yelled hopping out of the tree and running down to the girl to make sure they were ok. "Shadow…. the dust." I yelled back. "I got it" he said, as he blew no harder than you would to blow out birth day candles. A gust of wind came in the girl’s direction. Clearing the dust and dirt…. revealing my dad. He was holding a Star Bucks cup in one hand and helping the girls up with the other. “Wow I can see you guys are having fun" He said as he took a sip of his coffee and looked at me with a smile. "No wonder you over shot your training by a few years" "What you had time to flip your precious coin twice?" Steve said trying to sound sarcastic; even though I could tell he was beat. "Actually, I had time to go to the Star Bucks down the hall and get some coffee." He said pointing to the cup as proof. "Ok wait a sec." I said confused " If it takes 20 years to flip a coin.... no there’s no way I know I lost track of time around year 40 or 50 but we couldn’t have been in here any longer then that right?" "You do the math. It’s 20 years for every 10 sec in the real world it took me 2 minutes to walk there, 2 min standing in line to get my coffee, and 2 min to walk back." My mouth dropped "700 years we’ve been in here for 700 years with these women?" I said looking shocked "Seems that way." Shadow said. "700 yrs…." Steven added "and still no closer to hitting that." he finished while looking at Krystal out the corner of his eye. "I would love to sit here and see just how far your powers have come, but we all have a briefing to get to…. follow me." My father said. He turned around and walked forward vanishing as if into thin air. "And how the hell are we supposed to....” Steve began to ask before he noticed that Krystal and her team were walking to the same spot. When they got there, they vanished as well. "O" Steve said. If you couldn’t tell he was embarrassed by the sound in his voice then the hanging his head low would have been a dead giveaway. "Excuse the hell out of me." He mumbled as we followed ending up in a conference room with around 2 to 300 people. They were all talking among themselves and staying busy..... That is until we walked in. That’s when everything stopped. No one spoke, no one moved; I don’t even think anyone was breathing. "I could get used to this.” Shadow said.” While my dad spoke with some important looking people a few feet ahead of us Krystal tapped me on the shoulder. “Hey.” She said. “Nice job in there. You’ve adapted pretty well to the position of leader. Don’t let it go to your head but at the same time understand the responsibility…. If your anything like your father…” She said letting her face turn into a smile. “ you will be great. One more thing; you guys haven’t gone through your cool down phase so be careful when using your powers.” “Cool down faze?” I asked sarcastically. It sounded more like a game system then a human body… but were we still considered human anyway? “ Hey don’t ask me I didn’t name it. I just have the pleasure of explaining it too you so pay attention. The training facility we used has a built in safety precaution. Even though you can get stronger, your powers won’t truly be at it’s potential until you’ve had time for your body to relax. Give it a few hours and you’ll see the difference. The higher ups added that in so agents wouldn’t train, then try and go on missions without getting some rest first.” “Take a seat boy’s" My father said as he pointed to some empty seats in the last row. “Thanks Krystal.” I said with a smile. “Don’t thank me now thank me when you return the favor.” She replied turning around and finding her own seat.

