The Night that Changed it All

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Adelaide has the greatest night of her life. She meets a guy (and think that she will never see him again), and has the time of her life. Will this guy show up in her life unexpectedly? Yes!

“What should I wear?” I asked Lilian.

“Who cares? It's a masked ball. Even if you wear something totally dreadful no one will know it's you.” Lilian answered.

“Princess Adelaide Marquette WILL NOT wear something dreadful!”

“Okay, Adelaide, sorry.

“It's fine, just help me find something to wear. I have to look older. I'm only 18, I will be the youngest one there! Besides you of course.”

“Don't worry about it. You're a princess you can do anything.” Lilian answered. Lilian and I walked into my two-level closet. After a while of looking we found an amazing “party” dress that I just happened to have a mask to match it. I call Yvette (my maid) to help me get it on.

“Thanks, Yvette. I don't know what I would do without you.” I complimented.

“Thank you, ma'am.” Yvette replied.

“Yvette, would you be a dear and tell Jacques to get my limo ready?”

“I will.” she replied. Lilian had a puzzled look on her face.

“What?” I asked.

“When did your parents hire Jacques?” she asked.

“Oh about a week ago, My parents thought I needed a new one so they hired Jacques. The best part is he's young and gorgeous. I mean it's really to bad that he isn't royal. We could've had such fun.”

“Well at least we'll have something to look at on the way to Château de Chaumont Loire.” we walked out to the limo, Jacques (who is about 25) greeted us with the door open, “Hello miss, how are you?”

“I'm alright Jacques, thank you.” I replied. Lilian had already gotten into the limo. I slid into the limo after her.

“Where to miss?” Jacques asked.

“Le Château de Chaumont Loire.” I replied.

“I will get you and your friend there right away.”

“Thank you.”

Jacques looked at me and winked. “Oh and before I forget, Jacques this is my friend Lilian Trivett. Lilian this is Jacques.” I introduced them.

“Say hello.” I whispered to her.


“Hello, madame.” Jacques closed the door, and headed for the driver's seat.

We got to the Château de Chaumont Loire and walked inside with our masks on. Lilian and I walked in and eyes were on us for what felt like 5 minutes. Finally everyone stopped staring and continued dancing. We walked through the dance floor to a table with a few handsome gentlemen sitting there, “Is this seat taken?” I asked.

“No.” one of them answered. We sat down and they immediately started a conversation with us in French. I could understand them but I know that Lilian was having a hard time.

¹ “Avez-vous les gars parle anglais?” I asked them.

² “Oui.”

³ “Ca cous dérange sion parle anglais? Mon ami ne peut pas parler français.” I asked them.

“Sure.” They we chuckling as they answered.

“Thank you.” I replied.


¹ “Do you guys speak English?”

² “Yes.”

³ “Do you mind if we speak English? My friend can't speak French.”



“So where are you ladies from?”




“So have you seen the King and Queen?”

“You could say that.” Lilian and I exchanged funny looks.

“Would you girls like a drink?” Leon asked.

“We would love a drink!' Lilian answered.

“Okay, Marc, come with me.”

When they left Lilian turned to me. “What do I do if a french guy asks me to dance? How do I know if they want to dance?”

“If someone comes up to you and says: 'Souchaitez-vous danser?' he is asking you if you want to dance. If you want to you say 'Oui', if you don't want to you say 'Pas' okay? If you guys start to dance you say : 'Parlez-vous anglais?' that is asking him if he speaks English.” Lilian still looked a little uneasy, but I assured her it would be okay. Marc and Leon came back, they had our drinks in their hands as well as theirs.

“So what kind of drinks did you get us?” Lilian asked.

“Plain 'ol beer. We didn't know what you wanted, so we just got us all beer.” Marc explained.

“So how old are you?” I asked.

“I'm 21.” Marc answered.

“I'm 22.” Leon chimed in.

“Okay, well we are both 18.” Lilian said.

Leon is so handsome, well Marc is too, but I really hope Leon asks me to dance. I wonder what he will say when he finds out that I'm a princess? Well not only a princess the the princess of France.

“Oh, I don't think we've told you our names, I'm Lilian.” Lilian told them.

