Mommy's Gone Crazy

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Sixteen year old Mercedez's father walks out on her mom one lonely night. Her Mother follows him and murders him in cold blood. She comes back home bloody with a chainsaw in her hand. Her and Mercedez hide the body, but will mercedez be silent about her father's death and have her mother get away with it or will they all pay the ultimate price.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016




Sixteen year old Mercedez Bentley woke up to the sound of her mother’ screaming hoarse voice and father’s deep down south Louisiana accent. Mercedez could not quiet make out what was going on, but she knew that they were seriously fighting about something. She annoyingly looked at the clock sitting on top of her bedside table; it read 1:32AM. With sleep still engulfing her body, she forced herself to sit up from bed and waited until her parent’s voices subsids, and she could finally go back to sleep. It seemed like her father was packing his things and leaving for the third time this year, because she could hear the front door slam and her mother going after him; their voices suddenly became far away like it was coming from the front yard. Suddenly a soft faint voice coming from her room door interrupted her thoughts and she looked toward the door. Her little, ten year old sister Vivian, stood in between the door way that led into the small narrow hall way, that later on led into the almost as small kitchen area.

Vivian stood there with her pink SpongeBob square pants tidy whiteys, and holding her favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Wiggles. She moved towards her big sisters bed and attempted to get in bed with her. Mercedez moved over for her little sister to climb into bed with her and they held each other tight. Vivian asked her sister what was going on with mommy and daddy; Mercedez just looked down at her little sister’s teary eyes and told her not to worry about it, everything will be alright in the morning. Vivian listened to her sister’s advice and slowly drifted into a deep slumber.

 Mercedez could hear her mother come back into the house, pacing around in the living room, talking to herself; she kept repeating “His not leaving me now, not for that skinny two faced bitch.” After thirty minutes or so, it seemed like her mother had calmed down and fell asleep; Mercedez didn’t even bother to see if her mother was alright, because to tell the truth, she really didn’t give a dam. If her father had left her mother for some other woman, she didn’t blame him because her mom was an unexceptional person of a human being. She was a bad wife and a horrible mother to her, Vivian and their older brother tucker.

Mercedez awoke at 6:00am right before her mother or anybody else in the house woke up. She silently wiggled her way away from her sister tight grip and got out of bed. She slowly tiptoed into the living room and saw her mother on the white alto. There was a bottle of vodka on the ground below her right leg. Mercedez slowly picked up the bottle without attempting to wake her mother and threw it in the trash. She went into the kitchen and started fixing her and Vivian some breakfast. She poured two bowls of captain crunch cereal. Just as she was headed to her room to wake up her little sister, her mother woke up.

“Bitch where are you going?” asked her mother angrily; she turned around and looked at her daughter.

“I’m just going to wake up Vivian, so she can eat something before she goes to school.” Mercedez stopped in her tracks in front of her mother.

“Where’s Bill?” asked her mother.

“I don’t know… I think his gone mom; I think dad left us.”

“No he didn’t! Don’t ever say that! He didn’t leave us.”

Mercedez mother got up from where she was sitting and lunged out at her. Mercedez docked her attacker and ran into her room and locked the door. Mrs. Bentley started breaking and throwing things around in the living room. She kept saying “Where is Bill?”

Vivian was sitting at the far corner of Mercedez room crying; Mercedez knelt down in front of her sister and told her to look up at her. She told Vivian to start getting dressed for school; they will be living in a few minutes. Vivian got up, wiped her tears and went over to the big mirror. Mercedez walked up behind her sister, picked up her brush and started brushing Vivian’s hair. Vivian looked just like her father with deep blue eyes, a narrow face and gold honey suckle hair, while Mercedez and her brother had a very distinct combination of both her mother and father. She also had deep blue eyes that looked like the waters that grazed the bottom of the deepest ocean, and shiny blonde hair. Mercedez was a tall mature young lady; she was five foot nine and a half. She was very egoistic when it came to her height and she loved it.

Mercedez was a young inspiring model; she modeled at a young kids modeling agency. Her school promoted and sponsored it. She loved modeling and going on gigs, but she sometimes felt guilty because her mother did not like the idea, she preferred her at home all the time to take care of her siblings, especially Vivian, who looked up to her proudly.

