Chocolate Infection Part 2

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Part 2 of Chocolate Infection due to lack of space.

Submitted: January 21, 2012

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Submitted: January 21, 2012



Chocolate Infection Part 2

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  • Chocolate Infection Part 1
  • School Cafeteria – 11:58 AM
  • Chemistry Class – 2:34 PM
  • School Hallway – 4:45 PM
  • Monica’s car – 5:00 PM
  • Jarred’s House – 5:20 PM(Recently Updated)
  • Portrait Studio – 5: 35 PM
  • Cyrille’s house – 5:45 PM
  • Jarred’s Bedroom – 6:00 PM
  • St. Michael’s General Hopital Burnt Aftermath – 6:30 PM
  • Bill’s Party – 7:34 PM
  • Jarred’s Bedroom 8:10 PM
  • Bill’s Party – 8:25 PM
  • Jarred’s Bedroom – 8:30 PM

(School Cafeteria – 11:58 AM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred sees Boris with her sister)

Jarred: (greets Boris’ sister) Hey Dani!

Dani: Hey.

Jarred: Boris, have you had your dinner yet?

Boris: What kind of question is that? (smiles)

Jarred: Just an unusual way to say hey.

Boris: Oh, yeah and of course I had. Silly.

Jarred: By the way, so, I called Monica last night.

Boris: Oh, what about?

(Dani gets up)

Dani: Hey guys, I actually need to go now. Bye.

Boris: Yeah, bye baby D.

Dani: Don’t you ever call me that, okay?

Boris: Okay baby D. Bye.

Dani: (frustrated) Uggh!

Jarred: (smiles) Your sister’s cute.

Boris: Don’t tell me you like her.

Jarred: No, no, no. I’d rather stick to Monica.

Boris: Good. So, what about Monica.

Jarred: Oh, yeah. I called her last night and sweet niblits, it was heaven.

Boris: Right. (gets sullen) Good for you. (half-hearted smile)

Jarred: Oh, what’s wrong?

Boris: Nothing. Whatever.

Jarred: I know something’s wrong when I see one.

Boris: Okay, so, I never had a girlfriend and…

Jarred: Gosh, Boris. You haven’t and your like 16?

Boris: 15.

Jarred: Yeah? And don’t tell me…

Boris: Yeah right. (lowers his voice) I never had kissed a girl.

Jarred: Are you gay? Why haven’t you tell me?

Boris: Of course, I’m not. Being a virgin doesn’t mean your homosexual. I don’t even know why were discussing about this.

Jarred: Oh, I’m sorry. I was just kidding.

Boris: Right. So, you saw the posters and all?

Jarred: Yeah, Madame Jhovoila. Poor her.

Boris: Very, though I’m not sure she’s dead.

Jarred: Hmm? Weird.

Boris: She might be sick.

Jarred: Yeah, cause she’s admitted to the hospital?

Boris: No? The other “sick”.

Jarred: Oh, you mean?

Boris: Yeah. The new horrifying species.

Jarred: Decease. Hmm.

Boris: Yeah. Decease but it's actually disease.

Jarred: Okay, whatever. So this conversation’s getting weird already. I need to pee.

Boris: Yeah. I’ll wait here till I feel like peeing.

Jarred: Yeah. Guard my things. (gets up and heads to the boys lavatory)

Boris: Sure.

(Bill gets inside the Cafeteria)

Bill: (yells) Attention everybody!

(Bill caught everyone’s attention)

Bill: I have an announcement to make.

Anonymous guy: You want to make another food fight? (laughs)

Everybody: (laughs)

Bill: No. I had enough detention to last a life time.

Everybody: (silents)

Bill: Everyone who can give their chocolates that were supposed to be sold, to me will be invited to my party this night.

Same guy: Sweet!

Everybody: (cheers) Woo-hoo!

Cafeteria Lady: (yells to Bill) Don’t you dare start another food fight.

Bill: No, madame. Don’t worry.

(Chemistry Class – 2:34 PM)(Back to the Top)

Everbody: Good afternoon, Professor Joie Luck.

Professor Luck: Good afternoon, students. Please, sit down.

Everybody: Thank you.

Boris to Jarred: Is she crying? I think she’s crying.

Jarred: Yeah, I guess.

Professor Luck: So, a teacher of our school (wipes her eyes with her handkerchief) which happened to be my best friend, died leaving us a great loss. (sobs)

Tracy: Poor Madame.

