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this poem is me venting at the people who care me about for their refusal of understanding and getting me. and for them taking my feelings lightly.

Submitted: June 28, 2007

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Submitted: June 28, 2007



you say that my dark poems are sick and depressing

like when you visting someone on their death bed in a hosptial

but i tell you it's not, it's how i feel

i can't change it or prevent it

can you change or prevent the sun from going down?

it's part of my life

just like the sun and moon

you say i'm not suppose to have those feelings

and that we don't go by our feelings

but then the birds aren't suppose to be soaring to the heavens aren't they

then you tell me i must let go of the past or something

but then don't you know the past, present and future are all entwined

just like hell, earth and heaven

now about taking my feelings lightly

you talk about a subject that will bring bad memoiries to me

likei was someone invincible

when i tell you to finish with it or change the subject

you totally ignore my request

and are you going to still say that you don't take my feelings lightly?

then i think i heard you say that those feelings need to come out

this shows me that you totally don't get it

those feelings don't need to come out

and besides do you really want me to be stressed, depressed and all such things?

i think not

and again they might need to come out

but i don't think you want that

that's asking for trouble

and you don't need or want that

i'm not writing this to upset you

i'm not angry with you

i know you care about me and mean well

i just wrote this wishing that you would totally get it

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