Chocolate Infection Part 1

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A widespread disease had infected almost half a part of London England. Fun way to read a zombie apocalypse story.

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



Chocolate Infection

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  • Prologue
  • School Cafeteria - 11:30 AM
  • Detention Room 12:10 PM
  • School Hall 4:47 PM
  • Jarred’s bedroom – 6:29 PM
  • Next Day, Dining Table – 7:13 AM
  • School Bus – 7:30 AM
  • Chemistry Class – 9:11 AM
  • St. Michael General Hospital –10:00 AM
  • School Cafeteria –11:49 AM
  • School Hallway – 2:48 PM
  • Boris’ Locker – 2:53 PM
  • Tracy’s Bedroom – 8:38 PM

  • Jarred’s house, Living Room – 8:50 PM

  • Detention Room – Unknown Time

  • Jarred’s House, Dining Room – 07:30 AM

  • School Hall – 9:39 AM

  • Jarred’s Bedroom – 10:21 AM

  • Hannah’s room – 10:57 AM

  • Dr. Chestiny Fair’s Residence – 11:25 AM

  • School Hallway – 2:20 PM

  • The Coffee Café - 4:00 PM

  • Girls Lavatory – 4:45 PM

  • Monica’s room – 7:20 PM

  • Boris' Room – 8:21 PM

  • Jarred’s Room – 8:29 PM

  • Monica’s Room – 8:30 PM

  • Jarred and Monica conversation – 8:32 PM

  • Monica’s room – 8:49 PM

  • Friday, School Hallway – 11:45 AM

  • School Cafeteria – 11:58 AM

  • Chemistry Class – 2:34 PM

  • Chocolate Infection Part 2

Prologue(Back to the Top)

Female Reporter: Cases of a wild spread infection of a particular disease had been frequently reported…

(TV Distortion)

Male Reporter: About a hundred or more had been infected by a some sort of unexplainable…
(TV Distortion)

Breaking News: A wild infection had made an epidemic throughout this area in England making all those who are infected, unexplainably insane…

(News Continues)

Guy: Year 2020, London, England. A place of drought, famine, death and mainly, infection. It all happened because of one damn thing. CHOCOLATE.

(Radio Distortion)

Walkie Talkie: Roger, we need back up. Hello? Hello! [Unknown grunt] Aaaah!

Guy: My name is Jarred. 16 years old from Nutford Place, London, Engand. Yeah alright. Everything back then was normal. Everyday school. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything was terribly normal. Oh yeah, it was terrible. My life was terrible.

(School Cafeteria – 11:30 AM)(Back to the Top)

Jarred (narrating): School was not as good as it has to be. It was dumb crack piece of sh**. Oh, I’m sorry. It was horrible. At least not to anyone else but mine was just terrible. Yeah you thought I’ve been frequently bullied or got a couple of Fs all the time. No, it's not that. It's aboutlauv. Gah, I don't even know how to spell that bloody word.

(smacks down food in plate)

Cafeteria Lady: Anything else?

Jarred: Oh, no thank you.

Jarred (narrating): Love. A simple word but yet so complicated. Yeah, there she is. Monica. (pauses to a girl) A hotty chearleader. Soft blonde hair, kissable lips, nice shaped ass. Oh gosh, she's perfect.

(Guy pops out behind Monica)

Guy: Oh hey, sweetums.

Monica: Hey!

Guy: (starts snogging Monica)

Jarred (narrating): Bill. (pauses to Bill) Bloody Bill. I don't even know how to describe him. Yeah, he has the looks and all. Football captain, school heartrob. I need to puke. If I had the chance, I'd puke in front of his damn face. He's so, I don't know. Disgusting perhaps? No, that's mean. Erm...ridiculous. Okay.

(Another guy pops out to Jarred)

Guy: Hey Bestie. (smiles) (pauses)

Jarred (narrating): Oh God. A life saver. May I introduce you to Boris. A friend. No, a brother. Not even close. A brother best friend. That's more like it. But technically or bloody, (that word can be handy sometimes) in means of blood, were not brothers. We just treat eachother like one. Twin brothers. Oh, I just love this guy. He just always completes my day. Wait a minute, I'm not gay and definitely he's not too. Just so you know, okay? Alright, enough chit-chatting. Let's start the day, shall we?

Jarred: Oh hey there. What's for lunch?

Boris: As usual. Same as yours.

Jarred: Why you copycat.

Boris: Bloody you. Aren't you used to it? I mean, were twins. What do you expect? What's yours is what's mine as well. Get used to it bro. Even for a day or two.

Jarred: Oh right. Don't take it seriously mate. Haha! I'm sorry. Twin brother best friend. (pokes on Boris's hip)

Boris: Stop that. It tickles. (chuckles)

Jarred: By the way, that's very sweet of you.

Boris: Haha! All the time, Jay. All the time.

(Found a seat and sat together)

Bill: Hey, gay twinks. Any plans to get married? Haha!

(Others started laughing)

Boris: Shut up Bill.

Crowd: (murmurs) Oooh!

Bill: Well, make me.

(A surprisingly Mac and Cheese flew towards Bill's face)

Bill: (face distorted) Hell! Who did that?

Anonymous guy: Bloody!

Jarred: Food Fight! (Jarred charged his pudding into Bill's face)

Anonymous girl: Aah! (charges spaghetti into a guys face)

Everybody: (threw food at each other's faces)

(Food splatted in every wall, table, chair and on the floor)

Principal: Silence!

(Everyone froze)

Principal: You (pointing to Jarred), you, (pointing to Bill), you (pointing to Boris), you (pointing to Monica)...

Monica: Me? Why me?

Principal: All of you. DETENTION! I want to see all your disgusting faces this instant.

(He leaves the cafeteria)

Everybody: Woo Hoo!

Bill: Party people! Friday night. My place.

Jarred: (lowered his voice) How pathetic.

Boris: At least we won't be going to that rampage or whatever that friday night is, right?

Jarred: Haha! But still, detention.

(Boris glanced into Jarred's forehead)

Boris: Is that spaghetti on your head?

Jarred: Yeah. I suppose it's not a preserved tapeworm or whatever.

Boris: Haha! Bloody.

(Detention Room 12:10 PM)(Back to the Top)

Lady Teacher: (french accent) Okay, students. I am Madame Jhovoila.

Boris: (whispered to Jarred) She's my french teacher.

