Fatale Attraction

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Fatale attraction.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016




“So Mrs. Phillips, tell me a little about your husband” asked Casey Johnson to Eden Phillips.

“No’ please call me Eden!”

“Ok Eden, I’ll do that just for you.”

 Eden and her husband, Emmanuel Phillips had been having problems in their marriage; Eden had been seeing her eighteen year old son’s therapist for two week now. She and her husband argued a lot about small stupid things that didn’t make sense anymore. They argued about the bills and the fact that Eden made more money than her husband. Emmanuel was a very insecure man when it came to holding the house hold up and wearing the shoes in their relationship. He was a writer for The Wall Street Journal, and made quite a generous amount of money, but Eden was a very popular heart surgeon. She was very good at what she did and people loved her for that.

Casey Johnson was a very good looking blonde twenty-seven year old boy with a very nice, built physic. Along with this he was very smart and charming. That was one of the things about Casey that drew Casey to Eden, only she didn’t know it yet. Eden’s son had been seeing Casey as his therapist for two years now on and off since he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but had suddenly stopped when he heard that his mother was now seeing Casey. Casey and Eden felt bad and guilty about it but decided not to stop their sessions, despite the fact that William was mad at them for doing that to him. He didn’t want his mother seeing his therapist, because he was afraid that his therapist would spill everything, every secrets he had told him over the last two years he was seeing him. Casey had promised William that it was against his job’s code of ethics to tell the patients secrets to another even if it was a family member, but William just didn’t like the whole idea any way.

Eden sat on a firm authentic black couch cross leg, facing Casey who was sitting across from her, on a wooden chair. His eyes said it all as he gazed from her irresistible red lips, through her red dress and down to her firm, sexy, voluptuous thighs. He wondered about the sexual part of her body that was in between those firm thighs, but he never dared to enter. He sometimes dreamed about her and in his dreams he was always making sweet passionate love to her. She would always call out his name and they would have an in sync orgasm together. He loved those dreams and he knew he had a lustful crush on Eden, but he would never admit it to himself. Eden had big blue eyes with a little green in it; she was about five foot nine, with long, thick brown hair and had the body of a Victoria’s secret model. She once was a model back when she was in her twenties, but now that she is forty-two, her good looks now seem to be going away; she still had it and could attract and have any guy from young to old, that she wanted.  She loved that about her looks. She had that sexual allure and spark about her that made every guy drool or squirm at the sight of her.

Eden on the other hand liked Casey, not as a man, but as a boy; she saw him as one of her children, but yet respected him professionally. She couldn’t put her hands quite on it, but there was something about Casey that attracted him to her, and she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Maybe it was the way he smiled at her when she would talk about herself personally or maybe the way he would comfort her by putting one had on her forearm caressingly; whatever it was she found herself very attracted to that.

Eden bit her lips as she lustfully steered at Casey, with thoughts going through her mind about how gorgeous he looked and how much she wanted to rub against his tasteful physic. She wondered what it would feel like to have his vigorous lips touching hers and his hands grouping all over her body, from her breast to the throbbing sex in between her thighs.

“Eden…. are you listening,” asked Casey with wonder in his voice.

Just as she heard his voice, she snapped out of her thoughts and came back to reality. “Yes I’m here. What were you saying just now?” 

“I was asking you to tell me a little bit more about your husband!”

“Well there is nothing much to tell except he is a very difficult man to live with. He constantly complains about every little thing and we fight all the time.

“It seems to me like your husband is a very insecure man. Am I right?”

“You’re absolutely right. Sometimes I think about just leaving him, but I love him so much.

“How is it in the bedroom,” asked Casey with interest.

“Well there is not much passion in the bedroom. He doesn’t even want to touch me anymore. Sometimes at night, he would just get on top of me and think he is doing something, then after five minutes or so, he rolls off and falls asleep. I don’t know what to do about that man; I have needs to, explained Eden with sadness in her voice.

“Well Eden I think you should sit down and have a little talk with your husband, tell him how you feel about his behavior and be calm about it. Don’t fight or scream, just stay calm and advise him to do the same.”

“You’re right.”

“Eden it looks like our session has come to an end; I guess I’ll be seeing you next week at the same time.”

Eden shuffled in her seat, because she didn’t want to end the session with Casey, but she finally accepted it and suggested that next time they meet at the Country café on the corner of Wall Street. Casey hesitated but after a few seconds agreed, but assured Eden that it was against the rules to meet his patients anywhere outside of the office. She told him that it was just for tea and she would feel a lot better if she was outside away from this crowded office space full of books and degrees. They ended their session and parted ways.