Valentine: Yeah. (nods)

Professor Luck: But, don’t worry. To those who has French class with her, someone will be replacing her. A pre-school teacher with a great knowledge of French. So, everybody, get on to your work.

(School Hallway – 4:45 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred, Hannah, Boris and Cyrille on their way to the outdoor grounds of the campus)

Jarred: Funny announcement.

Boris: Excuse me?

Jarred: Bill’s announcement.

Boris: Oh, yeah. I heard him. He told everybody to give away their chocolates to get invited.

Jarred: Think we can give him our chocolates?

Hannah: No you can’t.

Jarred: You ain’t the boss of me.

Cyrille: Apparently, we burnt the chocolates.

Hannah: Right.

Jarred: No.

Boris: How could you?

Hannah: You want to be a zombie or not?

Boris: Okay, thank you for burning the chocolates.

Jarred: Boris!

Boris: Oh. Yeah, how could you?

Hannah: Yeah, whatever. (cellphone rings) Wait a sec. (answers the phone)

Voice: Hello? Honey?

Hannah: Oh, hey Mum. What’s up?

Mum: I just want to tell you that your Gramps Bob’s leaving tomorrow.

Hannah: So?

Mum: Want to say goodbye to him in the airport or something?

Hannah: Let him go to his own living hell.

Jarred: (hears Hannah) who’s that?

Hannah: Mum and wait… (pays attention back to Mum)

Mum: Is Jarred there?

Hannah: Apparently, not. See you at home, Mum.

Mum: Okay, honey. Love you.

Hannah: Love you too. (hangs up)

Jarred: What was that all about?

Hannah: No. Nothing. Whatever.

Boris: Hello? We’re still alive here.

Hannah: So?

Jarred: She’s not in the mood right now. Better leave her alone.

Cyrille: Guys, erm. I need to be going now.

Hannah: Okay, I’ll go with you, then.

Cyrille: Yeah. Bye Boris. Jarred.

Boris: Hey, erm. You invited to Bill’s party?

Cyrille: I guess. I haven’t had…

Hannah: No thank you! (leaves Boris and Jarred with Cyrille)

Boris to Jarred: What a nice sister you got there.

Jarred: You have no idea what she’s capable of.

Boris: Yeah, she’s so scary.

Jarred: She sure is.

(Monica’s car – 5:00 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Monica with Alyssa) (Monica sees Jarred and Boris walking in the sidewalk)

Monica: (yells) Jarred! Hey!

Jarred: (notices Monica) (whispers to Boris) Oh my gosh she called me. (turns around to see Monica)

Monica: Hey! (waves her hand)

Alyssa: Hey, cutypie!

Jarred: (frustrated smile) Hey!

Monica: Hey, Mr B.

Jarred: (whispers to Boris) I think she’s calling you.

Boris: (turns around) Oh, err, uhm. Hey!

Monica: Come on. Hop in.

Jarred: No. We can manage.

Boris: Man, I can’t feel my feet.

Alyssa: Come on, Mr. B. No one resists to ride Monica’s car. You would be foolish to do that.

Jarred: Very well, then.

(Jarred and Boris went in Monica’s car)

Monica: So, where you two boys going?

Jarred: Erm, home?

Alyssa: Walking? Man, you’re brave.

Boris: Anyways, thanks for letting us ride.

Monica: Least we could do, honey.

Boris: (smiles)

Jarred: (chuckles)

Alyssa: So, you’re the one guy Monica likes, ehh?

Jarred: (surprised) Oh!

Monica: (smiles) Will you shut up! (pokes Alyssa’s hip)

Alyssa: Cut it out. You’re driving.

Monica: Haha, just kidding.

(Jarred and Boris speechless)

Alyssa: So, you’re the guy that Monica’s been talking about.

Jarred: What? Me?

Alyssa: No, Mr. B. By the way, what does B stands for?

Boris: Oh, erm. Bill?

Alyssa: Another Bill?

Jarred: No, his names Boris.

Monica: (smiles)

Alyssa: Boris, what a cute name for a cute guy.

Boris: (frustrated smile) What a nice joker.

Alyssa: No. I mean it.

Monica: (remembers something) Oh, so are you invited to Bill’s party?

Jarred: Kind of.

Boris: Not actually.

Alyssa: Too bad. (turns to Boris) I won’t be seeing you honey.

Jarred: Oh, but we can come.

Boris: We can?

Jarred: Of course we can.

Monica: Well, it’s settled, then.

Alyssa: Yay! (phone rings) (funny loud ringtone)

Monica: Oh my gosh, Aly. It’s still your ringtone?