“And I'm Adelaide.”

“Adelaide, would you like to dance?” Leon asked me.

“I would love to dance! Lilian will you be okay?” I replied, then asked.

“She won't be alone, and plus if she says yes she and I are going to dance.” Marc answered me.

Before I knew it Leon was taking me on the dance floor. I caught a glimpse of Marc scooting closer to Lilian, he said something to her and they got up to dance.

“So what do you do to work?” I asked Leon.

“I'm not working right now, but I hope to be working soon.” he replied.

“Okay, well, where do you live?”


“Cool!” we continued dancing and talking for a while. I'm not exactly sure how long we did, all I know is that when we were done it was nearly 11:30 p.m.

“I have to go.” I said.

“Oh come on, just a little while longer.” Leon begged.

“Unfortunately, I really have to go. Will you please help me find Lilian?”

He tried to resist but he couldn't, “Okay, fine. Yeah, I will help you.” We walked off the dance floor, his arm was around my waist. The first place we checked was the table. Neither Marc nor Lilian were there.

“I think I might know where to check next. He might have brought her to the bar.” he informed me.

“Let's go up there.” I demand. Sure enough Marc and Lilian were at the car. I could tell that Lilian was drunk, I don't know about Marc though. “Lilian, it's time for us to go.” I told her.

“But I'm having so much fun!”


“I am too but mom and dad will kill the both of us if we don't get back before they have to leave. You know how my dad hates to be late.”

“ Yes. I know. Fine, let's go.” Lilian got up to leave. Marc kissed her.

“I will escort you Adelaide.” Leon told me.

“Okay.” The three of up walked out of Le Château de Chaumont Loire. Right before I got into the car I gave Leon a little peck on the cheek. Leon closed the door behind me and waved. I waved back.

“Let's go home Jacques, and hurry! We're going to be late.” I told Jacques.

“Sure mademoiselle.” he replied. It took two hours to get home. By that time, Lilian was passed out in the limo and I was thinking about Leon.

“Jacques, I know this isn't your job, but would you mind carrying Lilian inside?”

“Sure ma'am.” he said. He picked Lilian up, and brought her into my room.

I walked into the house and met my dad, Grègoire, by the look on his face I knew he was mad, “Where have you been Adelaide?” he asked.

“ Dad, you remember I went to a masquerade.”

“Yeah, I remember. But you're late, where were you?”

“There was a little bit of traffic so it got later than we expected.”

“Just go upstairs and go to bed. We are meeting Esme's fiancee tomorrow.”

“Okay dad, goodnight.” I walked upstairs and Jacques was still up there. “You can just put her on the bed in the guestroom. Thanks.” I told him.

He laid her on the bed in the guestroom, said goodnight, and walked out. I undid the covers and slid her under them. Then I put the covers back over her, and walked out of the room. I got into my bed and thought about Leon. He was so adorable, and sweet, and handsome, and strong.

I woke up the next morning. I mus have drifted off to sleep, I said to myself.

“Adelaide?” Lilian said to me.

“Yeah?” I questioned.

“How did I get in my bed, all tucked in?”

“Jacques carried you into your room, and then I put you under the covers. What time is it?”

“About nine.”

“Oh my god! I have to go get ready. Esme's fiancee will be here in an hour.” I hopped out of bed, went into the bathroom and took a shower. I came out twenty minutes late. I threw on a cute outfit, did my hair, and make-up. I was ready by 9:55. Lilian had already gotten ready and was downstairs eating with my family. They really like her. I ran downstairs, sat down at the table and began to eat.

“So, I never got to ask. Did you have fun?” my father asked.

“Yes, dad. I did. Also, I met this really nice man.” I said. But then I saw the worried llook on his face and continued, “Don't worry. Nothing happened.”

“What is the name of that boy?” my mother, Sylvine, asked. I was about to tell them, but we heard the doorbell ring. Henri (our butler) answered the door.

“May I introduce the Prince of Wales: Leon Garnier.” Leon walked in. Esme got up and stood next to her fiancee. Lilian and I looked at each other, stunned.

“What is the problem Adelaide?” Esme asked me. It wasn't until Esme said this that Leon looked at me. His eyes widened a little bit. “Leon these are my parents: Grégoire and Sylvine.” He was still staring in my direction.

