The Porcelain Dolls

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(Finished) Alex buys five dolls for her sister, Tyanna's, birthday. But, these dolls have a deep horror behind them that most dolls don't.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



I was walking home after hanging out with my friends. We went to the greatest teen hangout in town, Teen Rage. It is a store where you can buy clothes for different styles (emo, girly, athletic, you name it, it's there), then a food court in the very center, and everything teens like (cars, make up, food, everything pretty much). I was going to get a ride from Lacie, but she was being an idoit and she dicided to jump off Canyon Crater's sign, which is twenty feet in the air, and tried to do a back flip. She landed on her belly, but she stuck out both of her arms, and you could hear something snap with the impact.

I was walking along the road when it started pouring. I decided to seek shelter in a near by pawn shop. It smelled like those types of books you are forced to read in English Class where the words go to the tops and sides of the pages so closely that there is nowhere to put your hands while you read and have yellowish pages with thick, black writing. Gladly, I kinda liked that smell, never bothered me, but what did was all of the people who called me insane because of it.

Anyways, inside the pawn shop, I decided to look around the store. I was walking around to the back, hoping I could get far enough from the store clerk so that I could just play games on my iPod while listening to my favorite playlist on it, my country playlist. I got to the back corner and I sat across from a box. I wanted to know what was inside it but it was locked and needed a key.

I brought the box to the clerk and he said, "I don't know what's inside it, and I don't really want it to be opened in my store in case there is a bug or something in it. How about this, I sell you the box, and you take it home and look inside. If you like and want to keep it, do that. If not then come back with it whenever and give it back for a full refund."

This sounded like a good idea, so I said, "Sure, that sounds cool. Thanks." Little did I know what I just got myself into.

I got home and my mom was out getting my little sister from her clarinet practice and my dad was at work. I decided to get some paper towels and a shoe for when I open the box so that in case if there are bugs in there, I can squish them with the shoe and wipe the guts off of the shoe when I'm done, assuming there are bugs in there.

I wiped the dust off of the top to the box, and I realized how beautiful the box is. It was a dark red with golden brown flowers on it, and it was more of a cotton fabric than the leather I assumed with all of the dust on it. It had a little leather buckle keeping it closed with a hole for a key to unlock it. The key was painted same shade red as the box with the same color gold. I put in the key and turned it.

Inside the box were five Porcelain dolls. I took them out and layed them on the coffee table in front of the couch.

One had shiny black hair. It was slightly curly, and it was in pigtails tied with a green ribbon, the same shade green as her bright green eyes and her green dress with white polda dots.The dress also had a white collar on it. She was also wearing a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet. The doll had on white socks with shiny black shoes. I soon realized all of the dolls had on the same socks and black shoes.

The next doll I pulled out had straight red hair that was the color of a ruby. She had dark brown eyes. Her hair was halfway down her back. It had a small white fuzzy clip in it. Her dress went to her knees in the front but it touched the floor in the back. Her dress was white and it looked like a wedding gown. She had a yellow pearl necklas.

The third doll I pulled out had brown hair and dark green eyes, the color of grass, unlike the girl with black hair's eyes. Her hair was very light and looked kind of like she had a white glaze put on it to make it look lighter. It didn't even touch her shoulders. She had bangs, the type that stayed in your face above your eyes. Her hair stuck up a lot at the top of her head, went in to make her head appear heart shaped, and then came back out for the ends. She had on a light pink dress with a skirt that went out a lot at her knees, where it ended. Her dress had little flowers underneath her chest. She had a gray pearl necklas on.

The fourth doll I happened to pull out was blonde. Her hair was slightly wavy, more like she had in braids then took them out. She was wearing a light yellow sundress with light pink flowers on it. She had on a light pink pearl necklas.

The last doll in the box had white hair with big curls. She had bright blue eyes. She was wearing a long red dress that looked like a ball gown. She had on a white pearl necklas like the first doll, but this one was shinier. A lot shinier.

As I looked at all of the dolls laid out in front of me, I couldn't help noticing that they looked depressed. None of my sister's looked this sad.

My grandmother had passed away and left all of her dolls in her will for my sister, so she got all thirty-seven. I happened to get thirty-two gold coins, and all thirty-two gold coins were worth only $100 more than the porcelain dolls were worth. Well, right now they were worth about $700 more, but if the value for both the dolls and the coins went steadily increasing, then by the time we were ready for college we would have the same emount of money.

I wondered what to do with all of the dolls, then I realized my sister's birthday is tomorrow, so I can give them to her as a present.

My mom got home after I found a spot in my closet to put the dolls. My sister, Tyanna, was in the shower so I told my mom about my idea with the present then. My mom got a necklas from my grandmother, her mom, and was going to give it to my sister because she didn't know anything elst to get Tyanna for her birthday.

