The Kidnapping of Jordan London

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“They went somewhere very far away, where we can’t reach them; but they told me that they didn’t think they could take care of you any longer, so they gave you to me,” said Nicole as she embraced Jordan in her arms.
Jordan pulled away and ran to the nearest corner of the little apartment and sat down. She started crying none stop and repeatedly saying she wanted her family back.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016




The kidnapping of Jordan London

Little Jordan London was born on April 9th 2004, at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan New York, to the proud parents of Sandra and Christopher London. From the second little Jordan popped out of her mother’s uterus, the doctors and nurses hovered around the beautiful baby girl in amazement on how perfect and beautifully precious the new born was. Horridly they took the precious little child out of the delivery room to be furthermore admired by the nurses without her parent’s first view of their baby girl. Later on that day when Mrs. London had finally slept of the anastiga and the labor pains had finally subsided, one of the nurses joyfully brought the little new born; only weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces, into her mother’s hospital room to be breast fed by her mother. The moment Mrs. London finally saw and carried her baby; she was also in amazement how beautiful her baby girl was. Both parents decided to name her Jordan Beauty London.  

When little Jordan and her family finally came home from the hospital, her mother gently carried her to the baby carriage located in the little room they designed for little Jordan. While she put her down in the carriage, a thought came to her mind and she decided that once little Jordan became old enough she would enroll her in beauty pageants, because of how delicately beautiful she thought her daughter was. As the years went by, little Jordan was growing up competing in little junior beauty pageants from the tender age of three to the present day of the age of seven. Mr. London would constantly argue about how ridiculously expensive each pageant enrollment was, but he never bothered to stop his little girl from competing because he knew how much Jordan loved it. The one person who loved the pageants more than Jordan, was her proud mother who loved to doll up and mannerism her little girl for the competitions. Mrs. London would always want her daughter to be perfect for the competitions, meaning perfect manors, dance routines, speeches, and physical appearance. Jordan never minded because she loved what she did and was good at it; that’s why she never placed lower than second place. She loved the attention and famous aspects of being a little darling pageant member.

As Jordan’s talent and fame sky rocketed, so did Mr. and Mrs. London’s careers and they finally got to the point that Jordan needed a nanny that would take care of her needs and wants, but most importantly help her with her pageants and school.

“Jordan come here, mama wants to talk to you for a minute,”  said Jordan’s mom as Jordan quickly stopped playing with her Barbie house and dolls that was piled in a bunch in the middle of the huge architectural designed living room, and came willingly to her mother.

“Yes mother! Is something the matter?”

Sandra picked her daughter up and sat her on the fine modern sofa beside her.

“Well darling; how would u like to have an older best friend who can play with you all the time and take you to all your beauty pageant recitals and competitions. Wouldn’t that be awesome?”

“Mama what do you mean,” asked Jordan with an unserious smirk on her face, as she fumbled with the rim of her pretty blue sundress.

“Well mommy and daddy are going to be busy with our jobs and we are not going to be around much anymore to help you with school and pageants, so we are going to hire a nanny…kind of like a fake parent for you. But I always want you to know that mommy and daddy loves you very much and whenever you want or need something that the nanny does not provide for you, you can always come to us for it, ok baby!”

“But mamma I don’t want another parent! I don’t want you guys to go.”

“We are not going anywhere bunny. We’ll be right here but we got to attend to our jobs. You know mommy is a very busy lawyer and daddy hates to miss his psychiatry work. Don’t worry everything will be alright. You will still go to your pageants and attend school with your friend Lisa, ok.”

“OK mamma, if you say so,” Said Jordan sadly as she got off her mother’s lap and went back to playing with her Barbie’s.

Mrs. London got up from where she was sited and dashed upstairs to her room. As she got to the upstairs corridor, she could still hear her daughter playing with her Barbie’s and laughter, from downstairs; that made her realize how much she would miss that joy when her work schedule gets busy. She rushed into her and her husband’s bedroom and got on her laptop; she started searching for potential nanny’s that would reach the inquiries she was looking for. She looked through a big list of profiles and still did not come upon what she was looking for. Just when she was about to quite, she came upon a profile that was titled with the name Nicole Arlington. Along with the name was a picture of a stunning blonde with a warm dazzling smile. That smile got her attention and she decided to look through the profile and read the information about this woman who appeared to be in her early 20’s. The profile stated that Nicole Arlington was a twenty two year old woman who loved kids and would one day want a dozen of her own. She attends the University of Colombia studying childhood phycology and is currently taken online classes in finishing up for her last year of college. The profile also went on to state that her schedule is pretty flexible and she can work full time as long as she gets some time off for her school assignments and lived about two and a half miles from Manhattan, where they lived. Mrs. London carefully scanned through the rest of the information and found Nicole’s number. She wrote it down on a scratch piece of paper and shoved it inside her brown Luis Viton Perce. Sandra decided to call Nicole first thing tomorrow morning after she talks to her husband about the nanny.