“Leon?” my sister asked him. Finally, he stopped staring at me. He turned and shook my father's hand, after bowing first of course. Then he took my mother's hand, said something that made her smile, and he kissed her hand.

“This is my sister, Adelaide. Also, her friend Lilian.” She pointed to me then Lilian.

“Bonjour Lilian,” he shook her hand, she was still stunned.

“Say hello.” I whispered to her.

“Bonjour.” She said in a shaky voice. Leon turned to me and held out his hand. I didn't want to shake it but I also didn't want to create a scene. So I did what I thought the sisterly thing to do would be. I got close to him, and hugged him. During the hug I whispered in his ear, “JERK.” I stopped hugging him and then went back over to Lilian.

“Where is Marcelle? I know she was so excited to meet Leon.” Esme asked my father.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. She wanted me to come get her when he got here. I will go get her.” I said. I walked out of the room and up to Marcelle's room. Thinking about what was going on the whole time.

“Marcelle?! Leon is here.” As soon as she heard me, she jumped on her bed and ran downstairs. When I got back down there she was embracing him in a hug. Esme was trying to pull her off of him. He had an exasperated look on his face. He deserves it I thought to myself.

“Esme, you, me, and the wedding planner have to go over some details. Leon you're welcome to come if you want.” my mother said. I could tell he didn't want to, and I felt sorry for him.

“Leon if you don't want to go over wedding details I can take you on a tour of our palace.” I told him. He looked at Esme with pleading eyes. Leon and I started walking.

“So you're a princess and you live in The Grand Trianon. Did this slip your mind last night?” he asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Did it slip your mind that you're the Prince of Wales, and ENGAGED TO MY SISTER?!?!” I asked him.

“Okay, I admit I should have told you that I was engaged I get that. But you're not exactly the most truthful person either.”

“But I'm not engaged to someone else! What were you doing there anyway? What were you doing flirting and dancing with another girl?”

“I didn't mean for it to get that far.” he said, I started walking away. “Look up to last night I was 99.9% sure that I loved your sister and wanted to marry her.” he spoke again.

“And?” I budded in.

“well after last night, I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against Esme. But Adelaide, I like you way more. You're smart, funny, sassy, and kind. You're exactly the kind of girl I want.” He got closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pressed his lips against mine and kissed me. All of my thoughts went away. It was the best kiss I've had in my life.

“Adelaide?!” Suddenly, I remembered why I was so mad at Leon. “What do you think you're doing?!”

“Why are you blaming me? Leon is the one who kissed me!” I yelled at her. Then I walked away. I didn't want to deal with her anymore. I could hear her yelling at Leon. I felt bad for him, but it was his fault. I just walked upstairs, went into my room, laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Later that day Esme came into my room screaming at me, “The wedding is off thanks to you!” she had tears running down her face. To make it worse, she had been wearing mascara, so that to was running down her face. My eyes started watering. Lilian came into my room.

“I heard about what happened. How could you do that to your sister?”

“What?” I asked back. I was appalled, “What do you think happened?”

“I was told that while you were giving Leon a tour you got really close to him and then you were kissing him. I heard your hands were all over him. I know he's cute and all but really. How could you do that to your own sister?”

“That is not at all what happened!” I was giving a tour of my home, and we were talking about last night. He started to go on about not being positive that he wasn't positive that he wanted to marry my sister, but instead wanting to marry me. Then suddenly he stepped closer to me, wrapped his big, strong arms around me, and pulled me close. Then, he kissed me. For some reason I forgot about why I was mad at him. I wasn't thinking about Leon of today, who would've let it get a whole lot farther if Esme hadn't been there to see it. I was thinking of the Leon I met last night. So that's why I didn't pull away right away. I didn't ask for my sister's fiancé to fall in love with me. It just happened.”

“Wow Adelaide. I'm sorry, I should've listened to your side of the story. What will you do now?” she asked me.

“I have to go talk to Esme. Hopefully, she will believe me.”

“What if she doesn't?”