"Really, Alexandra, you bought dolls at the pawn shop and you're giving the dolls to your sister for her birthday,justso that I don't have to give her that necklas? You are just too sweet sometimes!" she told me. I was happy I was doing something she wanted. She always loved that necklas and she didn't have any ideas for my sister's present after I stole it. Like a good mom, she decided to give something of hers for her youngest daughter's birthday.

I went upstairs and listened to some music while trying on some clothes I should wear to my sister's party. It was going to be epic.

Tyanna was having a really cool 80s\\rock\\punk themed party, and I had a lot of clothes to wear to that, because I love the 80s and punk fashion is just so cool.

I wore my pink and black off-the-shoulder shirt with a neon blue tank top under it, my mini jean skirt over fishnets, my knee-high jet black leather boots, and my black-and-white skull chocker necklas. I had my dark hair straightened, and it looked like I had an emo haircut. I had a lot of black eyeliner and mascara which made my blue eyes look a lot lighter. I had on some cherry red lip stick and my nails were painted black. If it were up to me to say it, I looked pretty hot.

Tyanna had my dad take the fog machine from his work so there would be fog, and we already had strobe lights and multi colored spotlights. It looked pretty awesome.

Tyanna invited twenty of her best friends (which she argued with mother about, because she justneedsto invite her thirty-two best friendsandthey just have to invite their soulmates, wich is so stupid, you don't find your soul mate in seventh grade). These twenty "besties" of hers were her lab partners, Julie Ann, Margaret, and Lisa, her French partner (and foreign exchange student) Antoinette, and her many math tutors, Jeff, Dave, Maxwell, Sara, Leeah, and Martha, and ten random people who she happens to sit next to in classes, like Anna Bella, Bella, CeCe, Roshasha. Julie, Kendera, Tiffaney, Laure, Katia, and Haylie.

When all of them had arrived, Tyanna started serving snacks to everyone. We all danced to about an hour then it was time to eat. We ate steak, french fries, and salads, with a choice of Fruit Punch, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, and Coca-Cola to drink.

We had my mom make this really good dessert instead of cake. After the cake, Tyanna opened her presnts. When she got to mine, she acted like she thought it was kinda cool, but not at all what she wanted, even though I knew she wanted a nive doll for her collection. Now, she got five.

When all of the guests went home, she ran up to me. I didn't realize how good that smokey eye effect looked on people with green eyes. Or that hot pink lip stick is really nice on her. Or that her blonde hair looks really good in an 80s style, espically with her multi colored neon tank top over a black T shirt, with her extra-flared knee-length skirt and yarn fishnets, with dark blue arm warmers, and 80s boots, all curdosy of my mom.

"Ohmygod, thank you soooooo much! I love them soooo much they are perfect! You are the best sister ever!" That was her reaction to the dolls I got her. I think she liked them a little bit.

"I'm glad you liked them. I got them at the pawn shop," I told her.

At that moment her entire face went white.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Oh. Um...nothing. The dolls are great. Um, I think that I'm going to...polish their shoes, I guess...see you later...thanks for the dolls..." That was it. She just walked away. I wonder what's wrong with dolls from the pawn shop...?

I went to her room to see what was wrong. She was still really white, but she was taking off her makeup with shaky hands. I sat on the bed next to her.

"Okay, what's up with the pawn shop? Nothing has ever gotten you this freaked before. And I was there when you went through the senior haunted house."

"Well...It's just that I think that the pawn shop might be...haunted....."

I laughed at that one. "Haunted?! The pawn shop, haunted?!?!Look, Ty, I love ya to death girl, but seriously. Mr. Buckey, the friendliest guy we've ever met, with a missing arm and a scar on his cheek, blind in one eye, from the war,for crying out loud,owned a haunted pawn shop then gave it to his son when he died of a heart attack?! Tyanna Lynn, what are you on?!?!"

"Fine! Don't believe me! But when you are randomly attacked in the mirror section like Isabell, then you'll be sorry. And don't come crying to me. You know what happened to Isabell? Of course you don't. Because nobody does. Besause Isabell got amnesia. Then died. All that is known is that she was looking at mirriors then she was found by a customer about an hour later. Lying on the floor in a pool of blood. And it wasn't even her own blood. So, go on, tell me how psychotic I am. Tell me that the pawn shop isn't haunted. But when you are attacked and lying in the hospital, I'll be the one saying 'I told ya so!'"

"Yeah, Tyanna Lynn, you're losing it."That was when I just walked out of her door. And I didn't even look back. Big mistake.

When I left her room I went straight into mine. I turned on my stereo and turned it up really loud. Then I took a bath in the bathroom connected to my bedroom.

I got out to see that someone took my lip stick and wrote on my mirror a message. It said: 'Alex....why didn't you believe me...why? I hope you are happy now that you just didn't believe me.'