Later on that night when little Jordan was tucked in bed sound asleep, Sandra got into bed beside her husband to discuss her finding a nanny.

“Sweetie! Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you about the nanny I found online today.”

Mr. London looked up from his novel he was reading and took of his glasses in attention mode.

“Yes dear! What about the nanny?”

“Well I found her on a website called “” Her name is Nicole Arlington and she is twenty –two years old and studying childhood phycology at the University of Colombia. Her schedule is pretty flexible and I think she would be a fine candidate for little Jordan. I’m going to call her tomorrow morning to set up the time and date she can start.” Sandra turned on her side with her back to her husband, who went back to reading his novel and fell asleep in a matter of two seconds. Shortly after Christopher closed his novel, he also fell asleep.

The next morning while Sandra was drinking her morning coffee at the elegant dining room table, she remembered she planned on calling the nanny this morning and pulled out the paper with the nanny’s phone number written on it, out of her Purse. She also pulled out her iPhone out and dialed the number in participation. It rang twice on the other end before a delicate squeaky but shy voice burse through the microphone on the opposite end.

“Hello! This is Nicole!” exclaimed the voice on the other end.

“Hi, Nicole Arlington! My name is Sandra London and I am looking for a nanny for my little girl. Her name is Jordan Beauty London, but we call her little Jordan. She is seven and will be turning eight coming this April. Well anyway I’m looking for a potential nanny for my little darling that meets my expectations and I came across your profile on the web; I think you would make an excellent nanny for her. We live just along the way from you in Manhattan, so it’s not such a bad travel. My husband and I can even provide you transportation or gas mileage money if you would like. See the thing is my husband and I have very demanding schedules. I’m a very successful criminal based lawyer and my husband practices adult psychiatry. So what do you think Nicole? Can you help us out?

“Wow this is the famous London family…Hey isn’t your daughter a little junior beauty pageant yearly contestant?” asked the surprised voice on the other end.

“Well yes that’s us!” Sandra squirmed in her chair with pride.

“Yes I would be honored to be little Jordan’s nanny…by the way let’s talk hourly pay!” said Nicole with excitement.

“How much do you want to be paid hourly, Missy?”

“Let’s see, you want me to pretty much be a live in nanny and do most of the duties you and your husband provide for Jordan. This includes taking her to all her pageant rehearsals and school. Am I right?”

“Yes! That’s right, but I’ll take care of the training for her pageants and other duties you will not be able to provide. Sandra wondered what Nicole’s price would be and decided that whatever she priced her, she would increase it as a thank you bonus for Nicole.

“I’ll have to say fifteen per hour!” exclaimed Nicole.

“Well how about if I increase that to twenty per hour.”

“Oh my…. are you serious, I’ll take it. When do you want me to start….but off course I’ll need some time off for my school assignments from time to time.”

“Oh that’s no problem…That can be accommodated; you can start tomorrow morning at nine o’clock sharp. My husband and I are going to be heading for work around that time so don’t be late because I have to be in my office at ten. I’ll begin by paying you at the end of every month and later on if you do a good job in taking good care of my daughter I will start paying you in advance. Is that ok with you Miss Arlington?”

“That’s great! I’ll be there at early nine o’clock sharp; thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

“Ok! See you then. Bye!” said Sandra as she ended the conversation and hung up the receiver.

Just then, Jordon ran up behind her mom and tugged on her mother’s long blue skirt.

“Mama…. Who was that on the phone,” asked Jordan.

“It was Miss Arlington, your new adult friend. You will meet her tomorrow when she starts working here at home with us; and she will help you with your school work and pageant preparations,” said Sandra as she picked her daughter up and set her on the edge of the dining table.

 “Will she take me to the park and Lisa’s house on the weekends?”

“Yes she will, but you have to be done with all your work before you can play over at Lisa’s house, okay bunny.”

“Yes mama!”

Jordan jumped off from the table and ran out of the dining room heading upstairs to her room and Sandra headed into the kitchen to fix lunch for her family. Mr. London arrived home eight hours later and missed lunch but arrived just in time for dinner. Sandra and her family eat dinner and two hours later went to bed.

The next morning, a little after nine, Nicole arrived at the London residence to find Mr. and Mrs. London rushing to get to work on time. Mrs. London introduced Nicole to Jordan and made sure Jordan and Nicole where comfortable with each other before she headed out the door.