Alyssa: What’s wrong, I like it. (answers the phone)

Monica: Whatever. (continues driving)

Alyssa: Hello?

Voice: Hey Aly.

Alyssa: Hey, Big brother. (mouths to Monica) It’s Mike.

Monica: (smiles and nods)

Alyssa: So, what’s up?

Mike: I really, really need you and Mom to evacuate away from our house, right now.

Alyssa: What? Why?

Mike: Can’t explain right now. Just, do as I say.

Alyssa: Okay, (pretends unable to hear) I really can’t talk to your right now. Bye! (hangs up)

Mike: Wait…

Monica: What was that?

Alyssa: Probably a prank call. Mike’s a professional when it comes to that.

Monica: Yeah, what did he say?

Alyssa: We need to evacuate away from our house. Well, that’s just insane.

Monica: Maybe, that’s an order from the government. You never know.

Alyssa: Gah, I don’t trust my brother.

(Jarred and Boris still stuck silent)

Monica: Hey, are you still breathing?

Jarred: Err…kind of? By the way, our house is like in the corner. We can stop right here.

Monica: No, we’ll drive you to your house.

Jarred: No, really. We can stop right here.

Monica: Really, I insist.

(honk sound from a nearby car)

Jarred: No, we can manage, actually.

Monica: I really insist.

Alyssa: Oh my gosh, Monica. We’re gonna crash. Stop!

(Monica suddenly stops the car)

Alyssa: Owh! (touches her forehead)

Jarred: (panting) That was so close. (notices Boris)

Monica: Phew!

Jarred: Oh my gosh, Boris. Are you alright?

Boris: (trembling in fear) Do I look okay?

Alyssa: You look cute when you’re scared. (purrs)

Monica: Aly. He’s scared.

Jarred: Oh, no. Really. We need to go. (gets out of the car and takes Boris)

Alyssa: Well, see you later guys. Don’t forget about Bill’s party.

(Jarred’s House – 5:20 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Elizabeth, Jarred’s mom talking to Gramps Bob in phone)

Liza: Hey dad. How are you?

Gramps Bob: Just making my life as useful as possible. How about you? All of you? Will the kids be seeing me before I leave?

Liza: I don’t know about Jarred but Hannah, she really can’t get over it.

Gramps Bob: Poor little angel. I wish I could see you all before I go to California.

Liza: Don’t worry. You’ll be seeing me before you leave. I’ll go there whatever it takes.

Gramps Bob: Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you very much. By the way, I bought a lot of chocolates to be brought to California.

Liza: I love chocolates. That’s a great gift for a woman.

Gramps Bob: In fact, they’re Charlie Chocobars. Haven’t tasted one yet but I bet it’s heavenly delicious.

Liza: You should have bought chocolates that can be useful in Valentines.

Gramps Bob: Haha, right. Well, I need to hang up sweetheart, I have a posing to do.

Liza: Posing?

Gramps Bob: I’m posing for a portrait? I’m going to give it to Diana.

Liza: Diana? So, that’s her name. Sounds royalty.

Gramps Bob: Well, glad you like it. Her name.

Liza: So, see you tomorrow, then.

Gramps Bob: Thank you very much, sweetheart.

Liza: Yeah. (nods) (hangs up)

(door opens) (Jarred and Boris enters)

Jarred: Hey Mum.

Mum: Hey Jay, Boris. Where have you been and what’s wrong with Boris?

Jarred: Just had a frightening moment in a car but, it’s okay, don’t worry.

Mum: Why, that’s not good. By the way, your gramps just called and he wants you there in the airport before he leave.

Jarred: Well, (thinks) okay. (smiles)

Mum: Odd.

Jarred: Odd, why?

Mum: You didn’t…err…whatever. Nevermind.

Jarred: Well, (hesitates) okay. We’re going upstairs now.

Mum: Oh, I almost forgot.

Jarred: Yeah?

Mum: Your gramps…erm…nevermind that again.

Jarred: Mum, you’re acting very weird. Is something wrong?

Mum: No, Jay. Nothing at all. Don’t mind me. Everything’s fine.

Jarred: Okay, whatever. (takes Jarred upstairs to his bedroom)

Mum: Have you seen Hannah?

Jarred (from upstairs) I’m not talking to you, mum. You’re being awkward right now.

(Portrait Studio – 5: 35 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Gramps Bob talking to a guy for an portrait sketch)

Guy: Are you ready, sir?

Gramps: Ready as will ever be, lad.

