The haunting on 54th Jumper Street

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A haunted house story.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016




Sixteen year old Britney Foster and her family, moved into a new house on 54th Jumper Street. The house was a rundown two story old home with shattered windows and floors that made crackling noises when walked on. Just like the house they moved into, all of the other houses on the street looked spooky and ghostly. The folk’s story told was that the houses on the street were hunted by restless spirits of the past, who were viciously murdered in their own homes. The folks story also went on to say that the street itself brought bad luck and unexplained death to anybody who lived there.

The very day the Foster family moved in, they started experienced paranormal activities like scary nightmares and the walls shaking rapidly. At times Britney would come back from school and noticed that the front door would not open even when it was not locked. She would bang on the door and nobody would hear her from the inside. Her mother and little brother where always home and would be in the den most of the time. Her little brother Stevie doing his homework while her mom would be grading papers for her eighth grade English students, so there was no noise coming from the inside that would stop them from hearing the doorbell ring or banging on the door. After a few minutes would pass by the door would eventually open and Britney would storm through, yelling at her mom and Stevie for locking her out of the house. They both would try to explain to Britney that they did not hear her banging or screaming outside, but she never believed them until one faithful night when everybody was asleep. Britney was asleep upstairs in her room; suddenly she awakened to very terrified screams coming from the closet opposite her bed where she slept.She jumped out of bed and was just about to run to her parents’ bedroom when she heard the same little girlish voice crying out for her and asking her not to go. Britney stopped abruptly and shaken by fear, she walked slowly towards the voice in the closet. She opened it and put on the closet light to find the spirit of a little girl who was barely visible to one’s eyes sitting cross legged in the corner of the small walk in closet.

With fear still in her, Britney asked the little girl who she was and if she was the one that was making all the weird coincidence happen to her and her family. The little girl said her name was Susie nickels and it was not her that was making things happen, it was her older brother Ted. Britney asked her where he was and why was he trying to terrorize her and her family. Susie said that Ted wants them to leave the house because it was their home and every family who lived in the house Ted had ran them away but it seems like her family will not go away. Susie went on to add that Ted hangs out in the attic and she hangs out in Britney’s room because it was her room when she was alive. Just when Britney opened her mouth to ask more questions little Susie said Ted was calling her and she vanished into thin air.

Britney stayed awake the rest of the night waiting for the little girl to return or possibly her brother but she did not see any other ghosts that night. The next morning Britney told her family about what she saw and experienced the night before. Her family wanted to believe her, because it made so much sense to believe but yet sounded preposterous. To make sure that all that she was experiencing was not her mind playing tricks on her, she decided to do some research about the nickels family. She went to the local library with her little twelve year old brother and looked through the deceased or living people search book; she found about twenty nickels that lived in the town of Wichita, Kansas in the past two decades but could not find any that lived in the house on 54th Jumper street until her little brother found an article of a nickels family that matched her description and lived in their house. The article said that the family of three had been found dead in the house. The mom was nowhere to be found when the police had arrived.

That night Britney awakened to Stevie’s screams in his room, she and her parents ran out of their rooms and headed to Stevie’s room to find Stevie floating ten feet up in the air and scared to death. Britney called out Susie and Teds name and told them that she knew about their deaths and her and her family will pack their things and leave their home just as soon as they put Stevie down. Teds voice broke out and told them that he will put Stevie down if they make that a promise. Britney said yes and Stevie was lowered down onto his bed. Britney and her family did just that and packed their things; the next morning, they were gone.  



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