As Iturned to make sure I knew where I was going I noticed my dad never turned his head in the direction of the seats. His attention was fixed on something or someone else. I followed his eyes through the conference room trying my hardest to see what or who he was looking at, but it was harder then I’d thought. All eyes were on us looking in this direction, it could have been anyone. As I scanned the crowed looking for answers to what made him stop in his tracks I got it. Although like I said everyone was watching us there faces were pretty much the same. Anticipation, curiosity, patience. Just to name a few but there was one a man sitting in the 2nd to last row who looked at my father with pain and discussed in his eyes. "Do you see him?" I asked Shadow and Steve. "Who?" They both asked looking around the room. "No one..... come with me." I replied. I didn’t want to take the risk of explaining right now cause of the chance he might hear me and get scared off. I wanted to catch this guy one way or another. There was one question I had to ask myself though…. if my thoughts were right, and he was the traitor, then why hasn’t my dad stopped him yet? I tried to answer as I walk to the row behind him and took my seat. Maybe he has no evidence. Ok so new mission get Intel on this guy.... Then...... stop him. I led my team to the back row right behind the creepy guy with the look. I say that because that’s the best way to describe him. He was a tall man about 6"2" pretty muscle and he looked like he could take care of himself but that wasn’t going to save him from me. "Good evening everyone." My dad said as he reached the podium and started fettling with notes. "As u all know lately there has been a lot of activity at the gate ways to our dimension. Due to unforeseen circumstances most of our teams have been rendered incomplete or put out of the war completely. Although all of you have individual missions, something came across my desk this morning that I believe requires out immediate attention. The information you are about to receive is classified so I don’t have to remind any of you what that means... Some one is trying to destroy the bridge to Atlantis." "With all due respect head captain; why would anyone want to do that? Atlantis has been deserted for well over 100 years there’s nothing there." The creepy man called from the row in front of us. "That’s what you’ve been led to believe. Now if you can hold your questions to the end Jugo I’m sure everything will be explained." Jugo.... That was his name.... My father continued. "shortly after the agency was created the travelers found a problem; what to do with the criminals and beings deemed a danger to themselves or the people around them. It was then that a treaty was mad with the leaders of Atlantis and the travelers. At this time man didn’t have the resources or technology to discover this magical civilization, but soon they would. Atlantis agreed to harbor the creatures and criminals as long as the agency would make sure that no matter what happened man never discovered there existance. So it was done. Casters spread the roomers that Atlantis had vanished. The agency put a cloaks over the entire city and closed up any portals, door ways, or gateways leading in or out except for one that only a chosen few knew its location. Guardians of the bridge we called them. Iv asked one to come in today to brief you on the events from last night. Princess Jenny… the floor is your‘s." "Princess" I asked out load. Thinking I said it in my head. "Good evening every1" She said as she took the podium. Now you would think that a princess from Atlantis would have fins and scales you know the whole nine, but not this one. Other then being a little on the chunky side, she was normal. Actually….. she was pretty beautiful if you ask me. She was average height with a light skin tone and dimples that sat like craters on her face. short shoulder length hair and a perfect smile. "Last night, approximately 9:45pm, me and one of my most trusted bodyguards were attacked while patrolling the bridge. A strange man came up to me with paper work from the agency. I turned to get something to sign with and.... well I’m not sure what happened next. All I remember is waking up in the same place still holding the papers and my guards were out as well. I immediately called the thrown room inquiring about the artifacts. Atlantis isn’t only home to thief’s and dangerous creatures its also the home of the universes largest collection of artifacts, weapons, and magical equipment this side of the galaxy. To my surprise nothing was stolen. The intruders did release 2 in mates very powerful beings native to Atlantis that where trapped in a top secret floor of our prison which is why we believe they had delicate Intel. They also got away with a very special key. Centuries ago before Atlantis went into hiding we possessed a key that was so powerful it could open multiple doors and gate ways to several dimensions… simultaneously; It is the only one of its kind. After a series of investigations its believed that the intruders will come back tonight to put there plans into motion. Iv asked head captain for assistance in this matter. He's given me 2 teams, squad 1 lead by sergeant Kathy, and squad 7 led by sergeant Jugo. Upon dismissal from this briefing you are 2 return to your baroques, pack light, and await instructions. Thank you." As she started to leave the podium I realized I couldn’t let him get away from me. How was I going to uncover the truth with Jugo on vacation in Atlantis and me stuck here on base..... no no no this was not going to happen. Not if I could help it. "Follow me." I told my team. Not really waiting for them to respond.

