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Radames,(Adam Pascal) the commander of the Egyptian Army, who is engaged to Amneris,
an Egyptian princess (Sherie Rene Scott), but falls in love, fatally it turns out,
with Aida (Heather Headley), a Nubian princess captured and enslaved by the Egyptians
Book by Linda Woolverton.
Based on Verdi's opera, Aida.
Music by Elton John. Lyrics by Tim Rice.
The original Broadway production opened on 23 March 2000 and was directed by Robert Falls, with choreographed by Wayne Cilento.
The production closed on 5 September 2004, running for a total of 1 852 performances.
For his second Broadway musical (and first time out writing a full show directly for the stage)
Elton John certainly set his sights high by turning to one of the grandest of all operas as a source.
His continued collaboration with lyricist Tim Rice has produced a work far closer to the agreeable pop style
and formula of the team's Disney musical, The Lion King, than to the majesty and tragic passion of Verdi's opera.
But the compelling tale of conflicting loyalties and star-crossed lovers--retooled in part by acclaimed playwright David Henry Hwang inspires some of John's signature melodic felicity, as in "Elaborate Lives" and "Every Story Is a Love Story." And the original cast
recording marks a dramatic leap forward from 1999's dreary mishmash studio concept album, thanks to the heat generated by Heather Headley
and Rent star Adam Pascal as the forbidden lovers. Sherie Rene Scott can turn on a dime from a parodic stance ("My Strongest Suit") to sad
resignation ("I Know the Truth"), while the three get to blend in the ensemble "A Step Too Far"--a pop counterpart to the intensity of operatic ensemble.
The score touches on reggae and gospel, and on all-out rock balladry (where it's fun to hear Pascal clearly imitating John's characteristic vocal inflections)
but it's most touching in the more reflective moments given to Headley's dignified Nubian princess

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




Aida Act 
Prologue THE MUSEUM Lights up on the Egyptian wing of a Modern Art Museum. A contemporary crowd,
chic and beautifully dressed, is gathered around various artifacts, all under glass: a small boat, 
a model of a soldier with a bow and arrow, a mannequin of AMNERIS, ancient female Pharaoh of Egypt.
The crowd moves appreciatively around the exhibits. In the center of the room, also behind glass,
is a mysterious object - an ancient burial chamber, a tomb. A man and a woman also dressed in the fashions 
of today approach the tomb from different sides. They are both drawn to it. They circle it, intrigued as if
they have seen it before. The man is RADAMES; the woman is AIDA. In a musical moment, they look up. Their eyes 
meet and all the action in the room freezes as AMNERIS, wearing a royal headdress, emerges from the glass encasement.
As she sings, the cast of the modern museumgoers leaves the stage. 1: EVERY STORY AMNERIS Every story, tale or memoir 
Every saga or romance Whether true or fabricated Whether planned or happenstance Whether sweeping through the ages Casting 
centuries aside Or a hurried brief recital Just a thirty-minute ride (AMNERIS steps off of the pedestal and stands before 
the audience.) Whether bright or melancholy Rough and ready, finely spun Whether with a thousand players Or a lonely cast of
one Every story, new or ancient Bagatelle or work of art All are tales of human failing All are tales of love at heart (The lights 
change violently with a rock and roll chord. Frozen on stage: the Man staring at a model of the boat. The WOMAN looks at the figure of the Archer.)
This is the story Of a love that flourished In a time of hate Of lovers no tyranny could separate Love set into motion on the Nile's shore Destiny ignited 
by an act of war Egypt saw the mighty river as its very heart and soul Source of life for all her people That only Egypt could control Destruction of her southern 
neighbor justified Nubia exploited, left with little more than pride Ohhhhhhhhhh. ACT ONE Scene One A SLAVE BARGE As the WOMAN moves off with the model of the boat, 
large red sails fly in, creating an Egyptian barge on stage. EGYPTIAN SOLDIERS man the sails as riches and the spoils of war are loaded on to the deck of the ship. 
2. FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE SOLDIERS Oh, Oh Fortune Favors the Brave Oh, Oh Fortune Favors the Brave (RADAMES, an Egyptian Army Captain enters.) RADAMES We have swept 
to glory, Egypt's mastery expands From the Nile's northern most delta To the dry, dry southern sands The more we find, the more we see, The more we come to learn The more 
that we explore, The more we shall return SOLDIERS Oh, oh Fortune favors the brave RADAMES It's all worked out, my road is clear The lines of latitude extend Way beyond my 
wildest dreams Toward some great triumphant end We seize the day We turned the tide We touched the stars We mocked the grave We moved into uncharted lands RADAMES & SOLDIERS 
Fortune favors the brave RADAMES The more we find, the more we see The more we come to learn The more that we explore The more we shall return Nothing is an accident We are free 
to have it all We are what we want to be It's in ourselves to rise or fall This is easy to believe When distant places call to me It's harder from the palace yard Fortune favors the 
free SOLDIERS Oh, oh RADAMES Fortune favors the young! SOLDIERS Oh, oh RADAMES Fortune favors the brave! (Suddenly, AIDA and NUBIAN WOMEN are pushed onstage. She stumbles.
RADAMES goes over to inspect the Nubians.) RADAMES What have we here? SOLDIER #1 We found them along the riverbank, Captain. (SOLDIER pushes AIDA forward, into RADAMES' path.)
RADAMES (to AIDA) Your country is at war and you go wandering along the Nile's edge. Your must have a burning desire to see Egypt. (to SOLDIER) Put her in Chains (SOLDIER begins putting 
AIDA in chains. RADAMES turns to another SOLDIER.) Have you finished the map? 
SOLDIER #2 Yes, Captain. 
RADAMES: Good work. But this is wrong. (He traces his finger over the map) But this is wrong, 
from the mast it looked like it curved to the North...like this. Here, let me show you. (AIDA has taken a sword from a drunken soldier and is pointing it at the man who shackled her.) SOLDIER #1 My sword!My sword! (AIDA sword fights with the soldiers, taking one captive.)
AIDA: Release them.
RADAMES: (Crossing to AIDA) Hand it over. Now! 
AIDA :(She holds the sword close to the soldier's neck.) You took us from Nubia...and now you say we belong to you, yes?
AIDA: Well, I took this soldier from your ranks. So, by your own logic he belongs to me. Now let them go. 
(RADAMES smiles in acknowledgement, then points to THE WOMEN.
SOLDIERS instantly grab them. AIDA lays down the sword. A SOLDIER snatches it up.) SOLDIER #1 Throw her in the River.
RADAMES: No, I have a better plan for her. 
ACT ONE Scene Two RADAMES' QUARTERS RADAMES leads AIDA off as the set rises to reveal the ship's lower quarters. 
Once in his quarters, RADAMES lifts his hand. AIDA covers her face. 
AIDA: Don't. 
RADAMES: You don't want me to remove your shackles? (She holds up her hands for him and he 
unlocks her manacles.) They'll only get in the way. Very impressive up there. I should enlist you in my army. Make you my Lieutenant
AIDA: Are you mocking me, Captain?
RADAMES: No. Admiring you. (He removes his coat, dropping it 
to the floor almost as a dare.) Do you know what's going to happen now? You're going to scrub the filth of battle from my skin. (RADAMES sits on a stool in front of her. AIDA sees the basin of water and the sea sponge.)
It's been a long time since I've felt clean. (AIDA begins to scrub his back with all her force.) You're much better with a sword than you are with a sponge.
AIDA: I wish I had a sword now.
RADAMES :There's mine. Help yourself.Who taught you to use a weapon?
AIDA: My father.
RADAMES: Because he knows that Nubian men can't protect their women? (She straightens, furious.) You're not finished.
AIDA: Yes, I am.
RADAMES: On your knees! (He stands to confront her.) 
You enjoy living dangerous, don't you?
AIDA: About as much as I enjoy washing your filthy Egyptian skin (AIDA throws the sponge to the ground. 