Guy: Name’s Chris, sir. Christian Taylor.

Gramps Bob: Don’t call me sir. You make me feel old.

Chris: Alright, then. (notices a name on Gramps Bob’s hat) Bob?

Gramps Bob: Yup. That’s what everyone calls me.

Chris: Alright, Bob. Let’s get started, shall we?

(Cyrille’s house – 5:45 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Hannah and Cyrille both in computers)

Cyrille: (sees something interesting) Oh my gosh, Hannah. Check this out!

Hannah: What? Is that about zombies and chocolate?

Cyrille: Sort of.

Hannah: Okay. Let me see. (Hannah goes to Cyrille)

Cyrille: (smiling in excitement)

Hannah: Where?

Cyrille: There. (points to a bracelet) A cute, chocolaty bracelet. Doesn’t that look fascinating?

Hannah: I’m being serious here, Cyrille. Quit fooling around.

Cyrille: Okay, sorry. (phone sounds) (message received)

Hannah: Was that yours?

Cyrille: Yeah. (checks out the phone) Oh.

Hannah: What is it?

Cyrille: It’s almost time for Bill’s party. Wanna come?

Hannah: I obviously don’t want to be a zombie. Of course, I don’t.

Cyrille: But it’s going to be fun.

Hannah: Being a zombie isn’t fun.

Cyrille: Okay, whatever you say, Boss.

Hannah: And one thing, stop calling me Boss. I feel like an evil maniac criminal.

Cyrille: Whatever. Girl friend.

(Jarred’s Bedroom – 6:00 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Boris lying on bed while Jarred is on his computer)

Boris: Are you done with that, Jay?

Jarred: Almost.

Boris: By the way, what are you doing?

Jarred: Nothing. Just surfing the internet and all.

Boris: I know, you’re doing something.

Jarred: No, nothing at all. Just, lay there. Take a nap.

Boris: Okay, I feel kinda weary though. I think I need to barf.

Jarred: My bathroom is right on the left next to my cabinet. You can see it, right?

Boris: I think so.

Jarred: If you need anything. Just tell me, okay?

Boris: Okay.

(St. Michael’s General Hopital Burnt Aftermath – 6:30 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Male nurse trying to deliver a box to the ambulance) (Male nurse on phone)

Male nurse: Hello? Lekha? Sweatheart?

Lekha(Indian accent): Hello, honey. When will you be here?

Honey: Next 30 minutes. I’ll be home before you know it.

Lekha: Alright. By the way George, I got the promotion.

George: Promotion for what?

Lekha: I’ll be teaching high school, from now on.

George: That’s a great news. We should celebrate.

Lekha: Yeah. I got everything set. I can’t wait till you get home.

George: Okay. Wait till I get there, okay. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.

Lekha: (nods) I know. Don’t be late, alright?

George: Like I said. 30 minutes.

Lekha: Bye. I love you.

George: Love you too, sweetheart. Love you too.

(George puts the boxes inside the ambulance)

George: Phew! (takes a deep breath)

(George hears an unknown grunt from somewhere)

George: (startled) (gets the flashlight and spots it anywhere) Who’s there!

(Unknown sound grunts again)

George: What the hell! Show yourself.

George: (backs off to the ambulance slowly) (steps on an oily ground) (spots on the ground) (green slime all over the floor) (touches the slime with his finger) (sniffs his fand)

(Unknown sound grunts the third time)

George: (hastily stood up) (hears dripping sound behind his back) (turns around) (sees something frightening)

George: Aaaaah!

(Bill’s Party – 7:34 PM)(Back to the Top)

(? Last Friday Night by Katy Perry ?)

Bill: (yelling to everybody) Is everybody having a good time?

Everybody: Wooooh! Yeah!

(Everybody dancing to the beat, drinking, talking, smootching, laughing, watching television, playing xbox and everything)

(doorbell rings) (Bill checks out the door)

Bill: (smiles) Hey ladies.

Monica: Hey Bill. Mind if we come in?

Alyssa: Yeah? (chuckles)

Bill: Come in. You’re missing all the fun.

Monica: Well? What are we waiting for?

Bill: Oh, right. Come in.

(Monica and Alyssa comes in)

Bill: By the way, where’s Ashleigh?

Monica: Oh, unfortunately, he’s on a search for his brother.

Alyssa: Yeah. (sees a guy) Monica. I think I should be going somewhere. See you later. (smiles and heads to somewhere)

Monica: Okay. (checks the crowd for someone.

