The mystery of Mr Parsnip.

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A mystery of a next door neighbour, what do they really get up to?

Submitted: April 26, 2011

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



Boom broom I look next door to see Mr. Parsnip starting his big red truck. I wave to him and smile he just looks at me and drives off. “Oh okay” I say to myself. I walk back inside and go up to my room. Then I start to wonder why is Mr. Parsnip never home during the day. Everyday he does the same thing leaves at 10:00am and comes home at 10:00pm and he doesn’t work so I don’t know what he does. That night I decide to stay up and spy on Mr. Parsnip I set up my telescope. Later on that night at 10:00pm on the dot he arrives home. I shut the curtain a little so he can’t see me. He goes and unlocks his front door then walks back to his truck. He takes a look around sneakily then starts dragging a brownish sack along the ground, I zoom up on my telescope and see that he is struggling. He looks up at my window so I quickly duck and a few seconds later pop back up and as I do I hear the door shut behind him. I wait for about five minutes then I see his garage light flick on and within 5 seconds its back off. I wait for 5 more minutes and nothing happens so I close the curtain fully and go to bed, I can’t get to sleep without thinking what he is doing. Then the next morning I get up and look out the window and his trucks not there, I check the time and its 11:00am I must of slept in. I get dressed and go downstairs to have breakfast. Later on in the day I take a look at Mr. Parsnips house and notice some weird shadow in the garage window it kind of looks like a human hand. That night I decide to stay up again crash bang!! “ Huh” I say I jump up off my chair and run to the window I see Mr. Parsnip in his garage moving some stuff around. He puts the brownish sack on the bottom shelf and goes inside. Later on that night in bed I think to go and investigate Mr. Parsnips house while his not there so, I get out of bed and decide to make a plan of Mr. Parsnip’s house so I no the an escape exit in case something goes wrong which it shouldn’t. After I make the plan I go to bed and set my alarm for 10:00am so I can get ready. RING RING!! “ Huh what?” I say I get and go to the window I see Mr. Parsnip get in his truck and leave. I run to my cupboard and get dressed wait for a bit in case he comes to get something by 11:30am I pack my bag with the equipment I need then leave. I arrive at his front door grab out the bit of the coat hanger to pick the lock before I do I take a look around the coast is clear. I start picking the lock then click! I open the door and go in I take a look in the kitchen and I go through all the draws but find nothing next I go into the room I see a few drips of blood on the floor I get a few chills but keep continuing the search I find a t- shirt with some blood on it I put it back and go up stairs I hear a knock at the door. My heart races, I hear the door creak open a little bit I run to the cupboard and hide in there. I can hear someone walking up the stairs. I see that it’s Mr. Parsnip’s friend Jeffery. He has a letter in his hand. He places it on the bench and walks back downstairs and out the door. I poke my head out of the cupboard then get out in the hallway I see a lump in the carpet, I lift a bit of the carpet up and find out that it’s a door I pick the lock once again and jump down there. I take out my torch and turn it on. I take a look around and all I see is brown murky water and rats. I make my way through the water its starting to smell like something’s dead I walk around the corner. There is a massive spider web in the way I put down my torch to get rid of the spider web. When I pick up the torch I scream there is a ditch full of dead bodies it smells horrible. I run back as fast as I can in the other direction I quickly check the time its 02:45pm I drag myself out of the hole I feel a shadow over me, I slowly lift my head and see Mr. Parsnip standing over me he grabs me by my backpack and blocks my mouth. I try fighting I kick in the family jewels he drops to the ground. I get to my feet and run as fast as I can I run out the front door and back to my house I lock the front door and run up to my room I grab my phone and dial #911 I tell them what’s happened and they come straight away. I see them go next door. They knocked on the door and no one answered. Then I saw them kick down the door. Mum comes up stairs and asks me what’s wrong I tell her, she goes downstairs and I hear the door shut. I go downstairs and realise mum has gone next door. I run outside and stand with mum. Within 10 minutes the police come out with Mr. Parsnip they put him in the back of the police car. The police then come up to me and ask me a few questions I answer them and then mum takes me inside. Later on that night in bed I keep seeing Mr. Parsnip in memory I start to get a little bit scared. But eventually fall asleep. The next morning mum wakes me up and shows me the front page of the news. It has Mr. Parsnip the headline is LOCAL NEIGHBOUR KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE. I read the article it has parts about me speaking. Mr. Parsnips got charged for murder of multiple people. His house gets put on the market and a couple months on a newly wed couple bys the house they demolish it and rebuild. By Sarah McDougall.

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