Oh No.

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Pills are great, most The time.

Submitted: January 03, 2014

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Submitted: January 03, 2014



"I don't care!" I yelled as I slammed the door in the middle of me and my parents argument. "I don't have time for this!" Mother screamed as Father pushed the door open. I sat promptly on my bed and refused to move. "Come on!" Father yelped "You need help!" He grabbed my scarred up arms and clenched them tight "you've left us no choice.." He looked at the fresh cuts and scars and brushed his fingers over them, " pack cloths, we' re finding you a hospital ASAP." He slowly let go and turned away.
I began to let the tears roll down my face, I rambled over to my bunny, Mr.Rabbit, and placed my hand on the glass of his cage. "I'm sorry" I whispered as I watched him nibble on his little carrot stick, I gave a slight smile and then opened the drawer his cage was under, in the drawer there was a small blue box, with a red ribbon tightly wrapped around it like a Christmas gift. I quickly unwrapped it and to my delight all my pills were still there, sleeping pills, anxiety pills, depression pills, so many. I took them all in one go, and some what're to top it off. Moments later I took a few breaths, over 60 pills were in that box and I just took them all.
"Oh dear oh dear oh dear you shouldn't of done that" I yelped and looked around "wh-who said that?" I half begged for a answer. "Well I did of course" I turned around and faced Mr.Rabbit. That's weird.. I thought.. Mr.Rabbit grinned "thought what my fair lady?" Mr.Rabbit can talk!! My jaw dropped and eyes widened. "Oh my," Mr.Rabbit stood up and removed the lid from his cage "you look terrified Madame, but alas, I must go." He jumped out the cage and headed to the door. "Wait!!" I screamed bug Mr.Rabbit kept running, so I chased him to the front door. "Mr.Rabbit where are you going?!" The bunny looked behind him as he headed down the front stairs "I don't know where YOU are going, however I'm going to a party." Rabbits party?! I became tired of this silly chasing game and ran short of breath. Luckily he stopped in front of a big Pine Tree, he looked behind himself and said "Goodbye my fair lady." And knocked on the tree three times, and the tree raised up from the ground and Mr.Rabbit jumped into the whole.
I carefully walked to the tree, and double-mindedly I knocked.. One.. Two.. Three.. And the three arose again! I waited a second, took a deep breath, and jumped. I screamed and yelled as the pitch-blackness around my never stopped. But as I looked around I realize there was something in the dark, pictures and videos..of what looked like..my past? Screen shots of me getting yelled yet, videos of me dissecting up my own skin, sounds of the torturous words people called me. It was all too much, I blocked my hears with my hands and closed my eyes. And then  a sharp pain came into my side with a loud thud, seems I have hit the ground.
I opened my eyes with a thrashing headache coming into play, I barely heard a manly voice say my name. I steadied my self and sat up.. Kind of straight and looked around, in the corner a man in a very large hat came out. His hat was purple while his cloak was black, you couldn't see his arms, legs, or face. But I could see his envy-green eyes peer threw the shadow his hat left over his face. He came closer to me and reached his hand out for me to grab, his arm was pale, while he wore blood red gloves. I took his hand and got up as he said "Welcome Alice.. I've been waiting"

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