Behind the Glass ( A Halloween Story)

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Richard. A 17 year old boy. Envy's he's twin brother. Not much appreciated in his own family. Alone.

Discovers something that is out of his own understanding. Something that will change his life forever right after that Halloween night.

Something had embedded his consciousness. Mirrors. Life. Mystery.

Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012




I still couldn’t forget what had happened that late Halloween night. My friends and I were just having a very great time. Just as what all of us would really do whenever it’s Halloween. We go wander on streets and scare the kids the hell out of their souls like literally. Sometimes, rob their candy baskets like some big bad wolf after red riding hood. I couldn’t remember how we ended up in this abandoned old scrawny house but hey, a great adventure’s gotta take risks as well. Nothing could scare me that night. Not even the ghost of my childhood bully who is now been feasted by parasites in the cemetery after being in an accident months later.

I am Richard. Most of my friends call me Rich because it suits me better, they say.


Well, having an annoying twin brother Rain (just so random, actually) is really such a pain in the ass. I don’t know how to consider but it’s not like having a brother can make your life feel any much better.


I don’t actually consider my friends as a total bad influence which most of my cousins even my brother thinks. I happen to be one of the most respected member of the gang. The gang which I count as my second superior family or probably, the only.

I have never been any closer to my original family because of Rain. He’s much more appreciated. He has this, has that while I’m stuck with nothing. That’s why I didn’t have any reason to not dislike Rain. I don’t say I have hated him. Probably, got too jealous of the praise he’s getting than me.

Getting back to what had happened that night. My friends Dominic, Jersey, Jerry, Roy and I have wandered the foggy streets of Surrey which is where we’re supposed to be every Halloween. A lot of improvements of the event has been made. Lots of kids than before. Lots of baskets to rob for the night.

“Trick or Treat!” probably, the main language that you could hear everywhere and nothing else. My friends and I were dressed in black tuxedos with matching dark shades which makes us look like were secret agents of some private company. We secretly pass by on kids and grab their baskets which mostly upsets them in split seconds. I actually am starting to get the hang of it. Though, I am fully aware that it is not a very good idea to deal with the event in such manner every year but hey, I don’t care. I don’t care of anything that might happen to me. As if anyone cares. Not even my family.

We came across this house. This spooky big old mansion like in the movies they used to call as haunted. Dominic was getting chicken all along. He never did like to stare at the house. He always talks about it as if he lives there. He talks about it in his nightmares.

‘gulp’ I could see Dominic sweat so badly. “I think we should leave now guys.” He said.

I was so embarrassed that I told him to shut up. “Just f*ck off if you can’t bear to stay, okay?”

He was trembling and I could not forget the way he stared at me as he flee our area.

‘Ring! Ring! Ring!’ accompanied with a struck of thunder made us startle like hell.

“What was that?” screeched Roy.

“It’s just lightning. Get used to it.”I teased.

I remembered my phone was ringing a while ago. I tried to check it out if something’s going on.

‘One Missed Call from Rain Keen’ that just happens to be annoying. What on earth is his story to tell about?

I didn’t know why I tried to call him back but it was interrupted after Jersey took my phone and threw it at the window of the attic in which the glass broke, letting it enter the premises.

“Why the hell would you do that?” I yelled angrily.

He just replied me a smile along with his brother Jerry. “Let’s see who’s brave enough to get it from the attic.”

“A good idea.” said Jerry.

“You guys are so hell mad, aren’t you?” I was so furious I could punch everyone’s face at a time.

Roy was just in a middle of silence when he ran away from us not letting go a syllable.

“Another chicken ran away.” Both of the brothers laughed so hard.

I was so angry at this brothers but I have no choice but to keep calm. They’re so big and they could beat me to death if I ever stand against them.

“Get your phone Rich.” Jerry said.

“We’ll be waiting.” Jersey followed with a stupid grin stickered in his face.

I tried to swallow my fear. I have this great phobia of the dark but somehow, I tried to get over it.

I met up with a very big rusty gate. Luckily, it wasn’t locked and I could easily slip myself inside without even touching a speck of it. Every step I took was so obvious. I assume, the lawn was a hundred years old not groomed so it looked like an ancient graveyard. I could hear every pace I make. The screech of the ground seemed to be alarming yet, I put my fear in my pocket.

The house was more scrawny than I thought it was. It might have had been infested by termites for generations judging to how the texture seemed. I was trying to not step on something gross that time but I could not be more careful.

