The Christ Cutaway

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Daniel was born in an Islamic Republic, as a Muslim. He would emerge as a Christian later in his life. Follow Daniel as he confronts the toughest questions, as he explores life, as he finds the real answers.

Submitted: June 16, 2010

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Submitted: June 16, 2010



Daniel was born in the suburbs of Karachi, Pakistan. His father, a government officer, lived in Karachi all his life. While his mother lived in Northern Pakistan. Both parents were raised up in deep Islamic lifestyles. Daniel would be the second child, the first being his older brother Amus.

Amus, at Daniel's birth, grew an extensive jealousy for his brother. One of the reasons why is of the brutality in accepting that he will no longer be the favorite child, because now he has a rival. For example, there can only be one king, as their can only be one favorite child {In Amus's mind that is).

It is quite essential to know that Daniel and Amus were both born in Pakistan, an Islamic Republic. No one had ever been other than a Muslim in the family. It was never heard of, never mentioned. Two years after Daniel's birth, his parents decided to immigrate to the United States of America, bringing Daniel and Amus with them. A sister was to be born two years later, her name being Sabrina. She would be the last offspring.

They lived in New Jersey with the family for a year, but moved to Florida because of the job opportunities and the warm climate. Initially, they moved to Tampa, but they chose a wise decision to move to Central Florida. They lived near Orlando, Florida in a city called Kissimmee.

Now we skip eleven years of Daniel's life where he is a Freshman in High School and at an age of fourteen. Daniel has now grown up to be a handsome little fellow, with black hair, tan-colored skin, two loving parents, and two caring siblings. Going into High School, Daniel knows that he is going to meet new people, and that he has to work hard to get the grades. Little did he know, but God was going to give him the ultimate test.

Some friends were made right from the start, while others took time. Reed was the first type of friend mentioned, the one from the get-go. Reed was a skinny-looking fellow, but athletic he was. Reed was pale-white, had brownish-red hair, and even a bit muscular. Daniel was just plain skinny, with no muscles, no fat. He was just skin, and skin only. At first, Daniel was afraid to meet Reed, but he knew he had to overcome his fears by befriending him. It was only the first week of school and Daniel had already made a new friend.

Their friendship lasted long, and grew enormously over the year. But Daniel was a jealous friend at times, and when Reed would talk to friends that were more popular than he, he would get mad. He would get annoyed and it impacted him greatly. It is funny how mild jealousy can turn into furious anger. It happened to him, but he would never stay mad at Reed forever, for Daniel loved Reed as a friend. He considered him his own brother.

One day, during March, Reed invited Daniel to go to Church with him on Easter Sunday. Daniel was automatically put off by this, he found it awkward that he would be inviting a Muslim to Church, how detestable! A certain part of him actually wanted to go, he wanted to spend time with Reed, so he asked his mother. Obviously, his mother denied, even though Daniel explained to her that it was on a special occasion.

Daniel lied to Reed, he told him that he was going to Miami that weekend. When he told him, a peculiar guilt stuck in Daniel's heart. He should have told the truth, but it was too late for truth now. So Daniel decided to ask Reed of other plans to do during Spring Break. Reed rejected most of them, and Daniel took it the opposite way, he took it to the heart. He hated him even more, he felt like he was giving him revenge when he refused Reed's invitation. The fact was, Reed was busy that Spring Break.

Daniel was becoming more and more worried about his friendship with Reed, he wanted it to last, but he also wanted it to be without any doubts. Then one night, Daniel asked him a question on IM, \"How do you forgive yourself?\", at first Reed told him that he knew what was wrong so he would forgive and forget. There was no reply from Daniel, even though he read Reed's reply, it was as if he was testing him. Reed put in another reply right after, and he said that he forgives himself through Jesus Christ.

You can expect the reaction from Daniel, but you may be surprised. He let Reed continue himself and he let him say what he had to. And then Reed told him the story of the resurrection and Easter. He told him of everything, and he hooked Daniel into it on the very last line. At April 16th 2010 on 11:09 he said: \" I love you man and I want to see you in heaven for eternity and that is why I felt that it is important to share this with you man\". He made Daniel extremely emotional and realized of all the wrong-doing he had with Jacob. It was time to forgive himself, and he told Reed. Everything.

To his surprise, Reed seemed emotional as well, he forgave Daniel, and when they went back to school that Monday, Reed got Daniel a Bible. During lunch for two weeks, they would discuss it. This was the first time that Christianity had ever taken a role on him. Everything only seemed perfect, but everything was not perfect at all. Daniel had to tell his parents that he was reading the Bible. He told them, but he lied. He told them that he was only reading the Bible to learn of Christianity, and not take anything out of it. It was the biggest lie in his life. It was a depressing week for Daniel, but it was going to get better soon.

Reed's friendship with Daniel was escalating into greater heights, but the resistance from Daniel's parents became an obstacle he had to overcome. Not only from his parents, but his brother as well. Now Amus was suspicious because he knew Daniel very well. He would bug Daniel about it, but it would take a month before Daniel would have his breakdown. But that is later, let us go to the beginning of June.

On June 3rd, Daniel was saved. Daniel had said the prayer to make him a Christian, Baptist Christian to be specific. Reed had said the prayer, and Daniel had accepted Jesus Christ into his life. A few weeks before, on May 11th, Reed and Daniel started reading the Bible with a reading schedule. They were to finish it around September (Not including weekends).

On June 6th, Daniel had a breakdown. Daniel really wanted unlimited texting and he was finally going to get it, until his mother gave him the horrid offer. She said to him, \"You promise that you stop reading the Bible and give it to me, then shall you get Unlimited Texts.\" It was an unfair decision, and Daniel broke down from his house and stood outside for two hours, just crying and talking to himself. He had not told them he had become Christian yet. He came back into the house and his mother got rid of the option and just gave him unlimited texts.

It was the last day of school, and Reed and Daniel had grown from strangers to Best Friends. It was astonishing, but it was definitely worth-while. In the end, Daniel chose his path. Daniel, now fifteen, decided to keep his religion in his heart, he decided to not tell his parents that he was Christian, but he kept in mind that he was going to have to tell them when he turns eighteen, for he would be out of the house.

If this does not seem to obvious to you, then let me make it clear: I am Daniel (the Character names are different). This was my confession. Feedback or advice will much appreciated. Thank you for taking your time and reading this. - Saad

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