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This is a piece I wrote just now when I looked back on my past and analyzed my "data". Here's is what I found out. Dedicated to Shauna.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




Talking to different people about popularity is a sensitive topic to bring up. Either people reply with a "What? No, I'm not popular!" or "I L-O-V-E it!". 85% of the people you ask about being popular will tell you they arn't, but they dont realize the impact they have on other people. Not a lot of people will admit they are popular and if they do then it's probably not a good idea to hang out with them because their big ego might be too big for you. Honestly, I want you to prove me wrong. Embarrass me in front of a lot of people and prove me wrong! What do you think popularity is?

What is the definition of "popularity? Why does it make such a big effect on people, especially teens? "Is it being able to follow all the trends? Is it being rich in order to have a lot of friends? The world may never know... Who cares?! If you have some Good friends and you are happy being you than that is all that matters." (Urban Dictionary) Out of that 85% of the people saying they arn't popular, about 75%, in the back of their mind, wants to be rich and popular for all the wrong reasons.

If you research "high school students popularity" it will show nothing, but "How to become popular" or "Why nerds arn't popular at school" you will find a lot. You get no information on anything related to teens and popularity. If you type in "teen popularity stats" you will get some websites that are useless, but you will get some about Teen Suicides and Teen Drug Abuse. How does that tie in to popularity? Because teens that "think" they are better than everyone, but are hurting inside, take out their anger on normal people with normal self esteems and those normal innocent teens are suffering their pain, this process is also known as bullying.

1 out of 30 chance will you find an amazing person that is both loyal and popular. That one person changes everything in many lives. If you are that 1 magnificant person; then keep doing what your doing because you give people advice when they really need it saying they are better than those "rude" people and even threaten to "kick their asses" if they only knew, and it makes those people feel like they matter for the first time. If you have a friend like this, then hold on tight and don't let go. 1 out of 30 chance! "Treat them the way you want to be treated." (Everyone known to man)

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