The old wrecked doorstep met my half trembling half calm feet. I seemed as a secret agent knocking on an alien’s house. It was so dark and if I haven’t mention, I settled my shades on top of my forehead and let my eyes photo the limited light.

Three knocks and I’ve waited. No response was sighted so I expect no one would be in that house. It would be so easy for me to get it. A big of a shock for me when I discovered, the door opened by itself.

‘Screech!” the door slowly opened. My heart pounded as if I could not bear to keep calm. But my head was straight forward in getting my precious phone. You never know who might call in the middle of the night using my phone. That would be really creepy.

I stepped inside the house. I have never been so cautious in my whole life since that. I could not take my eyes off of the door and where Jerry and Jersey were standing. I was so worried that they would leave me at any moment without retrieving my phone from the attic.

‘Ring! Ring! Ring!’ It wasn’t hard for me to track down the location of my phone. I was fully blinded by dark and sound waves were the instruments of my vision. Now, I have to worry about touching something that could vaporize my hands without knowing.

I could hear rats run over the place and every step I made was making the most horrible sound ever. I have no idea if I’m stepping on something wicked but I could smell various stenches of both dead and evil.

I could see the stairs. It was lightened by the moonlight of that night. The moon was never big before. Probably, it had but I’ve never seen it in such size as what it was in that night. The light helped me step on the stairs.

Step by step, I worried about falling at any moment. Nothing seemed to calm me down. Wishing I could get the adrenaline rush and run upstairs and get my phone and head outside the house. I could not do it. I couldn’t even feel my legs anymore because of what my fear was feeding me.

A few more steps and I’m almost at the second floor. The house had two stories and an attic. That was the most challenging part. To get to the attic. Rather a very most dark attic I have ever gone through.

‘Bang!’ thunder strikes again. It slapped me a giant shock in my spinal cord. I was petrified but I kept moving on.

“Rich! Still there? Come down now! It’s almost raining.” Yelled someone that I could recognize was Jersey.

‘Rain’ that name just went stuck into my noggins like it had a nice summer vacation there. ‘I have to get that phone no matter.’ I said to myself. The night was so cooperating when after that phone rang again. I probably think it’s Rain calling but I don’t know how to think properly. I was furious but yet, panicking. I tried to track down were the attic entrance was when I stumbled on something and ended up facing a very huge frame covered by a wide white cloth. I never really wanted to reveal what it’s hiding but curiosity was far more intoxicating.

A mirror. A very large mirror that I have never seen before. I was totally fascinated. Stunned at its greatness. I could even remember the mirror of Erised on this. Sorry, I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter so I know about that.

As I was making myself comfortable in front of the mirror, a big shock for me to discover something that was dwelling behind my back. Something large. Something black. Something, that might grab me in split seconds if I happen to make a slight movement of muscle or just a simple screech. I could see its horrid looks judging on how dark it was. My hair rose to the extent that it should just pop off my skin. My soul could have flee my body at any moment but I do not have such power to do that. The thing was pacing almost towards me when I couldn’t even stretch a finger. One last thing I remembered, it touched my back and pushed me in front of the mirror and the night ended there. I could not remember anything else just before I woke up.

‘Yawn’ Stretching both my arms to warm up from having a very bad nightmare. I could not bear remembering the tragic that made me sick for hours while resting. I suddenly tried to rise up from my comfy blue bed on which I used to jump on when I was a little kid.

The monitor of our flat screen computer stayed open so I was nowhere near to figure out, it was Rain’s stupidity, not turning it off before he leaves as usual. I headed on its seat when I suddenly was startled by a little movement that it made. I tried to see what the monitor was doing.

The cursor runs by itself as well as the mouse and even the keyboard has its own life. I was scared eventually. I could not believe what I was seeing that time. It’s too surreal for me to be witnessing such scenario. A computer that runs itself? I must be losing out of my mind.

I tried to calm down, settling on my comfy bed for no good reason. The computer didn’t stop there. It started to turn off by itself again. A big relief for me not be seeing such unforgiving incident. Though a question was running in my mind. I could not bear to ignore it. ‘Where on earth are the people in this house?’

I went downstairs to the kitchen to see what’s happening. I could hear some sounds of some things at work but I could not hear some dialogues. This house probably runs by itself now. I don’t know.