Eden drove home to her thirty-million dollar two story glass house, her and her husband had built in the out-skirts  of Manhattan. She thought about Casey as she drove home. She thought about his body and his sweet smile. She finally got home at noon and saw that nobody was home.  She undressed and put on a big oversized white button down shirt; she got into bed and gently spread her legs open and pleasantly pleasured herself with Casey running through her mind; shortly after she fell deep into an afternoon slumber.

Eden awoke five hours later, to the touch of her husband’s gentle hand sliding across her face, and stressed voice. He asked her why she was home so early. She told him she was not needed at the hospital because Leslie was filling in for her; He acknowledged her answer and continued undressing. She asked him how work was and he said it was frantic; he had a dead line he needed to meet by tomorrow. She got up from bed and decided to go to the kitchen and cook some dinner before her son got home. By the time she had finished cooking and setting the table, William burst through the door with a girl that looked more like a stripper than a respectful girl you would bring home to your parents. She had a loud annoying high-pitched voice that gust through the front room like two erasers scratching on a black board. Eden could hear her son and the girl laughing and talking about something that seemed funny and only they two can only make sense of as they dashed up stairs, down the long Victorian corridor and into Williams’s room, which was next door to his parent’s room. 

Eden got frustrated and livid at what William was doing, bringing a girl from god knows where into their home without her or his dad’s permission. She rose up from where she was sitting at the dining room table and bolted upstairs. She knocked on William’s door several times before he went to the door annoyingly, and answered it.

“Yes mom, what do you want…. You can see I’m kind of busy right now,” exclaimed William to his mom as he inched the door half way open.

Eden could still hear the girl snorkeling with laughs. “Well William, you might be eighteen now, but under my roof, you will respect me and your dads house. There are rules in this house and you can’t just have any girl over like that, especially if we don’t know her and she isn’t your girlfriend.”

Relax mom, she’s a classmate of mine. We just hung out for a couple of hours at the country club and she wanted to come over to do some studying, so now we are going to study; is that okay with you mom.”

Tell that girl to go home…. Now William, I mean it. It’s late and it’s time for dinner. Wash up and come down stairs. If she is not gone in ten minutes, I will come back up here and call the police on her. Do you understand me William?”

“Damn mom, I can’t believe you’re humiliating me like this. I will never forgive you for this.”

“Do what I say and yes you will.”

Eden turned around and went back down stairs to finish eating her dinner. After a couple of minutes later she heard the front door slam shut. William came down to the dinner table and sat down indignantly. He ate his food fast and afterword went back up to his room.  Eden and Emmanuel didn’t see William again that night.

The next morning, Eden awoke with the thought of Casey running through her head. She knew she had a date session with the hot therapist, but waited until her husband went out the door to work and her son went off to school. She took a shower and got ready for the session. On her way to the Country Café she hummed to Beyoncé’s song, “crazy in love,” all the way there. When she got there, there was no sight of Casey. She decided to take a sit at one of the corner booths and wait. She called Casey’s cell several times before he answered on the third ring.

“Hey Eden, I’m running a little bit late. I’m at the office talking to a patient, who threatened to commit suicide. I’m trying to keep her calm and get her mind back on track. Please forgive me!”

“It’s okay! I guess I’ll just sit her and order me up some breakfast. I have to be at the hospital in two hours so please hurry.”

“Casey agreed and hung up the phone first. Eden ordered pancakes, eggs and a cup of coffee. By the time she was done, an hour had gone by. She got a voice mail from Casey and listened to it. His big husky voice exploded through the phone. He said he could not make their session and for Eden to call him back later on to reschedule. Eden was upset while leaving the Café, but later on in the car, driving to work she forced herself to sheer up. She did not like performing heart surgery under uncomfortable, emotional, circumstances.

Later on that day across town, Emmanuel Phillips sat at his office desk at the Wall street Journal reading a Wall Street Journal News Letter. His assistant Jezebel came in and kissed him on the neck thensat on his lap. They passionately had quite a make out session before Emmanuel’s office phone rang. He gallingly answered the phone. It was his wife asking him when he will be home, she was on her way home right now. He said he would be late tonight because he had a deadline due that night and she should not wait up for him. They said their good byes on the phone and hung up. Emmanuel continued making out with is tall, hot, sexy, long legged assistant. He stopped her and told her that he had a deadline due today and he will see her later on tonight before he headed home. Jezebel ferociously got off him and he patted her perky Brazilian buttocks as she clicked her heels and headed out of his office.