Jarred: (nodded)

Bill: (sniffs) (stared at Boris angrily)

Monica: (working with her phone)

Madame Jhovoila: (notices Monica) No phones in detention. Hand it over this instant. (lend her hand over Monica)

Monica: (rolled her eyes as she gave her phone)

Jarred: God she's beautiful.

Boris: Who? Madame Jhovoila?

Jarred: No, silly. Monica.

Boris: Oh! (nods) Well, you're goodlooking. You can manage to court her.

Jarred: Haha! Right.

Madame Jhovoila: Ahem? (pretended to clear her throat) (she faces Boris and Jarred) Perhaps you too have something to tell to everybody eh?

Jarred: Oh, no madame. nothing.

Boris: Yeah, no. Nothing at all.

Madame Jhovoila: Good. So where was I? Yes. Does anyone happened to recognize this particular thing on my hand?

(No one responds)

Madame Jhovoila: Good heavens, people. This is CHOCOLATE. How can you not know?

Bill (to a guy): That thing looks rotten. (chuckles)

Guy: Yeah, whatever.

Madame Jhovoila: Well, speaking of chocolate. Starting tomorrow, you'll be selling a couple of boxes here...(gasped) (brought a box of chocolate on her table) (sighed)...and the ones who can sell the most will be out of detention.

Boris: Sweet!

Jarred: Haha! That made sense.

Madame Jhovoila: Are we clear?

(No one responds)

Madame Jhovoila: I said, are we clear?

Everybody: Yes, Madame Javala.

Madame Jhovoila: It's Jhovoila.

(Everybody stood up)

Madame Jhovoila: Okay, find yourselves a partner and make sure you get a box of chocolate right here on my table.

(Everyone leaves the room and gets a box of chocolate)

Bill: Not interested! (backs off against the chocolates)

Madame Jhovoila: Oh! I forgot to mention. No sold chocolates, no Friday night.

Everbody (except Jarred, Boris and some): Aawwh!

Bill: No you can’t. This is outrage.

Madame Jhovoila: Mmhm! Take note of that.

Jarred: (chuckling)(whispering) That’s more like it.

Boris: Definitely. (chuckling)

Bill: (angry face) What are you two laughing at? (face towards Bill and Jarred)

Jarred: Nothing.

Boris: None of your bloody business.

Jarred: Cheers, mate. (smiles and walks away with a box of chocolate)

Monica: (smiles at Jarred)

(School Hall – 4:47 PM)(Back to the Top)

Random Guy: Chocolates! Chocolates! Get your yummy chocolates here! (guy carrying a shoulder bag with chocolates)

Random Girl: Hey Kali, sold some chocolates yet?

Kali: Not a single one, Jess, not a single one.

Jess: Same here.

(Boris and Jarred passes the hall)

Jarred: I never thought selling chocolates was catchy.

Boris: I couldn’t agree you more mate, yeah.

Jarred: (sees Kali in a corner) Look at that guy.

Boris: Whatever about?

Jarred: He’s selling chocolates too.

(Jarred and Boris paced towards Kali)

Kali: Hey!

Jarred: (raised his eyebrows and smiled) How are you?

Boris: Apparently tired. Yeah?

Kali: Uh-huh. Curse this Madame Javala.

Boris: It’s Jhovoila. (clears his throat)

Kali: Oh, right. Whatever.

(A girl came near Jarred)

Jarred: Oh, hey there Hannah.

Hannah: Hey, big brother. Boris. Guy. What you got there?

Jarred: Oh, just chocolates. Wanna buy some?

Hannah: That chocolate? No, thank you.

Boris: Why not?

Kali: Yeah?

Hannah: You might not want to hear it. It’s beyond your understanding.

Jarred: We don’t mind. Spit it out, then.

Hannah: I prefer not. See ya later, brotha. Guys.

Boris: I wonder.

Kali: Wonder what, exactly?

Boris: No, nothing, whatever. It doesn’t make any sense anyway.

(Kali hears a familiar voice)

Familiar voice: Kali, come on. We gotta go now.

Kali: Coming Jess. Alright guys. I gotta go. Cheers!

Jarred: Cheerio!

Boris: Yeah!

(Kali leaves Jarred and Jess)

Random Voice from the back: You!

Jarred: (turns his head around) Err…oh.

Boris: It’s you.

Bill:: Yeah, it’s me. (knocks his fist into his palm)

Boris: (gulps)

Bill: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? (knocks his fist into his palm again)

Boris: (stares at Bill’s fist) (gulps) No?

Jarred: (sees the principal) Yeah, alright. (yelling) Hey, Mr Hazem sir. You know what he’s thinking?

Principal Hazem: I’m sorry?

Jarred: (yelling) I said, do you know what he’s thinking? Bill.

Bill: Shut-up you. Wait till tomorrow. You’re on my list as well.

Boris: (gasps)

Jarred: (chuckles) Whatever.

Bill: (raises his fist in front Jarred)

Principal Hazem: (sees Bill) Mr. Fogel!

Bill: (turns to the principal) What now?

Principal Hazem: Tomorrow. Detention. Don’t be late.

(Jarred and Boris unnoticeably walked away)

Bill: Uggh! (turns back towards Jarred and Boris’s area) (sees no one)

Jarred and Boris: (chuckles) (exited the campus)

Bill: Aaahh! Hell, No!

(Jarred’s bedroom – 6:29 PM)(Back to the Top)

Jarred: (sitting and staring at the computer) Hey Boris, check this out.

Boris: What?

Jarred: (scrolls down the webpage) It’s about the chocolate.

Boris: What about the chocolate?

Jarred: Come!

(Boris came towards Jarred and eyed the monitor screen)

Boris: Bloody Hell! I got to get rid of myself from those chocolates.

Jarred: You’ve been eating it?

Boris: No? Besides, how dare those chocolates touch my lips?

Jarred: Cause you like chocolate?

Boris: No, I don’t know. Haven’t had open a single bar. What does it actually mean?

(Boris and Jarred drew their heads near the monitor) (Both reads the article)

January 10, 2020

Rumors have been spreading all over the internet that a brand of chocolate, particularly Charlie’s Chocobar had been contaminated by Tetrotodoxin or commonly known as zombie powder. There had been several cases of stomacheaches, fevers and a temporary paralysis because of ingestion of such product. (read more…)

Boris: Blimey, that’s terrible.