Passing by a texturized translucent brown glass wall covering our kitchen, I saw my mum’s distorted silhouette. I could not think of something else but to assume that she’s probably making breakfast. I called her but I never got any response.

I could still see her. She’s moving. I know she is. She’s probably making my favorite, crème brulee. I could sense that.

I opened the kitchen door to check out what she was actually doing. I was surprised what I just found after I opened the door.

No one was actually around but I just saw my mum. I could never be wrong. I went back to the glass. She was still there.

‘What is happening to me?’ I was so darn confused. I never get to realize what my actual state was. It was so unforgiving that I could not think very clearly. A mixed of confusion, anxiety and fear. I was alone in that house but I could sense lots of presence that surrounds me.

My heart pumped so harshly. I wanted to cry but it was useless. I’m seventeen years old, for god sakes. Why should I even try to?

I roamed around the house. I was so alone. I feel like I’m dead but I surely couldn’t remember.

‘Screech!’ My attention was immediately caught by the door. Eventually, turned my head to it as soon as I was startled. A foggy atmosphere visited our house. The sky went from day to night. That was one thing I became fascinated but it stopped me there after something went in.

Both my feet were petrified. I could’ve ran as fast as I can. It was it. The dark figure that pushed me in the mirror. The boogeyman. The monster. I wanted to scream but I ran out of air. I wanted to run but I was completely paralyzed. I became a statue without even knowing.

The dark figure didn’t seem to notice me or if it wasn’t supposed to. It paced right into a mirror. A large framed mirror that was placed above our fireplace in the living room. I was shocked at how it managed to pass through the glass like it was some sort of new dimension or portal but it just went in, leaving me unexplainably mental.

The figure just vanished after it passed through. I could not explain what I felt like. I was shocked, stunned, fascinated, scared, depressed and felt surreal at the same time. I never am used to this things. Not even anyone.

The darkness turned into light. I was back into my normal state again. The petrifaction was over. Everything went back to normal, I supposed. But I was still dreaming. I know I am. I could never be wrong. I just knew it.

I went to see the mirror. Maybe, it just didn’t flee. Maybe, it’s just there, hiding. But there was something that gave me a total shock. Something, that made me do something I couldn’t do. It wasn’t because of the monster. It was something more.

It was Anny. She was facing at the mirror as if she was actually facing me. I didn’t see my reflection but I did see her. Then, I realized. Everything that was in my world was inverted. I never actually noticed it. Everything was just so normal until I realized. The world I knew was now a world of opposites. I felt like I’m gonna lose my mind in any moment now.

“Anny!” I yelled. “Anny, do you hear me?”

She didn’t respond. She didn’t hear me or see me. I was so worried of myself. What did I put myself into? Why is this happening?

I tried to see the environment behind her. There was Rain and mum. They were talking about something. I could sense, they were arguing. I hope it’s not about me.

They finished talking but Rain did do something that stunned him. He faced at me. I thought it was normal for him to glance at the mirror but he noticed something. I believe he noticed me. I could have never been happy ever.

But then, the moment I restored hope in getting back to that world, the grim of the monster covered the mirror. The glass went black and restored my own reflection.

I could not take this anymore. I have to go back to that house where it started it all.

I closed my eyes and took the deepest breath I could make. Trying to figure out something that might be a solution to my darn problem. I was getting so hysterical. I could not believe myself. I was getting insane but I want to fight it.

The weather was fine. At least, I have noticed it. I could judge it by seeing the windows in the indoors. Looking through those window panes, I could see a perfect world opposite than mine. Opposite from grief, sorrow and lonesome. I could see moving colors of pedestrians and vehicles ruling the roads. I could imagine the loudness of the horns and the swiftness of the tracks. But there wasn’t any actually. I wished there was. It could have made me the happiest person, that very moment.

I was then startled by something. Something, that interrupted the sacred silence of the house. Something…

‘Ding-dong!’ It was the door bell.

‘How did I…?’ I could not believe it. I actually heard that. I thought there was someone out there for me. Someone that would accompany my loneliness. Someone that would take away my fear.

The doorknob was wriggling. Twisting as if it was locked and was forcing itself to open. I thought it was hope when I tried to open it. No one was there. A disappointing surprise. Hope cannot be restored now.

I went outside. The roads was empty. Empty except me.

No one was there. No one except me and myself. I once had an imaginary friend but where is he now? I’ll just make out a fool of myself if I ever consider doing that again.