“By Jordan and Nicole…. Make sure you take good care of my little girl ok. Are your clothes and things with you or do you have to go and get them later,” said Sandra.

“Oh, my things are in the car, I will get them when you come back home, but for right now I would like to get to know little Jordan and maybe she can take me on a little tore around the house. I know you cannot right now because you are heading out.”

“I’m really sorry about that but my husband and I have work, but I’ll be back at five and I’ll show you where your room is and get you more settled in; is that ok by you?”

“Sure, I’ll be ok.... I’ll just get more acquainted with Jordan and we can go to the park this afternoon.”

“Ok well I’ll leave you two…. Bye Jordan. She headed out the door.”

“Bye mama!”

Nicole and Jordan talked and played all morning and got more comfortable with each other. They played games and talked about Jordan, her beauty pageants and her family. Jordan told Nicole all about her friends and what she liked to do during playtime. Later on that afternoon, Nicole and Jordan decided to go and hangout at the neighborhood park close by. They walked and talked all the way there. Nicole sat down on a brown park bench that overlooked Manhattan, and watched little Jordan with amazement as little Jordan played with a new friend she made on the slides. Nicole’s phone rang and she picked it up to find out that it was her fiancé Paul Washington on the other side.

“Hey…. Paul! What do you want? I’m working right now.”

“So that’s the way you answer your man?”


“Well that’s too bad! When are you coming home? I miss you already. Have you met the family of that little brat yet…?  How are they like? I heard about the famous Jordan London, she’s all over the TV these days. You can’t miss her.”

“Yes I met them this morning. In fact I’ve been bonding with little Jordan and she is a very interesting little girl. We are at the park right now playing. I wish I could have a daughter just like her; she is so cute!”

“Well you know you can’t have kids. We’ve been trying for years now and no results. Do you still want to try invitro babe? The Doc said it would be the best bet for us.”

“Maybe, but I really would like to adopt a little girl of my own.” I’ve been looking into that adoption agency, Independent adoption center, but no luck yet.”

Well babe, you can’t expect a child that you want, to pop up suddenly, it takes a while and you have to go through a series of steps to adopt a child. It’s not easy!

“Yeah I know…. Listen babe I got to go now; its four thirty and I got to get Jordan back home before her parents comes home, then I have to fix them dinner tonight. I’ll talk to you later ok, promise.”

“Ok bye!” Paul Hung up first.

Nicole Hung up the phone and called Jordan back. Nicole and Jordan walked home in silence, with Nicole holding Jordan’s hand. Nicole and Jordan reached the big brick two story residence. Just then, Sandra pulled up to the house in her silver 2004, four doors, Lexus E Class. She got out of the car to meet Nicole and Jordan as they walked up to her.

“Hey girls, how was your day?” Hope it was entertaining, asked Sandra as she shut the car door.

“Mama, your home!” Jordan released Nicole’s hand, ran to her mother and hugged her.

“Welcome back Mrs. London, when is your husband coming home? I’ll cook dinner in a few.”

“He will be home soon. You’re not even going to ask me how my day went.”

“Oh I’m sorry; how was your day?”

“It was hectic. How was your day? Sandra and Nicole walked inside the house, with Jordan behind, tugging on her mom’s dress.

“It was great! Jordan and I really bonded. We had a lot of fun; Right Jordan?”

“Right,” exclaimed Jordan as she stopped tugging on her mother’s dress and went upstairs to change into her pajamas for bed.

Nicole and Sandra strolled into the kitchen and started cooking dinner. By the time Sandra’s husband arrived home an hour later, dinner was ready and served. They had oven baked chicken, smothered potatoes and green beans. After dinner, Nicole escorted little Jordan up stairs and tucked her in. After tucking little Jordan in and kissing her good night, she walked to the opposite side of the upstairs corridor and into the big modern styled guest bedroom. She could hear Mr. and Mrs. London talking on the other side of the wall that separated the guest bedroom from the master bedroom. Nicole unpacked her suite case that she had brought with her and changed into her night gown, hopped into bed and just before she fell asleep, she went over the day she spent with Jordan in her mind and then had a sudden thought; maybe She could take Jordan away from here and Paul and her could raise Jordan as their own. She felt like Jordan could potentially be the daughter she always wanted.

The next day, Nicole awoke to Jordan running into her room and telling Nicole to come down stairs and play because mama and daddy where gone to work. Nicole got up and told little Jordan to go and get ready for school because she is late getting to school this morning.

“I’ll fix you some cereal and put your clothes out for you on your bed, while you go and get ready for school ok little lady,” exclaimed Nicole as she guided little Jordan to her room.

