Love is "pain"?

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A poem about love and how quickly it can change

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




Love is pain especially when its not returned ur way when u can say u cant stand to be away for a single day cause that’s ur bae and even when she tryin to do wrong u ignore when u come home and c the names in the phone. Love hurts for what its worth i done been through worse i feel like i cursed to deal with the scum of the earth since birth but u know what it aint no thang i can complain cause i came to tell u love is pain

Let me take this moment now to explain my position everybody wishin that they can find love just needs to listen its not what u think it can make a nigga start to drink/ it can last eternally or b as quick as a blink my heart sank when i really saw who she was i heard the buzz but didnt believe it she was my dove she was my world i even went to marry this girl till i found out she was sleepin with a nigga named Earl Tom jimmy and Ben and bout 10 of his friends slept with half of Miami b4 i said this shit had 2 end but then again i stayed i guess i should b ashamed but im only here to tell you people love is pain


Since we separated I contemplated the dissertation every women that I met was full of hatred had to face it from the inside out it was shown that I was torn had to spend some time alone at home so I can move on and now iv grown c iv become a better man I understand everything that happens part of his plan he has this land and every1 in it cradled in hand he would never put 2 much on me that I cant stand this aint the end…c now that iv changed my position everybody listen if u want love or not just b persistent in ur hopes and ur dreams don’t let one person being mean change the fact that u need love in ur life or so it seems u know what I mean? So lets flip 2 a new scene

Loves a gift especially when u got some1 u wit don’t give a shit the kinda chick u can ride or die wit but that’s not it cause even when she finds out ur dirt she still callin u on the phone tryin to make things work. Loves great but to this day I havent found a way to get it in my life but if I do I prey that when I find she’ll b everything im lookin for she’ll be everything I need nothing less maybe more.

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