living in regret

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this is just my opinion about how life is and now to live it

Submitted: February 20, 2007

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Submitted: February 20, 2007



Living in regret means living without making your own choices.

 Creating, knowing and living in this quote might shape a person to understand life and the human mind. Inspiration, where does it come from, strong willed people is motivated or inspired by nothing and there isn't anything to stop them because real strength comes from the fact that you have nothing to lose but the entire world to gain.

A good man knows his limitations; a great man learns to overcome them. "Example of this is man knowing and accepting he can not fly  ,builds the aircraft to soar above the clouds like the birds. There are many examples of men overcoming their limitations. Buta few men in this modern age have overcome their limitations. This is because well at least in my opinion man has gotten lazy, man to date just accepts their limitations and move on which is good but not great or they use all their creativity to build weapons of warfare and mass destruction which tells me all they care about is to conquer the world. Will man do anything great again? Maybe but will it be worthwhile, rewarding and in abundance?  I can honestly say I doubt, but maybe there will be a few things that Man might do to shock the world for a moment but then people will move on.

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