But there was something that restored my confidence. The glass, the reflection, the light. It lets me peek to the real world. I could see all people that was around if ever I pass on a puddle. I get to see everyone if I ever find a mirror. But I could not provide a mirror for myself. I just depend on what the environment gave me. At least, I have discovered how I can see through everything.

I tried to enjoy my world. I can easily sneak on every house. It wasn’t all locked. There wasn’t a house nor a door that is not free for me to get in.

There was food. Thank goodness. I have never had breakfast that day. And it was as I seemed, almost lunch. The grocery store was straight ahead our neighborhood. That was the first thing that came in mind. Though, I could have checked our fridge at the first place. I wonder why I haven’t thought of that.

I went inside eventually. What do you actually expect from a hungry person? I tried to roam around. See if there’s something neat to enjoy.

I watched the reflections of the soda fridges. There was a lot of people that was there, actually. I could never thought of that before I could see what’s happening.

I tried to open the fridge. Somehow, I did manage to take something from it. Some of my favorite milk tea and a cola that I rather not speak of the brand so I don’t ever get to advertise anything. I took out the straw and plunge it on the top of the milk tea. Took a sip and it was paradise.

Somehow, I didn’t take off my eyes to the reflection. I wanted to observe how people shop in groceries. I was probably like a spectator in a room of surveillance. Until something had plunged into my consciousness. I was so shocked to see what I was in front of. You would never even believe if you saw it.

It was Dominic and Roy and guess who was the other one with them?

It wasn’t Rain, of course. He doesn’t get well with the two guys. Furthermore, it left me no choice but to let me believe. It was me. I was with them. How the hell shall I be with them when I’m trapped in this unknown dimension that I have no idea how I even got here?

That’s not me. That surely isn’t. I didn’t want to believe. I don’t remember being with them in that time. My mind convinced myself that it was probably a flash back of some memory but no. It could not be. That’s totally impossible. How could I even not remember? That’s not me and that was final.

I saw myself. I barely could not let go of my eyes. I caught every moment, every movement. Everything.

He could not seem to notice me. I mean, myself. I was talking about myself.

It had its own mind. I don’t know. Is that a doppelganger of myself? Oh no. This isn’t good.

My doppelganger was wearing my favorite red jacket. My denim pants that most of the time is with me everywhere. But one thing had shocked me the most. Yes, this ‘buts’ always makes a scene but I can’t help it. Right in my pants’ pocket inserted something that I don’t usually bring. It resembled a knife; a dagger. I don’t know. But it sure was sharp enough to hurt somebody. Oh, no wait. What’s with it and why does he have it?

It left me clueless and seriously worried. I wanted to tell Dominic and Roy to stay away from him but I couldn’t. This glass hindered me from doing so. If I could only break it to pass through. It was unbreakable. I mean, I could not put even the slightest scrape on it. It was indestructible. You should know what I mean.

I put everything that I was holding on somewhere I couldn’t remember. I was so tensed just as I was observing them in the counter. I could not think properly. If it was only just a dream, I wanted to wake up in any moment but all just seemed too real. I cannot escape the hell that was passed on.

I spotted a mirror in the counter. Probably, I could see what they’re up to. I was so eager to know. Just for instance, you see yourself doing something crazy. It would obviously drive you crazy as well.

Just as I reached the counter to see what’s on their current schedule, I didn’t seem to see myself straightly. I, my other self just eventually turned around as if they’re job was finished or just simply was ignoring me. I don’t know but that was really weird.

It wasn’t really easy realizing that you’re in an unknown trap and wasn’t actually sure if you can even get out. I could not hear a single word that all was talking about. I could not hear voices. I was longing for voices. It makes me feel very lonely not hearing any voice other than myself.

The gang headed out. I wanted to follow them but I could only spot an eye on them when there’s any reflection. Otherwise, I get lost.

I imagine myself hearing the door open as I was seeing them from the counter’s mirror facing the door itself. That moment when I saw myself reaching out the back pocket of my pants and probably, checking out what’s in it made me more scared. I wasn’t scared of myself. I was scared for my friends.

He didn’t seem to do anything dodgy at the moment they went out of the store. I can still see them as they went outside. I thought I could only see on reflections but also, I can see through glass.

I went to follow them but just as I opened the door and paced one step outside, they just vanished into thin air. Everything just went out of sight. It was like taking off a 3d glass and everything just seemed awful.