“Is mama ok…. Why is she throwing things and yelling? Are we going to be ok? Where is Tucker?”

“Mama just angry right now because daddy’s gone, but everything is going to be ok; just you wait and see.”

“Where’s Tucker, Mercedez…. I’m scared,” said Vivian with worry in her tone and tears streaming down her face.

Mercedez suddenly realized that the noise her mother was keeping up in the living room had subsided. She put down the brush and went over to the bedroom door to listen. No noise. She silently opened the door and peaked outside; she didn’t see anybody, she told Vivian to sneak into her room, which was next door to Mercedez’s room and finish getting dressed while she figures out what’s going on with mama. Vivian listened; she did what Mercedez had told her. Mercedez inched into the hall way and walked into the living room. She saw that her mother was putting on her coat. It looked like she was getting ready to go out.

“Where are you going mama?” asked Mercedez with fear.

“I’m going to find your dad and bring him back home to us. By the time I get home I want this place cleaned and you and your sister gone to school. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mama!”

“OK…. That’s my big girl.” Mercedez mom turned and headed out the door.

Mercedez frantically cleaned up the living room, and then she herself got ready for school. She stood in front of the small dresser drawer mirror, which she and Vivian stood in front of earlier that morning. She slowly, but delicately brushed her long blonde hair, while admiring herself in the mirror. After brushing and styling her hair into a pony tail, she finished getting ready for school.

Mercedez and Vivian ate their breakfast, grabbed their coats and headed out the door. They walked soundlessly toward the nearby elementary school and high school. Because Mercedez and Vivian’s school was a couple of blocks away and was right next to each other, it was easier for them to walk, but at times their older brother Tucker would give them a ride to school whenever he was available in the mornings.

 Mercedez said her goodbyes to Vivian as Vivian got lost into the crowd with the other children, some faces looked familiar to her.  Mercedez figured that was because they were Vivian’s closest friends. She walked the rest of the way towards Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy in their small town of Shreveport Louisiana.

Mercedez burst through the front doors of the building, as the other kids pushed and shoved her around trying to get through. She spotted her two best friends Rocky Jameson and Dylan Scotts at their lockers laughing at something she could not quite figure out. She walked towards them and they acknowledged her presence as soon as they saw her.

“Hey girlie,” said Rocky as she got her art project out of her backpack.

“Was up Mercedez,” said Dylan. He approached her, hugged her and gave her a slight kiss on the cheek.

“I missed you guys so much. What a long and boring winter break huh.” Mercedez released Dylan’s embrace and proceeded to open her locker to get her backpack and her art project out.

“Did you do your Art project?” asked Rocky.

“Off course… You know me, I did it early. I needed the spring break to see about my mother and my little sister; you know family issues.”

“Yeah I know what you mean girlie.”

The morning first class bell rang and all the kids raced each other, trying to get to class. Dylan said goodbye to Rocky and Mercedez and headed off down the big school’s corridor. Mercedez and Rocky headed into their first class which was Art 1.0.1. They quietly took their seats at the back of the room and waited for their instructor to begin class.

“Ok class…. Did everybody do their Art assignment during the spring break? I hope everybody did their assignment, because it is worth seventy-five percent of your final grade. Everybody display your Art work at your tables, I’m going to come around and look at them, while I check off who did their work and who didn’t in my grade book.

Mr. Perry was a middle aged Caucasian man. Mercedez always thought he looked a little bit like Jake Gyllenhaal. He was an Art geek, in which he knew a lot about art and its workings. During his time back in college, he studied and majored in Art and can tell you any famous Artist living and dead from the top of his head.

Mercedez and Rocky placed their Art project on the display case, while Mr. Perry walked towards them with his grade book. Mr. Perry looked at Mercedez Art work and was in amazement. The acrylic painting was of a beach that was made of sea shells and real sand. It was a three dimensional painting. The water, sky and seagulls were the only objects in the painting that was drawn and painted. The rest of the painting, including the sand and the sea shells where real and was somehow attached to the painting.

“This is very good Mercedez. I knew you had it in you. Great job! He looked at Rocky’s painting. “Great job Rocky!”

“Thanks Mr. Perry!” said Rocky.

