The Light of the Dark.

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The story of a tortured girl in a dark world is turned into a battle she never expected.

The Light of the Dark.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl who lived within a world plagued  by monsters, these monsters fed on emotion and pain and inflicted it wherever they may have roamed, bringing despair into many a heart of a young lady. Despite the horrors of her world this girl carried with her a light of hope, a hope that one day she could cure her world and save herself from the darkness that consumed the place she once called home.Many creatures feared this light and attempted to take the light from her, luckily the light was fused into her very being and would not be given up so easily, as many times as the creatures tried this young mistress would not break for her strength was unbound.Alas this came with one strong drawback, to destroy the light then the hope of this girl must be shattered also.

Many creatures before had tried to break this young maidens spirit but failed as they coud not penetrate into her mind or heart.Until one day a stranger appeared, tall in appearence, thick brown hair draped over the front of  his face covering his steely gaze, and in that gave the young maiden fell into a trance, the burdens she once carried were lightened and she felt as though at last she would not have to face the darkness alone, meeting this dark stranger brought great happiness to the girl finally setting her to ease, her insecurities from her past encounters with the beasts seam to fade.Even the scars she bared from previous battles, the pain of them disapated into nothing, could she have finally been cured of her past.With a smile he gained her trust, then by a touch he reached into her heart to imprint forever a memory of himself, a perfect memory so that her light of hope would never dim.Over time they taught each other many things, he taught her to smile and she taught him how to live, and in living he felt her touch himself, deep into his very soul,so deep it sparked a light within the strangers heart.Touched by this girls kindness the stranger began to love, unknown to him that the girl had felt these feelings greatly earlier, he consealed his feelings within a box and stowed them away to protect his heart.

With his emotion consealed the girl saw less light within the strangers heart and began to doubt his intentions yet her feelings remained unchanged, she could not figure out why it was happening but she felt her grip on him loosen, he was falling through her fingers and she could not control it.By sealing away his emotions the stranger had blackened the light she sparked within him and corrupted his heart, his intentions he felt worsen and darken which sparked great fear.He grew more scared each day it would be he himself which destroyed this girl, and caused her light of hope to fade.As the days rolled by the stranger form twisted and changed, manifesting into something horrific and evil, he felt himself become a creature he had tried so long to protect the girl from.In an act of reckless abandon he put his faith in a flawed plan, to keep her safe from him he began to push her away before his transformation was complete, sadly he was too late, and she was exposed to the creature he had become leaving yet another scar on her perfect body.She cast this creature from her life with a thunderous scream and with that her words became whispers.The days grew ever darker as her hope died down and her screams and wimpers through the night were never met by comforting arms.He plagued her nightmares and filled her with terrible fears that she thought she would never overcome.Alone and afraid she reached out aimlessly into the night for someone to take her hand.

Meanwhile as the now monstrosity dwelled within its abode the strangest thoughts still pierced through his now coarse hide.In these thoughts held a memory, one most fond and dear but still clouded by corruption, his perfect imprint on er heart remained and only his touch would unlock her heart again.In the hope that this would purge the creatres from his own system he seeked out the help of a wiseman who brought to light many answers the stranger had seeked for so long, and in those answers he found hope.A way to hure him of his blight and return emotion back to his soul.Opening the box was no easy task as it was deep inside him, shrouded by a curtain of dark thoughts but from the box he saw a glimmer, a single beam of light so bright even the sun itself would be afraid to shine in its presence.This light ruptured and tore apart this dark curtain returning love to the strangers heart and returning him to the man he once was, his pride had been restored and his gentle nature was back, his form was no longer this dark shadow in her fears but thatmemory she had held onto for so long awaiting its return.

In the days that followed the stranger finished recovering and set off to restore the hope of the once scarred girl,only to find he may have been too late, with tears in her eyes and loss in her heart she let her box fall from her grasp.As it plummeted he stranger reached out and with the gentlest touch, caught the box returning it to her hands. “This is your’s, and its a precious thing, if you are truly sure of it, love is the one thing you should never let slip through your finger’s” Brushing a tear from her cheek he leaned in to those lips that he had loved so much in a former self,to be met by a cold embrace, the scars he left had run deep and the blood that wept from them ran cold.How could she trust a creature past,present or future,she couldn’t and so with love still in her heart she ascended into her home where her guards would keep her safe.

Many nights went by and the strangers contact with the girl dimished, he heard less from her each day, but as he had told her once before love should never be let go of.Within this time the stranger devised a plan, a way to ensure he would never turn again, finally he would see the one he held so dear smile once more,His emotions and feelings that were once sealed away he began to envelop, crafting them into words, these grew into sentences and finally whole letters, everyday he spent apart from her these letters gained size and number, all his love, hopes, and distress from being away from her were now contained in letters, all his heart and soul were now paper, and he saved them all, knowing one day he would see her again.

More than thirty long nights passed until his life was brightened by the beauty of her smile and yet even in his overwhelmed state, his first gesture was still solid and certain, he handed her a foldertitled for you.With a smile on his face and relief in his heart, he rested. She read through the folder  page by page her smile expanding evermore as she continued, the words she had longed to hear for so long were all right here before her eyes.Finally as the last page turned she clung to the folder to her chest and a single tear rolled down her cheek. “No, don’t cry” the stranger pleaded “Inever want to see a single tear roll down those perfect cheeks again.” She hugged him tightly realising she was all he had ever wanted all along, and with the passing of the folder, his heart and soul were hers to keep so the stranger could never be corrupted again.Bringing forth a light from her heart which broke darkness’hold on the land saving it from the creatures.As a harbinger of hope the once fragile girl took a place in history to forever be known as the princess of the night.As for the stranger, he remained by her side as her prince, their love burned brighter than any star.Until their end of days together in each others arms.The End.

Submitted: October 14, 2015

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I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but in paragraph 5 you have a sentence that says "As it plummeted HE stranger..." And I think you meant the not he. Just a catch sorry if I offended you

Wed, October 14th, 2015 9:02pm

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