Jarred: Glad I haven’t had taken a bite.

Boris: Pity for those who ate it.

Jarred: Well, it’s just a rumor. Maybe it’s just against that product. You can’t actually trust anything on the internet.

Boris: But still…

(bedroom door opens suddenly)

Boris: Hey Hannah!

Hannah: Read it yet?

Jarred: Yeah, but it might not be true, you know.

Hannah: Well, it is and I have proof.

Boris: That ought to be useful.

Hannah: Watch and learn.

(Hannah types a URL in the browser address box)

(Hannah presses enter)

Hannah: There! (webpage loads)

Jarred: What’s that suppose to be?

Boris: Proof?

Hannah: Uh-huh! Proof. (smiles)

(clicks on something)

Hannah: Here. Watch this video.

(video buffers)

(video playing)

Children’s voice: (singing) Charlie, Charlie Chocobar…Very sweet than sugar…Melts in mouth without a doubt…Buy some chocolate Charlie Chocobar (Screen Distorts)…

Boris: That ad was lame.

Guy on video: You just saw the commercial ad of Charlie Chocobar. Sweet, delicious, and probably heaven’s best. But did you know, last month apparently last year had a secret incident happened to it’s factory? Well, ladies and gentlemen. Watch this exclusive footage.

Exclusive Footage: (photo of the factory beside a warehouse)(fades out to black)(fades in)(surveilance camera viewing the warehouse) (Warehouse explodes into flames) (debris flies into action)(hit’s the factory) (produces a massive fire)(fades out to black)

(fades in) 30 mins later (fades in again)

(surveillance: firetrucks arrive)(firemen extinguishes the fire)(On a corner, a figure of a man limping towards a fireman)

Boris: Bloody Hell, what’s that?

Hannah: An alleged zombie. Look what happens next.

(man figure pace towards fireman)(charges him on the back)(bracing the fireman and…)

Boris: (gets the mouse and pauses the video) I can’t take this anymore. That’s totally disgusting.

Hannah: What a cry baby.

Jarred: What was that video all about? I can’t get any of your point.

Hannah: It’s about that chocolate of course.

Jarred: Well, what about the chocolate?

Boris: When you eat that chocolate, you’ll turn into a zombie?

Hannah: Exactly!

Boris: Oh god, I’m gonna die? I mean, what?

Jarred: What? Wait. Don’t tell me you…

Boris: Well, just half of a little bit of that chocolate.

Jarred: Damn, why?

Boris: Wait, am I going to be a zombie?

Hannah: Oh my gosh.

Boris: God, what am I going to do? (sobs)

Jarred: Boris, how could you do these to me?

Hannah: What a scene. (chuckles)

Jarred: Oh my god, Boris. Oh my god.

Boris: Oh! I don’t wanna die and especially, I don’t wanna be a zombie.

Hannah: Anyways, zombies aren’t dead. They’re just sick.

Jarred: What if he get sick?

Hannah: Then, you eventually shot him with a gun on his forehead.

Boris: (bulges his eyes) God, I don’t wanna die!

Jarred: Oh, shit.

Boris: Oh, the pain. The pain. (continue sobbing)

Hannah: Their might be an antidote.

Boris: (stops crying) (sniffs) wait, really?

Hannah: Apparently, it will take forever to make an antidote.

Boris: Aaah! (cries out loud)

Jarred: Wait a minute. Your not even sick yet and they’re still no cases of zombifications and stuff.

Hannah: But soon, there will.

Boris: Aaah!

Jarred: Gosh, Hannah. Would you stop scaring Boris?

Hannah: Haha. Okay but he looks funny.

(Next Day, Dining Table – 7:13 AM)(Back to the Top)

Jarred: (sits on the dining chair) Hey Mum.

Mum: Good Morning, precious.

Jarred: Uggh! For the last time, mum. Please! Stop calling me that.

Mum: What’s wrong honey? Don’t you like me to call you precious?

Jarred: Isn’t that obvious?

(Hannah comes in)

Hannah: Oh hey Mum. Hey Jarred.

Mum: Hey sweetie. I hope you don’t mind me calling you that.

Hannah: What? Not at all. What’s all this racket all about.

Mum: It just so happened that your brother here doesn’t like what I call him.

Hannah: Identity crisis?

Jarred: No, silly. It just sounds lame. She sounds like Gollum.

Hannah: Lord of the Rings? That movie is ancient. Very old.

Jarred: Yeah. Same as her. Very ol…

Mum: Don’t…(points her index finger to Jarred)

Jarred: (pauses)

Mum: …you dare say that word.

Jarred: Say what?

Mum: That I’m old. Damn, you made me say it.

Hannah: (chuckles) Congratulations.

Jarred: (smiles then laughs) Mum, you’re so silly.

Mum: Haha! Finish your breakfast anyways.

Jarred: Yeah, thanks mum.

Hannah: (smiles)

Mum: I so love you guys though your father isn’t here with us anymore. Try to remember that I will always be there for you.

Jarred: Mum, you’re doing it again.

Mum: What? You don’t like it?

Jarred: No, of course I do. I love you even Boris turns into a freaking zombie. (hugs mum)

Mum: Say what?

Hannah: You have no idea mum.

(School Bus – 7:30 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred and Hannah enters the bus)

Boris: (yells) Jarred, here. (reserved a vacant seat for Jarred)

Jarred: Oh, thanks mate.

Hannah: What about me?

Jarred: I guess you’re at the back seat.

Hannah: Again? Gosh, no way. You have got to be kidding me.

Jarred: I am not to be kidding you. (grins and chuckles) Suit yourself.

Hannah: I’d rather stand up. I can’t bear those icky gums and that weird stench of a dead whatsoever.

Jarred: You’re choice.

Hannah: (sees Kali sitting alone) Mind if I…

Kali: No. Not at all, yeah.

Hannah: (sits next to Kali)

Boris: Hey Hannah!

Hannah: (turns to see Boris)

Boris: (forms a heart with his both hands)

Hannah: (smiles, makes a thumbs up then eventually, thumbs down and frowns)

Boris: (raises his left brow)

Hannah: (mouths) Cry Baby!

Borris: (sticks his tongue out) (mouths) Whatever!

Hannah: (rolls her eyes away from Boris)

(Chemistry Class – 9:11 AM)(Back to the Top)

Everybody: Good Morning, Professor Joie Luck.

Professor Luck: Good Morning. Okay girls, please pass your names.