I took off down the isle in a hurry. We made it to the podium right before the princess was turning to leave. “Excuse me.” I shouted making sure she herd me. I can tell from the smile on her face that she knew who I was so there was no need for introductions. “I was wondering what makes you think they might be returning tonight and if the Intel is correct then shouldn’t you be taking more then just two squads with you?” “Hmmm….. I see you’ve been blessed with your dad’s curiosity. Never the less the information you’re asking for is on a need to know basis and since you’re not a part of this assignment you don’t need to know… beside me and your father have decided on the best agents for this mission.” “With all due respect Ms. Princess…” Steven interrupted “if you would have requested the best we’d be going.” As everyone paused to see if Stevens bold words would pay off I noticed something out the corner of my eyes. The auditorium had become all but empty by this time except for what I guessed to be Hugo’s squad standing with him at the top of the isle. Somehow the princess noticed it as well. “Ok tell you what, you guys go pack and wait in your baroques for further instructions. If your dad agrees with the idea I have no problem bringing an extra team the more the merrier.” As princess Jenny walked away from the podium, I looked back to the top of the isle to get a better look at Hugo’s team. That’s when I noticed they were gone. I ran as fast as I could, sprinting down the isle leaving my teammates behind only to get to the door too late. They had vanished. As I scanned the hallway looking for some sign of where they’d gone I could feel Steven and shadow coming up behind me before stepping in my line of sight. “Ok fearless leader” Shadow said sarcastically. “Would u like to fill your men in on what the hell’s going on?” “Did you see the way that guy in the row in front of us was looking at my dad when we came in? As if he had a vendetta or something against him.” “You mean Hugo?” Steven said finally catching up to the curb. “Yea slow poke try to keep up. My dad shared that look with him so I know there’s no love loss.” Shadow snapped his fingers in front of my eyes to catch my attention because I was still scanning for the team as we spoke. “Hey! Focus… so you think this guy is the traitor?” “Yea and not only that… I think he might be involved in the attack on Atlantis.... "So what will we do?" Steven asked?

“Ok…. Shadow, I need you to go speak with Captain Kathy. See what you can tell about her, see if we can trust her. Shadow you go back to the barrages and pack enough supplies for us on the trip. I’m going to pay a visit to captain Jugo.” “Great idea fearless leader.” Shadow said with sarcasm. “Let’s just say you were able to find his room on your own, what would you say to him? Umm sorry to bother you and I know you’re busy, but I was wondering are you a traitor? Don’t worry about the fact that my dad is probably the one person in this place that can stop you…. You can trust me were like family?” I spent the next 30 seconds lost in my thoughts. How am I going to get him to speak to me let alone trust me to mess up. I noticed that Steve and Shadow were waiting for an answer…. “ I don’t know…. But what I do know is I have to find a way to stop him.”

Chapter six:

Captain Jugo

I walked and walked down the barracks hallways.... finding clues to Hugo's room was easy. Getting the thought that Shadow was right out of my head wasn't. How was I going to talk to him? What could I say to make him give me the time of day.... much less trust me? I tried to think up some scenarios. Coming up with different conclusions based on what I already know. Before I got to one that worked, I was standing in front of his door. I stood there frozen for about 20 min trying more and more until I was interrupted sharply from behind. "What the hell are you doing here?" It was one of the members of Hugo's team. It was a woman, but you couldn't tell from the way she presented herself. "Playa you takin a lil too long to speak you must be looking for a fight...." As she spoke I could tell she was serious. When she walked up she had bags in her hands but (I could hear them being put on the ground as I turned). Now, she's kicking her sneakers off to the side like slippers, putting up a boxing set and bobbing and weaving.... she wanted to mess me up for real. "I’m just looking for Captain Hugo." I interrupted trying to calm the waters as quickly as possible.... it didn’t work. "What punk ass nigga? You got balls dog you got balls. Not only did you chose today, the anniversary off DDay to show up here, but you got the nerve to walk right up to the captain's door?" She started walking towards me smashing her fist together. "Hold up… I don’t know nothing about a DDay or anything like that, that’s why I’m here. Look I know you know who I am already. I don’t wanna go making friends with just anybody. Most people here would just try and use me anyway. I remembered hearing his name in a conversation with my dad before so I figured if my dad deals with him he must be someone I can trust." I know what you guys are thinking and yes I did just pull that from my ass but I had to think of something. By the look on her face I could tell I used the wrong choice of words because instead off calming down she got more upset. "Are you trying to tell me that your dumb ass don’t...?" Right then the room door swung open. "Jessica..." Hugo's voice came from inside. "Calm down and show prince in. It sounds like we all need to talk." I have to admit I thought twice about going in. Yea this was the only chance I had to gather intelligence before Atlantis but from the seriousness of Jessica's voice I could tell... this was a conversation I could do without.