I figured it was a prank by the one and only Tyanna. I was really mad that she used lipstick on my mirror when I just spent twenty minutes getting it clean again. I was going to kill that girl!

I got out of the shower and I put on my favorite pajamas. It was a powder pink fleece (with monkeys) pair of pants, with a cotton brown tank top (the brown matched the monkeys) and stormed out of the bathroom.

I walked down the hall whenI heard a childish laugh...Kenny is still too young to be able to who laughed? Certainly my parents couldnt make such a high-pitched laugh...I stopped mid-step and turned quickly on my heel. I walked into his bedroom. I didn't see anything unusual...but I smelled something...blood? And don't say you can't smell blood, because I can, and I know the smell well. I hate it. I ran to his crib to see him missing...but the doll with black hair in his place. Her once depressing face was suddenly a devilish happy. I jummped back and ran from the room. I went to check on my mom in her room.

I was about to enter her room when I heard sobbing from the kitchen. It was mom. I've only heard her cry like this whenshe got the news that my brother Max died. He was four and got very sick. He died in the hospital. Mom was cooking when she got a call to tell her. It was three years before Kenny was born, so if he didn't die, I would still be the oldest at 16, Tyanna is still the second oldest at 13,Max woudld be seven, going on eight in one month, and Kenny would still be the youngest at a few months.

I went to the kitchen area to find another doll on the small table in the kitchen. It was the second one I pulled out of the case. It was smiling like the first one was.

Before I could investigate further, I heard my father's cough from the living room. Was he choking? I went to go find out...again I heard a mysterious noise from a family member, and I forgot about the other family member I was already investigating and went to see the new one. I looked in the living room to see the third doll. She was smiling at me, the one with brown hair and eyes that resembled the dark grass. I nearly peed my pants when I noticed the pattern. I startedto wonder what was going on?I would hear a strange noise, I would investigate, then I saw a doll smiling at me...I wonder if Tyanna was--

"ALEX, HELP ME, PLEASE, HURRY!!" was the scream of the girl I would know anywhere. It was Tyanna, calling for my help.

I threw whatever I may have been on and I ran to help Tyanna. If she was scared and called me...then as her sister, it is my job to help her. I ran to her room, kicking aside the blonde doll. I got in her room andI saw Kenny on her bed. No, not Kenny. It was a I came to the horrible realization that it was a doll with Kenny's head.

I screamed. I jumped backwards into the doll...the one with black she teleported here from Kenny's crib....

I ran to Kenny's room and saw nothing in the crib...then I went to my parents' bedroom...and I found my dad...dead. He had a knife in his skull.

I screamed twice as loud and I ran for the kitchen where I heard my mother's sob. In the kitchen, there was nothing. Not even that horrid doll.... I came to the conclusion that these dolls were up to something. Call me crazy, but Tyanna was onto something. Then...the dining room maybe? It was like a voice was telling me where to go....

I went to the dining room to see my mom. She wasn't dead...but she wasn't alive either. She was in a pool of blood, unconsious, but still breathing. Barely breathing, but still breathing. I think that's why I didn't hesitate to leave when I heard Tyanna scream from the basement.

Going in the basement was probably the stupidest thing I could possibly do. It was obviously a trap. Kenny's laugh that wasn't Kenny's laugh was a lure to get me into his room to see a doll. Mom's crying was a lure to get me to see the second doll. Dad's coughing was a lure to get me to see the third doll. Tyanna's scream was yet another fricken lure to get me to go see the fourth doll, and come across Kenny's body. Finding Dad's and Mom's bodies...those were just flukes. I don't know if they were meant to happen, or if I just knew where to go, but they happened. I didn't stop to think, or even call the police, but I went downstaris. And what I saw then I nearly had a heart attack at.

Tyanna was there. Along with the worker who sold me the dolls. And the dolls. All of them. No...only four are here...the fifth isn't here. There was five, right?

The pawn shop worker had his throat slit.

Tyanna, my beautiful, beautiful Tyanna Lynn, was hanging from a rope, her eyes gouged out and dangling from her sockets. She was stripped to her underwear and someone painted flowers all over her body. Only this wasn't paint. It was blood.

I started crying, harder than I thought was humanly possible.

I had flashbacks to my most precious memories of her...

"Owiffandwa, mummy wants you," the one year and three month old Tyanna said to me to call me to my present opening on my fourth birthday.

"I love you Owiff," my three year Tyanna said to me after I gave her my ice cream cone. "I'm starting to think Alice would've been a better name for Alex. It would've been easier for Ty to say her name." my mother said to her husband as they watched us play.

