My Love, The One And Only.

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This is about my one and only love Nico. If only he would take me back :(

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



  Being with him made me feel amazing. I thought it was going to last... But I never knew the feeling would change so quickly. I still love him and all that, but he's changed and I haven't, which is bad. I know I have got to let go, but I have no desire. We all have our flaws. He was embarrassing, but I loved it. I always gave him shit cuz I was jealous I wasn't as fun as him. Everyone tells me I can do better, but I have told everyone that they are liars.I hate liars actually and I got SO use to them that I thought everyone was, which is true, but it all happens for good reasons when it comes to him. I'm not making this for him just to say \"aww.\" I want him to say \"Damn I made a mistake and I want her.\" I was even gonna change for him.   Everyone that lives on this earth knows that girls or guys  should never change for someone else, but I was bad. I never trusted anyone, I always assumed the worst, I'm an ugly green monster, and I'm an annoying bitch no one cares about, until he came around. I told everyone that I was done crying, and I am, but I'm not done with him.He always made the worst dates thee best. From kid Pirates movies to walking around the mall at night with only 20 minutes by ourselves. The pirate movie date was bad, even when his family started talking to me and I hadn't gotten use to their assents yet. He held my hand and would always tell me if I didn't know. The best part of the actual movie was spraying his brother with soda and being in his arms, even tho they weren't that big. My favorite date was the mall because he promised me to walk under the twinkling lights. I had to force him to come because we haven't had a real date in a couple weeks. My favorite part about that date was him shouting out how he loved me so the whole mall could hear and he would sing love songs to me. I have another flaw tho, I would hit a lot.   I had no actual reason to hit him unless he made a stupid remark, which was every five minutes, but it gave me a feeling of control. Trust me, I know it was bad and I will not do it anymore, or at least try. He told me that was another reason why we broke up.   I had been completely stressed with  tests and my grades and I felt without school and him I would have nothing. He pulled me to the side and told me he wanted to take a break because we were too close and I felt our relationship was strong enough to hold anything. Side note, my ex said he wanted to take a break to and we never talked again, back on track... So of course I assumed the worst. I walked away so quickly because I did not want him to see me cry. I called my mom and told her I was about to throw up and I told her everything. I was happy he told me in person, but I would be more happier if we didn't break up at all. We talked a lot still for a couple of days, but I cried for three days straight.Out of this whole break up, the worst feeling was being at my 5 year old cousins birthday party and after telling my mom not to open my Facebook, I saw a picture of him and another girl that I knew a day after we broke up as his profile picture... I screamed and pounded the ground and I was so beyond pissed that Isaid things that shouldn't have been said. What makes it even worse, him saying that it didn't matter.He says he still loves me and I see it sometimes when he texts me, but their are times where I feel he thinks he's better than me and abuses that power. I know he doesn't understand it, but I can see everything he is going to get himself into and I keep thinking its my job to protect him. We don't text that much then we use to and I know he's texting other girls which makes me upset.   My problem with other girls is if they want something, they will do anything to get it. That's why I try to stay away from them. We are most likely the same. When I see girls taking pictures with him, my heart tares more but I don't think he gets it. My last relationship was not even a relationship cuz I was always second place, which I am now. How do you get out of second place? You win him over and I have the perfect way. He deserves better than girls that treat him like second place. Girls are sneaky bitches and all of us are jealous whether guys admit it or not. We are, but I am the one girl that treats him well and the way he deserves even if I hit him. I understand that it's bad and like I said I won't do it anymore but I want to be with him.I love him with all my heart. When he broke up with me my heart shattered into a million pieces and I have Never felt that feeling before. He's someone that I actually wanted to spend my life with. I was even going to let him go out with girls, I was going to do all the things he wanted to do. I actually wanted to have a bowling date with him this weekend, and I even wanted to go roller skating or ice skating. I was even going to go on freaky roller coasters to prove how much I love him. I told him once that I loved him so much that I would let him go, but in reality I loved him so much not to let him go. I love him Way too much.I agreed to give him the week to do what he wants, but by friday we have to decide. I'm not ready to walk away, but if that's what he wants then that's what he gets.I wanted to tell him all of this on FaceTime, but he pushed me to the side once again. I wanted to see his reaction.Ironic thing is... I had writers block for the longest time until now. He has shown me how much I love him. 

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