Emmanuel finally finished his assignment at nine pm, it was due in another hour; he was very pleased and content with his work as he sent it off to his boss through email. He wanted to celebrate, so he called his assistant into his office. He met her at the door and he pulled her inside and locked the door after her. He pushed her against his desk and pulled her tight skirt down, along with her panties; he slowly slid his thick, erect penis inside her. For the rest of the night they fucked each other voraciously until they both had heated orgasms.

Emmanuel came home at midnight when everybody was sleeping. He quietly undressed and changed into his night attire. He slipped into bed and tried to fall sleep, but Jezebel kept running through his mind. Eden woke up with a startle when she realized that he husband was lying in bed beside her.

“Hey hunny…. How was work,” She whispered.

“It was fine.”

“Did you finally finish your deadline assignment?”

“Yes I did.  Just go to sleep hunny, we’ll talk tomorrow; I’m tired right now.”

“Ok, goodnight!” Eden silently slipped back into a deep sleep. Emmanuel followed thirty minutes later.

Eden woke up to the sound of car tires screeching on the ground outside her bedroom window. She realized her husband had left early for work and her son was not upstairs in his room. She did not see him last night and he had not come home this morning. She thought to herself, maybe he spent the night at his best friend Joseph’s apartment. She didn’t care to worry about him. Eden decided to put on some work out gear and call Casey to join her on her Saturday morning run. Casey answered on the third ring.

“Hey you! How are you doing?”

I’m good Eden. What’s the matter? Are you calling me to set up another session?”

“No. Actually I’m calling because I’m about to head out for my morning run in central park and I would love for you to join me.”

“Ok, that’s fine…. Just give me an hour and I’ll meet you there.”

“Ok great, see you then. Bye!”

“Bye!” They both hung up the phone at the same time.

Eden decided to wait for at least thirty minutes before she headed out to central park. In the meantime, she made herself a cup of coffee. She sat in the Victorian style living room and sipped on it. When she was done, she drove to central park. Just when she got out of the car and started stretching, her phone rang. She answered it; it was Casey.

“Hey Eden I’m here. I’m in the parking lot.”

“Ok…I’ll meet you there.”

Eden ran to the parking lot and spotted Casey’s car. She ran over to it. Casey got out and they both jogged side by side for about an hour and a half, then decided to walk and talk the rest of the way.

“Casey caught Eden by surprise when he invited Eden over to his apartment tonight. He was going to cook dinner and he didn’t want to be alone. She gladly said yes, they suddenly stopped walking. She decided to test Casey and started to plant a kiss on his cheek, but Casey was thinking the same thing and they ended up kissing on the lips. He could taste her cherry lip gloss and at that moment, he went wild for her. They fumbled each other and kissed more intensely, more passionately. Eden finally came up for air and released his kiss.

“Wow that was something.” Eden tore away from Casey’s grip and uncomfortably looked around the area, then looked back at Casey.

“Yeah, sure was,” said Casey breathlessly.

“I don’t know exactly were we are right now. I think we should head back.”

Casey agreed and they walked back to the parking lot, while holding hands. When they finally got back to the parking lot, Casey planted another kiss on Eden’s lips and reminded her about their date tonight. She said she would be there at seven o’clock sharp. They got into their vehicles and drove off in different directions. Eden drove to the hospital and didn’t bother changing because she had to wash up and put on scrubs anyway.

Eden burst through the hospital front entrance and headed towards the locker room. She washed up and changed into her scrub uniform. Just then, her best friend Leslie Monroe walked into the locker room. She had just came out of surgery and proceeded to wash her hands in the sink.

“Where have you been…. You’re an hour late Eden.”

“Oh I went out for my morning run this morning with…. Guess who?

“With whom?”

“Remember the therapist I was telling you about, my son’s therapist, Casey.”

“Oh yeah…. Your young lover.”

“We went on a nice run together and we kissed. It wasn’t just a little peck on the lips, it was amazing; knocked my socks off. It was passionate and desirable, I could not stop. I wanted to tear his clothes off and do him right then and there. That’s how crazy it got Leslie.”

“Wow sounds nice. I haven’t had that kind of passion since Grieg died.”

The intercom burst through the walls and a little soothing voice broke through.

“Dr. Phillips to the ICU….  Paging, Dr. Phillips!”

“That’s me, I got to go, but I’ll call you later to tell you how the date goes.”

“Oh you have a date with him too?’

“Yes tonight at seven.”

Eden left Leslie alone in the locker room; she headed down the long corridor for the ICU.