As soon as she got Jordan situated she went down stairs and made two bowls of captain crunch cereal.  She saw that nobody was home and noticed a note on the refrigerator door that Sandra wrote, explaining to her to take little Jordan to school and pick her up at three. She also listed some shores for Nicole to do and this time to fix dinner before she comes home. Nicole sat at the circular kitchen table and reluctantly sipped on her cereal. Just then little Jordan came into the kitchen wearing her favorite purple tutu like outfit, with her sponge bob square pants backpack. She opened the refrigerator and took out her matching lunchbox; walked to the opposite side of the kitchen table sat down.

“You look cute this morning! I see you’re ready for school. Your mother asked me to start taking you to school in the mornings and picking you up after school. Is that ok with you Jordan?” said Nicole as she got up and got her car key from her purse on the kitchen counter.

“That fine,” said Jordan with her mouth full of cereal.

As soon as Jordan finished eating her breakfast, she and Nicole headed out the house and jumped into Nicole’s black Honda civic. Nicole dropped Jordan off at school and drove to the grocery store close by to pick up some groceries for dinner that evening. As she shopped and strolled down the ails, she saw an old woman from a far, coming her way, with stringy straw hair, pushing a grocery cart and mumbling some words she couldn’t quite figure out until she came closer.

“Hi…. I noticed you just moved into my neighbor’s house just yesterday morning. Sandra told me a couple of weeks ago that she was thinking about hiring a nanny for little Jordan. I take, it you’re the nanny she hired! By the way, I’m Mrs. Hawthorne.”

“Hi, nice to meet you Mrs. Hawthorne; I’m Nicole and yes I’m the new nanny,” said Nicole as she hugged Mrs. Hawthorne.

“How is little Jordan? I haven’t seen that little girl in a minute.”

“Oh she’s doing fine; she’s at school right now and I’m getting some groceries for dinner this evening.”

“OK! By the way, how old are you young lady?

“Oh, I’m twenty-two and I’m a senior at Columbia State University, studying phycology.”

“Are you a full time student?”

“Well sort off…I’m trying to save up enough money, because when I graduate I would like to open up my own center for kids. I have enough time for my school work and being a live in nanny, so it’s all good.”

“Well ok, I’ll leave you to your shopping and I hope to see you later,” said Mrs. Hawthorne as she bid Nicole fear well and strolled off to her business.

“Ok, see ya!” Nicole shot back.

After Shopping, Nicole drove back to the London residence and decided to do some shores before she sat down to do some studying. She picked up Jordan at three and when they got back they played house for a while, then Nicole went to the kitchen to fix dinner an hour before Sandra came home.

As the weeks went by and the more Nicole got closer to Jordan the more she wanted her as her own child. One night as the family was getting ready for bed and Nicole had just tucked little Jordan in bed and left to her room, she had a thought, while in bed. She called Paul with the thought. She told Paul that she wanted him to kidnap little Jordan for her because she wanted Jordan to be her daughter. At first Paul thought she was just playing, but soon enough he realized that she was very much serious. She told him the plan that she had been planning for weeks after the first day she had come into little Jordan’s life.  Paul asked her when she wants it to happen. She said in a weeks’ time; she really needed a week to think about it. They talked a little bit more about the plan and hung up, and then Nicole fell asleep.

A week went by and Nicole and Paul kept in touch about the plan and went over it a couple of times to make sure Paul knew what he was doing before the day had come. The day finally came and Nicole called Paul that afternoon, before it was time to pick up little Jordan from school. She told Paul that tonight was the night. That night Paul wore all black and waited until it was midnight; he waited for Nicole to give the signal by calling him on the phone, to go on with the plan. When she had finally called him after a long night of anticipation, he crawled into little Jordan’s room and took her in the middle of that cold, grey, misty night.

The next morning Nicole woke Mr. and Miss London frantically and yelling that Jordan was gone and she was not in her bed. They looked all over the house and didn’t see the little girl. Sandra called the police and in a matter of minutes, the police showed up to the London’s residence. They started asking the family some questions and looked around the house hoping to find something. A Male and female detectives came over to the couch opposite to where the parents along with Nicole sat crying, and sat down. They looked at Nicole for a minute and then turned their gaze to Mr. and Mr. London. The female police officer spoke first.

“Hi…. My name is Detective Jessica Haze and this is my partner Bill Wilson. We will be taking over this case and we will try our best to find Jordan and her capture,” she said as she looked at her partner and then back at them, with sympathy in her scratchy voice.

“What were you doing the night Jordan disappeared,” exclaimed Detective Wilson to Mr. and Mrs. London, while he took out a pen and a pad to jot down some notes for later viewing.

“We were asleep…. Everybody in the house was sleeping. We didn’t hear anything; at least I didn’t hear anything. Honey did you?”