“Then I have to talk to Leon, and tell him to tell me the truth. He will probably do it.” I walked out of my room and found Esme. She was in her room (as expected), she was still vrying which made this even harder. I knocked on the door. Hesitating a little she said I could come in.

“Esm-” I tried.

“Get out!” she screamed.

“Es-” I tried again.

“I said get out! I never want to speak to you again!” there was no use. She wasn't going to listen to me, no matter what I said. I mean yeah, I like him, maybe even love him. But Leon was hers first. If she wants to be with him, I will get out of the way. I walked out into the courtyard. Surprisingly, Leon was still there.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked him.

“Adelaide, I want to be with you. I can't stand to be without you.” he replied.

“Did I put a spell on you or something? We've only known each other for 1 ½ days.”

“Adeaide, I know that I hurt your sister, and no you didn't put a spell on me. Everything is different when I'm with you. Will you please give me a chance? Let's date for six months. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work out.”

“What if it does work out?”

He got a smile on his face, “ Then we will take it from there.”


*** 6 months later***


“Good morning honey.” Leon said into the phone. He always wakes me up with his calls. At first, I hated it, but I have started liking it. “So guess what today it?”

I thought about it. I couldn't think about why today is a special day, “I can't think of anything.”

“Well I'm crushed.” he said jokingly, then continued, “Today is officially six months since we've been dating.”

I looked at my calendar. “Oh you're right. I'm sorry I didn't remember. But I did just wake up after all.” I said.

“You're right. I can give you that. So tonight, I have dinner planned for us at seven at the Lasserre. I will pick you up at 6:15 p.m.” he said.

“Sounds great. Love you.”

“I love you, too.” He hung up. I can't wait for tonight! I walked downstairs.

“Adelaide, how come we never see Lilian anymore?” my mom asked.

“She moved back to the States. I thought I told you. She was getting home sick, and she wasn't picking up the language.” I informed her.

“That's too bad. She was such a good friend to you.”

“Yes, it was hard to see her go.” I replied then continued, “Leon is taking me to the Lasserre for our six month anniversary.”

“That's nice.” my parents still weren't happy that I was dating him. They say 'you're killing your sister by going out with him'. Of course I don't want to hurt Esme, but I really love Leon, and I want to be with him. Nevertheless, I stayed downstairs and talked with my parents for a long time. When I looked at the clock it said 2 p.m. I still still had four hours to go but I want to make sure that I look perfect four our date.

“There I'm ready.” I said out loud to myself. Three hours had gone by. Yvette was amazed by how long I took. While her and I were talking (to take up the last hour) she said that it only takes her 15 minutes. Can you imagine? Only having to plan 15 minutes ahead rather that 2-3 hours ahead. The hour quickly passed. Before I knew it, Leon and I were in the limo on our way to the Lasserre. It was right in Paris so it didn't tale to long to get there. Naturally, he had reserved us the best table in the whole restaurant. We both ordered: Ragout 74/10. Throughout dinner there were a lot of stares. After all, he is the Prince of Wales and I am the Princess of France. We were both done with our dinners chatting about a variety of different things. I was saying something about my parents when he interrupted me, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes.” I answered. When I answered yes he got a smile on his face then got down on one knee.

“Princess Adelaide Marquette, will you do me the extreme pleasure of marrying me?” he asked, holding an engagement ring. I looked down at him, partially shocked, my eyes started tearing up.

“I would love too!” I practically shouted. Everyone in the Lasserre clapped. I didn't even remember they were there.

“I smiled and said, “I love you too.” He sat down in his chair and ordered some more Romanée Conti wine. I was so happy!

“When do you want to tell my parents?” I asked him.

“You know how they feel about me. But I assume that the sooner, the better. So they have time to prepare or whatever they need to do.” he replied hesitantly.

“I know but remember when Esme brought you home the first time?”

“Yeah, I definitely remember that. How could I forget?” he smiled adoringly, remembering that was the day we had started dating.

“We can do it somewhat like that. But the outcome will be different. Well it better be different.”

“I don't know I mean you do have another sister.” he teased jokingly.

“Shut up.” I said smiling at his joke..

“Okay, we will do it like that, and it will be different.” he answered me finally.

“With that we paid, got into the car, and left for home.

Submitted: July 16, 2011

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