(Each girl puts a little piece of paper with their name written on it on a black box)

Professor Luck: Boys, pick a partner. Form a line.

(Bill gets first to pick a partner)

Bill to Monica: Don’t worry, Monica. I got it. (raises a pieace of paper)

Monica: (raises her left eyebrow)

Bill: (opens the folded paper) (excited) (expanding his eyes while having a massive smile) (sees the paper) (face distorted) Oh! (face ruined)

Monica: What you got there?

Bill: Bloody bad luck. (glances at the paper) (yells) Who in the world is Tracy Aquino?

Everybody: (startled) (murmurs)

Professor Luck: Well, I never. I’m sorry, Mr. Fogel but do you have something to ask?

Bill: Oh, I’m sorry Prof. I was just wondering who this Tracy Aquino is.

Professor Luck: (faces everybody) Well?

Girl: (stands up and raises her right hand slightly) Me.

Professor Luck: Oh, there she is, Mr Fogel. Carry on now.

Bill: Bah, Humbug!

(Jarred opens his paper)

Jarred: (gasps) Monica?

Boris: Who did you get? (sees the paper) Oh. Woah! This is your lucky day, mate.

Jarred: (sees the paper) (glances at Monica) (sees the paper again) (glances at Monica again) (sees the paper the third time)

Boris: (interrupts Jarred) Hey man, are you okay?

Jarred: Oh, hey. Yeah, of course.

Boris: (notices Jarred’s mouth) Jay, you’re drooling.

Jarred: Yeah, I am. Err…I am?

Boris: Whatever. By the way, I got Valentine. I wonder.

Jarred: I…got…Monica.

Boris: Yeah, whatever. I gotta go find this Valentine, get it?

Jarred: I…got…Monica.

Boris: Yeah, you’re dreaming. (pinches Jarred on the hip)

Jarred: (surprised) Oh, hey, hey, hey. That hurts man. How come?

Boris: Wake up, man See ya.

Jarred: (paced towards Monica)

Monica: Oh hey. (smiles) Are you my partner?

Jarred: (mouth gaped) (smiling) (nods slowly)

Monica: Sweet Shall we start, then?

Jarred: (does the same thing)

Monica: Well, come on.

(Bill notices Jarred and Monica)

Bill: Bloody hell, no way.

Tracy: No way, what?

Bill: None of your business, chinese hag.

Tracy: (face ruined) Oh, wait. For your information, I am not Chinese. I am Filipino, you freaking racist.

Bill: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Tracy: (gets angry) (sees a flask containing something then throws it to Bill)

Bill: (frightened) (gasp) What the hell was that?

Tracy: Chemical?

Bill: Oh, shit! Gosh, it burns. Oh!

Professor Luck: What’s wrong, Fogel?

Everybody: (pays attention to Bill)

Bill: This girl here happened to throw a bloody chemical at me.

Professor Luck: (turns her attention to Tracy) Goodness, Ms. Aquino. What was that all about?

Tracy: She called me Chinese.

Professor Luck: The chemical?

Tracy: Just…sodium chloride. Professor.

Bill: (bulges his eyes) Oh my god, someone. Medic, help!

Jarred to Monica: Haha! I remember Boris acting like that.

Monica: Haha! Hilarious.

Professor Luck: Enough, Fogel.

Bill: What is this, professor?

Professor Luck: Sodium chloride.

Bill: Oh my gosh. Am I going to die?

Professor: Apparently, sodium chloride is seawater.

Bill: What? Oh.

Everybody: (laughs)

Tracy: (lowers her voice) Take that, maniac. (chuckles)

Professor: Silence! Everybody.

Professor Luck: Mr. Fogel, detention.

Bill: Couldn’t I get away from detention even just once?

Professor: Yes, you can but in one condition.

Bill: What?

Professor Luck: Apologize to Ms Aquino here and make friends with her.

Tracy: I’d rather die than to make friends with a racist.

Professor Luck: You might also want to be in detention, Ms Aquino.

Tracy: But…

Professor Luck: No buts.

Tracy: Fine.

Professor Luck: Fogel?

Bill: Yeah…whatever.

Professor Luck: Now, apologize.

(no one attempts)

Professor Luck: Detention is waiting.

Bill: Alright, fine. (says sarcasm) I’m sorry I called you Chinese. I never meant it.

Tracy: Yes, you did.

Bill: What’s the big deal?

Professor Luck: Aquino? Fogel?

Tracy: Sorry, erm…I’m sorry I bathed you with seawater.

Professor Luck: Nothing else to say? Mr. Fogel?

Bill: Oh, Friday night. My place. If you don’t mind.

Tracy: (smiles half heartedly)

Professor Luck: Shake hands.

Bill: Dude, no way.

Professor Luck: Hush!

(no one attempts)

Professor Luck: Detention?

(both hands unwillingly held together)

Bill: (grips Tracy’s hand too tight)

Tracy: Owh!

Bill: (sarcasm) Oh, sorry.

Professor Luck: Good!

(St. Michael General Hospital – 10:00 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Phone Call)

Woman: Hello, is this Dr. Fair?

Dr. Fair: Yes it is. Who’s this?

Woman: Delaney, ma’am. Psychiatrist. I just want you to know that patients have been terribly increasing. What should we do?

Dr. Fair: It’s alright. We have everything we need.

Delaney: No, doctor. This case is serious. Patients have been experiencing some sort of changes.

Dr. Fair: Changes?

Delaney: Yes, doctor. They’ve been vomiting some green liquid and they’ve gone mad.

Dr. Fair: Okay. Do your jobs well. I will declare this as an emergency.

(School Cafeteria – 11:49 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Hannah sitting alone in a table) (A girl arrives)

Girl: Hey, girl.

Hannah: Hey, Cyrille. What’s up?

Cyrille: Nothing much. Eating some chocolate and all. Wanna have some?

Hannah: Yeah, okay. Err…wait. What chocolates are they?

Cyrille: Hershey’s.

Hannah: Gosh, I love Hershey’s. Gimme some.

Cyrille: Yeah, sure. Here. (lends her some chocolates)

Hannah: Thanks. (opens a wrapped chocolate)

Cyrille: By the way, why did you ask?

Hannah: I thought it was Charlie’s Chocobar.

Cyrille: You don’t like them? I have them here. (opens her bag full of treats)

Hannah: You’ve been eating it?