RADAMES raises his hand to strike her.) RADAMES You... 
3. THE PAST IS ANOTHER LAND AIDA No... You know nothing about me and care even less How could you understand our emptiness You've plundered our wisdom, our knowledge, our wealth In bleeding us dry You long for our spirit But that you 
will never possess The past is now another land Far beyond my reach Invaded by insidious Foreign bodies, foreign speech Where timeless joys of childhood Lie broken on the beach RADAMES: What is your name? 
AIDA: Aida...
SOLDIER #3 (offstage)
Captain, we're ready to dock! (RADAMES scoops up the shackles from the floor and forces them on AIDA.)
AIDA: Please, leave them off. 
RADAMES :You're a slave now! And if you want to survive you better remember it. 
AIDA: The present is an empty space Between the good and bad A moment leading nowhere Too pointless to be sad But time enough to lay to waste Every certainty I had (The platform from RADAMES' ship appears onstage, as slaves exit from the ship and onto the dock.) 
The future is a barren world From which I can't return Both heartless and material Its wretched spoils not my concern Shining like an evil sun As my childhood treasures burn Shining like an evil sun As my childhood treasures burn.(flashback ends)
As Aida holds on to thier new born daughter Aida tells Radames''We must never tell her what happend to us.It will be to hard for her to understand''.
Radames:But what if she ask us.What will we do then?
Aida:''We'll just have to tell her that we don't remember''
Radames:''You know..sooner or later she's going to find out''.
Aida:''I know.And that what worries me.How can we tell her about all the hardship we been through just because we wanted  to be together?I don't  want her to go through the same thing we did. So we make a pact.Right here and right now.We are to never tell our daughter about our past and if it ever comes up then we change the subject''.
In the apartment building in New Jersey a girl named Raida Cross woken up from her dream
and pulled the covers close to her body and tried to fall back asleep but was alarmed 
by her answering mechine:Hey! You reached Raida 's phone.When you hear the beep.Leave a message.
beep{Raida?It's me mom!I haven't talked to you since you moved!
call me when you get the chance.bye now!}
She groan and got out of bed,takes a shower,put on her outfit and does her hair. 
As she puts on her favorite cd(Aida)and sing along happily with heather headly and Adam Pascal.
She was excited because she was going on a college trip to the Egyptain Musuem in New York City.
When they arrived at the museum everyone splited up and looked around the artifacts and took notes of the things they were seeing various artifacts, all under glass: a small boat, a model of a soldier with a bow and arrow, a mannequin of a ancient female Pharaoh of Egypt.
The crowd moves appreciatively around the exhibits. In the center of the room, also behind glass,is a mysterious object - an ancient burial chamber,The tomb.Area walked up closer to it and read the inscription
"To sail away to half discovered places ...
To see the secrets so few eyes have seen 
To see moments of enchantment on our faces 
The moments when we smile and those in between'' 
The words started ringing in Area's ears and almost cause her to a faint.
It seem so real and she never thought she would be able to see the tomb that the lovers were put to death in.
She couldn't explain it but something in her kept saying to her to Never forget the scacerfice they had to make.
She took in a deep breath and said''This has to mean something.But what?''
After that trip she couldn't get the image of the tomb out of her head.
She wondered what it was like to be trialed for tresion and be buried into one tomb to die with the one you love.
She loved the play and always wanted to see it even went online and looked up information about the musical.
It always pulled at her strings and never had let go
The grueling days of shows,press,and signing which was starting to take it's toil on me physically and mentally.
I litterly looked like I haven't come out of my room in weeks which I haven't.
The only ones that knows I'am here is mom,dad,the guys,and jeff who is my best friend from highschool.
I suddenly get startled by my cell ringing and then stopped.
They must have left a voice mail.I flip my phone open to check it to only hear Jackie's voice.Funny cause I don't remember the last time Jackie calling my cell so early in the morning.