I turned to see through the grocery entrance door. There were lots of people inside. I never realized that, really. Not even the reflection of the outdoors were unrecognizable.

Wait. I almost forgot to spot my gang. Oh my! Where did they went? God darn it!

I didn’t waste any second. I tried to stroll along any reflection on the streets trying to spot anything suspicious. Anything that might lead me to where they are. A prime investigation? I was pretty much in to it.

I got my confidence back. Settled my worrisome and fear away from attention and carried on to probably, some plans that was far from success. I look into every window of parked cars. Every mirror or any source of reflection I could spot. It was just hopeless. I could never find them now.

I inhaled for a moment. Exhaled and thought of something. And eventually forgot about it. It was just weird. I didn’t feel I was hungry but I was so not adjusting to the new environment. Everything just seemed so not for me. Why do I even deserve being put here in lots of vain? I could not think of someone who could put me into this. Not even my friends nor any stranger that is out there. No one deserves this sh*t. No one.

I heard a scream. I could have never believed myself. The environment was totally mute, like literally and there’s nothing more scary than hearing a voice in just a sudden.

It’s not even noon and I was having some crazy hallucinations.

The sky was as blue as everyday and the clouds didn’t resemble anything significant which I expect, once in awhile.

What I’m I hearing now? Have I gone crazy? I need to loosen up a bit. Don’t mind problems before I get to have a mental breakdown in which no 911 could respond to my case.

The scream came again. Now, that’s not my mind playing. That’s something.

It didn’t stop there. The screaming just started a show. It probably had waken up my suspicion alert. I could track and follow where it’s coming from.

‘There!’ my mind was thoroughly cooperative. It showed me the source of the screams. It was from that black SUV that went very familiar.

“That’s Jerry’s car.” I said to myself. I couldn’t be wrong. It’s theirs. The Hamburg brothers.

Eventually, you would expect me to know what’s inside which I did. Tried to see who’s in it and was surprised to see someone. A big shock drew my face when I saw Dominic’s reaction as I faced him.

I didn’t know how but I couldn’t be wrong. He’s seeing me with his two oceanic eyes.

He fell back on the driver’s seat, trying to stay away from me. His eyes bulge out; arms were trembling; face was sweating. Overall, there’s something bad going on.

I reached to open the front car door but he tended to lock it immediately. It was as if he was scared of me a lot. I couldn’t seem to picture what was going on until I saw the horror in his eyes.

I was about to open the door but Dominic resisted. He didn’t want to see me nor talk to me. I’ve been asking him what was wrong but he kept on saying, “Go away, freak!”

I wanted to calm him down. He couldn’t relax. I didn’t know what the situation was. I really had no idea.

‘Freak?’ He called me a freak. There’s something bad going on.

I still wanted to talk to Dominic so I secured him on every second. Until, I spotted something that was just so petrifying.

Remember me seeing through reflections? Guess what, I just saw myself and Dominic walking together in a funny sort of way. I prefer to classify it as a zombie walk. Well, not the overly limping kind of way. It’s just that, we don’t actually walk like that.

I went to see inside the car if Dominic had settled up a bit. He was stunned. He couldn’t move. An overwhelming sight most probably had shocked the hell of him. He just died. Well, of course. Not die – die. He was just overly shocked. That’s all.

I opened the door. He didn’t seem to move a muscle. Not a strand of his blonde hair was moving. All frozen. Judging on his gaped mouth and open-wide eyes. He just fainted in shock.

I didn’t want to laugh but I never had seen his face like that. Like, never ever. I never thought he was a total scaredy-cat.

I spread my left hand and waved it in front of his pale shocked face trying to check if he’s conscious. No response was accommodated after.

I knocked on his forehead. It was as stiff as iron. He became a statue. Oh my gosh! What to do?

I figured out a funny way to do the job. Maybe, he’s trapped in his subconscious. Maybe, he just needs something that can unlock him from it.

I tried to slap both my palms together in front of his face. Maybe, the sudden slapping sound could do it.

‘Clap!’ It was the loudest I could do so far. It didn’t work, unfortunately.

Plan B. I would never even wanted to try this but everything’s just was too fairy-tale to me. I thought of something crazy. The true love’s kiss.

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing so hard. I couldn’t get over it, really. It was just too funny. Me? Gonna kiss Dominic? Come on. You have got to be kidding me. Well, I would never.