Cyrille: No, not yet but I was going to…

Hannah: My gosh, get rid of them.

Cyrille: Get rid of what. This? How come?

Hannah: Don’t ask. Just stay away from them. Don’t eat a single bar if you wanna live.

Cyrille: Okay, but they’re delicious.

Hannah: What? You ate it?

Cyrille: Yeah. About 5 months ago. I sort of miss them.

Hannah: Well, don’t eat that anymore. You’ll be poisoned.

Cyrille: Poisoned?

Hannah: Haven’t you heard?

Cyrille: Heard of what?

Hannah: Rumors.

Cyrille: What?

Hannah: (lowers her voice) Rumor has it that it’s contaminated with zombie powder which technically would turn you into a zombie.

Cyrille: Rubbish. Zombies don’t exist.

Hannah: Whatever but I warned you.

Cyrille: Yeah, yeah. You got me again. Alright. You win.

Hannah: Seriously, I’m not kidding.

Cyrille: (hesitates)

Hannah: Trust me and promise me you won’t eat that.

Cyrille: Alright then. Well, what about Hershey’s? Are they contaminated with beauty powder?

Hannah: Haha! Silly.

(School Hallway – 2:48 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Boris and Jarred walking to their lockers)

Jarred: This day is just…

Boris: (smiling)

Jarred: …too good to be true.

Boris: Yeah, lucky day mate.

Jarred: You can say that again.

Boris: Yeah, lucky day mate.

Jarred: What? Oh, whatever. If you just see Monica holding that flask. God, she’s getting hotter and hotter.

Boris: Yeah. (not paying attention)

Jarred: She even gave me her number.

Boris: Yeah.

Jarred: Hey. Are you listening?

Boris: Yeah, oh what?

Jarred: You’re not listening.

Boris: Yes, I am.

Jarred: What did I say, then?

Boris: Oh, erm. What did you say?

Jarred: Ah, you’re not listening. Never mind.

Boris: Oh, I’m sorry. I was just worried of something.

Jarred: Worried?

Boris: Yeah. About those chocolates.

Jarred: Oh. That was just a hoax. You won’t be a zombie.

Boris: It was? Damn you. You got me worried sick.

Jarred: Haha! Don’t ever believe Hannah. She’s just making those up.

Boris: So, I get to eat those chocolates now?

Jarred: Yeah, if you want to be a zombie.

Boris: But you said…

Jarred: Whatever. It’s almost next class. Come on.

Boris: We’re not in the same class, you know.

Jarred: Okay, see ya later.

(Boris’ Locker – 2:53 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Boris searches for something)

Boris: Now, where did I put those…

(a neighbor locker sounds loudly)

Boris: (startled) Oh! (sees a girl) Hey.

Girl: Hey.

Boris: Jess, right?

Jess: Yeah.

Boris: So?

Jess: No French class. (smiles)

Boris: Oh, Madame Jhovoila is not there?

Jess: Unfortunately, she’s sick. She was taken to the hostpital. Probably, she ate too much of those chocolates.

Boris: (bulges his eyes) Ohh!

Jess: Oh, what’s the matter?

Boris: I ate the chocolates, too.

Jess: So?

Boris: I get sick, too?

Jess: Why? You ate too much chocolate, too?

Boris: No, just a bit.

Jess: Well, I don’t even get it why she got sick because of some chocolate.

Boris: Contaminated, probably?

Jess: What?

Boris: Oh, gotta go. Bye. (walks away)

Jess: Oh, okay. See you later, then. (waves)

Boris: (talks to himself) God, so it’s true then.

(Tracy’s Bedroom – 8:38 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Tracy staring in front of the computer) (Tracy types a URL in the browser address box) (presses Enter) (webpage loads)

Tracy: (smiles)

(popout message)

Valentine: hey!

Tracy: hey Val. Wuup2?

Valentine: nothing much. Just got home, actually.

Tracy: Oh, from where exactly? (smiles)

Valentine: (delays a couple of seconds) Haha! From somewhere special. Hbu?

Tracy: Oh yeah. As usual. Been surfing the internet for quite a while.

Valentine: Well, good. Hey, remember Bill’s party?

Tracy: Yeah, yeah. I think I won’t go.

Valentine: Awwh! Why not? You’re kind of, invited.

Tracy: Yeah, if I became a zombie or something, I would go.

Valentine: Haha! Very well. Your choice but I bet it’ll be fantastic.

Tracy: Well, I think not. Haha, say me hi to your brother Taylor.

Valentine: Haha, yeah of course. Well, he’s on his job right now. Pizza deliveries.

Tracy: As usual. Well, see you later then.

Valentine: Yeah, bye.

(Tracy closes the chatbox and checks on another tab)

(Jarred’s house, Living Room – 8:50 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred, Boris, Hannah and Cyrille are watching TV)

Boris: (holds the remote) Is there anything good in television right now? I’m getting bored.

Hannah: Well, give me that. (snatches the remote)

Boris: Hey!

Hannah: (changes the channel) Channels are too boring. Why don’t we watch a movie instead?

Jarred: I like horror movies.

Boris: What? Oh. (stares at the television) Hold it right there, Hannah. (sees a girl singing) I know that girl.

Jarred: Who? Her?

Boris: Yeah, her name’s like, Angie erm…I forgot.

Hannah: It’s Angel Bella, you nitwit.

Jarred: (went to the dvd shelves to find a movie)

Cyrille: (works on her cellphone)

Hannah: Have you called him yet?

Cyrille: Who? Him? Yeah, maybe a minute or two, he’s already here.

Hannah: Sweet!

Jarred: Here’s one. (raises the DVD he found)

Hannah: What movie is that?

Jarred: Left 4 Dead.

Boris: Oh, boy.

(Movie plays while the four teens tend to watch it)

Boris: (covers his face with a pillow) Tell me when it’s done.

Jarred, Hannah and Cyrille: Sssssh!

Hannah: (lowers her voice) Be quiet!

Boris: (whispers) Right! (covers himself with a pillow)

Movie scene: (A girl tries to check out on a door because someone’s knocking. She’s getting closer and closer)

Boris: I can’t look. (closes his eyes)

Movie scene: (The girl heads for the door knob) (Touches it)

(Door Bell rings)

Everybody: (startled) Aaah!

Mum: Did anyone of you ordered pizza?

Boris: (sighs) Oh, thank goodness.

