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Twin girls trying to exercise and lose weight in order to fit into dress for home coming dance at school.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016




“Come on slow poke!” yelled Taylor Hernandez to her younger twin sister by two minutes apart, who was jet lagging behind on the track.

“I’m coming! Hold on a minute; I can’t breathe!” Her twin sister Aubrey yelled back from a few feet behind Taylor.

“Oh my god…. are you serious? I’m supposed to be helping you exercise to lose some of that jiggle you have, so you can look good for the home coming dance next week. Said Taylor to her twin, as she came to a resting stop; she allowed Aubrey to catch up with her.

Taylor and Aubrey where tall identical twins who were completely different from each other. Taylor was the tall, sexy, spunky bleached blonde not your average teenager and Aubrey was the tall chubby and shy brunet who liked to keep to herself. Books where her best friend when it came to socializing; while Taylor had many friends including guys and loved to be in the spot light no matter where she was. She loved taking pictures of her and her friends doing many activities or just her taking seductive pictures for her boyfriend of four years of high school named Jesse Meyer. Although Aubrey did have her one and only best friend for  all of high school named Tiffany Freda, a beautiful and sultry African American girl, who loved Aubrey for who she was even if she didn’t like to read as much as Aubrey and was more free spirited.

Aubrey finally caught up to Taylor and they both power walked two miles around the neighborhood track before they decided to head back home. When they got home Aubrey headed up stairs to her room to talk to Jesse on her blackberry, while Aubrey decided to lounge in front of the TV and eat potato chips. Taylor reached the upstairs corridor and yelled down to Aubrey that eating potato chips is not a good way to burn calories, and headed into her pink and green floral decorated room; her blonde colored cat named Blondie trailing behind her. She picked up her cat, plopped onto her bed and called Jesse. It rang twice before Jesse’s deep and raspy voice blew through the speakers.

“Hey! What’s up my lady!” exclaimed Jesse through the phone.

“Nothing just thinking about the Halloween party tonight…Did you get the costume I bought you? You know we are going as Pocahontas and John Smith right?”

“Oh yeah babe…Off course I just got it in the mail about five minutes ago. I was just about to try it on. Hope it fits for your sake!” said Jesse through the phone as he got ready to put on the John Smith costume.

Taylor got up and walked to her huge walk in closet to get her sexy fitted Pocahontas costume, she bought along with the John Smith Costume yesterday. She put it on and checked out how she looked in the big closet mirror and said to herself that it was a perfect fit for her skinny tall frame, with excitement.

“When is your twin going get that wild sexy spunk that I know she has in her, under all that jiggle, because I got a homeboy here that loves girls like her.” said Jesse.

“You mean John…the guy who chased me all ninth grade year and got mad because I would not give him the time of day…hell no! His not for her and that ends now! Okay Jesse?


The two talked for a few more minutes and hung up. That night Jesse and John came to pick up Taylor; they asked Aubrey if she wanted to go. Aubrey looked up from her novel she was reading in the den and said no that Tiffany is coming over for girl’s night in, in a few. They said their goodbyes and left for the Halloween party.

For the next four days, Taylor helped Aubrey get into shape by accompanying her to the gym and running on the treadmills for an hour and some more cardio for thirty minutes each day. Aubrey cut off her junk eating and started eating more salads and fruits. Finally the day before the homecoming dance, Aubrey had lost ten pounds in five days. She could finally fit into her long black homecoming gown she had bought a size smaller the last week, hoping to have lost enough weight to fit it, and it did fit perfectly.

“Oh my god it fits!” yelled Aubrey with excitement as she dashed out of her room and into Taylor’s room, which neighbored her own.

Aubrey told Taylor the good news and they both jumped in excitement. Taylor asked if Aubrey had a date and Aubrey said no that she will go with Tiffany tomorrow. Taylor said that John would really like to take her even if they met each other at the prom, because he really likes her and would be an honor to dance with her. Aubrey said ok only if they met up at the dance. They both jumped up and down in excitement again.

The night of the dance Taylor, Jesse, Aubrey and Tiffany all met John at the Homecoming Dance. John finally got his first dance and hopefully not his last with Aubrey and Taylor and Jesse where both named homecoming king and queen. They had the best night of their lives that night. After that Aubrey and John started dating occasionally and later on became a couple.  That year they all graduated from high school; Aubrey graduated with honors and got into Yale University with John, while Taylor got into Brown University and broke up with Jesse because they were going into different colleges and did not like long distance relationships.


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