Brittany's Unexpected Journey

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For 13 years Brittany was a normal girl, but there are so many things she doesn't know about her life, about her family. She doesn't have an open mind when it comes to myths and mythical creatures. So how could she make sense of what she truly is?

Table of Contents

One The first day of 8th grade. Great. Let the torture begin. I’ve been in the same boring old school for two years, now beginning ... Read Chapter

This is the second half of the school day Read Chapter

  Three     Well the school portion of the day is over and now it’s time to have some real fun. I get al... Read Chapter

  Four     Well yesterday was the best. Dan got to live his dream in training with the Yankees. I mean It ... Read Chapter

  Five       Well today is my girl day.  I gotta even it out. I can’t spend all of my time... Read Chapter

  Six       Honestly I have to say that yesterday was really cool. Now it’s back to school. Gee... Read Chapter