Hannah and Cyrille: Me! (both raced towards the door)

Hannah: You got the camera?

Cyrille: Yeah, I do.

Jarred: Bloody Hell!

(Mum opens the door)

Pizzaguy: Pizza deliver…

(camera snapshot)

Cyrille: Sweet!

Pizzaguy: Woah, woah, there. I got you’re pizza.

Mum: Oh, hello honey. You might have two avid fans here. What’s your name?

Pizzaguy: Name’s Taylor ma’am. Here’s your pizza. Hot and fresh.

Hannah: Oh my gosh. Let me!

Cyrille: No, me!

Mum: Enough, girls. (receives the pizza from the pizzaguy)

Taylor: Thank you ma’am and have a sweet evening.

Hannah: (gives a couple of bucks to the Pizzaguy) Here, take this. Thanks.

Cyrille: (does the same thing, too) Take this, too. Thank you.

Taylor: Oh. (stares at the money) Sweet! Thanks a bunch.

(Cyrille closes the door) (The Pizzaguy leaves)

(Detention Room – Unknown Time)(Back to the Top)

Mrs. Jhovoila: Does anyone happened to recognize this particular thing on my hand?

Everyone: Charlie Chocobar.

Mrs. Jhovoila: Who want’s one?

Everyone: Me! Me! Me! (stretches their hands to get some chocolate)

Bill: (eating some chocolate) I want more!

Monica: Gimme! Gimme!

Boris: (sees everyone and feels very weird)

Jarred: Me! I want one.

Boris: (sees Jarred) What? You want to eat that chocolate?

Jarred: (ignores Boris) I want some chocolate. Me!

Boris: Mate? But you don’t like that chocolate. That will turn you into a zombie.

Jarred: (pauses) (turns to Boris)

Boris: (bulges his eyes) (frightened)

Jarred: (with a freaky rotten zombie face and a grunting voice) But I’m already a zombie.

Boris: (screams) Aaaah!

(wakes up from a bad dream)

Boris: (panting)(sweating)

(alarm clock rings) (clock struck at 7:29 AM)

Boris: (turns his view to the clock) Oh my gosh, I’m late.

(Jarred’s House, Dining Room – 07:30 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred and Hannah seats on the table while their mother is cooking breakfast)

Jarred: Bloody! That movie was awesome.

Hannah: It sure was. (remembers something) Oh my gosh, I need to call Cyrille. (leaves the table and goes to upstairs)

Mum: Sweety, where are you going?

Jarred: She’s getting her phone.

Mum: Oh. Okay, finish your breakfast Jarred. It’s almost time.

Jarred: What’s with the calling?

Mum: I don’t want to disappoint you honey. That’s how much I love you.

Jarred: Haha! Right. I’m 16 years old. That’s just right to call me my name.

(Hannah steps downstairs while talking to Cyrille)

Hannah: Haha. Did you get his last name?

(Cyrille answers)

Hannah: Awh. Why? Is that very hard?

(Cyrille answers again)

Hannah: Well, okay. See you at school. (goes to the dining room)

Jarred: What was that all about?

Hannah: Nothing. (smiles) (drinks a glass of milk)

Jarred: Okay.

(door bell rings) Ding! Dong!

Mum to Jarred: Get that door, will you?

Jarred: Yeah, of course.

(Jarred paced towards the door) (opens the door) (bulges his eyes, smiles and gasps)

Person at the door: Hey, son.

Jarred: Gramps Bob! (smiles) (hugs Gramps Bob) (yells) Mum! Gramps Bob is here.

Gramps Bob: (smiles then chuckles) Hey, Liza, my dear.

Mum: Oh, hey Dad!

Hannah: (sees Gramps Bob) Oh my gosh, Gramps Bob! (runs towards Gramps Bob) (hugs Gramps Bob)

Gramps Bob: I’m glad to see you Hannah, sweetheart.

Jarred: It’s been forever since you last came here.

Gramps Bob: Yes, son. It sure was. I’m just paying you a visit ‘cause I need to tell you something.

Hannah: Really?

Gramps Bob: Yes, erm. Would you mind if I get inside first?

Jarred: Oh my gosh. Come in Gramps.

(Gramps Bob, Hannah and Jarred goes to the Living Room) (Gramps Bob seatles on the couch)

Jarred: So, what do you want to tell us?

Hannah: (smiles)

Gramps Bob: I found her.

Mum: (hears Gramps Bob from the kitchen) Found who?

Gramps Bob: The woman of my life.

Hannah: Not again.

Gramps Bob: No. She’s different. She’s unlike the others who made my heart miserable. Now, I am packing myself and gonna live the rest of my life with her in California.

Jarred: You’re gonna leave London? You’re gonna leave us?

Gramps Bob: No, of course. I will pay you a visit, once a year.

Hannah: That’s not fair. Let her live here. Not you, living with her there where she came from.

Mum: Kids, kids Let your grandfather live with his own decisions. I know this is not a good idea but…

Hannah: You’re gonna let him? What kind of daughter are you?

Mum: Now, Hannah. Go to your room, now.

Hannah: (sobs and goes to her bedroom)

Jarred: Yeah, mum. (follows Hannah upstairs)

Mum to Gramps Bob: I guess you made your grandkids disappointed.

Gramps Bob: Liza, honey. It’s not what you think it is. She’s the one. I know it.

Mum: Yeah, dad. (nods) Don’t worry. I believe you. (hugs Gramps Bob)

Gramps Bob: Thank you, dear. Thank you.

(School Hall – 9:39 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Boris walks alone then, he spots Cyrille)

Boris: Hey! Have you seen Jay?

Cyrille: Jay?

Boris: Jarred.

Cyrille: No, and I haven’t seen Hannah either. Wait, I’m gonna call her.

Boris: (silent but worried)

Cyrille: (stares at her phone) Come on! (her phone beeps)

Phone: Beep, beep, beep. Hey, this is Hannah. Please leave your message after the beep. (beep)

Cyrille: Hey, Hannah. This is Cyrille. Where are you? I’ve been looking all over for you here at school. Please, if you didn’t go to school today, text me okay? Toodles.

Boris: What did she say?

Cyrille: Unfortunately, nothing. By the way, I gotta go.

Boris: Thank you, anyways. (talks to himself) Where’s that damn guy?