The four year old Tyanna and I ran up to mom. "Mommy, why is brudda in your belly?" Ty asked. "Yeah, mom, it's weird. Did you eat him?" I asked, earning a loud wail from Tyanna. "Why would you eat my brudda mommy???" she cried. "Alex, saying that upsets Tyanna, don't say that, and did not eat your brother, girls. This happened when I was pregnant with you two, you just don't remember it," mom explained to us. "Does it hurt him?" I asked, to which mom answered, "No, hunny, not at all, then she smiled her beautiful smile.

"I WANT MY BROTHER BACK!!" the nine year old Tyanna screamed after the second night without Max. I held her as we both cried.

"This, girls, is your new bay brother, Kenny. Say hi girls," my mom smiled as she showed us her new baby. "Mom, kids are so over rated," Tyanna said, rolling her eyes, as my mom and dad drooled over the baby. "I think he's cute," I replied. "Eh. I don't see it. Wait, if he had hair...ohmigod he would be absolutely adorable!" she squealed, trying to be like me

"Happy birthday, Alex. I love you," the Tyanna I know the best said to me when she handed me a large box. I opened it up."YOU GOT ME A LAPTOP?! YOU'RE THE BEST SISTER EVER!!" I screamed before pulling her into a bone crushing hug. "I think she likes it," my parents whispered to each other.

I was in major tears. I couldn't believe it. She died...who am I going to give $10 to because they know I snuck out to hang out with my boyfriend?

"You found her! Ehehehehe!!" someone laughed from behind me. I turned around to see the doll with white hair. I looked dumbly at her. There is no waya doll just talked to me.

"Don't look so stupid, hun. Boys find that totally unattractive."

What is this? Chuckie come to life? This doesn't happen in real life!

"What? Think you've gone crazy? Didn't you think Tyanna 'lost it' when she tried warning you? Tough luck, hun. Next time, listen to the lunatics, they tend to be right. Wait! There isn't going to be a next time, is there? Ehehehe!!"

" killed my family? A...doll?! That can't happen...this isn't real!"

"Oh, really now? That's nice hun," the doll said, her laughing voice mocking me.

I opened my mouth to tell her that this isn't real and that a doll can't kill people, but I found the doll with black hair jumping up and ripping out my tongue instead.

I screamed a gurgling scream. Then the dolls all attacked me, while the pale one with the icy white hair and crystal blue eyes watched, her maniac laugh taunting me, urging the others to go on, her white-as-snow dress now splattered with ruby red from my blood.

The dolls attacked me. I just wanted it all to be over with.

I started to drift off...I saw white...there was the light.

I saw five figures in the white light. Dad: "You were to late to save me. It's alright, Alexa Marie." (Alexa Marie is his mother's name and he called me that sometimes.) Max: "Alex, it was so loving and welcoming here, I love it, you'll love it too, I promise, it's great! I was alone until Daddy and Mommy and Tyanna joined me, you get to too, you don't even get older, you can drive all you want, Alex! Come on!" Mom: "Why didn't you save me? Alex, it wasn't too late for me, everyone else was dead, from those stupid dolls you just had to get for Tyanna. Why did you do this? They were all dead, but I wasn't and you could have saved me!!"

Finally, Tyanna: "Alex, it's okay, you didn't know. I know that I would'nt even have believed myself if I were you, so it's okay. You've lost a lot of blood, but the parametics might come. Don't give up. You might be able to get better, trust me. It'll all be okay. There is no evidence it was you. You'll be alright. Trust me. I love you, we all love you" -"Except for me, becaue you didn't save me, you ugly bitch!!" from mom- "hush, mama. We all love you. We will protect you. Just keep on fighting, and kill those dolls. Move on. We love you. I love you. Stay strong...and take my locket. Don't let anybody else touch it. It's yours. I don't care what anyone else says. I love you. Again, I say it. I love you. It wasn't your fault. Remember it. I. Love. You. Stay strong, Alexandra Marie. Carry on."

And with that, I fought. The neighbors heard my screaming, and they got there just in time. They saved me. I wasn't found guilty in court either. No evidence. So I walked. And I got rid of those damned dolls too. I tore off the heads and I ripped them up. I don't think they'll do any killing anytime soon.

After two months of my family's death, I had my mission accomplished. The dolls were destroyed. Everybody hates me. And now there is just one more step to this plan.

Just remember, I know that death isn't the smartest choice. I know that I will get past that. I can. I am strong enough for it. I am a fighter. I will do it.

So as I'm practicing these knots, and as I write this, my very last diary entry and my way of telling the world what really happened at 108 Booksthrew Road, I know that with all of this dispair will come a great reward, as given to me for getting through this, I realize what I want.

And what I want is what I will get.

So, Joshua, you were my boyfriend. I still love you.

Lacie, I love you, and your hair looked GREAT up in that bun that took you three hours to do.

Kendra, you have the coolest fashion, and I love you and it.

Everyone else that I pushed away, I still love all of you, I just didn't want to hurt you.

So here I am.

Here I was.

Here I die.

Goodbye, world.

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