“No baby I didn’t hear anything,” answered Mr. London as he comforted Mrs. London.

“I take it you are the nanny. What is your name,” asked Detective Wilson as he fixed his gaze back on Nicole.

“Yes I’m the Nanny…. My name is Nicole, Nicole Arlington and I did not hear anything; I was also fast asleep.” Nicole nervously played with her nails while looking at the Detective as they spoke to each other.

“What time did you and Jordan go to bed last night,” asked Detective Haze to Nicole.

“I believe it was right after dinner, around nine-thirty. I had helped little Jordan get ready for bed and tucked her in, then I went to my bedroom and fell asleep.”

“Wait…. I heard some noise coming out of your bedroom last night, like you were talking to someone. Babe did you hear it too.” Said Mrs. London looking at Nicole and then at her husband.

“Well babe, I did not really notice, I was too sleepy to hear anything. You know after a long day at work, I just want to get some rest…no I didn’t really hear anything.”

“Nicole, where you talking on the phone last night before you fell asleep,” asked Detective Haze.

“Well…. Yes, now that I think about it, I was talking to my fiancé last night for about thirty minutes.”

“What where you two talking about Nicole?”

“He was missing me, so he had called to check up on me.”

“Where is he right now?”

 “His at his mother’s house right now. What does this have to do with anything?” asked Nicole with nervousness in her voice while still playing with her nails.

“Well it is best to know the people that you or the parents came in contact with or talk to that night; that kind of information is very critically important in our investigation. Can you give me the mother’s number and address, so we can talk to him?” Detective Wilson handed Nicole a piece of paper that he tore from his note pad and a pen. Nicole jotted down the address and phone number, then handed it back to the Detective.

“Thanks,” said Detective Wilson. Just then a police officer, who had been checking around the house, came by and whispered something in Detective Haze ears and then left the living room.

Ok, I think were done here…. Thank you for your patience’ and time. I will be in touch whenever I get some good news,” exclaimed Detective Haze as she and her partner got up and shook the parent’s hands; then headed out the house along with the three police officers that had come with them.

Out in the Detective’s car, Detective Haze wondered why Nicole Arlington was so nervous; it seemed like she had something to hide. She looked at Detective Wilson and asked him what he thought about Nicole Arlington. Wilson replied that she seemed mighty nervous but didn’t seem to have a tear in her eyes for little Jordan, knowing that she was so close to the child, and had known her for two months now.

“We really need to look into this Paul Washington boy and ask the neighbors if they saw anything suspicious going on outside the London’s residence midnight last night. I’m sure someone has to have heard or saw something,” said Detective Wilson.

“Yes we do…. We will get that done early tomorrow morning. The quicker we get this case settled and find that little girl, the more she stays alive, if she is alive by now; but if the capturer took her and didn’t kill her right then, that means he wants her for something.”

“Something we don’t know yet, but we’ll find out,” said Detective Wilson as he drove off.

Meanwhile at the London’s residence, Mr. and Mrs. London told Nicole that she can take the rest of the week off and they were going to pay her off at the end of the week. Nicole said ok and assured at Sandra that they were going to find little Jordan in one piece, she just knows it. They thanked Nicole for all her help and concern and left to their room.

 Nicole decided to go to a nearby pay phone, to call Paul where nobody or the police would possibly be listening to her conversation. When Nicole got to the payphone on the corner of the Manhattan streets, she carefully looked around, making sure nobody was following her; and then she called Paul’s cell.

Paul hesitantly spoke through the phone with a fearful tone in his voice. “Hello!”

Nicole quietly spoke back. “Hey Paul, this is Nicole.

“Nicole! Hey, I’m scared out of my wits here and I don’t know what to do with this little girl. I hate it that you talked me into this. I wish I could go back, but it’s too late. Nicole what should I do here?”

“Hey, Calm down Paul; it’s going to be ok. I have everything planned out. Don’t worry ok, and trust me please,” Nicole whispered with paranoia in her voice.

“Ok! Ok!” Paul said.

“Where are you and Jordan?”

“Where are in a small apartment in Queens. Are you coming here or not?”

“Yes I’ll be there tomorrow. I can’t leave today, it will be too suspicious.

Just before Nicole hung up with Paul, Paul gave Nicole the address to the apartment and told her that he hoped all of this was not for nothing; he hoped he did the right thing. Nicole insured him again that everything was going to be ok.

The next day, Nicole took off really early in the morning, heading for Queens. After a long drive, she finally got to the apartment, Paul and Jordan was hiding out in. Nicole called Paul to insure him that it was her at the door. He opened it and let her in. She saw little Jordan in a sitting position, crossed leg, in the corner, with her blue pajamas on crying. Nicole came up to little Jordan and held little Jordan’s chin up in her hands; told her that it was ok; she is safe with her and Paul.