After school, Mercedez, Rocky and Dylan met each other at their lockers, Mercedez and Rocky had a modeling meeting after school, but Mercedez told Rocky to go ahead and go without her. She thought her mom wanted her home right after school, because there was a problem at home this morning. She didn’t want to make her mom mad.  Rocky told her she will call her tonight to catch up on things.

Mercedez and Dylan walked side by side to Vivian’s school. Dylan always accompanied Mercedez and Vivian every afternoon, when they walked home. Because his house was close by, it was a no problem.  Just as soon as Mercedez and Dylan approached the immense elementary school building, Vivian saw them and raced into Mercedez arms.

Mercedez gave Vivian a big hug, and then placed her back down. “So how was your day Vivian?”

“Oh it was so cool Mercy! Miss Johnson brought an ant farm to class and we learned about ants and their habitat. Hey Dylan! What’s up?”  Vivian skipped up the cemented pavement, with Mercedez and Dylan a few steps behind.

“Hey munchkin…. wait for us,” Dylan yelled after her.

“Umm… did you see Tucker in class today?” Mercedez asked Dylan.

“Yeah I did. He was sitting a few seats in front of me. He had his head down; it seemed like he was upset about something. I tried to approach him after class, but he told me to fuck off, so I did.”

“Wow…. I didn’t see him at home this morning so I figured he would show up at school. He is never at the house lately; probably because of mama. My mama and daddy had an argument early this morning. I think daddy left us for good this time. We are all so sick and tired of mama’s bullshit. She blames all of us for her pain and suffering, especially me.”

“Is everything okay at home? I’ve never seen you this upset before over your mom.”

“I’ll be okay…. I just need to get home before mama. I have to fix super before mama gets home. I don’t want her to be mad at me. She’s always mad at us.”

Mercedez and Dylan got to Mercedez ancient run down house. It was the only bad looking rundown house on the street. Mercedez dad refused to fix up the old house, because he wanted every inch of the place exactly like how it was when he was a child. The old home was given to him by his mother, when she had passed away five years ago. It was the only thing in her living will that was passed down to her father, Victor Bentley. The rest of his mother’s property and money went to his older brother Hugh Bentley. Victor and Hugh were never the typical close brothers. When they were children, their father would always favor one from the other and make them fight for his Affection. Victor Bentley worked in construction, while his wife was a house mom. Despite her father’s skills, he would never fix up the old house. The floors creaked when walked upon and the house constantly smelled like mildew and mold, due to the poor sewer lines close by.

Mercedez and tucker did not like to have company over, because there where ashamed off their home. When Mercedez and her family newly moved into the house, she had some of her friends from her old school over, and they talked about her house and wondered why she would go from a nice modern mediocre apartment to a rundown creepy old ladies house. That is when she decided that she would never let her friends see how poor she lived except her new best friends Dylan and Rocky; only because they lived a walking distance from her. Mercedez knew she was poor. She once as a child told herself that she would one day make something out of herself; she would never be like her parents.

When Mercedez and Dylan got to her drive way, they saw that Vivian had already beaten them to it and was sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, humming a song. When she saw her sister and Dylan coming up the porch steps she grabbed her backpack and stood up from the chair, getting ready go inside. Mercedez unlocked the front door and Vivian raced inside and ran into her bedroom.

Just then Dylan’s cellphone rang. It was his mom asking him to hurry home; He asks Mercedez if she will be alright.  Mercedez nodes her head in acknowledgement and Dylan abandoned her by herself on the front porch.

Mercedez put her books and backpack down on the living room sofa and went into the kitchen to start super. Mercedez yelled to Vivian. “Vivian! Are you doing your homework?”

“Yes!” Vivian yelled back.

After fixing dinner, Mercedez and Vivian eat their meal in silence and then after, they went to their rooms. Mercedez took off her skirt and blouse and put on a blue night gown. She lay in bed for a minute or two then jumped up and grabbed the cordless phone on top of her night stand. Mercedez dialed Rocky; Rocky picked up on the third ring.

“Hello, Rocky speaking!”

“Hey girl, it’s Mercedez.”

Oh hey…. I was just going to call you, but you beat me to it.

“So what’s going on over there? How come you left so early and didn’t come to the meeting?” Is it your parents again?

“Yeah it’s my mother mostly,” said Mercedez with sadness in her voice.

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