THe Great Masacre

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This was just a poem from school for a contest i think its good because i won ;)

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011




The Holocaust


It’s the most depressing and scary part of the world’s history

Thousands of souls lost to Hitler’s demands

The reasons of Hitler’s doings are no mystery

And yet after all he has done he still had fans


The souls that were lost

Didn’t know what was coming

They didn’t know they were going to die as the cost

Of being who they are and whom they were becoming


Nazi’s raided towns

Stolen families and broke hearts

Ignored every plea and sound

Of the children’s screams and beating of their hearts


Babies, toddlers, teens, and adults were killed

Just because of their beliefs and religion

Families dying and suffering and filled

With sadness and fright of the region


Every person whose voice got stolen

Whose life got cut short

And whose soul got stolen

You should receive a second chance at a life not cut short


Your voices with be heard

Your stories will be told

To remind us that what we heard

Is true and that it can happen again, and our fear will unfold


All those lost souls, whose life ended

Made a large journey from the earth to the heavens above

They left the earth and are now watching us heal as The Holocaust ended

Now thousands of souls form the stars we see today as they watch over us from above

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