(Jarred’s Bedroom – 10:21 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred watching television)

Television: (Charlie Chocobar advert) Charlie, Charlie Chocobar. Sweet, sweet, sweeter than sugar. Melts in your mouth without a doubt. So buy your self a Charlie Chocobar. Chocolicious!

Jarred: Charlie Chocobar, pfft. What a pathetic name for a treat. (changes the channel) (sees something surprising)

Television: Breaking News! Massive fire at St. Michael General Hospital. (continues broadcast report)

Jarred: Fire? At a hospital? Very unusual.

Television: Unfortunately, about 25 people have been confirmed dead and 200 or more others are found trapped and missing. With the raging fire … (continues broadcast report)

Jarred: What the hell. (doesn’t pay attention to the broadcast but rather the hospital itself) (sees an unknown figure in a corner) (takes a closer look) (figures out that the unknown figure was a patient with rotten blood drooling from his mouth) Oh my gosh! (presses something on television making it pause) (gets up) (heads to the door)

Jarred: Hannah! Come quick!

Hannah: (from her room) What?

Jarred: Don’t ask. Come!

Hannah: Okay. Just a sec.

Jarred: Hurry!

Hannah: Alright! Alright! Coming. (opens her room door and heads to Jarred’s room)

Jarred: Come. Look!

Hannah: (sees the television) Oh my god. Is that…

Jarred: Yeah. Isn’t that cool?

Hannah: No? That’s terrifying. How could it be cool?

Jarred: Upload it in YouTube and there you have it. 1 billion views.

Hannah: You’re crazy. This is not the time to be kidding. We have got to tell Mum.

Jarred: Yeah? No.

Hannah: What? Why not?

Jarred: That’d be awkward to tell Mum.

Hannah: I really don’t get it why we’re talking about this without being serious. It’s a zombie. Can’t you understand what a zombie can do in our bloody damn world?

Jarred: Isn’t a zombie like, a human? Why ‘it’?

Hannah: Gah, whatever. I have got to tell everybody about this.

Jarred: No.

Hannah: Gosh, what now?

Jarred: Make this as a secret.

Hannah: A live broadcast isn’t a secret. (leaves the room)

Jarred: Just…no. (silents)

(Hannah’s room – 10:57 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Hannah sits in front of the computer)

Hannah: (types ‘ and presses enter)

(Webpage loads)

Hannah: (smiles)

(pop-out message) (Rosh 1 message) (clicks on Rosh chatbox)

Rosh: Hey!

Hannah: :D Hey! OMG, what’s up?

Rosh: Oh, yeah. No school for today. Nothing much to do, actually.

Hannah: How about your sis? How’s she doing?

Rosh: Oh, Sady? Yeah, she’s fine. Not feeling good actually. She ate some of those chocolaty treats. :P

Hannah: Really? Omg. What about you?

Rosh: Nah, I don’t eat chocolate. I’m almost sick of sweets and stuff.

Hannah: Poor Sady.

Rosh: Yeah, I hope she get well soon.

Hannah: I really really hope she will.

(Dr. Chestiny Fair’s Residence – 11:25 AM)(Back to the Top)

(telephone rings) (Dr. Fair gets the telephone)

Dr: Fair: Hello?

Unknown guy: Madame. The hospital is on fire. What shall we do doctor?

Dr. Fair: (bulges her eyes) Oh my god, well evacuate you idiot. Who’s this?

Male Nurse: It really doesn’t matter and we already had, ma’am. The problem is, there’s still people trapped inside. We can’t get them out. And some sick people started to flee from the hospital. We don’t have any idea where they went to.

Dr. Fair: Gosh, I gotta go see you. (hangs up)

(School Hallway – 2:20 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Boris walks alone and hears discussion)

Female teacher: (talks to a guy teacher) Have you heard that Ms. Jhovoila’s dead?

Guy teacher: Really? No. That’s terrible. You’re kidding, right?

Female: No. Really. I heard it on the news.

Guy teacher: The news said so?

Female: It said that there were 25 or more deaths confirmed. One of them must’ve been Ms. Jhovoila.

Guy teacher: You really, really want Ms. Jhovoila dead, do you?

Female teacher: No, I’m serious. I visited her once and there’s no way she could’ve survive. Her area is like, roasted.

(Boris hears and was shocked) (Boris walks away)

Boris: (gets his phone and presses on something) (calls someone)

Phone: (rings)(rings) (call accepted)

Boris: Hello? Jess.

Jess: Oh, hey. What made you call?

Boris: This may sound so weird but please don’t freak out.

Jess: Okay, what?

Boris: Madame Jhovoila’s dead.

Jess: Oh my gosh, no way. Are you serious?

Boris: Yeah. Teachers have been talking about her. The other teacher said she was burnt alive.

Jess: Oh my gosh. That’s just terrifying. Well, you’ve been eavesdropping?

Boris: Kind of but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got to tell Jarred. And we don’t have to sell those chocolates after all.

Jess: Poor madame.

(The Coffee Café - 4:00 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Gramps Bob enjoying a cup of coffee) (calls the waitress) (waitress approaches)

Gramps Bob: (takes a closer look on the waitress name tag) Rosie?

Rosie: Yes, sir. May I help you.

Gramps Bob: Funny You have the same name as my girlfriend.

Rosie: You have a girlfriend, sir? That’s interesting. (talks to herself) Old people this days, pfft. (talks to Gramps Bob) By the way, what do you need, sir?

Gramps Bob: I just need some sugar. That’s all.

Rosie: Okay, sir. Will be right back. Anyways, enjoy this Charlie Chocobar while you’re waiting.

Gramps Bob: Thank you, dear.

(Girls Lavatory – 4:45 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Jess calls for someone)

Jess: (holds the phone and sticks it to her ear) (call accepted)

Jess: Hello, Zahrah.

Zahrah: Oh, hey.

Jess: I have something to tell you.

Zahrah: Oh, really? Interesting. What?

Jess: It’s for the schoolpaper.

Zahrah: Oh goody.

Jess: Don’t be surprised.

Zahrah: (excited)

Jess: Madame Jhovoila’s dead.

Zahrah: Oh my freak! Really? I mean, no kidding?

Jess: Definitely. It’s been confirmed in the news and it’s like trending right now.

Zahrah: Alright. I have got to put that in the schoolpaper.

(Monica’s room – 7:20 PM)(Back to the Top)

Monica: Slumber Partey!

