Is the bible true?

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just something on the accuracy of the bible

Submitted: December 10, 2008

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Submitted: December 10, 2008



 today  as i was reading the  book of Isaiah , i often wondered whether if what i was reading in this christian book the truth.i am a sophmore  at university and because of this i have been  exposed to muchmore religions than i had back home, because of my clasees  and of course my diversie group of friends. while back home i knew of islam,hinduism and of course people who were athesits or agnoistic. it's here i had etreme exposure, because now i have hindi friens, muslim friends, buddhist friends, jewish friends. taoist friends etc.and  often wonder  if my religion is the truth but then what is truth, because frommy different classes, like non western culure, african culture etc  i realize a lot of the ancient and  present day religions have a lot in common with the bible. example all cultures have a version of the flood story so which begs the question  is  Genesis lying i think not . i believe that ifevery countery in all different parts of the world said a flood happen  then it must have happen  i believe  some  castrophope did happen 6000 years ago. Most cultures have their god or gods creating humans from clay or dust or something from the ground like the bible so it begs the question did we evolve from apes or the bible and every culture in every corner of the world has a degree of truth about the creation of man! another similarity most religions, cultures  , peoples  have a version of the end of the world almost the same way  as the book of revalation, wherre the forces of good and evil battle, and even scientists and experts have a similar version of how the world is going to end. so is the bible truth?

 i think it is because  historians and  other experts have proven almost everything that took place in the bible and other religions have similarstories or talesof what has happen or what will happen!

which begs the question if  90%  of the world believes in  higher being or beings and  10% of the world don't  who is wrong! what is wrong!  andwill  we ever know ?

what do you think?

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