Bill: So, are you enjoying the party?

Monica: Are you kidding me? We just got here.

Bill: Oh. I mean, I’m just asking you in advance, you know.

Monica: By the way, is he here?

Bill: He?

Monica: Jarred.

Bill: Who told you his invited?

Monica: No one. I invited him.

Bill: Well, I’m sorry. He’s not invited.

(Jarred’s Bedroom 8:10 PM)(Back to the Top)

Jarred: Hey, Boris. Are you okay yet? You’ve been in and out of the bathroom since we got here.

Boris: I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.

Jarred: What have you been eating?

Boris: I don’t know, actually.

Jarred: Maybe it’s the chocolates. Gosh, Boris. Are you turning into a zombie?

Boris: Hell, don’t scare me like that. You’re going to get myself killed.

Jarred: No. Really. What have you been eating? You’re making me worry, you know.

Boris: Maybe, because of those pickles.

Jarred: What pickles? You eat pickles?

Boris: Of course, I do. I’m human.

Jarred: I don’t like pickles.

Boris: Well, I eat pickles. It calms me down when I’m terribly tensed.

Jarred: Okay, so, you really need to go consult a doctor or something.

Boris: I guess, yeah. I’m gonna call Dani to pick me up.

Jarred: Dani? Why Dani?

Boris: I’ll tell her to call Dad and pick me up.

Jarred: Okay. (phone sounds) (message received) Oh, goody. A message. Wonder who’s it from.

Boris: Check it out. (gets his phone and dials Dani’s number)

Jarred: (checks out his phone) (reads the message)

Message: Hey, Jarred. Where are you? We’ve been here since 7. I’m waiting. – Monica

Jarred: Oh goth. Hey Boris. I gotta go to the party.

Boris: Do you mind? I’m calling somebody.

Jarred: Oh, I’m sorry. (texts Monica back)

Message: I’m not sure if I’m going besides I’m not invited and Boris has a serious case of sickness right now. I’m terribly sorry. (sends the message)

Boris: (calls Dani) Hello? Dani.

Dani: Yes? Why did you call?

Boris: I need you to tell dad to pick me up. I’m not feeling well.

Dani: What? Well, where in the world are you?

Boris: Jarred’s. I really need to be there. I’m sick.

Dani: Okay. Wait for the next 30 minutes. We’ll be there.

Boris: Thank you Dan.

Dani: Yeah. No worries. (hangs up)

(Bill’s Party – 8:25 PM)(Back to the Top)

(door bell rings) (Valentine opens the door)

Valentine: Oh, there you are. I thought you’re not going to make it.

Tracy: Unfortunately, I did. Happy?

Valentine: Obviously. (smiles)

Monica: (reads Jarred’s message)

Message: I’m not sure if I’m going besides I’m not invited and Boris has a serious case of sickness right now. I’m terribly sorry.

Monica: (gets sullen) (replies back)

Message: Well, okay. Too bad, they’re serving the chocolates and you’re not here. (sends the message)

(Monica and Jarred message conversation)

Jarred: (receives the message) (reads the message) (gets shocked) (replies)

Message: Chocolates? What chocolates? (sends message)

Monica: (receives message)(reads and replies)

Message: Charlie Chocobars, I guess. You love them? Come. (sends message)

Jarred: (receives the message)(reads) Holy Sh… (types a message)

Message: Wait! Be there in 15 minutes. Whatever you do, don’t eat anything. Especially, those chocolates. (sends message)

Monica: (receives message) (reads and replies)

Message: Okay, whatever you say. But be sure you’ll be here or you’ll miss all the fun. (sends the message)

(Jarred’s Bedroom – 8:30 PM)(Back to the Top)

(Jarred receives Monica’s message)

Jarred: Boris, when will your dad be here? I need to go somewhere.

Boris: What? Where are you going? Don’t tell me you…

Jarred: Yeah. And I need to be there like less than a half hour. So, cheers. Wait till your dad gets you and don’t touch any of my stuff or else.

Boris: Alright. How will you be going to Bill’s house? It’s like miles away.

Jarred: No. It’ll be fine. Don’t worry. I’ll be riding my scooter.

Boris: Oh, you have a scooter? I didn’t know.

Jarred: Well, now you know. Anyways, I gotta go now.

Boris: Okay. Break a leg. I mean, don’t break a leg. Don’t break anything. Drive safely.

Jarred: You too. Get well soon.

Boris: Yeah, bye.

Jarred: (leaves the room and heads outside)

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