Losing all of it

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Finally I got around to making the sequel to A Deaf Death! This one about Losing it all...just read it. Its just a bit...longer...than the other one.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



I was in the car. Happy, as usual. I was going to the beach, the whole family, for the Lauristic Family Reunion. It would be me, my parents, my twin sister Ashleigh, my little sister, Madaline, my lil bro Max, my Uncle Bill, his wife, Laura, and three kids, Makalya, Luke, and Lisa, my Aunt Denillectia, her two cats, Ceirellia and Mr. Fluffstein(shes the weird lonely cat person of our family), my Uncle Derk, his wife Jeanette, their kids, Mathew, Thomas, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Jennifer, and Andrew, and my Aunt Kendra, and her rich boyfriend Todd, their 'baby' which is just their brand new Camero they call Bumblebee, because they are just so rich and creepy enough to get one exactly like bumlebee from Transformers, and my pregnet Aunt Deloris, with my grandparents, of course. Yup, we sure have quite the family. Not to mention all the pets. It is a pet-included reunion.

We got my dad's friends car so we can give my friend, Jolei, a ride, too, because there was an uneven amount of people, and the way it works with our family, you hang out with only one person for the whole day after an hour of being with a ton of random people to see how their lives are going.

On our way there, we stopped at the Grand Ranch Gas Station for everyone to meet there. We like arriving in a group of all of us, rather than one car getting there 10 minutes before the others, and they have to sit there in their car and wait with no clue as to where to go.

After getting us all in a group, we left to the beach. There was an oncoming semi, going 30 miles above the limit, because the driver passed out. He was drifting into our lane, and nobody noticed. Nobody, except for me. I screamed watchout, which just made my dad slam on the brakes, and the other cars rammed into the back of our car. We were the first, so there was 4 other cars slamming into the back of ours. The semi slamed head-on into us, causing the three cars in the middle to go in the ditch and the rear car to turn sideways and go slightly into th eother lane, getting hit by another semi. Our car had the most front damage. My dad screamed "Is everyone alright?" to the entire car. Ashleigh said yeah, I said all good, and Jolei said yes. Madaline was unconsious with her head bleeding, and Max, being a few years younger, was in a rear facing car seat, so nobody could check on him. My mom didnt answer, and my dad looked at her and started crying. His head was on the wheel when the semi infront of us exploded. I somehow flew out of the car and on the thick moss, but I was the only one who survived. Our car exploded after the semi, then went straight down the line in a rather rapid matter. I just sat there teary-eyed at the long line of fire-burning cars. My family...gone. My mother was an only child, and her parents died when she was little, so my dad's side was the only one who could take care of me if something happened to my parents, but my dad's family was gone. I was an orphan. Alone. Nobody to care for me. Who would take me in? I dont have food. My only friend was Jolei, and her parents would never take me in if I was the reason their daughter was dead.

I walked down the highway, hoping to find someone going in the direction of my house, willing to give me a ride. I found one with a nice girl named Tasha. She let me borrow some of her perfume, so I wouldnt smell like gas, and gave me a new outfit she was going to donate. She said she would be my foster home if that is what I wanted, and I was eager that I already found one. She let me gather my belongings at my house, and she drove me to her house. She had a really nice two story house with two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, two living rooms, and even an upstairs chill room, right next to where I would be sleeping. She said she knew a lot of people that would love to adopt me so I would have a new home.

I was adopted after 7 short months I was really going to miss her and her straight dark brown hair that looked amazing with her light skin tone. I was taken into a family of a nice older couple, and they were so happy to have me.

At their house, they showed me to my room. I walked in, and then I blacked out. I woke up hanging my my wrists in a small room. It was really musky, dark, humid, and the thermometer said 107 degrees. Was this really the house Tasha chose for me? As much as I missed her, and would rather be with her than here, I wasnt sure if I got the right idea about her.

The lady walked in two minutes after I woke up.

"The prisioner is awake, I see. Jeff will be happy with this. I am sure he is having a cigarette right now though. Jeff, come on up! I am sure he wont mind. Dear, you are sweating buckets! Are you hot?

"Y-yes. I am really hot right now, it says 107 degrees."

"Okay, dear. I will turn the temp down low then."

I watched the lady turn it down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Just then, the old man walked through the door. He had a cigarette in his mouth. He walked up to me in a swift motion, and burned my cheek with the cigarette. He then lifted up my shirt and pulled down my pants and took off his pants, which is whenI closed my eyes tight. All I heard was my own screaming, and the old lady's cheers. My body soon went numb from the angry rape from theold man and the cold.After 5 minutes, I blacked out. Too soon, though,I woke up, wishing I was dead. I was frozen. I was still naked, and I had burns all over my body from the cigarette. I felt something trickling down my inner thigh, and Iassumed Iwould get pregnantsoon. I was sore everywhere, and I saw a lot of blood.It was like the man enjoyed burning, raping, and cutting girls.

It was so cold in here, and my feet and hands were purple.I was numb all over, and I just wanted to lay down and rest. I tried wiggling out of thecuffs, but the old man walked in right at that second. He screamed at me, and moved to me again, feeling up my body. I would have shivered, if I could feel anything. He thrust his hand inside me with such brutal force, I cried out. He had his way with me for a long time. It had to be at least an hour before he stepped back and sat on the chair directly in front of me.

"You have been out for days my dear. Are you hungry? Cold? Thirsty?"

"Yeah, I'm starved, I don't think I've eaten in days. It's freezing in here, too, I can't feel my hands...and I don't think I've had anything to drink."

"Well, life just sucks, now dont it?" He hit me in the head with a brick, and I woke up and I could feel less tention on my hands. I was laying on the floor now. It was hard wood, and very uncomfortable. I was laying in a pool of something. It smelled like urine. There was a lot of blood too.

My life went on like this. Rape, black out. Wake up, rape, cold and stale food, black out.

I was steadily being fed more. I soon came to the realization I was pregnant, and they made me have the baby.

"If anything happens to this child, we will make sure he can watch you get raped and die," the old lady said as I was going into labor. I just nodded in responce.

Something happened a while ago, and now I am unable to make verbal noises. I think it was that from all the screaming of being raped I just permanently lost my voice.

I finally gave birth to a boy. My life continued like this, most of which I don't remember. I ended up having many children. It had to be at least twenty-one, witharound eleven girls. I lost count of the boys after eight. The first boy I had was the one who fathered many of them, the old man fathering much of the rest. Sadly, my other boys were the fathers to at least one child before they were twenty.

The old couple did this to me and my children. They even adopted two other girls. They weren't as old as I thought. They were 37 when I was adopted. They had 5 kids, two boys and 3 girls, who they gave me and my kids to.

I died in my 70s. I never saw light again in my light. The last time was when I was adopted.

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