There was something inside me that told me to do it but I kept resisting. I ain’t gay nor have I ever shared affections with the same gender. That’s just impossible.

I stared at Dominic’s eyes. He’s glossy stiff pupils wanted me to save him from his shock. It brought back lots of memories just as I saw the aquamarine gems that was put on both of his visions.

I neared my face to his not allowing malice to put on its way. Nearing my nose to his, I felt like this was wrong. I kept on staring at his eyes. I have never seen his eyes so close before. I got the feeling of jealousness seeing how wonderful his blue eyes were.

It moved and I reckon it made I contact with me inches away from kissing. He flipped back with horror in his face.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” He screamed again. I got startled of him waking up so I joined the party.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” We never got tired of screaming until he just stopped and eventually, I did too.

“Calm down, Dominic. I’m not gonna hurt you.” I said. I wanted him to stop now.

He didn’t seem to say something in few seconds. I thought he’s gonna be mute as well. That ain’t good to me.

He had this confused gesture when he saw my face. “Where am I?” he asked. “Rich?”

His eyes were weary. I couldn’t tell if he can see me clearly or what.

“Yeah. What happened?” I said. I honestly thought he had a total memory loss just after that.

I can see it in his eyes that he’s bringing back memories. It took just few moments until he finally said significantly.

“Wait a minute.” He paused. “Were you trying to…”

My eyes bulged out. I thought he remembered something about that thing I was just about to do.

“No, no, no.” I explained. “It’s not what it looks like. I was just trying to help.”

“No. You were trying to ki…” he said but I interrupted his sentence.

“I wasn’t trying to kiss you, of course. I would never.”

“Who said anything about kissing?” he said. I was shocked. I would have never told him that in the first place.

“You were trying to kill me.” He said. “Stay away from me.”

I was never scared of my whole life just until he said that. I couldn’t understand him. What did I ever do? Or if I ever have done something in the real world just recently that made him act like that.

Dominic was still leaning against the driver seat’s window trying to stay away from me. He didn’t want me to draw near to him as if I carried some contagious disease that would infect him immediately .

I wanted to know what bugs him so much so I kept on asking. “What is wrong, Dominic? What happened?”

“You’re not Richard, are you?” I was surprised when he said that.

“What are you talking about?” I couldn’t believe it. “Of course, this is me, Dom. Your best friend.”

Something caught his attention and somewhat, I got a little speck of his trust.

“You don’t have it?” he asked. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Have what?”

“The fork. Of course, you have the fork. How could you not have that bloody fork?” he spoke as if he was out of his mind.

“I don’t know anything about any forks. What about it?”

“Lies.” He hesitated. “Of course, you know about it. You wanted to kill me.”

“Dom!” I was getting so confused and tired of the denial. “This is me. How could you not believe me?”

“How can I know you’re telling the truth, then?” He needed proof. There was nothing I could show him but something that always was our very little secret.

“You have a massive crush on Anny and accidentally kissed Roy when you stumbled on his bed one time. Does that count?”

He was eventually motionless. Shocked of probably what I unveiled.

“How on earth do you know these things?” His face was as blank as dumb.

“Because, I’m Rich and that’s the truth.”

I ended our darn conversation. At least, it didn’t get worse. If I haven’t mentioned, we were still in that darn car of Jerry. I was so confused how Dominic had found me. I mean, how I found Dominic. How was he supposed to be here? How did he get here in the first place?

I wanted to ask him that but he needed time to adjust in the new environment. Well, he didn’t seem to notice the difference until he got out of the car and saw the world differently.

“Where is everyone? What happened?” he was as clueless as me.

I didn’t want to lie but what I was going to say was just simply unbelievable. He might think I was going insane but I had no other choice.

“We’re not in the real world anymore, Dom. We’re trapped inside this inverted world.”

He found that not very convincing. Just as I thought.

“What do you mean, inverted?” He was getting the feeling he was being fooled.

“Don’t you notice?” I explained. “Everything’s mirrored. Even the car’s license plate.”

He went to see it, immediately. Then, he realized.

“Bloody!” He was shocked. “What is wrong with this world?”

I was glad I wasn’t experiencing this alone. I had Dominic with me. But how? How was he able to get inside? I remember him talking about some fork. But what is it? What’s it about?

(Be updated for more of his story)

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