Casey drifted off into space. He was looking directly at his patient but Eden was constantly running through his mind. His patient was a young sixteen year old boy who had just recently started seeing Casey because he was having trouble with bullying at school and his mom caught him in the bath tub with his wrist split open, bleeding almost to death. She had to rush him to the hospital because he was in critical condition. His wrist was cut so bad with a kitchen knife that the doctors almost could not stop the bleeding. It took an hour of surgery before they finally stopped the bleeding and sowed him up.

“Are you listening Doc?”

Casey finally snapped out of it and answered the boy. “Uh yes…. Um I think we should stop right here and pick up where we left off some other time. Lets’ see, I’ll be free next Friday at the same time.” He looked down at his schedule notebook.

“Umm, are you ok Doc? You seem to be drifting away for a moment there. Is something bothering you?”

“No Dylan, I’m fine. I just have a lot on my mind right now, but I was listening to you.”

“OK, well I guess I’ll see you on Friday then, said Dylan. He got up from where he was sitting.

“Ok then, Friday!”

Casey marked the time and date on his schedule as Dylan headed out the office door.

Casey finally arrived home after work at five thirty that evening. He carefully washed up and started cooking his favorite dish. His favorite dish was lasagna and vegetable soup, it was his specialty. It came from his mother’s old family Italian recipe book. His mother was an Italian down to her heart and his dad was a western European. That mad Casey Half Italian half European. Some said he looked just like his mom, but Casey thought he favored his dad side more. He got his light brown eyes and dashing smile from his mother and strawberry blonde hair from his dad. An hour and a half later the food was ready just in time for Eden to arrive. He horridly got out of his apron and cooking clothes and but on a nice pair of jeans and a blue Ralf Lauren striped button down shirt, he seldom saved for nights like this. Just then he heard a loud knock on the front door to his apartment followed by the aggravating doorbell ring. He hurried out of his room and went to the door to answer it. He opened the door and Eden walked in. She looked extremely breath taking, with a long flowing, strapless orange gown. His eyes studied her from top to bottom and his mouth flew open.

“I see you’re excited to see me,” said Eden clutching he clutch purse nervously.

‘It’s just you look amazing this evening. Here have a seat.” Casey closed the door and lead Eden into a small modern living room area.

“So this is you apartment…. It’s lovely.” Eden and Casey sat on the old brown couch in the middle of the living space his mother had given him as a moving in gift.

“Yeah, this is my home away from home.”

“It’s smells good in here! What cooking?”

“Oh, I just finished preparing a dish. I hope you like Lasagna; it’s my specialty.

“Oh, I love Lasagna!

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, very.”

“Then let’s eat. I already set the table.”

Eden and Casey ate Lasagna and drank wine until they were stuffed to the gills. They talked about politics and each other’s careers. After dinner they went back into the living room. Casey asked Eden if she wanted a massage. Eden acknowledged yes and Casey went to work with his skills in neck and back massaging.

“Wow, you’re really good at this,” said Eden pleasurably.

“Oh it’s nothing; I took some classes back in the day with my mother. My mom was a professional massage therapist; she also teaches it too. Those hands of hers worked some miracles, anyway that’s how I know how to work your neck, shoulders and back. All I need now is some minerals, but I don’t have any with me.

“Oh its ok, this is just fine…. Wow this feels good!”

Casey finished his massage and sat back on the couch next to Eden. They looked at each other with lustful eyes and Casey slowly kissed Eden; Eden slowly returned the kiss with indulgence. They both deepened the kiss and as they kissed, they both started taking each other’s clothes and undergarments off.  Eden lay down on the sofa bear naked with nothing but her pearl necklace on, and then Casey lay on top of her. He slowly entered her and they made passionate love to each other until they both got tired and where huffing and puffing at the end. They cuddled and fell asleep in each other’s arms. By the time Eden woke up, it was two in the morning; she remembered that she had a family at home waiting for her; she freaked out. She woke Casey up and told him she had to hurry home because she was way past the time she told her husband she would be home. Casey told her not to worry about it and come back to the couch and finish what they started, but she resisted him and put her clothes back on. She hurried out of the apartment leaving Casey dazzled and alone on the couch.

Eden got home thirty minutes later and slowly tiptoed into her bedroom, undressed and got into bed beside her husband without any noise. Emmanuel shifted his body from one side to the next when he felt his wife lay beside him, but he was in too deep of a sleep to acknowledge her presence.

The next morning Eden awoke to her husband’s voice. At first she could not make out what he was saying, but after she focused her attention, she heard him ask her where she was last night. She told him she was with Leslie at one of their colleague’s birthday party but Emmanuel did not believe her and they started exchanging words, then they got into a heated argument. Just then William walked into their bedroom and heard them arguing.

“Why are you two always fighting?”


© Copyright 2020 Princess_Coco. All rights reserved.

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