“Where are mama and daddy,” screamed Jordan with anger.

“Well little Jordan, I don’t know how to say this, but your parents are gone; they are never coming back and they told me that it is my job to take care of you now,” said Nicole.

“Where did they go?” asked Jordan.

“They went somewhere very far away, where we can’t reach them; but they told me that they didn’t think they could take care of you any longer, so they gave you to me,” said Nicole as she embraced Jordan in her arms.

Jordan pulled away and ran to the nearest corner of the little apartment and sat down. She started crying none stop and repeatedly saying she wanted her family back.

“Let her cry! She will be alright after a while,” said Paul as he got a corona beer out of the refrigerator and sat down on the slick vintage couch. He drank the corona fast and loud.

“The police are on our tail right now; they are on to me. I told them your mom’s address and phone number. They said they wanted to speak to you, because you where the last one I talked to last night,” said Nicole

“Fuck…. Where screwed! Now what am I supposed to do. You started this and now you are screwing it up. Paul yelled back at her.

Nicole told Paul that she didn’t think they would be interested in him because he didn’t know Jordan, but they needed the name of everybody that talked to her or her parents within the last forty-eight hours. She told Paul she needed to head back to Manhattan and told him to take Jordan to a secluded cabin, her family owned in Edgewater New Jersey. Before she left she gave him the keys to the cabin and wrote down the directions, then she left Paul frustrated and fearing the worst.

Meanwhile at Detective Jessica Haze office in Manhattan, Jessica and Bill where looking over the notes, Bill had written the morning before, at the London’s residence. They talked for a while about little Jordan’s parents and the mysterious nanny, then decided to head over to the Washington’s family home to talk to Paul and his mother if possible.

When they arrived at the Washington’s family home, Detective Wilson hesitated for a moment, but reluctantly knocked on the brown, wooden front door. A short, stumpy old woman with strings of grey in her hair answered the door.

“Hi, can I help you,” asked the old woman annoyingly.

Detective Haze exclaimed, Hi, are you Mrs. Washington; Paul Washington’s mother?”

“Well yes, I’m Paul’s mother. What has he done again?”

“Well hopefully nothing…. My name is Detective Haze and this is my partner Detective Wilson. We are here to talk about the little girl, Jordan London who disappeared last night from her bed.”

“What does that have to do with my son?”

“Well can we come in and talk for a minute if you’re not too busy at the moment?”

“Ok, Ok, come in!”

Mrs. Washington let the two Detectives’ inside her small vintage styled house and led them into the even smaller living room.  They quietly sat down and got to work; Detective Wilson took out his note pad from his suit pocket.

“Would you like a cup of tea and some tea cakes?” asked Mrs. Washington as she sat down on the only other ragged vintage couch in the room.

“No thank you!” exclaimed Detective Wilson.

“OK, now what does that little girl have to do with my Paul,” said Mrs. Washington.

“Well we believe that your son may have something to do with the kidnapping; now were not sure yet, and that’s why we are here. Do you know where your son might be,” said Detective Haze.

“Well no I don’t know where he is right now; I haven’t heard from him since yesterday,” said Mrs. Washington as she wiggled in her seat.

“Do you know when he might be back,” asked Detective Wilson.

“No! I told you, I haven’t talk to him,” said Mrs. Washington with frustration in her voice.

Detective Haze looked at the picture on top of the side table beside her. She picked it up and stared at it. It was a picture of a boy with blue jeans and a stripy blue and white shirt on. He kind of resembled Leonardo de Caprio meets Johnny Depp. He had the charm and smile like Leonardo de Caprio and had the long floe dark hair like Jonny Depp; he must have been no more than twenty-five. Detective Haze looked back at Mrs. Washington, and asked her who the young man was in the picture. She exclaimed that it was Paul. She asked her if she could go up to Paul’s room and look around, maybe to find something that would help them in the case. Mrs. Washington said sure and led them up the narrow stairs and turned right, down the long upstairs corridor and into a dark gloomy room. The big side window was covered with a bed sheet, which made the room look dark and mysterious. The two Detectives started searching the room. Detective Haze came upon a picture sitting on Paul’s bed, with Nicole and Paul hugging and kissing, by a big waterfall in the background. The picture looked like it was taken maybe about four years ago because of how young they looked. Detective Haze also looked inside the top drawer beside the bed and found some illegal passports, which had Paul’s and Nicole’s names on them. She called Bill Wilson over and asked him if they were illegal and he said they looked like they were. Detective Wilson pulled out an envelope and put on a pair of gloves, picked the two passports up and dumped them inside the envelope for evidence.