I guess the guys decided that I needed a well deserve vacation.I finally get out of bed and take a shower,change into some clean clothes and heard the van horn outside.
I grab my bag and got into the bus.''We gotta be at the starland ballroom at 10:00 so we gotta hurry!''David said in the front seat.
''What took you so long?''Alex hissed at me .''Sorry dude...over slept!'' I said looking out the window.
Jackie  stuck his toung at him and went back to sleep.
Adam had his headphones on and was bobbing his head.
''What you listing to bro?''I asked him.
''Smashing pumpkins!''adam said still bobbing his head to the song .As Jimmy turn on the radio he turned to a sation untill he heard a familier song. 
I took out his sidekick and logged on and started to email.
We met in highschool and been friends ever since almost like blood brothers .
These days we would just be heading back on our tourbus and relaxing after a hard night of playing a rocked out show.
The boys sits back and start to reflect on the performance.
''I have never been so tired in all my life!''adam said putting his gutair carefully in his gutair case. 
''That's because your playing so hard!''chris said useing his sidekick. 
david then said excitedly''Well I for one will be in the back playing donkey kong.Any goers?''looking for an answer from the guys who was talking. 
''I'll take you on .Besides it's not like your gonna be able to beat me! 
''We'll see about that''Chris said as him and David go in the back of the bus. 
Jackie looked around and asked''Where's Aden?'in a concerned tone. 
I walked in from the back of the bus and say'You called me? 
''I was wondering where you were! You were so quiet tonight!'' 
''I was in the back finishing my song for the new album!'' 
It was supose to be a typical night but on this night it wasn't so . 
''Hey guys! It's snowing out here and it's snowing hard!'' said chris looking out the window.
Suddenly the lights flickered and the bus hit a rock Leaving the driver to lose control of the bus and overturn in the dark woods. 
I opened my eyes to find I was outside covered in snow.
I turned around and saw the bus turned upside down and wondered did anyone survived.
I called out the guys names till I caught a score throat.I thought I had to get help so I walked through the woods in the pitch black of night with no coat or shoes in the icy death cold.
The wind started to pick up and though the snow and What I thought looked like a maison and walked towards it slowly.
When I got to the front of the door I saw a light on through one of the window and knocked on the door.
My lips were blue, face was discolored,and right as the door opened and I must had blacked out.
When I finally awoke I was in a huge bedroom clothes were changed and a warm blanket was covering me.
Suddenly a door swung open which startled me at first when a old grey haired lady walked in and greeted me.
''Good morning sir!''Said an old lady with a tray of food in her hand.''Where am I?''I said stratching my head confused. 
''Why your in murks sir!You had a nasty fall and mistress brought you in here to rest!''said the old lady.
After I got over the shock the old lady who I found out was named Clorcie walked me around the hall and looked around the place. 
I saw old pictures and music collections and room after rooms of things I have never seen before and probably never will.
She told me that the old master Count Rhapful Gyer lived here for a hundred years untill he died of Lung Cancer by his wife side.
But this was just the begining of what was to come in my life 
I got to meet the mistress of the house who was named Mrs.Lyra who was beautiful and loved her belated husband very much.
She has let me stay because we became good friends and for gureling weeks after the snow cleared  I summend out to find my friends which I searched untill I found the bus again and found Jackie's cell phone to find out that they were in the hospital recovering from scrapes and burns but they were all fine.
You could only imagin my relief so I go back to the mansion and tell the mistress of the house that I must be on my way and thank her for everything.
She was sad to let me leave but gave me one of her cars as I headed to New york  to see how my friends were doing the hospital.
When I got there they were surprize to see me and was happy that I wasn't hurt because when the bus flipped over we thought we would be dead.
When they got out of the hospital  
While we were seeing the sights of and enjoying our company we headed visted the Egyptain Musuem.
We saw so many things in there and there was one object in perticuler that caught my eye.
The lovers tomb.I never been here but when I saw the tomb I had a errie feeling that I seen it before but I couldn't put my finger on how.The words on the engrave gave me a sence of (Try to remember)

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