Girl: Oh, my gosh. Pillow fight. Woo-hoo! (gets a pillow and smacks it on the other girl)

Other girl: Ouch, Ashleigh. Stop that.

Monica: You got that right, sis.

Ashleigh: I know, right?

Monica: And hey Alyssa, (talks to the other girl) what on earth are you doing?

Alyssa: Writing my journal?

Ashleigh: Journal? That is so one decade ago. Writing journal is not cool.

Monica: Yeah, I suppose.

Alyssa: Writing a journal ain’t bad. You check it out for the next couple of years and it turns out funny.

Monica: Well, that’s what you call cool. Get it?

Ashleigh: Haha! Whatever. Let’s watch television.

Monica: Yay! (gets the remote and turns on the television) (flash report appears)

Flash Report: St. Michael General Hospital caught a massive fire which eventually, killed 65 or more people. (continues broadcast report)

Ashleigh: Oh my bloody gosh! My brother’s in that hospital. I gotta go. (gets her stuff and leaves the room)

Monica: Oh my gosh, really? Okay, see you tomorrow then. I hope he’s fine.

Alyssa: Yeah! (then continues her journal)

(Boris Room – 8:21 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Boris calls Jarred)

Jarred: I so have something to tell you.

Boris: What?

Jarred: Zombies exist, mate. They do.

Boris: Oh my gosh, really? That’s so not a good news.

Jarred: I saw it on television and…

Boris: Well, zombie movies? They are so not real.

Jarred: No. Not in the movie. In a news broadcast. Isn’t that cool?

Boris: How could that be cool? That’s terrifying.

Jarred: Yeah. You bet it is.

Boris: Well, I have something to tell you, too.

Jarred: Really? You saw a zombie, too?

Boris: No, but Madame Jhovoila’s dead.

Jarred: Oh my gosh. No kidding?

Boris: Yeah, I am so telling you the truth man.

Jarred: Oh my gosh. That’s more terrifying than the zombie.

Boris: At least, we won’t be selling chocolates anymore.

Jarred: And you’re happy about it? Mate, a woman died for gosh sake.

Boris: Well, that chocolate kind of gives me nightmares.

Jarred: Don’t ever think about them.

Boris: Very well. Anyways, I haven’t had dinner. See you tomorrow. (hangs up)

(Jarred’s Room – 8:29 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred checks out his phone) (remembers something)

Jarred: Oh my gosh, I have got to call Monica. (searches Monica’s number and presses call)

Phone: (rings)

Jarred: Answer it. Come on. (stares at his phone)

(Monica’s Room – 8:30 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Monica’s cellphone rings) (Alyssa notices it)

Alyssa: (get’s the phone) (reads who calls) Jarred. Jarred?

(Monica arrives)

Monica: Did I just hear my phone ring?

Alyssa: Yeah. It says Jarred.

Monica: Gimme that. (gets the phone from Alyssa)

Alyssa: pfft!

(Jarred and Monica conversation – 8:32 PM)(Back to the Top)

Monica: (presses answer) Hey!

Jarred: (thinks, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s calling) Oh, hi. Erm…uh

Monica: What’s up? What’s the calling for?

Jarred: Oh, erm. Nothing much. How about you? (bits lower lip and seemed frustrated)

Monica: Oh, haha. Funny as always. Well, I’m having slumber party with my girl.

Jarred: (surprised) You? Girrrlffriennd? (bulges her eyes)

Monica: Haha. Well, not a girlfriend. A girl friend.

Jarred: Hmm?

Monica: A girl? Who is my friend?

Jarred: Oh! Say me hi to her.

Monica: (smiles) Okay. (turns her view to Alyssa) Hi.

Alyssa: Hi?

Monica: (whispers and covers her phone) He wants me to say hi to you.

Alyssa: (whispers) Oh. (nods)

Jarred: Hello?

Monica: Oh, hey. I’m still here.

Jarred: Oh, good. So, erm…have you heard about the news?

Monica: Oh, the hospital? Yeah. My friend Ashleigh is on her way though.

Jarred: What? Where?

Monica: To the hospital. His brother is in that hospital.

Jarred: That’s just terrible.

Monica: Yeah. So much. Hey, by the way erm…I need to do something so, catch you later.

Jarred: Sure, sure. Thanks for answering, by the way.

Monica: No problem.

Jarred: And hey, ‘no problem’ is very unoriginal. I’ve heard it since I was still in my mum’s womb.

Monica: What?

Jarred: Never mind.

Monica: Haha, okay. See you, then.

Jarred: Yeah, you…

Monica: (hangs up)

Jarred: …too. (pauses) Oh. (falls into his bed)

(Monica’s room – 8:49 PM)(Back to the Top)

Monica: (chuckles) What a funny guy. I think I like him.

Alyssa: You do?

Monica: For some reasons, yes.

Alyssa: Well, I like a funny guy, too.

Monica: Well, okay but I heard., that Jarred guy has a best friend that is super cute, too.

Alyssa: Really? Who?

Monica: I don’t know. His name actually starts with a letter B or something. Well, I’ll ask him tomorrow.

Alyssa: Very well. (looks sullen)

Monica: (chuckles)

(Friday, School Hallway – 11:45 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred’s class dismissed) (Jarred searches for Boris in the hallway)

Jarred: (sees an odd poster)

Poster: (Photo of Madame Jhovoila) Sympathy for Madame Jhovoila. (1984 – 2020)

Jarred: (shocked) So, it’s true.

(Kali arrives)

Kali: (calls Jarred) Hey!

Jarred: (turns around and sees Kali) Oh, hey.

Kali: What’s up?

Jarred: Madame Jhovoila’s dead. You?

Kali: Funny status. Okay, that could serve as my status, too.

Jarred: Poor Madame Jhovoila. She could’ve been my memorable teacher.

Kali: Really? I mean, she could’ve been my worst.

Jarred: Yeah, she’s the first teacher of mine to die.

Kali: Oh. Okay, so that made sense.

Jarred: She’s not even my teacher, you know. But somehow, I really felt like I was her student.

Kali: Yeah, you could say that. Err…by the way, have you seen Jess?

Jarred: No but have you seen Boris?

Kali: Yeah, I asked him where Jess was and he’s on his way to the cafeteria.

Jarred: Oh, okay. Thanks mate. I’ve been looking for him since world war two. Gotta run. (leaves Kali)

Kali: Anytime, Jarred.

(Back to the Top)(Continue the script here)

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