After carefully looking through Paul’s things, they kindly said their goodbyes and headed out to the car. They decided to pay one of the London’s neighbors a visit. On the way to the neighbor’s house, they talked about Paul and the passports they retrieved from the house.

“I believe Nicole and Paul have a lot to do with the kidnapping, if they didn’t do it themselves,” said Detective Haze to Detective Wilson.

“I think so too! I think we should take Nicole into custody first thing tomorrow morning, she has now become a potential suspect in this case,” said Detective Wilson.

“I agree,” exclaimed Detective Haze as they drove past central park.

They finally arrived at Mrs. Hawthorne’s house. Detective Wilson knocked on the front door and Mrs. Hawthorne answered it. She looked dazed and confused.

“Hello, my name is Detective Haze and this is my partner Detective Wilson and we are here to talk to you about the kidnapping that occurred at the London’s a couple of nights ago.”

“Oh…. That poor little girl; I can’t believe she’s gone just like that,” said Mrs. Hawthorne shaking her head.

“Can we come inside and talk,” asked Haze.

“Sure, off course.”

Mrs. Hawthorne led the detectives through a narrow hallway and into a Victorian styled living area. They all sat down and Detective Haze started asking questions.

“Do you know who Nicole Arlington is,” Detective Haze asked Mrs. Hawthorne.

“Well yes…. I met her once at the grocery store. We chatted a bit, but nothing to serious.”

“What was she doing at the grocery store?”

“She was getting some groceries to cook for dinner that evening.”

“What did you two talk about?”

“We talked about Jordan and how she was enjoying being her nanny. She said she was going to school and majoring in phycology; she said when she graduates she would like to open up a center for kids.”

“Did she say anything that would shock you or throw you off?”

“No that’s about it.”

“Ok! Did you see anything happening two nights ago around midnight, outside the London’s home?”

“Well come to think about it, when I was on the roof top of my home and looking at the stars through my new telescope, I saw someone hiding in the front yard of the London’s house.”

“Do you recall what he may have looked like?”

“I think he had on all black and his hair was dark and long, up to his shoulder, I believe. “

“Do you know what he was doing on the London’s lawn?”

“No! I just know he was hiding from someone or something. It looked pretty suspicious, but I just thought maybe the London’s knew him. I really didn’t think anything of it; old woman like me like to keep to herself, don’t cause any trouble. You see it’s just little old me in this big lonely house; my husband died twenty years ago, and I never remarried.”

“How old do you think he was?”

“Maybe in his early twenties. No more than thirty.”

“OK, thanks for your cooperation!” exclaimed Detective Haze to Mrs. Hawthorne as Wilson finished up his notes.

Wilson finished up with his notes and they got up and headed out the door. On their way back to Detective Haze office, Detective Haze looked at Detective Wilson and said, “I think we have found our guy.”

Detective Wilson shot back, “yes we have, now it’s just to find him.”

On the other side of town at Nicole’s little town home apartment in the out skirts of Manhattan, Nicole was packing her clothes in a suite case, getting ready to leave for Australia the next day. She told herself, she would stop by Paul’s mother’s home to retrieve the passports and head to the cabin, first thing tomorrow morning. Her, Paul and little Jordan were going to flee to Australia and hide out there for a while or at least until things died down. Nicole looked at the clock on her night stand that read twelve o’clock midnight. She decided to go to bed, because she had a long day ahead of her tomorrow.

The next day as Nicole got her suit case and was just about to open the front door; she heard the doorbell ring. She got quite for a moment and yelled out. “Who is it?”

“Nicole…. this is Detective Haze and Wilson; please open the door,” exclaimed Haze feverously.

“What do you want…. I’m kind of busy right now,” Nicole said quietly with fear and nervousness.

“We just want to talk to you for a minute,” said Haze.  Haze and Wilson positioned their selves and got ready to arrest Nicole as soon she opens the front door to her small town home.

Nicole walked to the front door crying and begging God to save her soul. She opened the door to find Haze and Wilson dash at her and make their arrest. Detective Haze read her, the Maranda rights and put her hands behind her back to hand cuff her. They ushered for a nearby police officer that followed them that morning, to get Nicole to the police station to be further questioned. They handed him Nicole; he put Nicole in the police car and sped off.  Detective Haze and her partner followed a few minutes behind.

Later on that day, Paul sat by the phone waiting for Nicole to call or come by, but she did not arrive when she was supposed to. He got worried and thought about killing little Jordan a few times, but decided that it was not worth it. She was just an innocent little child who needed her mother and father. He told himself that if Nicole doesn’t arrive that day he was going to turn himself in and take little Jordan back to her parents. Then he thought, maybe he could start a ransom; he needed the money after all to pay off all the debt he had.