After gathering myself I walking into the door expecting to see a dark, gloomy, rugged, bad guy looking lair but what I found was a room full of plant life, bugs, small animals and insects. There were way too many to name but none of the mess you would expect from them. No feathers from the birds or fur from the wolfs or even poop from... well... anything. They all sat calmly in there respected sections of the room watching and observing everything. "Sit down Prince.... would you care for some tea? Asa…" "Yes captain?" A deep voice answered as it stepped into the room. The best way to describe him, I think, would be a six armed body builder. He was 6 "9" 370 pounds easy and built like a tank..... and remember.... six arms. "Could you go grab me and Prince here some tea from the kitchen we have a lot to catch up on." "What?" He turned his head looking at me. "It is you." He said smiling. "I was wondering when I was going to run into you... I have a mess..." "Not now Asa.... please you can talk to him as soon as I’m done, but right now I need that tea." As I watched Asa's face preparing for a reaction, there was a sec just a sec were I could see the thoughts he really had all over his face... "If you ever interrupt me again I’ll kill you." I read it on his face as if I heard it in my ears. Maybe my powers are growing, developing, or even changing all together.... whatever the reason it was plain as day and then just like that it was gone again and the smile was back. "Of course captain." Asa answered with a serene voice. Then he was gone again. "Sorry about that. He's been dyeing to meet you for awhile now something about the rights of passage his people go through. Apparently you can help him become the ultimate worrier for all his people.... but before that.... I need to ask you something." He stood up from his chair and walked over to a table on the other side of the room then motioned for me to follow. We sat down to the round table with Jessica sitting on my left and Hugo sitting on my right. "Are they trying to surround me?" I thought to myself thinking of possible escape routes if they were. From the way the table was made there is about 6 feet of table space in between the seats. Normally you would obviously go for the stronger opponent first but considering no one here is what they appear to be; you never know who's the strongest... but I digress. Since I wanted to escape not fight..... Whoever was in front of the door had to move or be moved. I positioned my chair so my legs were from under the table and sat up straight.

"Do you like peppermint or butterscotch?" He finally asked after a brief moment of silence. It wasn’t the question that caught me off guard the most, it was the expression on his face when I looked at him. It was black on the surface but underneath, something whispered "Don’t worry man… it’s just a joke.” When I looked into his eyes.... I knew that it wasn’t. "Umm no disrespect sir but what does that have to do with the price of tea in china." I said putting on a fake grin. I was trying to lighting the mood and maybe find out what’s going on here. "You know what cap…. he think this a game. Let me get him please dog... I mean sir." "Jessica I told you I have nothing against him for what happened. Since I don’t, it makes no since for you to.... you get it.... just chill." "Yea.. What’s your problem anyway je..." I started to ask but stopped mid sentence. At that exact moment my grid came on. It took me a min to realize what was going on. “Oh yea… the cool down phase must be over.” I told myself. “And boy way she right about seeing the differences.” I added pointing them out to myself. Now not only did my mind move faster but time seemed to actually slow down too. "But why now?" I asked myself searching the room for something life threatening..... but everything was frozen. That’s when I noticed Jessica was in a running position coming straight for me. "Wow." I thought. "She must have been moving pretty fast to make it half way to me before my grid picked her up." I said out loud knowing no one could hear me or thinking they couldn’t at least. Jessica’s eyes fixed on me as her body started to move. First... slow as if her feet where weighed down by weights; then a little faster like she was running through water. By this time id noticed the pattern but before I could think of a solution my grid snapped and everything went back to normal speed which for her was faster than a bullet shot through the front window of a NASCAR in full speed. "Jessica!" Hugo screamed stopping her cold in her tracks. I focused my eye's to get a grip on what was going on. Hugo had stood up from his seat and was now pointing at Jessica with a blank look on his face. Jessica was frozen with her hand an inch from my throat as if she was seconds away from snapping it. Still frozen she started to whisper "If you ever... ever make the mistake of trying to say my name out load again..... I’ll kill you before the last syllable leaves your lips." "But Hugo..." "Captain Hugo is my captain, my friend, and the one person

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