Running and Hiding

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Running and Hiding isn't easy when your dealing with someone who know's what he's doing.

Table of Contents

Running and Hiding

Running and Hiding isn't easy when your dealing with someone who know's what he's doing. Read Chapter

Jackson took the brown sac off of my head for the second time, and although it was a little blurry I could see that we were in a room,... Read Chapter

This tall man came and gave Jill and I a drink, we were out like a rock. Why did I ever go to that party at the club? I did I ever ta... Read Chapter

I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. But Jill could, i don't know how she could. "Jill?" I whispered so Jackson couldn't hear me. ... Read Chapter

Jackson woke me up early, i'm not an early person. "Don't touch me! Why are you waking me up?" I asked. "ITS TIME TO GO!!!!! GET ... Read Chapter

8 hours and 18 minutes later we were in Honalulu, Hawaii. From there, we took a smaller plane to a smaller island. I felt asleep so I was... Read Chapter

I was asleep, when I heard a BANG and screaming. What the heck is that? I opened my eyes to see Jill's head baing slammed into th... Read Chapter

I woke up that morning, feeling the warm sun on my face, feeling stronger than I have felt in weeks... "When are we going to enjoy th... Read Chapter

........2 years later..... He still hasn't "promoted" me as Jill put it. Since I've been here there has been 15 other girls, but for ... Read Chapter

He came back into the room, yelling about how it was my fault that Jane was dead. He said that if only I would've kept my big, fat mouth ... Read Chapter

I woke up that morning on the floor, laying in a pool of blood. I soon realized that it was my own blood, i was laying in. Phelix came in... Read Chapter

As Jackson walked out of the room, I noticed that something fell out of his pocket. I couldn't tell what it was. I tried to reach for it,... Read Chapter

I was still laying on the floor, 2 hours later, when Jackson walked in the room again. I would've had my clothes on the minute he left, b... Read Chapter

"Hi, Simon. Nice to meet you." I said not looking up. "Ok. That will be all, Simon." "Ok." Simon replied, and walked ou... Read Chapter

"Let's start off with this first question. What is your name?" Detective Mire said. I just sat there. I can't. If he finds out, he'll... Read Chapter

"Ok, lets start from the beginning. What's your name?" "I already told you, Penny." " I know, but I need your full name. Ple... Read Chapter

"Was it just you and Jill?" he asked, with a worried look on his face. "No, after he killed Jill, he had like 15 others..that I knew ... Read Chapter

"Okay, you aren't ever going to leave me." Jackson told me. What makes you think that? "How do you know?" I asked. Crap! Why ... Read Chapter

He hand-cuffed me to the bed so I woulnd't get away when he went to go get one of those home pregnancy tests. It was 2 hours before he go... Read Chapter

Oh my god! This is it. Just get it over with, and see what your future is. "Well, what i it?" Jackson asked hesitantly, then continue... Read Chapter

I woke up in the hospital I had bandages on me. I was hooked up to numerous machines. A nurse walked in. \"Oh, good. You are awake. The d... Read Chapter

I looked over at my mom and dad. My mom was crying as usual, and i was crying with her. My dad looked at the two of us and can't hel... Read Chapter

The Sherriff same, in. He was a young, tall, handsome (if Imay say so myself) man. "Hello, Ms. Barrett. My name is Sherriff Milton. H... Read Chapter

I woke up, my body still hurting everywhere. My mother was in the room, as expected. "Honey, your friends are still here. They w... Read Chapter

After a few more days in the hospital, they finally let me go. The 100 mile ride home was not pleasant at all! Of course how could it be ... Read Chapter