He told himself, “No, I will not do anything crazy! I don’t want to go to jail; I’ll just return the kid.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Detective Haze sat before Nicole in the big, lightly lite, frightening integration room. She and Wilson had been putting fear in Nicole for an hour now and Nicole started to look like she was actually going to back down and crack, which was exactly what they wanted and was trained to do.

“I’m going ask again! Where are Little Jordan and your boyfriend? We know all about your little scam to take little Jordan as your own and kidnap her from the only home she ever knew. Isn’t that right Nicole, asked Haze, as she pounded her fist on the big rectangular table that separated them?

“I told you, I don’t know… I haven’t seen Paul since the day before Jordan Disappeared.”

“So Paul has something to do with this, I’m I right?”

“What do you mean, Paul doesn’t even know little Jordan; he has never seen her before.”

“I believe you are telling a big fat lie…. You know what I believe Nicole; I believe that you have been planning this whole kidnapping for months on end and you brought poor helpless Paul into it. I believe that Paul took little Jordan that night and fled somewhere out of town. You were supposed to meet Paul this morning to flee the country, because we saw two suite cases packed with clothing and everything else you can think off at your home. Isn’t that right Miss Arlington?

“Oh my God, No, No, No, am I going to jail,” Nicole cried out.

“Well Nicole you should have thought about that before you committed the crime. Tell you what, if you tell us where Jordan and Paul are right now, I will let you off easy. Is that a deal?”

“Ok…. They are at my family’s cabin in Edgewater, New Jersey, said Nicole.

“Good girl! Haze wrote down the address to the cabin and called Detective Wilson in. Wilson came in and they whispered something to each other, then a police officer came in and took Nicole back to her holding cell.

Haze and Wilson got ready and headed towards the cabin in Edgewater New Jersey. When they finally arrived with backup; Detective Wilson and Haze along with a few other police officers searched around the boundaries of the little cabin. They looked into the little side window to find little Jordan in a corner by herself rocking back and forth and talking to herself; they also saw Paul sitting on the couch watching TV. They then decided to break into the cabin.

They got situated with guns in hand; one of the police officers charged at the door a couple of times before it gave way and tour away from its hinges.

“Police… this is the Police,” yelled a couple of police officers.

Just when they broke into the small compact cabin, they saw Paul behind Jordan, holding her by the neck, with a gun to her temple.

“Back the fuck back, or else the little girl gets it,” yelled Paul with fear in his voice.

“Woow, woow, woow…. Hold on their boy, you don’t have to do this,” exclaimed Wilson calmly.

“What the fuck you mean I don’t have to do this! Put your fucking weapons down or else I’ll blow this little bitch’s head off, yelled Paul back.

Detective Haze turned towards the other police officers beside her and signaled for them to put their weapons down. Just as they were putting their weapons on the ground, Paul tossed the little girl forward toward Haze; she collapsed in Detective Haze arms. He dashed towards the back door of the small cabin; suddenly he felt a blow to his head and he fell to the ground a few feet away from the back door. While Detective Haze talked to the little girl and made sure she was alright, Detective Wilson kneeled down beside Paul’s lifeless body to feel his pulse to make sure he was dead.

“His dead, said Wilson to Haze.”

Detective Wilson got on the phone and called the paramedics, then after, he went over to Haze and asked her privately if the little girl was alright. Detective haze said she was fine, and she just wants her mother. As soon as the paramedics arrived to take the body away, Detective Haze and Wilson got in their car with little Jordan in the back seat trembling and scared of what just happened. They drove little Jordan back to Manhattan. They informed her parents that little Jordan will be taken to the nearest hospital in Manhattan to be examined by top of the line doctors and nurses, in case she was harmed in anyway. As soon as Mr. and Mrs. London got off the phone with the Detectives, they rushed to the hospital to see little Jordan .The Doctor, over little Jordan’s care informed Mr. and Mrs. Jordan that their daughter was alright and doing fine despite what she had been through in the last week. Detective Haze was at the hospital waiting for Mr. and Mrs. London to arrive. On their way to little Jordan’s hospital room they ran into Detective Haze.

“Thank you so much for bringing my daughter back to us,” said Mrs. London with tears in her eyes and hugged Haze.

“No problem,” said Haze as she embraced the hug.

“So what’s going to happen to Nicole, “asked Mr. London.

“Well she’s in jail and will be locked up for a while. If you decide to press charges, she will have to stand trial and we will see from there.


Mr. and Mrs. London along with Haze followed the doctor to little Jordan’s room and she was finally reunited with her family once again.



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